Mombasa Gameplay Runthrough

Mombasa Gameplay Runthrough

Hey Everybody! This subtitle channel contains Paulo’s list of “Rahdo’s goofs”. If you report goofs we didn’t notice, please leave timestamps. Thank You! 🙂 There’s one card that’s wrong in the discard… Instead of the 2 Cotton Jen has the 2 Explorer card discarded! No… in a 2P game each player has 3 Bonus Markers, in a 3 or 4 player game each player has 2 Bonus Markers And that wouldn’t do her any good because you need to have at least 2 Bananas to activate that bonus and Jen only had 1 And forgot to draw a new bookkeeping tile. This goof will be repeated several times, no more notes will be made about this goof! No… You advance one level on the track of the company you just expanded… you can’t choose a different company!

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  1. I am absolutely disappointed you are willing to shill this game. I was disgusted when it was first previewed at GAMA. Its so obviously a racist invention and glorifies the exploitation of the African continent by European imperialists. It just goes to display that table top gaming needs more than white male designers who are clueless about history (or just don't care).

  2. Rahdo, don't you think that the theme of this board game normalizes and depoliticizes the heinous history of the colonizing scramble of the African continent?

  3. Rules Error:

    When you used the explore action to expand Cape Town you can only advance in Cape Town, not any region. it must match the firm that explored.

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