Monster Hunter: World – Ancient Forest Gameplay

Hello, everyone and welcome to an early look at Monster Hunter: World coming, to Playstation 4 and Xbox one early 2018 with PC to follow Today we have a special look at gameplay for you, so let’s jump right in In Monster Hunter: World, you take on the role of a hunter in a lively ecosystem. A key part of hunting monsters is tracking down your prey And to assist with that, every hunter is equipped with Scoutfly that track monsters’ scent from clues, such as these footprints This here is the Great Jagras, a monster that can swallow its prey whole, almost doubling its size! It is not our main target, but it’s conveniently heading the same direction that our Scoutflies have been leading us So let’s follow it and see what it does Turns out it went out to regurgitate some of that meal to feed its young Monster Hunter: World introduces monsters that can see and smell and hear you So engaging in stealth is a sure way of getting the upper hand. These small Jagras are always on high alert So our hunter is using sound to distract them so we can move on to continue tracking our main target You can also track additional Monsters, materials and environmental utilities We can see now the Scoutfly formation is way more dense Indicating we have a pretty good grasp of the monster’s trail The target today is a new monster for the series called the Anjanath We see that it is actually asleep right now, and our hunter could wake it up and engage in combat here But the cave is a tricky, tight spot, so let’s try and lure it out to an open area To accomplish this the hunter is using a new tool called the Slinger He’s using the Slinger to shoot red pits, which create noise and attract the monster’s attention Monster Hunter: World introduces new environmental hazards allowing you to use the landscape to trap and mount your prey Redpit And Scatter nut are just some of the ammo types available for your Slinger, and each ammo type comes with a unique set of properties You can also lure the monster to destroy parts of the environment that open up new paths And in this case, we now see some Flashflies that, when struck, will create a dizzying flash of light to stun the monster Now that the monster is enraged, it becomes more aggressive and will chase the hunter incessantly You can actually use this to your advantage and lure it to another area of the map with more environmental traps In this part of the map, we see a rock formation hanging on by some vines Using the Slinger’s versatility allows the hunter to paralyse the Anjanath And then cause the rocks to fall on the monster, causing massive damage Every hunter is also equipped with a grappling hook, which can be used to quickly gain higher ground And if you’re mounting a monster and it knocks you off You can use that grappling hook to get right back on the saddle Body damage and scarring are your primary indicators of damage dealt on the monster You can even sever off the tail of some species Uh Oh! The Great Jagras has appeared once again, and it looks like the Anjanath is not a fan of the competition! Large monsters get very territorial at times. Depending on their temperament, they will either fight or flee This time the Anjanath chooses to avoid the encounter with the Great Jagras Hunters can also don different types of Mantles, each with their own inherent abilities The Challenger Mantle seen here is a great tool to attract the monster’s attention, and lure it to another strategic location As you can see, the living, breathing ecosystem in Monster Hunter: World features its own hierarchy of predators… … and prey. Limping is one of the key tells of a monster approach its last breath As the Anjanath runs away to recover from the hunters onslaught The Hunter can take this opportunity to return back to camp and formulate a new strategy For the final strike, our hunter has traded the Great Sword for a Heavy Bowgun In Monster Hunter: World, you craft weapons and armor from materials gathered from your fallen prey, serving a grisly reminders of past battles, while giving you attributes related to that monster. Here we can see the fearsome Anjanath armor Since the Hunter was already in combat with the Anjanath, finding it again is very easy thanks to the help from the Scoutfly, who have already locked to its scent While the Heavy Bowgun lets you attack from a safe distance, its defensive options are much more limited than the Great Sword Since hiding spots are scarce in this area, our hunter will have to use the Ghillie Mantle to conceal himself for a moment Well that didn’t work so well With the effect of the Ghillie Mantle now gone, our only option is to run and create some distance Thankfully this map’s verticality gives us a quick way out Utilising the roaming Giant Vigorwasp, the hunter is able to get health recovery he needs The Rocksteady Mantle allows our hunter to keep a steady hand whilst firing at the monster With the ability now shrug off ferocious attacks, it’s time for the hunter unleash some payback with the powerful Wyvern Ammo And there it is. Quest complete and a job well done Now we can harvest precious materials from the monsters and use those to gear up for our next challenge Monster Hunter: World is coming to PlayStation 4 early 2018 with a PC version coming at a later date Make sure to follow the Monster Hunter channel on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to stay up to date with all things Monster Hunter: World Also be sure to head down to Gamescom, where Monster Hunter: World will be playable for the first time Worldwide

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