Monster Hunter World: Iceborne – Tigrex Gameplay | PlayStation Underground

Monster Hunter World: Iceborne – Tigrex Gameplay | PlayStation Underground

JUSTIN: Be ready for
some vicious attacks. So I think we’ve
agitated the monster, so it’s in its enraged form now. KRISTEN: I don’t know
what you could mean. He looks so pleasant, so
happy to have visitors. JUSTIN: He just wants a hug. [INTRO MUSIC PLAYING] KRISTEN: Hey, folks. Welcome back to
PlayStation Underground. You got Kristen and Justin here. We’re checking out
Monster Hunter World Iceborne. JUSTIN: Yeah we are! KRISTEN: This is some footage
that you got when playing at E3. JUSTIN: Yeah it is! KRISTEN: On a PS4 Pro? JUSTIN: Yeah. So we were down there,
and I headed by Capcom, and they let me check out some
Monster Hunter World Iceborne. We’re gonna see
some new stuff here. I’m wearing the new armor. I believe that’s the armor you
get from the Shrieking Legiana. KRISTEN: Ooh, Raider
Ride, what is this? JUSTIN: Raider Ride is a
cool new thing that you can do. And if you want,
you can pause the video and read all the
tool tips if you want. But basically it’s a new Palico
skill that you can unlock. And you’ll see in a
moment how exactly it works. But basically the Palico can
summon a little monster that you can ride around. But I’ll explain that
more in detail in a moment. So right now I’m getting
my gear set up and everything. And you can see the
adorable new Palico outfit. He’s ready to hit the slopes
in the icy Hoarfrost Reach, which is the name
of this new region, this massive new region. KRISTEN: I haven’t played
Monster Hunter World since I finished the main
story’s campaign. I basically put it
down after that, was like, that was a fun time. Tell me a little bit about what
I’m gonna be jumping into when I start Iceborne. JUSTIN: Yeah. So Monster Hunter World Iceborne
picks up after the end of the main story of
Monster Hunter World. And real quick side bar, I made
sure to get some footage of the new cooking and eating animation
here because that was always one of my favorite parts of
Monster Hunter World was that realistic-looking food and
how into it the Hunter is. KRISTEN: I know. I could
never skip these animations. JUSTIN: Look a that. I actually went to the Monster
Hunter Cafe in Japan and ate that platter — well not that exact one, but they had the big Chef’s
Choice you have the pre-order. So, yeah.
That was awesome. Obviously, every good hunt
starts with a hearty meal in Monster Hunter, so I’m
prepped and ready to go. And we’re gonna go on an hunt. KRISTEN: Nice. Tell us a little bit about
how you chose this weapon. Is this the one you
normally main with? Or was it like let me
try something different? JUSTIN: So this
is the Switch Axe. I think we’re gonna be
hunting the Tigrex here. This is, if I remember the clip
that we’re looking at here — I main Hammer usually, but I
wanted to make sure I get some footage of
different weapons here. We’re gonna have another
video going live as well. So if you haven’t seen it
already go check it out. So this is the Raider Ride here. And basically you summon this
little monster and you mount it, and it can go find the monster
for you rather than you having to run around and find
tracks and everything. It will find the tracks for you. Are we hunting the Banbaro? I forget whether this
is Banbaro or Tigrex. We’re gonna kick
some butt either way. Thank you, Handler. Yes, that’s right. I’m trying to listen to what
The Handler is telling us. KRISTEN: She’s
like, um, excuse me. JUSTIN: So we do have
footage of the Banbaro hunt and the Tigrex hunt. We’ll find out shortly which one
we’re going after here because I forgot. KRISTEN: Sniff, sniff, sniff.
JUSTIN: Here we go. KRISTEN: Sniff, sniff, sniff. Tell me more. JUSTIN: Okay. Somebody already fainted.
Good times. Here we go.
This is the Tigrex. Yeah. So the Tigrex is a returning fan
favorite of Monster Hunter yore. So we’re gonna get in there
and try to take this thing down. Now, the Tigrex, something
I found out about this, I haven’t played any of the
older Monster Hunter games where this monster
originally featured, so I was in for a rude awakening
when I tried to get in there and bust out some big
combos against it. It’s really fast.
It’s really unpredictable. KRISTEN: What are some
of the characteristics? So it’s fast;
it’s unpredictable. Does he swipe with his tail? JUSTIN: Really angry.
Sharp, sharp teeth. KRISTEN: He looks angry. He looks a little bit
miffed that you are here. JUSTIN: He’s not thrilled that
we’re trying to slice his tail off. KRISTEN: And who
would be really? JUSTIN: But that’s
what I’m going for with the Switch Axe here. There’s a new combo. If you’re a Switch Axe player,
you’ll be happy to learn that there’s a new combo you can do
when you’re in Axe Mode here. If you press circle
just a few times, you do that swipe
back and forth attack. But if you are in the middle
of that and you press triangle, it does this really cool
overhead smash attack. I’ll call that out
when it happens a little bit later in the video. But for now we’re gonna
watch this Tigrex hunt go down. KRISTEN: It looks like you got
there just in the nick of time. Your fellow Hunters
were like, help please. JUSTIN: Yeah. You can see that we’re making
good use of the health booster drops so that we can stand in
those little area of effect green areas and be constantly
recovering health which is super useful against this monster. KRISTEN: I was going to say, was
there anything you noticed about the new environment
that was helpful, that was maybe
different than some of the old? JUSTIN: Yeah.
It’s interesting. Here we go. I just used the Clutch Claw
which is a new addition to Monster Hunter World Iceborne. If you hold L2 and press
I believe it’s circle, you can basically
grapple onto the monster, onto a specific
part of the monster. So I’m trying to
get onto its tail so I can slice
that sucker off. KRISTEN: This isn’t the same
as Mounting it, correct? JUSTIN: Right. You can still Mount
it by getting airborne and hitting it
while your midair. That Mount mechanic works
the same as it ever did. But now you can
straight up grapple onto it. It doesn’t lock you — as you can see
it’s knocking me right off. It’s not an instant,
I’m just gonna — KRISTEN: Zoom over there. JUSTIN: — keep on
mounting onto this thing. That’s not quite how it works. It’s not as OP as it
might sound on paper. But it’s really useful. If your playing Hammer, you want to get some
hits in on its head to stun it. So this is a good way to target
specific parts of a monster if you’re not really an
aerial-focused player like an
Insect Glaive. An insect Glaive can just jump
into the air whenever they want and start flipping
around and everything. But it’s nice as a Hammer player
or a Switch Axe player to be able to get some verticality. KRISTEN: Well, you
guys are doing well. He’s already sort of
running a little bit. And then he slid right back. Didn’t go too far. That’s what I love about
Monster Hunter though, it takes you all
across the map sometimes, and other times the
monster will be like, and we’re ready. JUSTIN: Yeah.
It’s great. I love how they design the
levels and the monsters to kind of work in tandem
with one another. The environments that you’re
hunting in are almost their own kind of characters. “Be ready for some
vicious attacks.” So I think we’ve
agitated the monster, so it’s in its enraged form now. As if it wasn’t
already angry enough. KRISTEN: I don’t know
what you could mean. He looks so pleasant, so
happy to have visitors. JUSTIN: He just wants a hug. KRISTEN: That’s all
they ever really want. JUSTIN: I’m getting some
good hits on that tail. We’ll see if we’re able
to lop that sucker off. So I’m not playing my best. This is where I learned
about — that’s that new combo. KRISTEN: So
practicing for a second. JUSTIN: Yeah. So that was when somebody leaned
over my shoulder and said, “Oh, you’re playing Switch Axe.
Try this.” KRISTEN: Nice. JUSTIN: So you can see — KRISTEN: Gave it a few tries. JUSTIN: Get that figured out.
There we go. So I have a more
traditional Mount going on here. And I’m just hacking
away at the tail there. Oh no! KRISTEN: Oh, nice. JUSTIN: Got back.
And we knocked it down. Okay, yeah.
I think we fell down. I got knocked off
and fell down here. So I need to try and
make my way back up. KRISTEN: I love these
environments so much. JUSTIN: Yeah,
these are beautiful. KRISTEN: I could spend the
whole playthrough just wandering around and
figuring out the trails. JUSTIN: Oh yeah. You were asking about
the new environment, the Hoarfrost Reach, earlier. It’s interesting. I got another Raider
Ride ready to go here. No, I skipped it. I’m trying to do the old Wedge
Beetle grapple maneuver here. You can tell I’m a little rusty. I haven’t played Monster
Hunter in a little while. KRISTEN: You’ve played
it more than I have. When I jump in here
I’m gonna be like, uh. JUSTIN: Playing this got me
super excited for Monster Hunter again to the point where I’m
thinking about diving back in now to get more stuff in
preparation for Iceborne. But, yeah. The Hoarfrost Reach, I keep
trying to talk about this, but I’m getting distracted. It’s this massive
new environment, this new area that
they’re adding to Iceborne, and you can kind of uncover
parts of it as you work you’re way through the story. They say that after you get —
after you uncover the entire map, it’s the largest area
in Monster Hunter World yet. KRISTEN: In the whole game? JUSTIN: In the whole game.
Yeah. Bigger than Elder’s Recess,
bigger than Wildspire Waste. KRISTEN: So this is just a small
pocket of it that we’ve seen. JUSTIN: This is a little chunk. KRISTEN: Oh, buddy. JUSTIN: Keep
taking that sucker on. Let’s get him. KRISTEN: He’s
definitely getting tired if you look at the
little map in the corner. JUSTIN: Yeah,
we’re getting there. KRISTEN: Slowly but surely. JUSTIN: There is a time
limit on the hunt though, so we need to
watch out for that. Oh no. They pumped up the
number of continues for us here so that four faints
wouldn’t take us out. KRISTEN: Wouldn’t be the end. JUSTIN: No. Oh, man.
I’m really close to death here. Oh, man. Okay.
I got a potion. Good.
That was really too close. Here we go. Trying to do — I was trying to
do that new combo. Let’s see. I think — let’s see
if I can Clutch Claw. KRISTEN: Before he runs? JUSTIN: Yeah. Come on. Yeah.
There we go. So, yeah.
The Clutch Claw is really fun. As the monster is escaping,
if you can get close enough, you can grapple onto it
and get some hits in there. If you’re lucky, you might
be able to stop the monster. KRISTEN: In the face, Justin.
So rude. JUSTIN: Oh, yeah. This guy doesn’t mess around.
Or girl. I’m not sure of the gender of
the Tigrex that we’re fighting. KRISTEN: All right. JUSTIN: Here we go. KRISTEN: And he is not
— there goes the tail. JUSTIN: There we go. Yeah.
We got that tail off there. I’m not gonna be foolish
and try to carve that while we’re hunting. KRISTEN: That would
10,000 percent be me. I was always that
person that was like, while you guys are over here — JUSTIN: Oh! Hello. Banbaro enters the fray. So this is one of
the other new monsters in Monster Hunter World
Iceborne. It’s the majestic
moose-like Banbaro. You can see those
big old antlers. KRISTEN: He’s massive. JUSTIN: I wanted to get some
good footage of this turf war going on here. Check out these
monsters just going to town. KRISTEN: His tail is
bigger than the Tigrex. JUSTIN: Yeah. That thing is massive, and it’s
no less angry than the Tigrex. KRISTEN: Oh my goodness. JUSTIN: I was a fool and I tried
to sharpen my weapon there. KRISTEN: So you
weren’t too far away. We’re back in the action. JUSTIN: Eat some
well-done steak. KRISTEN: Eat well-done steak.
Don’t mind if I do. JUSTIN: Oh my god. We’re looking not
great already here. Okay.
Potion got me back on track. KRISTEN: Things can
change so quickly during Monster Hunter fights. JUSTIN: Check out the snow. It actually leaves the trails
in the snow as you run through. There’s some areas of the
Hoarfrost Reach that have pretty copious amounts of snow
you need to trudge through. KRISTEN: What is the name of the
creature that you rode in on? JUSTIN: I forgot. If you scroll back in the video, I think the name
appeared on the screen. So, sorry. I don’t have that
information at the ready. KRISTEN: He’s just so darn cute.
Get outta there, buddy. JUSTIN: Real tempting
to carve that tail. Oh no!
I think it died. Tigrex killed it. I need to take this thing out
to avenge my fallen friend. Drop a health booster
for good measure here. KRISTEN: In the snow. That is really cool that
you can see the trails. JUSTIN: You put snow in a
game in this day and age, you gotta make sure
it leaves some tracks. KRISTEN: I know,
but it looks so nice. JUSTIN: It does.
It’s nice that they did that. I like the way
they implemented it. KRISTEN: I like how
the ice shaves off every time a claw
moves just like that. JUSTIN: Yeah. I went for an element
discharge and failed there. I think I get a couple
good ones later though. Getting some good hits here. KRISTEN: He’s
definitely slowing down. JUSTIN: Yeah.
We’re getting there. Monster’s tired. KRISTEN: He’s limping. JUSTIN: I wonder if
we’re gonna take it — No! KRISTEN: All right.
We’re back in the fight. Will we make it this time? This is a tough one. JUSTIN: I won’t
spoil the ending, but I will say it comes
right down to the wire. KRISTEN: Yeah?
It feels like it. He is tired, but he is tough. He’s trying to get away. JUSTIN: Banbaro’s like,
“Yo, hey, what are you doing?” “All right.
You may proceed.” Careful. KRISTEN: Uh-oh. JUSTIN: You see I’m trying to
figure out what’s my play here. There’s a sense of urgency now. We’ve got five minutes left. The Banbaro is right in
between us and our target. What do we do? Here we go. Kaboosh! KRISTEN: Just go for it. JUSTIN: Get in there. KRISTEN: Hope it doesn’t trigger
anybody else in the area. Just fighting
with these mammoths. JUSTIN: Why not?
As you do. They’re monsters;
they must be hunted. We’re getting
some good hits now. KRISTEN: Hunter 2,
“I wounded it.” JUSTIN: Switch Axe, I love
Switch Axe because you kind of build up the charge in the
weapon by using it in Axe Mode and then you can transform it
into a giant sword that does more damage, but it has
a limited amount of use. KRISTEN: That upset Banbaro. JUSTIN: Yeah.
Banbaro’s not happy. Come on, man. We’re on a schedule here. Leave us alone, please. Tigrex has eyes for me I guess. My whole life I’ve pronounced
it “Tie-grex” when I saw it. But they actually told me while
we were recording this it’s actually “Tee-grex” because I
guess this is the first time they had the monster names
voiced in a Monster Hunter game, so the localization
team had to decide. They had to say, “How do we?” Okay.
Here we go. We got an avalanche. This is really cool. So there were a couple moments
in Monster Hunter World where there would be a rock
slide or something, and it would deal
damage to the monsters. You can see here,
we’ve got an avalanche. We’ve got the Banbaro and the
Tigrex and me all getting washed away here, all just intertwined. They are not happy
with one another again. KRISTEN: Hunter 2, no! JUSTIN: I wish I had a Dung Pod so I could get that
Banbaro to leave. You know that’s a
thing in Monster Hunter. You fling poop at
them and they leave. KRISTEN: That
doesn’t work in real life? JUSTIN: I’ve never
tried it, but maybe. KRISTEN: Only in Monster Hunter. JUSTIN: Disclaimer, do not
throw poop at things, please. KRISTEN: All right.
Come on, Justin. JUSTIN: We’re so close. Just watching that timer in the
top left corner, like please. KRISTEN: It’s making me nervous. JUSTIN: I’m getting some
good hits on this guy though. Another disclaimer, I’m
not a Switch Axe Main. I’m a Hammer Main. KRISTEN: I am a Hunter.
JUSTIN: I am a Hunter. Here we go. Let’s use those Wedge Beetles. KRISTEN: Yeah. JUSTIN: Not going that way. KRISTEN: It looked cool though. JUSTIN: It did look cool. It’s all about looking
flashy in Monster Hunter. KRISTEN: Just some
light rock climbing here. All right. JUSTIN: Here we go.
This is it. I think this is gonna be our
last shot to take this guy out. KRISTEN: Yeah. You only
have a couple minutes left. He is so done with you guys.
“Just let me sleep.” JUSTIN: Yeah. He is none too pleased about
what we’re doing to him here. KRISTEN: “You
already cut off my tail. What more do you want?” JUSTIN: One other thing I should
mention is that hot drinks are a thing you need to keep an
eye on in the Hoarfrost Reach. So in Monster Hunter World you
had cool drinks when you’re on hot climbs you would drink to keep your
body temperature regulated. The inverse is true here
as well since it’s so icy. KRISTEN: Keeps you toasty warm. JUSTIN: You need to craft hot
drinks so you don’t find yourself out of stamina
at an inopportune time. Okay. So we are moving to
one last location here. Tigrex is going
back to his nest here. I think we got some barrels
we could make use of here. Whoops. Ran out of stamina.
Rookie move. All right. So peaceful. KRISTEN: All right.
What’s the strategy here? JUSTIN: My initial
thought was to capture it, but our loadout did not contain
any of the sleep powder that we need to put it to sleep, so capturing is
out of the question. But we’ve got explosives
which is the next best thing. KRISTEN: When all else
fails, just make things go boom. JUSTIN: Kaboosh. Lot’s of damage. I was surprised
that didn’t kill it. We had it pretty tired already. KRISTEN: He’s strong. JUSTIN: Look at that.
We’re just laying into it. KRISTEN: The Shock Trap. JUSTIN: We’re so close.
We’re coming up on time here. Will we take out the Tigrex? KRISTEN: He’s like,
“No. I refuse.” JUSTIN: Tigrex is
like, “No, you won’t.” KRISTEN: He is resilient. JUSTIN: He really is. Yeah. Not to be taken lightly. KRISTEN: He is just
swiping at you guys. JUSTIN: At least he
doesn’t have that tail. Nooooo! KRISTEN: So rough. JUSTIN: Time up. Man, we were so close. KRISTEN: That Tigrex though. You’ll get another shot at
it when Monster Hunter World Iceborne comes to
PS4 on September 6th. I’m exited to see
what you do then. JUSTIN: I cannot wait. Oh man. That was a four-star
hunt, and I failed it. I’m ashamed. KRISTEN: All right. We’ll see
you guys on the next episode of PlayStation Underground. JUSTIN: Bye-bye. [OUTRO MUSIC PLAYING]

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