Real quick guys before we get into this. I want to let you know I launched a brand new chaos Let’s play Channel and I am kicking things off with modern warfare Remastered there’s a link at the top of the scription You could click on it go over there and sub and turn on the notifications You don’t have to leave this video go do that in a second window really quick And I hope to see you guys over there. It’s gonna be a ton of fun brand new channel not even partnered Dedicated to chaos Let’s Plays. What’s up guys? Welcome back. And we finally finally have our call of duty modern warfare Multiplayer gameplay, this is courtesy of TP I definitely tuned it his stream today to get his gameplay so link in description to his channel guys You are watching a 2v2 gunfight I actually got to play this when I was at Infinity Ward checking it out and I’ll tell you right now It’s not like any Call of Duty you’ve played in the past two teams two players It’s like a face-off kind of from modern warfare 3 if you remember that you have Rounds you have 40 seconds to locate the other team and beat them If you don’t get it in 40 seconds Then there’s a flag that is going to appear in the center of the map Players will need to run in the flag defendant for 30 seconds to get the point last team standing Gets the point it’s usually first team to 6 points wins the game You don’t use a creative class all your weapon and equipment selection is handled by The game-mode also you do not heal after being shot. Now. There may be some stim stuff in here You see but all players have a set amount of health And I think you guys are going to be watching King which is the interior of a warehouse Now what I’m gonna do here instead of breaking it down and going through it. I gave you guys the details I’m gonna let you guys watch the raw gameplay. I believe it’s TP and courage vs. Legion in Pro syndicate I’m gonna let you guys judge for yourself I’m seeing a lot of different Comments when it comes to what people think some people think it’s a more slow methodical type like a battlefield rainbow mix I will let you guys decide but I’m telling you right now when we played it It was a ton of fun and this is just the 2v2 Gun fight this is not the multiplayer This is this is just one small small piece and we’re gonna get the official multiplayer reveal on August 1st I we’ll have more videos covering this for you guys drop a like Let me know what you think and let’s get into some 2v2 gun fight call of duty modern warfare gameplay I think they’re left tires. Like in this one. I Got he’s pushing up left like running or left here in these Of course they bring up the shoddy, bro, all right Left side there steps absolute Kobe native there steps. My dado might hit him weak there steps on top Got one guys, good job. I’m back it out. We’ve got our steps Setting their side top My son him their side top go go pushing it up moving up This easy, let’s go baby. Oh they’re quiet now, they’re quiet now, it’s too easy I want to try to lure my sense, you know this thing rips use laser sight Jordans really good with your Break top, right? Where’s the other one myself? They’re trying to bait us RPGs only they pull pulling out their guns, come on man. Oh my god, bro You really try to bait me right there. Alright, okay, this is fine. Yeah, tummy. Tummy. Tummy. Tummy tummy haver We got a game going on right now yo, no way. Oh, okay. Let’s see. Let’s see mrs Nothing there left Top right top right sup for you They try to Molli me done top right in the lot no one Going there top there top mid Pushing our side Job good job, bro Gonna keep trying to pinch I keep cutting over the pins, but they’re just kind of going right out of it Y’all imagine what people get like the Challenger buddies like to be to us pro right now right you play this gonna be a blast I got Molly unbelievable. He’s on their steps I got set on fire like alright just to do about that Oh X50 come here boy. Oh They’re right side got that time at that sucks. He’s like deep right there spawn What’s not left you saw Do these Demidov Ollie’s? Oh no more Jackie Oh Oh My god Send it everywhere posted 91 Post it everywhere making this shot. You were making a play here They’re trying to spray us there. They’re scared now They’re left tires By up top up top, he’s pushing their stairs Oh Wait, no wonder why my audios been bad my headsets backwards unbelievable My headset on backwards. Oh my god, that makes so much sense. I Had my head song back once again are you kidding me Yo I missed him with my knife Oh yo, did you slide him Home I got him out of breath guys again This is the first look at called Adeeb modern warfare the brand new gun fight mode to be too close quarters and tense Baby left rod wall by me Hey there, John Coby He’s very meek back left he beat me he’s so weak little leave you sneeze on them. Thank you We have 30 health Let’s go so in this mode you don’t regen health guys You can weaken them and they don’t regen so based off, you know, you can play it around your HP TP TP still had full health while he was walking while he had a third of his HP. I mean, but full health manage Again be spoiled with a random class every time I’m getting lasered. Broca was their left box Nice posture All good all good Do this fr is crazy five RPGs RPGs Right I try to date them I just actually grenade For the jumper but a claim in the autumn is what manana Bayless Mele soleus wait really melee. So me. Where are you? Boxed out Little your dad kid by Imagining punched in the face of the rocket IRL. Wow, that’s like getting punched by me Well, that’s a first game goes to the two best-looking guys here like that good gas right there no for real let’s go baby yo again, guys, this is just a taste of

100 Replies to “Modern Warfare MULTIPLAYER GAMEPLAY!!”

  1. I'm just gonna say this
    I haven't played the game, but I just think the aiming looks less precise (maybe?)
    Idk I just don't fully like how it feels

  2. Put it this way. With its slower gameplay, anyone who's experience with R6 Siege will get used to this CoD game very quick.

  3. Still looks very cod like to me. But with some mechanic and animation changes. Definitely won’t buy. Maybe rent

  4. I gave cod ww2 a huge chance (payed 100 bucks for it) and it let me down so I'm holding off of buying it until I get to see good real gameplay

  5. If there is no battle royal mode I'm not buying it. Can't go back to playing multi-player mode like and 8 year old

  6. If there is no down grades, i'm definitely buying it. That's the CoD we all hoped for. Also, the bullet wiz and impact sounds are amazing!

  7. If the loud guy is gonna be a theme I'm definitely not planning on watching any more of this content. What an obnoxious prick.

  8. Very different hitmarkers and when he becomes blood its like black ops i wanna play a modern warfare like mw3 🙁 i was happy to hear that a mw4 will come and now i am unhappy.. mw3 was the best egoshooter i played in my life

  9. One thing i dont like:
    The bullets dont go where the laser is showing at while hip fire. This looks unauthentic. Hipfiring with laser should be like aiming down the sights but harder to control than aiming down.

  10. I'm excited for this game but to be honest, all that "360-slide" bull is making me think twice
    Still getting it hoping that not every lobby is filled with those people

  11. OpTic players on console are as talented as mediocre players on PC.

    If you want to see PC talent, look up Beaulo or God. play Rainbow 6 Siege

  12. Always playing with own playlist like System Of A Down or Delta Parole or some McR. Gonna play later good fragz friendzzz

  13. It s still the same engine and gameplay , many people acting like it s revolution .Stupidity at it s finest

  14. Rewatched CoD MW Multiplayer game play. Noticed a detail. Sniper users who are scoped in are made slightly easier to spot due to their scope having light reflected off of it.

  15. Who even are these people? And who uses text stuff like "irl" in an actual conversation?

    Game looks beautiful though!

  16. “I’m literally getting emotional. I’m literally getting emotional. I’m literally getting emotional.”

  17. Cod ghosts talking to modern warfare: you would have been a hell of a game but that's not gonna happen there ain't gonna be any ghosts 2

  18. Does anyone knows when and how we are going to receive the code for the early access ps4 beta if we preordered the game at gamestop?

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