Most Sports Played In 60 Seconds *WORLD RECORD!*

Most Sports Played In 60 Seconds *WORLD RECORD!*

what is up everybody welcome to another
episode of world record Wednesdays where we break or set a world record every
single Wednesday I’m Josh I’m Caleb and we do this every single Wednesday so if
you haven’t subscribed yet make sure you do so today we’re gonna break the world
record for most sports played in 60 seconds which is obviously a short
record and it would be a short video that’s all we did so I think we need to
determine who gets to be the main person to break this record you know it might
be mean so we’re gonna have a little challenge to decide who does that but
make sure you watch the end for the world record here we go alright guys so
since this world record is gonna incorporate a lot of sports we decided
to do a challenge of four different sports but we gets all four done the
quickest wins and gets to do the world record first
you gotta follow the stripe here’s the tricky part if you don’t bowl a strike
on the first roll you got to go set your pins up against to make a really mess
you go then you got beat in jump rope hung up with
your chocolate because I woke up in the fifth grade then Cornwall you got to get it in the
hole just like that okay and then you make a free throw to stop your time the
shortest time is the winner and then they are the ones that get to attempt
you do I’m just ready to go on the terminating like a group okay they’re
the ones they get to attempt the world record tape your first to one I’m just like yeah great this no
humming yeah okay what do you think your time was for second in my mind what do
you really think it was 18.5 decide it’s time eighteen point five six seconds so I have to beat him if I want to be
the the main person to attempt the world he’s he’s on a different level today
alright Josh the time to beat is eighteen point five six ready get set go thirty-six seconds you got 18 please
carry the two so if you add both of my scores together I still beat you so it
looks like Caleb will be attending the world record today’s good yeah you
already have too many like let me shine let me get a world record guys this is
Caleb video just get here we go get me back to my
channel the thumbs up for good luck for this world record the hardest part about
this record is setting everything up right we have to figure out how all of
these things are gonna flow yeah and by the way I set this record on a show I
did called record smashers this is you have this record of course I do so I get
to beat your record yeah hit it with whistle sports so head over there
YouTube channel after you’re done watching this if you want to see
everything we did for record smashes we did a lot of really fun records so make
sure you check that out there’s a clip from that record so again we did 20 in 60 seconds so I
think we’re gonna go for like 24 25 yeah let’s get to setup we really cannot have it this close to
the window you cannot shoot at the window one I’m not going to shoot at the
window brother then just put it back no situation okay so we’ll start with our
first one because it’s hard to get the talking this year the biggest issue I
think is gonna be my job halfway through because you were like oh you’ve got a
kind of crispy then hold the board and then throw me the volleyball and then
throw me the football I guess I’m gonna be a lot on me right there here’s take
number one three three two one hmm you’re sweating a lot I’m three of
these nine push-ups you didn’t break the board though I
heard it crack let’s see oh it’s broken the council it was of its most sports
played you don’t it’s not most sports I folded form your pick like did it I’m not kidding you know it
did it did as impressive both chested shooting here
yeah yeah you do I didn’t that you know I didn’t put all
that boards you gotta give it you gotta give it some oops
you give it some you do with it you give it up let’s just start over okay how’s it do all this again here I’m
tired 100% my yeah Caleb that was on me here you have it already thank you so
much for watching use me the thumbs up we could haven’t yet and leave a comment
with your favorite spot favorite sport follow Caleb and on Instagram
Caleb match beamster at dribbling Josh so you can win an Instagram shout-out
like these two people thank you for following us make sure you check out
record smashers on whistles for segi to us in sports Megas be to happen it’s okay I forgive you
yep that’s all for now let’s go to the beach if you think you can beat it send us
your video we got to see the time and we got a b25 sports good luck Reid recording nice

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  1. WATCH TIL THE END FOR BLOOPERS! This was so much fun! Thanks to Whistle Sports ( for making it happen! Like/Comment for your chance to win juggling balls like Bazooka Gaming Girl! Subscribe if you haven’t yet! The Trick Shot Olympics between Caleb and I continues SATURDAY!

  2. My favorite sports is basketball but I played football, baseball, basketball, cross country, track, power lifting, and golf. It 7 sports

  3. Skiing snowboarding lacrosse fencing badminton softball waterpolo swimming flickerball handball cricket you could do all of those too

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