Mother wants son to stop dancing and play sports | What Would You Do? | WWYD

Mother wants son to stop dancing and play sports | What Would You Do? | WWYD

It’s a message we hear more and more often these days Girls can be anything they want But when it comes to boys, well, that’s a different story take ballet. For example Years ago, I spoke with Jamie Bell a young actor and dancer who brought this topic to the big screen in the movie Billy Elliot One of the most poignant scenes was when your father walks in and discovers that you’ve been doing ballet and he sort of challenges I Bet he’s actually gonna prove to him that Dancing isn’t just for girls as well in the movie Billy with his passion for dancing prevails But is that always the case in real life? Today young a teen who wants nothing more than to be a dancer. I don’t wanna play soccer I wanted him to ballet know if you overheard this mom preventing her son from pursuing his passion Boys were supposed to play sports What would you do? Today our hidden cameras are rolling at Ferrier Sporting Goods. I Don’t want This first customer listens in as Lorraine pleads her case boys are supposed to play soccer You know little kids are I don’t wanted to get bullied just Try this on. Okay. Lorraine is clearly frustrated. Will this father speak up from the sidelines? He considers dance an acceptable alternative Making the case that it’s not too different from sports. Did you watch Dancing with the Stars those guys are ripped? Hi there sir, I’m John quinones with what would you do the TV show we’re wonderful this embarrassing No, no house. Really. Nice. What was your message to my mom? It’s about the kid It’s buck always about you. And if she’s worried that dancing is too feminine Lumineers And you like dance advance kiddo? This next customer has something in common with our mom right now, he’s just mainly interested in dancing and performing boats dancing is awesome And see whatever the grass is always greener. They both have sons who don’t share their respective interests He took a hip hop class and I loved it, but it’s sick. You were cool with the whole thing I was sad to be the one advancement. She gives Loraine some perspective. But if he Wanted to be dancing. That wouldn’t be good. No, you’re right and then gives Aiden some encouragement I think it’s really cool that you are yourself and you know what you like. Will she give us an interview hi there I’m John quinones Oh Your message to her was what better that he doesn’t and that he loves then Hiding himself if he doesn’t want to do sports any shouldn’t do it. Yeah, you should be who you want to be. Perfect This father has two boys who love baseball. How do you keep them interested and amused if I don’t have to do it? but unlike Lorraine his wife insists that they take ballroom dancing and my Really? OC your wife actually wants to talk. Yes But he does think it has some advantages and it helps you sports dance ability This next dad also makes a good point They’re going to do well It’s still teaching But it’s his young daughter who steals the show I Can certainly think of one Hi guys, but that’s not all this ten-year-old has to say if he does something he doesn’t want to I’ll never get anything done and what if it doesn’t look boyish, you know, it’s A lot. There’s not many boys there, but the boys really enjoy it. Where did you learn this? You’re so young I Just want to dance This last customer takes his time before stepping in Dancing’s for girls soccer is for boys Everybody here knows that come on try this on. I don’t want to but when he finally does He hits a lot of the same beats we’ve heard all day Aidan should pursue his passion You seem so passionate That’s a gift really it’s a gift if someone doesn’t really love something Dancers are athletes. I trained at a boxing gym in Paterson. Mike. Look real up guys. I got to tell you these guys Seriously, but then to our surprise Marlon goldstein nearly spoils the ending Piercing the movie Billy Elliot. No Recommending the very movie that inspired this scenario. Don’t tell my talk Billy Elliot Okay. No, she doesn’t let him say I want to see where We’re coming up before the credits roll. It’s time for us to not in What were you trying to tell them it’s not every day that You find someone who really is truly passionate of something and you really seem passionate. I guess it’s a good actor Yeah, but you gotta let them be who they are Absolutely, you support your children or interest their desires. That’s what you have to do. They are what they are and you support them Hi everyone George Stephanopoulos here. Thanks for checking out the ABC News YouTube channel If you’d like to get more video show highlights and watch live event coverage Click on the right over here to subscribe to our Channel and don’t forget to download the ABC News app for breaking news alerts Thanks for watching

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  1. I dance, it takes effort. Technically it's not considered a sport, it's an art, but it is the same physical exertion as other sports. Plus there are some fabulous male dancers. I don't think dancing should be classified as feminine.

  2. If you hide your child's dream bcs you are worried he will get bullied, then you are helping the bullies.

  3. It's ok for kid to do both. If kid knows let them follow passion. If they don't know let them do 2-4 things more then 4 your schedule is a wreck. And be a kid

  4. He can dance if he wants to. He can leave his friends behind.
    🎵 'Cause his friends don't dance, and if they don't dance, then they're no friends of mine! 🎵

  5. ik this is a social experiment, but if i had a son who wanted to be a dancer, i would let him! i want my future children to be happy, and i will make it happen. when i was 4, i took ballet class. there was a class of all girls, except for 1 boy. i didn’t judge him for being a ballet dancer, at all. we didn’t know each other very well, but he was really nice! and he was very good at dancing! girls and boys should be able to do what they want to do! people say that boys should do sports and girls dress up in pink dresses and look sugar and spice! i am a girl and proud to be a girl, and u will never see me in a dress. i am not sugar and spice at all and i find sports fun! the meaning of this cm is, do what u want to do. be urself. even if ppl judge u for being urself. in my opinion, i would rather be hated for who i am, than loved for who i am not.

  6. I actually have a son that does martial arts, judo, fighting, karate, and I teach him how to use a gun. He’s 10 and he’s pretty good.

  7. If I believe correctly it was in the 7th grade or something when we learnt about different dances in Art and Culture. So our brilliant teacher had something brilliant to say when the boys seemed a bit humoured about men doing ballet. He said simply "oh and if you think men you do ballet aren't manly, I'd like to see you try to pick and hold up a woman while standing on your toes". They all went silent and I never heard them make any comment about it afterwards.
    Yeah I know not all male ballet dancers dance with women, but it was still something that Immediately made them think and realize how much stronger those guys are compared to many others

  8. I like how the white dad just so sweet he was like don’t you want him happy god bless all the wonderful parents who support their children no matter what I wish my parents would support me if they even don’t support they can at life zip it 🤐 instead of breaking me down

  9. I dont want to do my thesis .
    I shouldnt do what i dont want to do .

  10. "Boys are supposed to play sports" ok really!
    I think everyone can play what they want. Either soccer or any of the kinds.

  11. Girls don't only just ballet, it can be boys too! This makes me laugh at 0:57!

  12. 0:59 lol it's funny, right! The boy wants to do ballet! O think dancing isn't just for girls, it can be boys also!
    I will report this to Tippy Tumbleina on Lalaloopsy! She will love to heat it!

  13. Boys can do anything that girls can do and girls can do anything that boys can do. If I should happen to have a son in the future, and he tells sits down with me, and tells me that he wants to be a dancer on Broadway, I would tell him, "Go for it! If that's what you want to do, honey, then I support you; it's your dream. You do what makes you happy and don't give a crap about what other people say. Hold on to your dream and don't let it slip from your fingers," then stand up, hug him, kiss the side of his head, ruffle his hair a bit, place my hand on his cheek, and smile at him. And he tells me, "Thanks, mom," and I would smile at him again and nod my head to say, "You're welcome," and leave to let him do his thing, because that's kind of mom I would be; a loving, kind, supportive, and also tough but fair.

    LIKE my comment if you would do the same thing as I would do.

  14. I’d love to see a soccer or football player do some of the warm ups and stretches that ballerinas do and see what they think of ballet then

  15. I am a dancer, I have a little boy in my ballet class and he has 3 brothers who play hockey. When they come to pick him up or watch the girls dance, they criticize him right away. The brothers say that he is the worst dancer, and one day I stood up for him… It helps everyone to show what's right and wrong. It saddens me that some parents or people think that dance is only for girls. 😞

  16. this happen to my brother 15 years ago… but now he one of the best football/soccer player in my country n of course he's very rich and happy right now..
    sometimes ur parents just know the best for u..

  17. I am a personal trainer and I can tell you from experience that dancers (male and female) are the best athletes around.

  18. You know, the only things separating boys and girls are their genitals. This stereotype of gender conformity is tiring, unnatural, and taught by a narrow-minded society. Do what the fuck you want. Life is short and we all die in the end, so why not live a life full of things you are passionate about? Regardless of genitals which have the sole purpose to reproduce, with legitimately zero affect on your personality.

  19. I Know SO many men who are actually like this! They believe that boys are supposed to be mest heads, can't wear pink bc it's a "girl's color," or play with "girl's toys," because THEY are so insecure !!! I am so grateful for a husband who is excepting and loves me kids no matter what!

  20. My dad did ballet when young. I think it's super cool because he is very.. distant and not at all emotional. He has always been an old grumpy dude.

  21. I agree with the first person those male dwts dancers they are shredded great physiques great bodies

  22. Dancing is a sport tho!! boys and girls can dance, why is moving your body a just one gender thing?

  23. I tell my kids anything positive you want to do I'm standing right behind you regardless if I like it or not

  24. I’m so happy they did this subject. I’m all for girl power, but let boys express their emotions and do things they enjoy

  25. A long with the boy wanting to dance, they should have sad that the girl (she looks like she's his sister) is interested in soccer, but her mom is forcing her to dance.

  26. I wanted to do Ballet as a kid, my Dad said it was for girls and tried to make me do wrestling, swimming, baseball, and soccer. I'm 22 now, and now I dance Argentine Tango as a passion of mine. I believe some parents like mine do this out of protection, being afraid their child will be bullied, but it will never change your child. One way or another, they will do what they want to do. Accept that fact, and challenge others against the stupid stereotype that dancing is "girly". And besides, women LOVE a man that can dance! 🕺💃

  27. Boys are supposed to play soccer? What, everyone plays sports and should be instead of looking on the Internet every day!

  28. Location: Farrier Sporting Goods
    Actors: Lorraine, Aiden
    Movie scene: Billy Elliott

  29. Many football players take ballet and nobody cares but if a boy takes ballet just because they found it better it’s horrific🤦🏾‍♀️

  30. This is how the cultural patriarchy oppresses men just as much as it does women, saying guys have to play sports and they can't dance otherwise they're unmasculine and that's the worst thing besides being gay or trans.

  31. I've known many men in ballet from my years of dancing, all very exceptional dancers and extremely nice men. Ballet takes a lot of strength, endurance and many other skills. It's a shame it's seen as a gendered activity.

  32. "Girls can be anything they want" lmfao you really messed up here. that's not true at all. I'm kinda pissed rn. I honestly have given up on so many things I love because I'm a girl. my mom doesn't let me play soccer, break dance, play the drums and so many other stuff. and that's not just me. I've seen this kind of case way too many times. how can someone think girls can be anything they want? that's so funny

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