Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series- Full Race -Open & All Star Race

Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series- Full Race -Open & All Star Race

May they drive through life happy together.
We’re back with Bryson rampage.>>I’ll tell you. That was so precious, just
to see the emotion.>>Thank goodness you carry him. Rampage,
you’re hangings out down here, was it fun with the drivers?
>>Yeah. Thank you for letting me hang out with you.
>>Some of these pit crew members not intimidating.>>He’s a big guy. I’ve got to watch out for
him.>>Man, you did a good job. You did a really
good job.>>Thank you so much.
>>Michael, this was fun down here. I think after all the all-star activities, we weather
here in North Carolina at Charlotte motor speedway. Thank you for being part of the
monster energy 2018 all-star NASCAR race an FS1.
>>Please rise and remove your hats as jm high school junior rotc color guard presents
our nation’s colors. Please remain standing as coach Joe Gibbs offers our invocation.
>>If we could, could we have a moment of silence and honor those that lost life and
those families that are suffering in Santa fe high in Texas. Just a moment. Father, we
want to thank you. We serve an all powerful, all knowing, all loving god. You can do anything.
Thank you for making us. You made each one of us special and different. We’re no accidents.
And you want to have a personal relationship with us. You sent your son, your only son
to this Earth. He lived a perfect life. You allowed him to go to that cross so that we
can forgiveness of sin. We thank you for that. Father, we thank you
for our country. We pray for all those that are fighting around the world so that we can
n’jie night like tonight. We thank you for that. And we honor you father and we pray
to honor you tonight with everything that happens. Amen.
>>Here to perform our national anthem, please welcome monster energy’s own monster energy
girl Erica nag she ma. Nagashima O say, can you see by the dawn’s early light
what so proudly we hailed at the twilight’s last gleaming?
whose broad stripes and bright stars through the perilous fight
O’er the ramparts we watched were so gallantly streaming?
and the rockets’ red glare the bombs bursting in air
gave proof through the night that our flag was still there
oh, say, does that star-spangled banner yet wave
O’er the land of the free ♪♪ and the home of the brave?>>>There is carve, Kevin Harvick>>10:00 Sunday morning in the hills of North
Carolina, cars, miles of cars in every direction. Millions of cars. Pastel cars. Aqua green
and blue aqua beige. Aqua dawn, aqua dusk. Aqua aqua aqua, malakaka. Lacquer. Cloud lavender.
Assassin pink, rake a cheek raspberry, nude stand koirl honest thrill Orange and baby
fawn lust cream colored considered. 175 miles an hour. Fire ball Robert. Freddie Lorenzen.
Ned Jarrett. Richard petty and the hardest of all the hard chargers. One of the fastest
automobile racing car drivers in history. Yes. Junior Johnson.
>>Words well written and well expressed. The last American hero and a look from above
Charlotte motor speedway. Getting ready to roll. Hope you have had as much fun as we
have. And a lot more to go. If there is a because
word Michael the word is gresz sfwlif another because wo “Anticipation.” For they are going
to have even more grip tonight. Tham means even bolder moves.
>>Jimmy Johnson has never gone 12 races into a regular season without a win. That’s happened
for the first time. We know about the seven-time champ’s struggles but he’s always a guy worth
watching and the fan vote which was exciting. Chase Elliott for the third straight time
voted in by the fans. He’s in.>>He’s in and he’s going to be fun to watch
tonight. As will be aj allmendinger from the back.
>>Kyle Busch won this race last Kevin Harvick hazard has been the story this season. Who
will be the million dollar story tonight? We’ll soon find out.
>>Now for the most famous words in motorsports. Welcome machine gun Kelly. Zblf drivers, start
your engines.>>Jimmy Johnson, four-time all-star winner.
Notebook’s won it more than Jimmy. Kyle Busch. Last years all-star winner. And this year’s
dominator, the closer Kevin Harvick. Will it be one of them or someone else who surprises
us and ends up in Charlotte motor speedway victory lane holding a check for a million
bucks.>>There is a lot of money at take. Lot of
mayhem we’re going to see during the race and there is going to be some madness. We got it all. I think you want to stay tuned.
You are going to see things in this race you have never seen at Charlotte motor speedway
before. . I promise you.>>To me the all-star night, it just brings
out the best of the best. And there is just something about the electricity, it comes
from the fans. The energy and what this race means as a race a car driver. As a competitor.
As a pit crew member or a crew chief. And to me when a million dollars is on top of
that, get ready to go, boys.>>It brings bragging rights that carry all
the way to memorial day weekend and beyond. In the home of NASCAR, Charlotte. We’re ready
to go all-star racingys.>>There you go, baby. Let’s roll.
>>That wasn’t very polite.>>Somebody needs to whoop his ass.
>>>It is the NASCAR monster energy series all-star race. Lined up to go for a million
dollars to win. 21 of America’s best. Charlotte, the monster energy unknown industries riders
lead the pack.>>Our starting grid. Come down on the left
side. 46-year-old Matt Kenseth, oldest driver in the field just one week back from enforced
layoff. Roush Fenway owns the front row with Kenneth and Rickie stenhouse in their Fords.>>And the Kurt Busch, this is Jeff up in
the booth. You got me?>>10-4. I got you.
>>We saw some amazing views in qualifying from that visor cam. Thank you very much.
What are the fans going to see tonight as you go for a million dollars.
>>They are going to do seep some great action and most of all a great package if from the
four guys in the open that qualified on the way in. And quite a show. We’re looking for
the million bucks from monster energy. So thanks everybody.
>>I love it. Yeah I was going say you got a lot in front of you. And we expect nothing
other than you going to the front. So good luck. Thanks.
>>Thank you guys. Pleasure to wear the cam and give the fans some action from inside
the car. Just don’t steal any of any my number.>>We wouldn’t do that. Kurt Busch starts
15th.>>Matt Kenseth captured the poll yesterday
for tonight’s race was a major boost for him and this number 6 team. His crew chief told
me coming off last week where Matt made his debut with the team once again. He said it
was rough. They had a lot of mistakes. It was a disaster and they want to put it behind
him. So he said tonight is focus is about winning. Let’s keep our driver up front. He
took a major risk with the setup and he’s hoping it pace you have off.
>>Official passing, smart decisions, jumping lanes and how quickly the runs develop some
of the takeaway precise the Joey Logano when he was watching the open from atop the starters
stand. A lot of importance from his spotter tonight. If package and the spoil how –. He’s
chasing his second all-star million tonight. Vince.
>>Last year in the all-star race Kyle Larson won two stage, LED the most laps but finished
runner up. Ask around the garage about favorites for
tonight and Lars on is mentioned again.>>He starts deep in the field and one concern,
how quickly can he get from 16 to the front where he’s in position to win one million
dollars. Larry?>>I’ve been coming to Charlotte motor speedway
since 1980, I’ve had more fun today watching these drivers draft around this mile and a
half track in the practice and the open race. Handling will still be an issue and as we
saw in the open fresh tires will pay a dividend. I still believe leading into the final stage,
it will be a chess match on pit road. What you do to get all the track position you can.
Let’s take a look at our race analysis now. Four stages. 30, two 20s, and then 10 laps
to the end. Fuel window. 72-76. Andes on the of grip, four. And a driver going for a change.
Jamie Mcmurray in the 1 car.>>Matt Kenseth has selected the inside of
the front row against Rickie stenhouse. And Clint bowyer starting third. Here is team
audio on him.>>– One million dollars?
>>Ooh that sounds like a party.>>I think he would have a party if this paid
one dollar. But when it pays a million dollars, watch out.
>>One of those “Oh by the ways.” Oh by the way.
>>Teammates in the front two rows. Roush Fenway in the front. Stewart Haas in row/2.
There is rain in the area. 76 degrees. Winds out of the southwest at 6, track temp 95 as
darkness descends upon Concord, north Carolina. And the Toyota camera xse pace car makes the
sharp left turn. Here we go.
>>Big night. Lot of money. It is going to be wild. It is going to be crazy. Better buckle
down that TV set. Boogty boogty boogty, let’s go racing for a million bucks you go racing
for a million bucks you bunch of all-stars.>>Look at Kevin Harvick hook bumpers with
Rickie stenhouse junior and try to get that lead.
>>Bump drafting in Charlotte. There is something new. And stenhouse will lead lap one.
>>Think about stenhouse how good he is at Doan and talledega. He loved restrictor plate
racing and right now he’s loving the view in front of him. Nothing.
>>Keep an eye in that mirror. Trying to sneak past that big spoiler. Look at the run from
Alex bowman in turn three. And look who he’s got pushing. Kyle Larson.
>>Trouble in the back. Trouble already.>>Kurt Busch.
>>Light right side contact. Left rear.>>Pretty good contact in the rear of that.
>>The rear spoiler up in the air.>>Just knocked that rear spoiler up a few
more inches.>>See if question figure out what happened
here. That was very unusual.>>He’s three wide in the middle. Going into
turn three.>>Oh he just gets loose. Car starts around.
No contact. Car just loose.>>And I had heard a lot of drivers talk about
being really, really tight in practice today. They probably freed up their cars a little
bit. Also after that first round they may have shared some information from their teammate
Aric almirola and maybe made more adjustments to try to flee that car up.>>Radio: Outside. No holes. Middle of the
screen. Hang on to it. Hang hang hang.>>You could hear him get out of the throttle
a little bit as he went into the corner. But as soon as he got into the banking picked
that up throttle again.>>Jeff, that had to be a big surprise. First
lap of the race. He goes into the corner and everything seems pretty Normal and that thing
just steps out and spins around.>>Caution after two laps. Kurt Busch in the
41 goes around in turn four. I’m all about my bed. This mattress is dangerously comfortable.
When I get in, I literally say, ahh. Introducing the Leesa mattress. A better place to sleep.
This bed hugs my body. I’m now a morning person.>>>Green flag at the end of the first caution
period. Stenhouse, Harvick, and Blaine up front.
>>Best car I saw in practice. The guy that ran the fastest lap time in practice T 4 car
Kevin Harvick. He gets a little shove here.>>The 4 before the race said they were stupid
fast and maybe a little tight but that is it. The car’s been good.
>>Stupid fast is out there getting it right now. He’s gapped everybody behind him by a
good bit. And that’s what I saw in practice too.
>>What we saw in the open is that one car by itself can close that gap on the leader.
>>Especially if you see them get a big run off the top. Down the back straightaway. The
front straightaway and a little help from behind. We can see some big runs materializing.>>Gonna see a lot of three wide tonight.
In order to take advantage of the draft you have to get all these guys you can while bunched
up. If they ever get single file it makes it very difficult to pass.
>>One of the runs, oh as the 11 car tried to squeeze inside Matt Kenseth. Almost four
wide.>>Welcome back, Matt.
>>Radio: One outside, one outside.>>And the Clint bowyer almost got a bumper
full of Alex bowman trying to get by on the high side there. You see the Kurt Busch’s
repaired his car. Back out there and running in the pack.
>>We had him in the pre race show. And I won’t say he was really confident he was going
to have a great car tonight, even though he started on the pole.
>>Truex and Johnson coming to the front.>>Momentum means so much. Truex went to the
inside of stenhouse. Slowed his momentum down. That allowed Jimmy Johnson to get a big turn
off the top and almost get clear of the 17 of stenhouse. But now Jimmy is stuck on the
low side. And the outside lane. Look who’s already come to the front. Aj allmendinger.
>>Where did he come from?>>From the back.
>>Started 14th.>>Restarted 14th. Started out back.
>>Right. Loves that high line. Really gets a lot of momentum off the high side.
>>He was already fast in the open. Then get him a few adjustments after that open. He’s
even better now. Look he’s going make a run outside of stenhouse.
>>Rarely does anybody get do that.>>I think they O I all know that 47 is fast.
I they’ll just get of his way right now.>>Joey Logano in the pre race, said I think
the 47 is the guy to beet and he’s following him to the front.>>The cars that transferred from the open.
What adjustments could they make?>>They were able to make adjustments to the
wedge bolts. The and others based on the open race.
>>These other guys, they haven’t made any adjustments since they went through inspection.
>>What I like about the speeds that the cars are running, Mike is you can race each other
hard. You can bump each other a little bit. And they are not going so fast they lose control.
Move around little bit but stayaround control.>>Kyle Larson up to 10th place, vips.
>>We told you he was going start 16th and the big question was how quickly he could
get to the front. Crew chief Chad Johnson said we want to run around the bottom, around
the white. If he can get our left side tires under the white line, that is where we are
best. And that is where the 42’s been running as he’s moved from deep in the pack up inside
the top so.>>Just carry so much speed around the high
line into the corner. Really makes the straightaway come back quick.
>>Four stages. 30, 20, 20 and 10 green flag laps. Joey Logano has come to third, the head
of a four-car line here, Matt.>>Mike, when you aytona and talledega. The
one trend you see is different teams of car mates working only with themselves. That is
the trend going in. Joey Logano said we don’t expect to see that here at Charlotte even
throe there is restrictor plate racing because they have no idea what to expect. So basically
every man for himself.>>Ford, Toyota, Ford Chevrolet the front
four. Biggest mover right now chase Elliott. Up to 8th. After starting out back winning
the fan vote. Little bump from Brad.>>His car looked strong through the corners
in the open.>>Radio: Work inside. Working.
>>Takes some help. Got to have somebody to go with you. Just give you little push. All
you need. A little shove.>>Half way through stage one. Kevin Harvick
leads martin Truex by .3. We’ll take you fox side by side.>>>Fourth place. Joey Logano, aj allmendinger
about .8 behind leader Kevin Harvick.>>Mike we just can’t say enough about aj
allmendinger in the 47 car. He’s rim riding. He’s riding that wall. He started in the back.
And he’s all the way up to fifth.>>I tell you who’s coming to the front right
naught. Last few laps he’s been blinding fast around the bottom. The 18 of Kyle Busch going
by second place martin Truex Truex Jr. Right now.
>>He had him clear. He was too nice.>>Maybe not.
>>Ooh.>>Wow, that was a squeeze play.
>>Two yellow cars almost became one.>>Oh aj. And Joey almost collide.
>>How did he get through there? Oh my gosh.>>And look at this run.
>>I told you he’s riding that wall. He’s up on out that time.
>>Jimmy Johnson going after pence teammates Logano and Blaine. Two passes tonight. Blaney.
I can’t believe he made the passes and I can’t believe LE got away with them.
>>I know.>>Not sure if there is any damage.
>>Look at allmendinger up against the wall. That’s incredible.
>>Kasey kahne squeezes in there. With the 95. A tribute to the paint scheme when he
won the all-star race.>>This package, definitely one thing you
see is you duet some big runs. So he was really stalling out, Kasey kahne, as he jumped up
there. And such a closing rate that Alex bowman had nowhere to go.
>>He said well, that as bumper, and I thibump it.
>>This year’s all-star race is gimmick free. No mandatory pit stops. No inverting the field
between stages. No preferred positioning for stage winners. This is straight up, 30, 20,
20 and then 10 green-flag laps to decide id.>>When you think of an all-star race you
think of all-stars, those top three. I think they have won, what, nine, 10 of 12 races
this year.>>9 out of 12.
>>Yeah. Harvick’s won five of them.>>Smear Kyle Busch’s radio.
>>Radio: — 78. Stay after it here.>>Hmm.
>>Something about the 78. I don’t know if he’s unhappy or thinks they need to work more
together of what.>>Okay he says I’ve run him down, twice.
Well. Okay.>>So what. Can you pass him?
>>It is an all-star race. You don’t let anybody pass nobody.
>>That’s right.>>That’s what I was going to say, Larry Mack.
>>Five to go in stage one.>>Man that’s come by in a hurry.
>>Hey, no point, no problem.>>Wow.
>>Kyle turning the bottom again.>>Trying to get on that bottom and see the
he can get underneath it. Martin Truex Jr. But he can’t clear him.
>>Really if he can get his nose that left rear and side draft him. And look at the momentum
lost by Kyle Busch trying to make the bottom move. And aj allmendinger gets a big run.
But I really think if the 18 of Kyle Busch could just get a little — here he goes right
here. He might — doesn’t quite get there. If he can get to that left rear, I believe
he can pull back the 78 and complete the pass.>>Off the bottom like that slows him down.
>>Meanwhile, ding, ding, ding. Dinger, right there.
>>I’m telling you.>>He’s working that high line.
>>Aj wallbanger right now.>>– That car.
>>Why junior Johnson, go up there and get in that wall.>>After daytona they told him either win
it or just bring back the steering wheel.>>We’re talking about him tonight. I know
that’s got to be big for him and that team.>>I know this is a short race, this is the
all-star race but right now, you know, aj, you get him in a position in the final 10
laps of this race. And I’m telling you, he can win a million dollars.
>>Two to go. Pit road is closed.>>Mike, a million dollars means — it means
a lot to everybody in this field. But you take a guy like aj allmendinger, it might
even mean double to him.>>>Up front a familiar story. Can anybody
catch Kevin Harvick. Stray rain drop or two on the lens. As they come to one to go.
>>Radio: Coming to the green checker.>>Battle for second.
>>A guy like Kevin Harvick. A master mind like Rodney Childress. I don’t know ho how
you can beat them. They are just so good.>>Lot of confidence from all the wins they
have had this year.>>Off turn four. Kevin Harvick is going to
win stage one but the story of the stage is aj allmendinger. Bold moves and a brash run
to the front puts him fourth behind, Harvick, Truex and Kyle Busch.>>>Welcome back. End of stage one. Kurt Busch
gets the free pass and gets back on the lead lap. What will they co-?
>>Yeah, Mike. That was 30 hard laps and I just think you start thinking about moving
forward in this race. I wouldn’t be surprised to see some –. But my call come get four
good year tires and some adjustments if you need them.
>>Pit road is open. Everybody is in.>>Kevin Harvick wasn’t tight at all but started
getting loose into turn three the last 10 laps. Four tires if for him. The 18 of Kyle
Busch told his team he thinks they are better than the 4. He needs the front tires to hold
on just a little longer. A four-tire stop here, Matt.
>>And martin Truex Jr. Trying to back up his championship with an all-star victory.
Clean tear off the windshield. The car just too tight at the two-thirds mark but martin
said it is much worse off turn four than it is turn two. He’s away.
>>Kyle Busch is going to win the race off pit road.
>>Harvick, he took a beatin’ on that pit stop. Woo.
>>Four spots.>>Kyle Busch to the front of pit stops but
stage one to the closer, Kevin Harvick.>>>Think we probably need to move that wheel
a little on the left. The left front tire is getting stuck on the fender again. If that
was 10:00, maybe 11:00 on the next one. I’ll remind you.
>>The piece of tape, that’s now he knows straight ahead.
>>The Geico restart zone with Kyle Busch electing the outside against martin Truex.
Green flag, stage two.>>We saw in the first original start all
about who can push you out to the lead. We’re seeing Jimmy Johnson give martin Truex Jr.
A huge shove to get the lead.>>The four cars on the outside look like
they are coupled together.>>And Truex jumped to the outside to get
in front of Kyle Busch coming on the outside. Gonna leave Jimmy Johnson to hang. Here comes
Larson outside.>>The high line next to the wall. We saw
allmendinger do it and now Kyle Larson, and that is the way to go.
>>If for lead.>>Whoa, sparks flying.
>>The that is the first lap that martin Truex has ever LED in the all-star race.
>>Keep an eye on the 42. Man, where did that run come from?
>>Vince?>>Well guys, Chad Johnson the crew chief
on Kyle Larson knows he’s not going to get many opportunities. So he took a big swing
at it that time. Not only four tires but increased stagger. Air pressure in the right front.
Took some wedge outs. A little tape on the front end. He did a lot to change the car
of the 42 and he’s got it rolling when they want. When they are good they think they are
BETTs if they can run the bottom. That will give you indication where he’s running
it on the track.>>Better look in the mirror because Brad
keselowski came right up to him. Now battling Kevin Harvick.
>>The first stage, 30 laps. Stage two is 20. Chad Knauss started to think about 20
laps into the first stage, no change. Go all out. The car should be there the whole stage.
>>Joe Gibbs teammates to the lead. Kyle Busch and Daniel Suarez.
>>Remember when Jimmy Johnson owned this place? He’s looking good tonight. Trying to
take that title back.>>Stage one or two, yeah. Stage two. Now
he’s up there battling for the lead. Going back to fifth now. Losing some momentum.
>>Jimmy Johnson a great move for second.>>Kyle had to left.
>>I try Truex had to lift behind the 18 of Kyle Busch there, lost some momentum.
>>And there is allmendinger in the 47 right in the thick of it.
>>His car is gonna E get down on the bottom right there with the car outside. Bogs them down a little bit. That outside
comes alive.>>Jimmy has a run in the middle. Suarez and
allmendinger up top.>>Truex three and four. Lost a few positions
last lap and even more this lap.>>Little worried about that 42. They made
a lot of adjustments. That can be a short-term gain for a long-term loss. And he’s falling
back pretty quick right here now.>>With a nod to Reggie Jackson, aj allmendinger’s
been the straw that stirs the drink tonight. If there’s been action he’s been right not
middle of. And you will see it all as we go fox side by side. Bronze and gold and new and tasty. Cut to
close-up of the Crispy Colonel. That’s the name of the sandwich, because it’s Extra Crispy
like me. Get it in a $5 Fill Up at kfc.>>>Aj allmendinger up and in the wall. As
you watch from our good year coverage. Good year, official tire of NASCAR.
>>I don’t know how aj allmendinger has not hit that wall before now because he has been
on that thing.>>He’s definitely knocked in the fender a
little bit. Flattened out. But I don’t see a lot of smoke.
>>What I see is up against the wall on the high side, you have so much momentum it really
helps you. But you have to have somewhere to go with it. Here we go. What a battle.
>>For second place. Suarez, Truex and here comes Larson after them.
>>Incredibly impressed with the Daniel Suarez. Swap from the outside lane to the inside lane
the 42 of Larson as he goes by Truex.>>And they touch right there.
>>Oh boy, and Larson really just closed the door. No, he slammed the door.
>>Yes he did.>>The 19 at Suarez, he liked his car in the
open. Stage two, they were able a make a little bit of an adjustment before the all-star race.
The car was a little free in the first stage and they encouraged him to use the track bar
and they had a great so far. Really good team effort senior for 19.
>>Car way too tight in –. Turn four. Make an adjustment on the track
bar. Seems to have helped. He’s moved up a couple of stops to third.
>>This stage is only 20 lap, remember, as is the next.
>>And allmendinger has come to pit road now Jamie.
>>Aj allmendinger came on the radio and said sorry guy, I was just going for it. He know
what is a good car he has. Probably one of the best all year. Pushed it. Got into the
wall.>>He’ll go one lap down with the stop. Lead
on the left. Fourth place battle on the right.>>Starting to see a trend though. You see
this position that martin Truex Jr. Is in. He’s not quite going clear 19 I don’t believe
right here. But if he’s at there, right front tire door about halfway down the straightaway.
He should be able to clear him going into turn one right here.
>>Ooh. Man, they are all over each other.>>That was close between Truex and Suarez.
>>Wasn’t quite there.>>That got closer.
>>Tell you. It is a heck of a battle.>>This is what I’m talk about right here.
Larson going to the inside of Truex. He’s going clear him already before they even get
to turn one. But that is what you have to do. Break the momentum. A little side draft
and just pull yourself ahead of him. Especially if you can use that preferred bottom line.
>>Two to go. In stage two of four.>>What I love about the speed we’re running
and, you can go inside, outside.>>If you are Daniel Suarez can you pass your
teammate for the lead?>>Or the question is would you pass your
teammate?>>Darn right. For a million dollars?
>>Yeah. When it counts.>>What’s this stage pay to win?
>>I think Larson is sizing him up. Truex is sizing him up.
>>Here they come off turn four to the green and white checkers. Kyle Busch, Daniel Suarez
sweeps stage two for Joe Gibbs racing.>>Last year’s all-star winner wins stage
two. Anyone surprised?>>Not yet.
>>Candy man. Kyle Busch wins stage two. Save big during the Go Outdoors Event and
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>>>Monster energy brought the energy to Charlotte with their traveling smoke show. The team
hit the pavement, brought out their entire bag of tricks and had fun for the race fans
here today. You ever want to try that?>>Never in my life.
>>Do you know what they say?>>No.
>>With age comes the cage. The roll cage.>>Trust me. That wasn’t my style. I had to
have fenders and roll bars.>>We started the roll cages.
>>Well guys, this could be interesting. We have to think about the end of the race. We
have 30 laps to go. I think we’re going to have guys pull something here. Three guys
I’m watching closely is Kevin Harvick in the 4, keselowski in the 2, Blaney in the 12 possibly
stay out or possibly just right side tires. Just two tires.
>>Looks like everybody is coming, Jamie.>>That stage went about as perfectly as could
be for 18 of Kyle Busch. Nothing about the handling of his car. Just thirst. Wants a
drink here. He’s LED 19 laps so far. They are talking about four tires and the tear
off.>>Daniel Suarez in second. Needs a little
more front turn. Not too bad otherwise. Air pressure adjustment.
>>Kyle Larson free on entry and snug on four but don’t free it up anymore.
>>– He’s away. Truex on the splitter early. The car too tight. They made an air pressure
adjustment on the 78.>>Paul didn’t let me down. Just two tires
for Brad keselowski on the 2.>>If Suarez win, this pays>>>We’re in the booth. And who’s on the roof?
>>I’ve come upper here, Mike. Pretty amazing. The spotters are totally thinking this is
a tough place to O spot at. Rick, is this harder to spot at daytona or talledega? It
looks crazy to me.>>Very much harder. The footprint is smaller
and people are tighter together. And you have everybody on each other. Just arena so much
smaller than daytona and talledega. Everybody earns their keep. Everybody is up here learning
from this from the first open race.>>A great view. You can see the track perfectly.
But man, the decisions they are making, Mike, Darrell, Jeff, and they are making them with
binoculars. So crazy to watch them working back and forth. Clayton Hughes, the cars in
turn three. There is a lot of tension up here because they know if they misjudge by a foot
it could cause chaos.>>Love your hat cam, Michael. The 2018 Toyota
camera xse leads the cars into turn four. Beginning the third of four stages. Here they
come to the Geico restart zone. Keselowski is on it. Green flag.
>>Truex gave such push. I think he and keselowski are going clear the 18.
>>He pushed him all the way through the corner.>>He’s not pushing anymore.
>>Nope. He dropped down and got the 18 in tow now.
>>Three Toyotas nose to tail.>>Watch that 42 car up in that high line
riding that wall. That could be a lot of momentum you have to corner here. Here is Harvick back
in the mix trying to figure how to get back to the front.
>>Harvick took advantage of Larson trying to go all the way to the high line.
>>Ooh, baby.>>Blaney up there as well. And Logano, the
pence cars. They pick up keselowski at the front of the outside line.
>>The momentum with the two cars. Larson gets to his rear bumper, shoots him to the
front.>>So far, so good for keselowski, hanging
in there with those two tires.>>Brad keselowski does not lead this lap.
Truex does. Big push coming.>>Radio: Bumper to bumper. Here he is. Inside.
>>That was maybe too big a push.>>Every lap intensity is just rising. You
can see the drivers are starting the figure out what it’s going take to get in position
to win the race.>>How they can bang around on each other,
push on each other. Cut each other off. And really going a speed they can control that
better I’ve ever seen before.>>In Brad keselowski in this week’s pod cast
talks about how he’d like NASCAR to embrace hybrids and bring electric propulsion into
the mix. Modern day technology for the next generation
of stock cars perhaps. Jamie?>>Kevin Harvick slipped back quite a bit.
We talked about him early in the race. His car was so good. He loved the balance. Now
back in traffic he said we are so tight we’re not good. Air pressure adjustment for them.
And th8 of Kyle Busch. Talked that Daniel Suarez a lot before the race. And said he’s
using those lessons.>>Blaney’s run got stalled a bit there with
Larson.>>Truex to the lead by the two car. Man,
that was a heck of a run. He got down the back straightaway.
>>Oh boy, that looks really edgy going into turn one.
>>Car in the wall.>>95.
>>Kasey kahne. And that will be the second caution for contact of the night. Comes out
at lap 56.>>Radio: Sorry, bud. Come around here and
we’ll check it out.>>Kane kahne was running 10th in the red
car on the left.>>Yeah he got into the wall. 95 2k3w09 in
the wall a little bit.>>Looked like he went to make a run on tuds
of the 19.>>Darted to the right. Got in the wall. I
can see all the tire’s been rubbed. See right here he gets into the wall. Bounces out in
front of the 88 of bowman.>>Nice commemorating graphics on kahne’s
car. In ’06. He won the fan vote and the all-star race in the number 9 of ray ebb earnham. Same
number 9 on his car tonight.>>Double dogleg and really straightens out
at the start/finish line. Getting a big shove from behind. Had a big run from the draft
ahead of him and tried to make the momentum wide and the wall was right DL.
>>I hi that was maybe of the aero stuff that guys are learning as they go. I’m sorry that was 2008 when they did that?
>>The 10th anniversary here of their all-star win.
>>We’re going to go back racing with about 10 to go in the stage and then 10 to go in
the race. If you are back there, you are Jimmy Johnson, Alex bowman. Maybe come get four
fresh tires now and stay out at the end of this stage. If I’m back there. If you just
follow the leader all night that is what you are going to do is follow the leader.
>>Nice job by professor Mcreynolds. That looks like Tom wolf’s bow tie. And that story
own junior Johnson that he wrote that essay that was so great. You can find that online
and boy it’s great.>>I they were right, Larry.
>>Jen.>>Yeah it is interesting. Teams only have
one more set of sticker tires as Larry talked about but the 4 needed help. He said they
were in trouble if they wanted any chance toe win this million dollars in this all-star
race they needed to make an adjustment so that is what they are doing with Kevin Harvick.
>>He pitted in 7th place.>>Let me rate rate what Jamie said right
there. These cars pitted here this is their last set of tires. They have to stay out at
the end of this next stage.>>We’re under caution at lap 57. We’ll take
you fox side by side.>>>Welcome back to the 2018 monster energy
NASCAR all-star race. Concord, North Carolina, Charlotte motor speedway. Lights are out on
the safety car. Keselowski on the inside of martin Truex. Toyota and Ford. Chevy, Toyota
in row two. Kyle Larson, Kyle Busch. Ford, Toyota in row three, Blaney and Suarez. Ford,
Toyota in row four. Logano, Hamlin, Johnson and Mcmurray in Chevrolet round out the top
10. Everybody is back on the lead lap but Kasey kahne as we go to green.
>>Strategy comes to into play. Some pitted. Some stayed out. What’s going happen when
the stage ends, that is going the difference.>>Keselowski with a little help from Kyle
Larson. Breaks away. By a car length.>>Heck of a shot off turn two with Larson
purning him right up in front of Truex. Truex and the 18 are pretty darn good.
>>Truex to the outside of the two.>>The 78 car is pretty strong here.
>>Here car is handling really well and it is fast.
>>Looks like that car he LED 293 laps over here couple years ago in the 600.
>>The 19 of Suarez outside of his teammate Kyle Busch.
>>He’s out there.>>That is going to open up that door for
the 42 to slide in between Truex and Suarez.>>Kyle Busch not going like that. Ooh he
squeezed in front of Hamlin. Good job.>>A lot of debate which lane to choose for
the restart. They felt the top was a safer bet. Heed be able to go down and side draft
if he needed. But the car behind him, the 18 of Busch said to tell Truex to stick his
hand out the window when he was ready to go for him try to give him a push. The blade
is so big you can’t see the hand through back window.>>We saw in practice Friday bunch of guys
changed the mirrors so they could see over that rear spoiler it is so big.
>>Kyle Busch to the bottom. And back in line. Eight to go? Stage three.
>>I think what everybody’s learned is you have to run the high line and the momentum
to make a pass. On the bottom bogs you down. You can’t go anywhere.
>>If you leave that door open for somebody like Larson, they can get a big run and shortcut
that part of the racetrack and clear you and make that move for the lead.
>>Seven to go in stage three. How about a quick word from duracell?
>>Third place is the race. Outside Joey Logano. Bringing Kyle Busch with him.
>>Doesn’t quite get up in front of his teammate, keselowski.
>>You see Denny Hamlin right behind the group. He and Ryan Blaney just made quite a bit of
contact. Bottom of your screen. Right there.>>Wow a look at this big hit.
>>That 42 car is trying everything he can. High line, low line. No line.
>>Kyle Busch lost a little momentum there. Little loose off turn four as he was inside
some of those other cars and looks he’s going lose two spots because of it.
>>Harvick three wide threads the needle and makes it work right behind this group. And
now comes to the outside chasing. Now he’s to the inside. Keselowski outside with Blaney.
>>Harvick in the picture back there with those four fresh tires.
>>That run stalled out. And didn’t Kyle Busch fall right back to that second group.
>>Logano’s got a nice run on the bottom. See if he can do anything with it. No he’s
gonna have to fall in line.>>Three wide.
>>When you get out of line or you have to get out of gas you lose so much momentum.
And you guys have used that word so many times tonight. And it is so true. The momentum is
key. Larson says he can get a good run but doesn’t feel as fast as the 78. I thought
it was interesting the spotter for the 19 to Daniel Suarez said the 42 won’t be patient
for long. Hang with him.>>He was right.
>>Good point.>>I love the way those, he just falls right
behind the 78. Clears him by inches to get back behind him.
>>Well Kyle Busch and Kevin Harvick were factors early in this race. But now they have
fallen into the second pack. Fifth through eighth here.
>>The strategy of the 4 Kevin Harvick. Pretty sure he will not be coming in when this stage
is over.>>As Larry said, they are out of tires.
>>Battle here for second place. Suarez, Larson and Logano. He’s looking on hoping to make
a move here.>>Two laps to go. Pits are closed.
>>We’re seeing right here the side draft is not near as effective as what we see at
talledega, daytona.>>Oh trouble in turn two.
>>Bowman in the wall. And caution waves.>>Radio: We’ve spun in red. Right side damage.
>>Yeah, I don’t know if anybody got into him or not. I looked and he was just spinning.
I don’t know if something happened to the car. But he just started spinning.
>>He was running in 9th place. And this will set up an over time to end stage three.
>>See if we can see what happened to the 88 here. Down the middle of one and two. Car just gets
a little loose and around she goes.>>I don’t know. I wonder if that was a tire.
It just odd that it got loose where it did and then it continued around once he corrected
it.>>Looked a lot like what happened to Kurt
Busch in the beginning of this race. Car got loose and kept coming around.
>>I would have thought it wasn’t a tire.>>They all looked up.
>>I think he just lost it.>>They are not up now. See the right front
pop.>>Up into the wall.
>>So that is the third caution for contact. Alex bowman versus the wall. And the wall
won.>>That will happen, Mike.
>>Well boy.>>Right now if I’m Jimmy Johnson back there
in that 48 car, proceed is open. You come get the four tires now. You are sitting back
there in 13. You got to come now.>>They are all coming. At least some of the
leaders.>>They don’t all come in.
>>Wow. Split decision right there.>>Most of the drivers that didn’t pit the
last time, Jamie.>>Kyle Busch in the 18 gets tighter the farther
back in traffic he gets. Needs a little help. A foyer-tire stop for the 18.
>>Fresh air certainly helped. Martin Truex, the car balancewise much better. It wasn’t
as tight in turn four as it was. Solid stop for these guys. The 13 of bowyer going by.
He’s away. They used up their last set of stickers.
>>Now watch thdecision at the entry to pit road whether to come now or after the two
lap shootout to end the stage.>>I thought they were all coming in. Couple
of others peel off.>>Yep. Suarez right at the very last second.
>>Guy, the bed has been made for Kyle Larson, Daniel Suarez, Denny Hamlin and Ryan Blaney.
They can’t pit at the end of the stage. They have to stay out.
>>Here is the 19.>>I was going to pit but then I saw the 42
and I just stay out.>>Yeah, I think it is the right thing. We’ll
find out obviously but I think it is right thing here.
>>So they will likely come in at the end of the stage.
>>Well, I don’t know. I think they have to stay out.
>>They have to stay out. You’re right.>>You just threw your deposit ticket away
for a million dollars.>>Over drawn.
>>Well a wonderful all-star night in Charlotte. And we’ve got 10 spine-tingling laps to go.
Plus the shootout.>>>That will be next Sunday right here at
Charlotte motor speedway. First the pressing business is for the two lap overtime, to end
stage three. And then the 10-lap shootout to win the all-star race. When only green
flag laps count and the winner must take the checkered flag under careen.
>>This might get a little fetchchy here. A little wild and a little crazy here.
>>A little touchchy for Jimmy Johnson. [9:24:47 PM] Speeding on the pit stop. Starting the tail
end of the field.>>Uh-oh.
>>Being in the back might not be all that bad right now. A little two lap shootout here.
>>The first four, Larson, Suarez, Hamlin and Blaney pitted lap 51. The next five cars
pitted lap 57. And everyone else from Clint bowyer on back was just in. Alex bowman to
the garage. And Kasey kahne three laps down.>>I like that when you said just in.
>>This just in?>>This just in.
>>So our first car that has fresher tire, Kevin Harvick. And then other cars a little
further back like Truex and Kyle Busch have absolutely fresh tires right now. So I’m really
anxious to see what Kevin Harvick can do from that 5th position on restart.
>>This is Normal NASCAR overtime rules. Green/white checker. If the leader takes the white under
green, the next flag will end the stage. Larson/suarez, chevy/toyota on the front row. Green, green,
green.>>Suarez getting a nice push from his teammate,
Denny Hamlin. Ed.>>Pushed him right to the lead.
>>Pneumo up the middle.>>Ouch oh my gosh. How many can go in there
at once?>>Four? Four wide? Oh no.
>>Into the wall. Goes Kurt Busch and Truex and more.
>>Bowyer’s all torn up. Keselowski.>>Mercy, mercy.
>>Oh overtime.>>Well we know as we get closer to those
million dollars and that last lap.>>Well how many rows of four wide can you
fit in turn three?>>That’s what I was saying.
>>The intensity picks up and you just stop giving and start taking.
>>Look like a cobia coil is going off in there.
>>It will take you lot of replays to figure how this started. We know how it ended.
>>Oh my gosh.>>Bowyer to the garage already.
>>Look at this. Four wide.>>Foyer wide. How crazy is that we’re talk
about four wide at Charlotte in the all-star race.
>>Still four –>>– 78, gets into the 14 and on from.
>>No give. At this moment when you start to get to this part of the race, nobody gives
an inch.>>Want to ride with martin Truex? I would
say not really. But let’s.>>Radio: Still four, still three. 17 inside.
Inside.>>I mean, there may have been six inches
that he could have moved to the right but other than that there is really nothing much
martin Truex Jr. Could have done there.>>Do you know what sfwh the best speeding
penalty somebody cough gotten lately maybe just have gone to the 48 on that last go round.
He was so far back he didn’t even get it into 17 into the 78 into 14 into the 3 the 41,
the 2. Easier to tell you who was not involved.>>Keeping on keeping on.
>>Gonna ride along with our fox visor cam. Kurt Busch.
>>Radio: Just one now. Clearing top of the 48. Top of 3. Stay in the gas. Low low low
low.>>Radio: Right in front of him.
>>Radio: –>>That’s a helpless feeling. Kurt Busch. You are wide open right on the
outside. You see clear view ahead of you and all of a sudden it just closes up and starts
to slam you into the outside wall.>>Radio: 2 outside. 2 outside. 1 outside.
Keep going, low low low low. Clear. Keep coming low. Get by these guys. Outside, outside,
outside.>>Somewhere back there, Jamie Mcmurray in
the 1 made an incredible bottom to top move to get through pretty much unscathed.
>>Mike I know the race gets paid a million dollars to win but we probably just saw half
million dollars of cars torn up right there at one time.
>>To the garage. Martin Truex Jr. And the Clint bowyer. They are dragging Brad keselowski’s
car from pit road to the garage. There is a list of who is in involved. Now watch the
1 of Jamie Mcmurray. He’s going to be the black car right at the bottom of your screen.
Goes low to miss that cluster of cars. Then I thought I saw him move to the outside to
get past the next one. Now Kyle Busch didn’t receive as much damage as others. They are
going to try to get him fixed and back out there.
>>This car might look good before the rest of this race is over with. Might not look
that bad.>>I’ve heard this race described many different
ways. One hot night. It is getting ready to become or just began to be one wild night.
>>Oh yeah. Kind of knew that was coming.>>Now, we’re in overtime. So we’re waiting
on the next green/white checker. These laps are not counting. In fact even if we had a
red flag they would be allowed to make repairs until we’re able to restart. Six cars pile
up here in overtime.>>>Up next on FS1. Ufc fight night,” live
from Santiago, Chile.>>They have the octagon. With have the quad
oval here at Charlotte motor speedway. We still have to complete stage three, with another
try at green/white checker. Here is Jamie.>>So many unknowns coming into to race tight.
And Brad keselowski was up there battling for a wile and I guess you could call it the
big one of the night so far. What is your impression how the cars are racing.
>>Definitely seem to have a little bit of a draft. We stayed out on two tires and war
able to hold it up towards the front. So, you know, track position is superimportant.
But something happened here right in front of me. We had a great restart and we were
passing cars and I just barely hooked, the 78. Almost cleared it and tore the radiator
out of the discount tire Ford. But we’ll go on to Normal racing next week for the 600.
>>Thanks Brad. Zblf Kyle Busch able to continue. They have been making multiple pit stops and
scooting back out before the pace car.>>If you can see they are just making adjustments.
Because he’s used all of his new tires. No tires left for the 48 and they are just pulling
the fenders out. He was back of the field anyhow so why not?
>>Even used the side walls of those tires. They are used up.
>>Now at the front of the field. Three drivers who have not pitted since lap 51. Hamlin,
Suarez, Larson and sixth place Blaney. And four driver whose pitted in lap 57. Harvick,
Newman, Dylan and stenhouse. And everybody else had been on lap 70 or since then.
>>I didn’t think Suarez and Hamlin. They were talking to each other with their
cars. I don’t know if Suarez was upset with Hamlin or Hamlin with Suarez but there was
some communication between these two teammates.>>They are going line upside by side on the
front row. And again green/white checker to complete stage three. Pace car is in. Larson
and Harvick row two. Newman and Blaney row three. Dylan, stenhouse, Logano, Elliott.
Green flag.>>Larson doing a great job connecting to
the rear bumper of Denny Hamlin. Can he clear Suarez? Yes he does. Bringing the 31 and Newman
with him.>>The 42 released he just shot around the
11.>>Chevrolet to the front. Larson. And hooked
up with him the Childress cars, Newman and Dylan.
>>If dmam wasn’t happy with Suarez before he’s really not going to be happy now. Took
him three wide. Suarez to the outside.>>Suarez to the inside. 42 to turn one. Suarez
trying to take the lead.>>Next flag ends the stage.
>>You saw Larson trying to go down and –>>Look at Harvick around the outside of the
Larson.>>Gave the outside to Larson.
>>Now Harvick trying to come up around Suarez. Going to be a real drag race down to the line
here.>>– Harvick’s up on the outside. He’s got
the momentum. I believe he can do it.>>The closer Harvick brings them off turn
number four. And Kevin Harvick wins stage three.
>>That was impressive.>>Wow. Do you know what that reminded me
of? — Kansas.>>For second straight stage, Daniel Suarez
finishes second and Kyle Larson third. How close was it?>>>Stage three finally complete. Pit road
is open. No takers up the front of the field. Couple of cars towards the back that are under
repair. Kyle Busch coming in and Matt Kenseth who narrowly avoid contact on that incident.
But took a number of cars out of the race. Let’s join Jamie.
>>Martin Truex Jr. No practice yesterday. You guys weren’t good a in practice today.
Where did that run tonight come from?>>Just, you know, first time running the
package. Had to roll the dice a bit. We were off. Just miss it the way we came. But had
a loot to learn today and we used I it well. Guys did a really good job with our car and
pit stops were really good tonight again. We got a lot to be proud of. Just sicks we
couldn’t finish it off. Strong race car and maybe a shot to win it. Four wide going into
three there we all ran out of room. The 17 I had him squeezed down so low. I don’t know
that he could hold it down there and 14 on my outside. One of those deals at the end
of the race. I knew we had to get through green/white checker to have a shot to win
but I also knew if I lifted and I’d have been the only to lift and the guys I was racing
would have went past me. We wouldn’t have won. I hate for all the guys. Back in Denver.
Thanks for a great race car. And everybody supports us. We put on a hell of a show at
least while it lasted. All I can say.>>Thanks, martin. You kid.
>>Yes he did. 10 green flag laps to go. Time for tonight’s credit one bank’s “Ones to watch.
>>The all-star races for the fans and for the teams to rise up and show who toes best
of the best. And this guy I’ve got my eye on he’s trying to do exactly what he did 11
years ago and that is win the all-star race. Kevin Harvick.
>>Jeff, Kyle Larson is tired of not winning. He’s tired of finishing second. You want to
watch a driver run flat out for 15 miles and 10 lap, wash the 42 car.
>>Danny boy. Daniel Suarez is going for 19 million pesos and I think he might be able
to get them.>>I like number 22, Joey Logano. Tell you
what this, race reminds me so much of the talledega and daytona. Logano has the freshest
tires in the front. Logano drives to victory lane. Joey Logano is the only driver in the
top 10 who has a teammate also in the top 10. That being Ryan wlaen. Will Blaney will
a loyal teammate to Logano? Or will he try to win it himself? That will be one to watch. We’ve got 10 green flag laps to go. Before
we do. Here is Chris myers.>>And just a quick recap obviously the –. 21
started tonight’s all-star race. Early. Kurt Busch loose spins in turn four. This was an
lap two and aj allmendinger on the move early gaining 16 spots and stayed one finishing
fourth and it was Harvick who won stage one and stage three.
>>And that car’s been the talk of the town since we started this morning. Everybody likes
the way the 4 car is running and look where he is now.
>>Seven laps to go in stage two. Allmendinger into the wall. Kyle Busch winning stage two.
And moments ago. Alex bowman in the 88 spinning at the end of stage three. So sent stage three
into overtime. We had that big wreck involving seven drivers. You heard Truex moments ago.
He triggered it.>>I love what he said. If I lift somebody
else is going to win. And that is the attitude. We talked about it. The pay window is opening.
Fe knew if he let off he wasn’t going to win. So he stuck it in there and hoped it worked
out. Unfortunately it didn’t.>>Here is the ride with Kurt Busch.
>>I love the visor cam. That is just what it feels like to be in a race car. The door
just closes on a clear track ahead. So frustrating.>>With 10 to go. Kevin Harvick. He’s been
out in front seems like almost every race this year since we started this thing.
>>10 laps to go. The rules are different. Only green flag laps count. Caution laps do
not. And there is a different overtime rule. The leader must take the checkered flag under
green to win the race and the million bucks. If they wreck last lap in turn four we’ll
just start over and do it again.>>Seems like the leader has gone backwards
on the restarts.>>Harvick on the outside of Suarez. 10 to
go.>>Oh this is going to be a drag race down
the back. 19 and 4 side by side with help.>>Two good pushers there in Blaney on the
outside.>>And Harvick — big push.
>>Oh boy.>>Nobody wanted to see that now.
>>With know what that 4, we saw the 4 in the first stage got out front. Nobody could
do anything with him.>>Boys we’re just getting started. Nieb to
go.>>Yeah we got to get them wound up here.
>>With this package, Suarez should be able to close right up on Harvick in a lap or lap
and a half.>>Particularly if Blaney can get up and help
him a little bit. That would make a huge difference.>>Austin dylann coming on the bottom in the
3.>>Gonna have to see a bunch of them work
together to get that mine line moving. All that momentum.
>>The 4 just ran his fastest lap of the night. A 41.36.
>>That object in havrks’s mirror is getting closer. That being Daniel suarez.rvick’s mirror
is getting closer. That being Daniel Suarez.>>No lifting. He was wide open. Wide open for seven more of these laps. There
is that big push from the 12 car we talked about.
>>Boy, that 11 car can get down in that third turn. He can never make it stick. And he did.
He slid up in front of the 12 there of Blaney.>>Nice move by Hamlin.
>>Really gets into three I think better than anybody I’ve seen all night. Hamlin does.
>>Six laps to go and a quarter of a second is the difference between one million and
a quarter million dollars.>>No love lost between Jimmy Johnson and
Larson as he goes to the outside of Jimmy Johnson.
>>Oh boy look what happened to Johnson.>>Man look at that run off the 22.
>>Left and right.>>Stuck in the middle.
>>We’re seeing some of the guys have a little bit fresher tires. Starting to work their
way into the top five. Will that play out?>>Yeah. Elliott and Logano stopped at lap
70.>>One thing I see Mike the 4 car, he’s really
mirror driving. Suarez is behind him trying to figure out where they are going to go.
>>Daniel Suarez just ran his fastest lap of the race.
>>Quicker than Harvick about by a tenth woe boy.
>>Yeah that was chase Elliott made that move happen. Dove down the bottom trying to get
by Blaney but it didn’t work out. He’s going to lose two or three spots here now. Jimmy
Johnson on the outside of him.>>Suarez’ best hope is that Hamlin comes
up to help.>>Yeah I think that’s what he needs. If he
can get Hamlin to push him a little bit they might be able to goat Harvick. Whoa, car sideways
in three and four.>>That was Blaney. He bounced off the wall
and continues. Three to go.>>That’s how hard everybody is pushing right
now, Mike. T’2” car just went and last lost it.>>I think the 42 is going to be a factor
if Larson in what can materialize and maybe get that run we’re talk about with Suarez
or Hamlin.>>That 4 car is just good enough in all the
right place. He gets off the corners good. He’s got just a little straightaway speed
on the guys.>>The 22.
>>In the wall.>>Logano. Yeah he made contact. Oh.
>>With Larson. Caution flag.>>We saw where the 22 of Logano got a late
run in the outside of Larson.>>How about that? I don’t think Larson ever
did anything. Just slid through the grass.>>I think as Logano came off the wall they
made contact.>>Yeah they did. They were slicing and dicing.
>>We talked about this. You just don’t lift. You got to stay in the gas.
>>So watch the yellow number 22 Ford of Logano coming into flame at turns three and four.
>>Logano on the outside. The 42 maybe comes up in front of him.
>>Yeah I think the 42 got a little tight behind the 11. Came up the track. That just
ran the 22 wide.>>I think Logano bounced off the wall and
when he did it shot him to the left a little bit and got him into Larson. Accidentally?
>>I don’t know if it was accidental or not.>>Do you think that was accidentally is this.
>>You were saying earlier how in control of the cars they were. You tell me.
>>Keep coming. Keep coming. Keep coming.>>Probably not accidentally.
>>It is hard to judge intent.>>I’m with you, Mike. You know who will decide
whether it was accidental ob or not? Those two.
>>Yes.>>Look at that.
>>Look at those exhaust pipes going into the grass.
>>And the roof flap comes up. And it is just amazing. And do you know what
I love about that? He hadn’t quite driving. He’s staying in the gas. He’s working it.
>>Yeah he Hantz locked it down yet has he?>>Nope.
>>He caught one of those storm drains.>>Wow.
>>Airborne.>>What a ride.
>>Man, that was a ride.>>So once this comes to rest would you like
to see that in real time?>>Sit boy, sit.
>>Pit stops, Vince.>>It is amazing there wasn’t more damage
done to the 42 but they didn’t have to do any repair. They did have a set of stickers
on here in the pits, put them on. Made some chassis adjustments and tape off the front
end. Going to be a long run to the front but at least Kyle Larson has some fresh rub tore
try to do it.>>And same for Rickie stenhouse and Ryan
Blaney on pit road. Austin Dillon was also just in.
>>Mike those tires may not be a advantage now but if we go a couple more cautions here
they could turn out to be.>>Yep. Roof flaps deploy at speed as that
car gets sideways or with its tail to the wind to help keep the carton ground. Larry
Mcreynolds with more.>>Our Ford performance car. I just cringe
when I see a car get in the grass because I just feel like it is real vulnerable to
become airborne. Look how the air flows over the back of the car. The minute that pressure
changes over the roof the roof flaps deploy. And as the air is going under the car it lets
it go up through the cow flaps and all those things sits the cargo back on the ground.
The roof flaps. It is one of the greatest safety innovations outside of the safer barriers
that our sport has.>>And look how much bigger they have gotten
through the years. Used to be two flaps up there. Now they are huge. The whole roof opens
up.>>And credit jack Roush with a lot of the
development of those roof flaps. And the cow flaps were added later.
>>Story for another time. Bill France junior and a NASCAR jet and a car tide to a trailer
is how they developed those roof flaps. Along with the help of jack Roush.
>>Two laps to go.>>I think the decision making really comes
into the 4 car of Kevin Harvick. Which lane is he going to pick based on who is going
to be lined up behind him and can push him and try to get that lead again.
>>Well running in fifth, Jimmy Johnson’s tires are 23 laps fresher than harvicks. And
almost 30 laps newer than those of Suarez and Hamlin. They are 10 laps better than Logano’s.
What’s team 48 thinking?>>Radio: Good job.
>>Radio: Still got the best tires of anybody in the top 10 by at least 10 laps.
>>Do you know what I love about Chad. Look at him. Chad says look, we’ve done all question
do for you, buddy. It is up to you now. That is that look he has.
>>Well and to his point. He’s putting him in the best position. Put him in the best
position he possibly can. You are the first car with the least amount of laps on your
tires.>>Johnson trying to win his fifth all-star
race. He’s in fifth place. As you watch our airline coverage provided by good year. Everything
they learn making tires for the grueling demands of NASCAR inspires what rolls into yours.
Good year, official tire oaf NASCAR.>>Interesting selection by Harvick, Mike.
He’s got the 22 which is a Ford behind him. But left Suarez and the 11 lined up on the
inside. I don’t know. IFS a gamble.>>Well, I just think Logano, besides being
in a Ford. He’s a very aggressive restarter and pusher
on these restarts. Now he might not stay on his rear bumper very long if he gets the opportunity.
>>Interesting you can get those two teammates lined up with each other. Because Suarez has
got a fast car.>>So it is Suarez inside of Harvick. Hamlin
inside of Logano. Jimmy Johnson inside of his teammate chase Elliott. Then Mcmurray,
Newman, allmendinger and Kyle Busch the top 10.
>>Saw a little damage to the rear bumper of the 19 of Suarez. Will that affect Hamlin
being able to push him to the front.>>Minor damage right now.
>>16 cars all on the lead lap. Kasey kahne has enough free passes so get back on the
lead lap with his damaged car.>>Suarez’s back bumper looks like someone
been gnawing on that thing.>>For a million dollars Denny Hamlin doesn’t
care what it looks like.>>The winner must take the checkered flag
under green. Two to go. Here we go. Green flag.
>>Ooh boys.>>Oh the 11 almost got in the 4 car. I think
the 19 might clear Kevin Harvick.>>Jimmy Johnson.
>>Oh Jimmy Johnson down on the inside. He’s digging.
>>Man, I really think Suarez could have gotten up in front of the 4 of Harvick right there.
It would have been risky but I think he could have done it.
>>One lap to go. Sponsored by credit one bank.
>>Oh in the wall.>>– Baunss off the wall hard.
>>31 of Newman.>>Still going. I think he’s going to be okay.
>>Everybody gets by.>>Gonna stay green.>>Joey Logano. Daniel Suarez, will they have
a chance at Kevin Harvick.>>Side by side.
>>Suarez really sealed this things in the third turn. Going come out in second place.
>>The closer Kevin Harvick wins the monster energy all-star race.
>>Radio: God dang I love you guys. Thank you for the effort. Golly. Fab job. Thank
you guys. Thank you, thank you, thank you.>>Radio: Hell of a job, man. Awesome job
guys.>>Harvick’s first and only other all-star
win came 11 years ago Todd day. May 19, 2007.>>It is just hard to bet against that guy
right there. Holy cow.>>That final restart is going to be our five-our
energy big move of the race. And let’s take a look and see if Daniel Suarez had the opportunity
to come up here on this restart and battle.>>I thought both Dade fantastic job pushing,
thinking of the 11 and 22. They did it perfectly. Watch the 11 come up and get to the left rear
of Kevin Harvick. Stalls him out.>>Right here helped. The 22 gives the 4 what
huge push. He never released him till halfway down the back.
>>And I was wrong. The 19, he was not clear. He
wouldn’t have made that move.>>I think Logano took a lot of credit to
put that 4 out in front. We were wondering how they was going to work. It worked beautifully
for Kevin.>>This is your 5-hour energy big move of
the race. Kevin Harvick taking the checkered flag as tonight’s sunoco fuelling victory. Menial Daniel Suarez is going to bank almost
5 million pesos. Quarter million dollars.>>You know what, Kevin Harvick is getting
really good at this burn out thing.
>>Practice makes perfect. My gosh. Is there any race he can’t win right now?
>>That is his sixth win this year.
>>Second win in the all-star race for Stewart Haas. They won with Tony
Stewart in may 2009.

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