Monster Hunter: World – Coral Highlands Gameplay

Monster Hunter: World – Coral Highlands Gameplay

Hello again, hunters. And welcome to the Coral Highlands. This flourishing, rich, distinctive ecology is home to some truly peculiar spectacles. We urge you to keep your wits about you at every moment. Using the Rope Lift implemented by earlier hunting fleets, you’ll be able to traverse this land with speed and haste whilst taking in the glorious coral vistas. Ah! The cheeky Paolumu! Do not let his cuddly exterior fool you. This monster will make swift work of hunters who take him for granted and subsequently find themselves rather unprepared. The Paolumu is able to conjure tremendous gusts of wind to abolish your guard. Be on your watch. What’s this? The Tzitzi-Ya-Ku? What in Astera is he doing here?! The Tzitzi-Ya-Ku just flashed the Paolumu out of the sky! Our hunter can use this to his advantage and deal some solid damage. With the Paolumu on the run, our hunter hatches a plan to catch up with this furry fiend. Our hunter tries to escape using the Wingdrakes, but the Tzitzi-Ya-Ku just won’t let him! There he is! Take that, billowy, bloated balloon down! Well, well, well… Look who also decided to join the party! The cold and calculated Legiana has arrived to show our hunter who really rules these parts. I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t want to be that Paolumu right now. A successful and triumphant mount! I do wonder how this fight will end… Monster Hunter: World is coming to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on January 26th with a PC version coming Autumn 2018.

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  1. Couldn't watch it without sound, couldn't watch it with sound because that damn distracting voice… area looks great though.

  2. Why do Japanese game makers think that western audiences need a narrator talking to us like we're 5 years old? Just put some epic music in the video and I'm sold.

  3. It would be cool if that bat like monster was really small but used it puffed up body to give wind attacks to push you away but have no wings using the extra air to float with the wind around the nap making you memorizing and trapping it in a place where it can’t use the wind

  4. Hey guys we would be honored of you would join us on xbox one at Monster Hunters World Club and help us take down beast of all sorts and from any other games as well!!

  5. Never played before, looks effing AWESOME! But need to know, does this game run at 60 fps 1080p?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! 4K 30 fps I know will not look as good, seems to be ALOT going on 24/7 in this game lol!

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  7. Is it just me or is the game REALLY… REALLY slow… Like compared to other Mh games in half of this gameplay the hunter was just sitting around doing nothing and there was no punishment.

  8. Wow stunning BEAUTYFUL!!!! Look how much rendering power the PS Pro has. I don`t understand why some developers always reduce graphics to low and medium settings when making PC ports, when on the new PS Pro and XBox One such superb unimaginable good-looking graphics power is possible!! Incredible vivid and alive and a never before seen ultrahyperdense vegetation. Goodbye Horizon Zero Dawn, Monster Hunter is the new graphics standart.
    Such incredible beautyful and realistic graphics style would be possible on VR too if this ultra-superlow-graphicssettings for 120fps nonsense would be reduced to 2x40fps which is more than fluid enough for the human eye. Also the disappointing new Gran Turismo everyone hates would have looked gorgeous and stunning and way better than Forza 7 without that over-hundred-FPS-target-and-VR-in-mind nonsense. The human eye cannot see more than 24 frames, humans are no flies.

  9. So you do this one thing over and over again? The difficulty looks like that of a console and the looks of the game isn't great as everything is almost the same color and there is no contrast. I may check it out by downloading it illegally but that's probably as far as I'll go. Those character movements/animations are also horrible.

  10. I've never played a monster Hunter game before but this looks bloody epic. My question though is why are people so salty about the lack of certain monsters in this one? Like.. they seem to have created an amazing game that can be used as a base to build on. What's to stop them adding in fan favourites after the release of this game, like they are with the Deviljo..?

  11. Paolumu = bat, dragon, sheep, beaver, blower and australian frilled lizard in nutshell. Or just a northern ghost bat.

  12. Notice has wsnt there's no timer? So, the devs can't complete a hint under time restraints but they expect the players to. It's bullshit. What kind of game uses a gimmick like a timer in this day and age?? There's absolutely NO reason for a timer. It prevents you from looking for crafting mats and just exploring while you're tracking. And YES, I know that there's an Expedition mode, but that can not itsself is stupid. The entire game should be one mode. No timer. You hunt or look for mats and craft as you go. They can give me a quest to kill a monster, but there's no reason for the stupid time limit. This is why this game is not popular outside of Japan. It's a joke.

  13. So I've beaten the story campaign. There is no mention in the game on grappling a bird and using it to fly off. It looks like he just aims and hits O. But I can't do this in the full game. Any ideas?

  14. By the does anyone know how to get past rarity 4 weapons in certain trees. I’ve seen people say there are monster parts like a kulu ya ku beak+ but I don’t know how to get those plussed materials.

  15. Looks so boring. Just kill monsters for no point. Plus, are you going to attack or just run around like a fucking pansy ass all day long?

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