Monster Hunter: World – PS4 Gameplay | PS Underground

Monster Hunter: World – PS4 Gameplay | PS Underground

YURI: Let’s watch.
Let’s see what happens. RYAN: Oh my goodness!
What is happening? [INTRO MUSIC PLAYING] RYAN: Hello, my friends, and welcome back to
PlayStation Underground. On today’s show we are playing
Monster Hunter World which is coming to PS4 on
January 26th. I am joined by
Kristen, my cohost. KRISTEN: Hello. RYAN: And we have
a special guest, Yuri, from Capcom who is
our humble guide and hunter. Hello, sir. YURI: Hello. Hello. RYAN: Welcome to the program. Tell us — we’re going
to go on a hunt today. KRISTEN: Yes. YURI: Yeah. So today we are going into one
of the areas of the game called the Rotten Vale. So this is — the name should be an indication
of what you should see here. But it’s actually
quite interesting. It fits quite
well with the world, the new world there. It sits right under another
area of the game called the Coral Highlands. KRISTEN: Okay. YURI: So we’ll see some
interesting environmental — RYAN: Are we going to just sail
right past the glorious feast you just had. That was the most
delicious-looking thing I’ve ever seen. YURI: You can’t hunt
on an empty stomach. RYAN: No, you certainly can’t. No good hunter goes
on an empty stomach. YURI: you know, you gotta
snarf it down as fast as you can because there’s
monsters to be hunted. KRISTEN: Absolutely. RYAN: And today you guys wanted
to come and show us the classic Monster Hunter loop which is
embark out into the wilds, hunt a monster, bring it down,
and then return to the town to craft from those
components, correct? YURI: Correct. So today we’re going to be
tracking down and hunting the Radobaan, one of the
denizens of the Rotten Vale. And then hopefully we’ll get
enough parts to make some armor, some weapons,
something to show you guys. RYAN: The Rotten Vale doesn’t
sound like a nice place to live, right? I wouldn’t want to
set up shop there. KRISTEN: It looks
very homey, Ryan. I don’t know what you mean. RYAN: Super cozy. Super cozy. YURI: If you’re the scavager
type and you like eating the carcasses of other dead animals
that just fall from the sky. KRISTEN: Which Ryan loves to do. RYAN: Doesn’t sound
vegetarian to me. All right. KRISTEN: You were not kidding. YURI: Right on cue. Like I said — look at
those scavager guys down there. RYAN: Everything I’ve seen of
Monster Hunter World so far is tremendous. It’s huge in scale. Of course, the classic
multi-weapon gameplay, crafting systems,
all that is here. But I feel like this
entry in the series is, again, just on a much
bigger scale than we’ve seen in the past. Is that fair to say? YURI: Yes, yes. You know, the team has
developed — you know, the title of the game
is Monster Hunter World, and there’s a huge emphasis on
building the entire world and the ecosystem. So, yeah.
That’s a big part of it. And you’ll see it in the
gameplay here today but especially if you
play it at home, the more you play, the more
you’ll see this world just bloom and open to you right before
your eyes as you discover things and how monsters interact. Yeah. RYAN: Well, tell us a
little bit about Sam, Monster Hunter
noob extraordinaire. What am I seeing right now? We’re tracking the
monster in question, but kind of walk me through not
only the UI but how you’re using
your tracking as well. YURI: Yeah. I’m using a new thing
here called the Scout Fly. It’s the green trail there. These are living insects, a
living organism that will track down the scent of the monster
and will — the more you collect
of these clues, they’ll guide you to where the
monster might be. So they’re taking me on a
bit of a diversion there. Actually I went on my own there. KRISTEN: So you can potentially
find clues for not the monster that you’re hunting? YURI: Correct. Right now I’m tracking — RYAN: Tricky business. YURI: — I’m
tracking the Radobaan, and I’m picking up things. It looks like I maxed out
the tracking for this quest. KRISTEN: So now it’s going
to lead you directly to it. You found enough clues. YURI: Yes. I got a little distracted trying
to explain what was happening. RYAN: No distractions allowed. You have to be solely
dedicated to your quest. YURI: So this should
take me right to it. Yeah. As you said, there are
other monsters in the map, and you can run into them
even without tracking them. RYAN: Oh goodness. KRISTEN: We have found him. YURI: Yep.
There he is. RYAN: Oh, this is it! This is our spiny
monster in question. YURI: Yeah. KRISTEN: And now our
hunt truly begins. RYAN: And now the
hunt truly begins. YURI: He hasn’t spotted me yet,
so it’s still running around. KRISTEN: Oh, I see. RYAN: He’s just doing his thing. KRISTEN: So what weapon
have you chosen here? Do you have a strategy
going into this hunt? YURI: Yes. RYAN: It is a lot bigger in
person than — YURI: Let’s get
his attention here. RYAN: Hi.
KRISTIN: Hello. RYAN: He’s not happy — oh. Look at his little face. KRISTEN: That is funny.
His face is tucked in there. RYAN: Yeah. Tell us about — as you get into
the hardest part of the quest, tell us about your loadout. This is your trial
and tribulation. YURI: Oh boy.
I’m trying to run away a bit. RYAN: Run away. YURI: But the loadout that I
have here is you’ll see I have a long sword. This is a fast, long-reaching
melee weapon, one of them. And the armor that I have right
now is the samurai set from the digital deluxe edition here. It’s actually a layered set that
just covers for visual effect. I have another armor set
underneath that should give me some extra protection. RYAN: Which it
seems like you’ll need. YURI: Yeah.
With this weapon I can’t block. So I either have to dodge. RYAN: What? So you go all in on offense
when you equip this weapon type. I see. YURI: It’s fast. So at least got some — KRISTEN: You’re able to
tuck and roll pretty quickly,
get out of his way. RYAN: Tuck and roll,
like out of a moving car. Just tuck and roll.
Monsters are a chomping. KRISTEN: So you also have a
buddy here helping you out. YURI: Yeah.
I have a Palico. It’s a feline
companion right there. KRISTEN: Named Tango. YURI: I named him Tango. You can create your Palico as you create your character in
the game. RYAN: Awesome. Does Tango partake in the
giant feast that you started the mission with? YURI: I believe so. KRISTEN: He was
there chomping away. RYAN: Just chomping away.
All right. KRISTEN: So “parts broken,” so
is there a strategy here to try and break ’em down bit by bit. YURI: Yeah. So Radobaan, one of the
scavagers there of the Rotten Vale, he will cover
himself in bones, right? And these are bones
from other monsters. KRISTEN: What?
They’re not his? YURI: Nope. RYAN: I thought they
were spines from his body. KRISTEN: What a cool design. YURI: He’s doing these
earthquake attacks to keep me at bay. RYAN: Love the
character animation by the way. First of all, the run animation
in Monster Hunter deserves an award right now. Let’s just issue that.
Love it. Could watch the
hunter run all day. So emphatic. YURI: So the part where
you’re asking about strategy of breaking parts, yeah. The Radobaan has this extra
armor that he gets from — KRISTEN: Other
monsters he’s encountered. YURI: — from other monsters. So what we want to do is maybe
target those parts to break them off and reveal weaker
spots that I can hit. KRISTEN: Got it. YURI: But in the meantime, my
weapon often bounces from the harder parts, right? So you have to be careful;
what are you hitting and when? RYAN: I think one of most — oh.
Go ahead Yuri. Sorry.
You were going to say something. YURI: Oh, no, no.
Go ahead. RYAN: You’re like go ahead. I’m just dodging a
giant lethal bone monster. The thing that I find most
interesting about Monster Hunter besides the feast that you
ate, it seems like almost every monster that you fight in this
game is essentially like going up against a boss
fight with its own stages, its own patterns to
learn, it’s own strategies. You have to
accommodate your loadout. You have to think about
how you approach a battle. Do you want to go in initially
with a stealth approach. Do you want to go
in a different way. KRISTEN: Guns blazing. RYAN: Guns blazing.
Cats blazing. I love that about it, and it
seems like it creates a huge and extraordinary sense of depth.
Hello. YURI: Another strategy you could
do is try to land a jump attack and mount the monster. This will get you a
little bit of breathing room. I can now talk a little bit. RYAN: Okay. Which the players will not have
to do when they’re actually at home playing themselves,
unless they’re streaming. YURI: Yeah.
There’s strategy. The strategy doesn’t just change
how you want to approach a monster from the monster side. It also changes
from the hunter side. Right now I have a long sword.
So I do cutting damage. I can do things like try
to sever his tail off. If I’m wielding a hammer, I
would focus more on his head to do like stun damage and then
knock him out for a couple of seconds, you know. And that contributes to — it
will either give you a couple seconds to breathe or heal or
give your teammates a chance to do a bigger attack. Oh there you go. KRISTEN: There it is. YURI: Another broken part. RYAN: And it should be noted,
you’re fighting this monster solo, but Monster Hunter
World is a cooperative game. YURI: Yes. KRISTEN: See, what I really
love about what I’ve seen from Monster Hunter is
that for a second there, he was running away. YURI: That tail just came off. KRISTEN: I love that they’re
fully allowed to engage in the environment. You know, once you
start that boss battle, you’re not
sequestered to a certain area. They can totally try
to run away from you. You can lose track of them and
have to re-hunt them which I think is great and another
monster could just wander in here at any moment. RYAN: And complicate things. YURI: I was going to show
you something else up there. The Radobaan seems like
it’s losing a bit of its balance and
— oh. RYAN: Whoa.
What is happening? YURI: I ran into that.
It’s a sleep gas. KRISTEN: Your poor
little Palico is napping. YURI: Energy drink. RYAN: Get out of there Tango. YURI: I got it.
I got it. KRISTEN: There it is. RYAN: Use that energy drink. YURI: So luckily I had
that from the supply. Make sure to always grab
supplies from the supply box. RYAN: Always.
Oh, right to the jaw. YURI: But what I wanted to show
you here is we actually have tracks from another monster. Hang on.
It will pop up. RYAN: Focus on not dying. I think that should
be your primary focus. YURI: Yeah.
I’m healing. KRISTEN: Tango, “Meowch.” YURI: So see here.
Anyways. I’m going to avoid that for now. RYAN: Yeah.
Why don’t you just run? Kristen, I know you’re not a
super hardcore Monster Hunter person, right? KRISTEN: I haven’t
played previous games, but I was able to test out some
multiplayer a couple of months ago, and it was a
really exciting experience. I have been so hyped on this
game ever since I saw the first trailer. And I’m really excited
that it’s coming to console. RYAN: Yeah. Is this going to be one that you
might actually try to jump into? KRISTEN: Oh, absolutely. I’m going to be
there opening day. RYAN: I’m
thinking the same thing. But who has the time? KRISTEN: Who has the time?
RYAN: Who has the time? KRISTEN: Well, I guess the
good thing — RYAN: You, at home,
have the time. January 26th on PS4. That’s not the end of the show
I’m just throwing it out there. KRISTEN: But, yeah. For people who are diving who
have never played Monster Hunter World before, could you tell
us a little bit about what the campaign plot is
for this game is, because you absolutely could
just do multiplayer and just be hunting until, you
know, the sun comes up. RYAN: Hunt until dawn.
KRISTEN: Hunt until dawn. But is there a centralized plot? YURI: Yeah.
There’s a story. You arrive at the —
you’re part of the Fifth Fleet, working for the
research commission, and you go into this new world. So it’s a new island — sorry. A new land that, you know,
has been — KRISTEN: With roly-poly
spike monsters in it. RYAN: A nice safe
environment for settlement. YURI: Another
monster showed up here. RYAN: Oh hello. KRISTEN: Oh my goodness. YURI: Let’s watch
and see what happens. RYAN: Oh my goodness.
What is happening? So this just kind
of happens, right? Oh gosh.
Hello. KRISTEN: As you
run out of the way. RYAN: I’m out of here. YURI: I got to make sure it
doesn’t start targeting me. I hit it by accident.
It’s over. KRISTEN: Uh-oh.
Get out of there. RYAN: Yuri, what are you doing?
Run away. YURI: I’m trying.
I’m trying. RYAN: Now is that red monster
always going to come at that time, or was this
totally a dynamic situation? YURI: You got it right. It’s a totally
dynamic situation here. These monsters will
just roam the area. This guy in particular. KRISTEN: Now our hunted
monster is trying to get out of here now.
Interesting. RYAN: Now, is he going to be
able to recuperate during the time that you’re not
engaging with him, or do you have a little bit of
breathing room to retrack him? YURI: It’s in my best interest
to get back to him as soon as possible.
So he doesn’t recuperate. But I wanted to get a
carve from this tail here. This will give us an extra
material part that we can then use for our crafting. RYAN: I don’t know if
Mr. Red here is going to let you do that. But you can try. Oh.
Go Tango! You can do this! KRISTEN: Nailed it.
RYAN: Get it. YURI: Yeah. KRISTEN: Tango,
taking one for the team. RYAN: You’re just like, Tango, you got this,
little bud? Great.
I’m going to head out. If you can wrap up here,
just text me when you’re done. KRISTEN: We’re
seeing broken parts. Oh no.
That’s just him. RYAN: He’s sleeping. KRISTEN: Oh little baby.
RYAN: Poor little baby. YURI: Before we engage I’m
going to resharpen my weapon. RYAN: So awesome. YURI: So then we
can go right in. Wake up. RYAN: A rude awakening they say. KRISTEN: His face looks so
different now without the little spikes on it. RYAN: Little
spikes, spikey face. KRISTEN: Just a little
spike here and there. YURI: Yeah. He doesn’t have those horns like
attached to his side anymore. Those were from
another monster anyway, so he won’t need it. RYAN: Now, Yuri, does this
monster have a traditional health bar or do you have to
use visual cues to tell how far you’re going in the fight. YURI: Visual cues
will be the primary. RYAN: Please
watch your health, Yuri. This is your friendly
neighborhood reminder to heal. YURI: Tango, please. RYAN: Tango, do it.
Yeah. Tango.
What’s up? Best cat on the planet. KRISTEN: Tango, tango. RYAN: Tango is doing good
work, putting in those hours, putting in the OT. YURI: Yeah. So you have to
look for visual cues. Sleeping was one of a
very particular one. A monster that is asleep is
trying to recover health. KRISTEN: Got it. RYAN: There you go. YURI: But monsters will
eventually wear themselves out just by doing repeated attacks. RYAN: He can burrow underground? How much stuff can
this monster do? YURI: So you’ll see in a
second why he’s burrowing. KRISTEN: To get the armor. YURI: To get more bones. RYAN: That feisty fiend. YURI: Yeah. So now my attacks — so he regained his armor. KRISTEN: So now you got to
start back up. YURI: Chipping away at
his back once again. But he doesn’t — he
didn’t get his tail back. RYAN: Oh good.
Cannot regrow his tail. KRISTEN: That’s ours now. RYAN: Your tail belongs to us,
or to me, both of us. KRISTEN: We’ll share. RYAN: We’ll totally share. Go Tango. I’m going to
start the Tango fan club. Oh wow. YURI: The delayed
attack on that. RYAN: That was awesome though. KRISTEN:I love though that he
has to use his environment to heal himself. If he hadn’t gotten
back to that spot, he wouldn’t be able to armor up. YURI: Yes.
That’s correct. He cannot burrow — KRISTEN: Just any old place? YURI: Yeah, just any area. KRISTEN: But you as the
player can also interact with environmental things. YURI: Yes. I was trying to use a set of
fine traps that I saw earlier, but unfortunately the Radobaan
was not fully cooperating. Uh-oh. Uh-oh. I’m dizzy. RYAN: Is this it?
Is this the end? YURI: We’re good. KRISTEN: Tango is
like come here. ALL: Oh. RYAN: Fainted.
And we are back. Round two.
Round two commenced. Yuri actually didn’t have to
go far to retrack our monster. YURI: Yeah.
It’s the same quest. So, yeah. If you’re fast enough,
he’ll stay in the same area. KRISTEN: He just thinks,
“Finally that guy is gone. I’m back.” RYAN: I’m back, baby. YURI: Normal quest rules
says it’s three faints. So you can faint
up to three times, but the third
time and you’re out. That’s what got me
last time; not again, Radobaan. RYAN: Not this time,
monster friend, not-so-friend. I’m going to just pay more
attention to Tango now because I’ve been watching the
hunter most of the time, but Tango really is
the star of this show, let’s be honest. KRISTEN: So Palicos have fully
customizable armor as well? YURI: Yes. RYAN: What.
What’s happening. YURI: He’s the real MVP here. He’s getting a little
cart that he can shoot from. KRISTEN: Oh my god. RYAN: Oh my gosh. This is the cutest thing. I like how there’s giant,
towering bone monsters and also
little kitty catapults. Or an arrow. KRISTEN: You know,
it’s a whole world, Ryan. RYAN: It is a whole world. Kristen, you are correct.
It is a whole world. It’s a Monster Hunter World,
available January 26th on PS4. YURI: Oh, there it is. RYAN: Done.
Monster defeated. KRISTEN: Amazing. RYAN: Congratulations, Yuri. YURI: Yeah.
Thank you. RYAN: So you beat the game. That was it.
It was just that one fight. All right.
So now we get to carve up. YURI: We get to carve up some
materials and then bring these back to our
blacksmith back at camp, and then he can make new weapons
and armor out of this guy. So, yeah. A couple of things to note,
you’ll get armor — you get abilities or, you know,
passive skills — KRISTEN: With the
different armor sets. YURI: — with
different armor sets. And they’re designed to resemble
or at least hark back to the monster that you just
hunted, where they came from. So this guy, armor parts
that are harder to break. So I will see the armor skills,
some of that reflected there. KRISTEN: I’m excited to
see what it looks like. YURI: Yeah. That sleeping gas was
always a big factor. RYAN: I’m just tuckered out. And we should note
for people watching, obviously, you know, players
will get some supplies they might not get everything they
need on the first one so they might have to hunt
another monster to complete. But we want to go back and just show the crafting
process, right? YURI: Right.
So, yeah. Despite that one faint, I
have hunted this guy before, and I’ve collected a
couple of parts here, so we should be able to craft. RYAN: So here we are at the
smithy with — I love all the stuff just
rolling by on the conveyor belt. Are you ready to craft? YURI: Yeah. It looks like we’ve got enough
parts to make some Radobaan armor and a couple
of other things. KRISTEN: So this is the armor
you were wearing under the samurai skin? YURI: Yes.
Yeah. That was armor
from another monster. KRISTEN: Yeah. RYAN: They’re so pumped. KRISTEN: They’re so into this. YURI: We’re pumped
to get the gear; they’re pumped to make it. KRISTEN: Very cool. YURI: We’re going to start
equipping it one at a time. RYAN: Oh my goodness.
Yes. KRISTEN: Oh my god. RYAN: Yes.
Put all this armor on. KRISTEN: Oh my goodness. YURI: Yep. So already taking on the
appearance of the monster we just hunted. KRISTEN: Yeah. You can already
— oh my goodness. RYAN: Dude, this is amazing. Man, they’re
quick, full service. KRISTEN: Oh my gosh. YURI: And if you look
over at the skills, these are the passive skills
that we have here from that armor. So from the whole armor set here
we’ve got each individual armor piece, each one giving
one point towards a skill. So Sleep Resistance, that will
come in handy if I have to hunt this guy again. KRISTEN: Right. Because he used that sleeping
gas on you the one time. YURI: So Bleeding Resistance,
another element in the game. Sleep attack. So if I have a weapon
that does sleep attack, this will enhance that attack. Slugger will improve my ability
to knock monsters out and a guard, of course, going back
to that armor — those armored
parts that he had. This will enhance
my ability to block. Now, you guys were
a big fan of Tango, right? KRISTEN: Yes.
He he’s so cute. RYAN: Oh my goddens.
KRISTEN: Oh my goodness. YURI: He’s going to
get a little weapon too. KRISTEN: Tango deserves it. YURI: That’s going to
be his little weapon now. RYAN: Tango is just the best. YURI: All right.
Now let’s see his armor. RYAN: Oh my gosh, dude.
This is a best. YURI: I don’t know if
we’re ready for this. RYAN: I don’t know either. Oh.
Are you kidding me? Yes! KRISTEN: Oh my god! RYAN: Yes.
You guys match. Oh my good gravy. This is the best thing
I’ve ever seen in my life. KRISTEN: I cant wait
to play this game. I just love it. I love the detail and
y’all are just ready to go. RYAN: Yeah.
This is the best. Yuri, you just made
my day, maybe my week. YURI: I’m going to
make some weapons too. Let’s see here. KRISTEN: Right because there are
14 different kind of weapons you can make in this game? YURI: Yeah. 14 different weapon types, but
each of them is going to have a lot of variation there. So I just made the Bone Spike.
That is from the Radobaan. And it actually has right there
on the top right you see it’s going to have sleep attack. And then another one here has a
little more of his features you see there. KRISTEN: It’s very detailed.
Wow. YURI: Heavy bow gun. And this one’s got — it’s going to have, again, the
different ammo types that will be reflective
of that monster. KRISTEN: And will help you
for future monsters to come. YURI: Yeah. The other monsters will be
weaker against sleep attacks. KRISTEN: Already ready
to get back out there. RYAN: Let me back out there! KRISTEN: Really cool.
It’s a really elegant system. YURI: Yeah. And then you can go in and
upgrade that armor that we just made.
But, yeah. Just another close up here on
your favorite — RYAN: Oh my god.
Just let me die here happily. I love it. YURI: And that’s
the loop of the game. You go out and hunt monsters. The more you hunt, the better
you get at identifying patterns that the monster might have. But, you know, depending
on the weapon you use, if you’re up close, the monster
is going to do certain attacks. If you’re far away, they
might do something different. If you want to really change up
your playstyle not only from the weapons that you use, you’ll
end up changing the monster’s behavior acting
towards you as well. So there’s a lot of incentive to
go back and hunt monsters again and again and help other players
online or just — RYAN: The joy of the game, the
joy of the hunt. YURI: The joy of the hunt. Making cat armor. RYAN: Yes.
This is the best. Yuri, thank you so much
for joining us today. YURI: Thank you for having me. RYAN: Kristen, thank you.
KRISTEN: Of course. RYAN: Monster Hunter World as
I may have mentioned in this episode is out
January 26th for PS4. Thanks for joining us, and we’ll see you next time on
PlayStation Underground. [OUTRO MUSIC PLAYING]

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