Model Emily DiDonato’s Nighttime Skincare Routine | Go To Bed With Me | Harper’s BAZAAR

Model Emily DiDonato’s Nighttime Skincare Routine | Go To Bed With Me | Harper’s BAZAAR

(upbeat music) – Let’s get ready for bed. So the first thing I’m going to do is put up my hair. I really like using a scrunchie at night because sometimes I like to preserve my hairstyle from the day or something like that. So, I use a scrunchie which
is old school but I like it. So the next thing I’m going
to do is wash my face. I love using the Drunk
Elephant Jelly Cleanser. I start with this and this actually tends to take off all of my
makeup and kind of dirt from the day which I like. I kind of am lazy at
night when I get home, and I kind of just wanna do one step to get everything off and
this tends to do the trick. Another thing I always do is I
always rinse with cold water. When I rinse with hot water, it tends to make your
face more red and flushed which is something you
definitely don’t want. So, cold water is always better. So as you can see, that
did a pretty good job of taking everything off
which I definitely love. My face is clean, so that’s good. If I don’t get all of my makeup off, that is when I’ll go in
with a makeup remover and kind of go in there
but I do tend to try to stay away from makeup removers
only because I don’t like to tug at my skin with these cloths. I just don’t think it helps so it looks good the next day. So I try to stay away from that. But if I need to, I’ll do it. The next step that I do if my skin is feeling particularly dry or
if I have some flaking skin, which sometimes happens, I will do a mask which I’m not gonna do right now ’cause I think I’m okay. I’ll do the Summer Fridays Overtime Mask, the exfoliant one. I love this one because
it has vitamin C in it and, basically, it smells like
pumpkin pie which is awesome and it just makes my skin
really smooth, really soft, and really glowy so if I need that extra exfoliation I’ll use this. What I’ll do next is my Tretinoin Cream. This is actually a prescription that I got from my dermatologist. I think when I turned 24 or
25 I asked my dermatologist what am I supposed to be doing? I feel like I should be doing
things to make my skin better, I’m getting older and she recommended this but this is actually for acne treatment which is just bonus points for me, but I actually use it for anti-aging. So Tretinoin is actually the prescription version of Retinol. Retinol you can get over the counter and it’s in a lot of creams and cosmetics and stuff like that, Beware, this will make your skin very dry, so I will only do this
two to three times a week and after I use it I have to layer on a lot of moisturizing products, but this has helped me,
I think, with fine lines and wrinkles, shrunk my pores a bit. I’m into it, so I do this next. So I just put this on in a thin layer. Try to keep it away from the eyes, and I also bring it down to my neck because your neck needs love too. Now that I’ve applied that, what I like to do next
is go into moisturizing. So I can already feel
that this a little dry, my face needs some love. So rosehip oil is amazing
’cause it’s really moisturizing and it has a ton of vitamin C in it and this is also just
pure vitamin C in here. This is like my little vitamin
C cocktail which I love. Vitamin C is amazing ’cause
it helps brighten the skin, it helps even out skin tone, it helps with fine lines and wrinkles. It’s awesome and such a
multitasking ingredient which is what I love about it. So I literally just put
it in my hand like that, and then I take the vitamin C serum. I don’t know if you can see it,
but it’s literally orange-y. I try to do upward strokes just because I feel I like I don’t want to be tugging my skin down, so I always try to apply my
skincare in an upward motion. I also think that vitamin
C serum really helps with dark circles and just in
general I feel like it really helps with pigmentation and
helps even out skin tone which is another reason
why I really like it. So now that, that is all rubbed in and it already feels great, I feel like I’m getting hydrated here. I’m gonna mix this hyaluronic acid with this moisturizer here. This just really helps with
moisturizing in general and I just think it’s a great boost. Then this moisturizer. I really like both of these together because I feel like it really helps seal in all of the moisture. So the moisturizer is Life Plankton, it’s a sensitive emulsion, has a really great smell
but also Life Plankton, it sounds like Plankton from the ocean but it’s actually not. It comes from a spring in France that apparently it’s
really good for your skin and women back in the Middle Ages were going to this spring to get this specific
ingredient for their skin. So after all of that I’m
gonna put a little bit of lip balm on, this is
Maybelline Baby Lips. I have this in every single purse. This is also another
product that I feel like I would want on a deserted island, like chapped lips is no good. So I always put this on at night, I have it in my nightstand,
always just use that. So the next thing I’m going to do is gonna give my brows and my
lashes a little bit of love. I have mentioned this on
my YouTube channel as well, but I am trying to get my
eyebrows sand my eyelashes to grow so badly. I’m really trying to do
this every single night so I put castor oil, which
I got this at Whole Foods, you can kind of get it anywhere,
on my lashes and my brows. I just take a Q-tip and I dip it in. And I kind of press it into my brows and I actually do think that
this has made a difference particularly with my eyelashes which is exciting but I
just really want that energy to transfer to my brows, but that is yet to happen. I wanna wake up with eyebrows
like Cara Delevingne, like that’s just a dream of mine but I don’t think that’s gonna happen, but here’s to trying. And I put it on my lash line as well. For my final step I am breaking
out a little bit right now in my chin area so
something that I like to do is add a little bit of
tea tree oil to some spots that I see are breaking out. It does also make your
skin a little bit dry, but it is great sometimes if you are breaking out somewhere or if I do have a specific spot ’cause it kind of just
dries out that area. So I’m just gonna apply
this to my chin area ’cause I am breaking
out a little bit here. So that is my final step. That is my full bedtime,
nighttime skincare routine. So it’s time to go to bed. Thank you guys for watching. (upbeat music)

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  1. Did she just literally put vit-A,vit-C,rose hip oil,hyaluronic acid and other stuffs in one go?😂
    I admit i am obsessed with skin care but this is just too much.

  2. I wish people would realise that vitamin c really does not absorb very well topically. It really will do little to nothing.

  3. I'm genuinely interested to see how well the next generation will age, given what we now know about retinol and other skincare ingredients. Will there be lots of 50-something people walking around with baby soft, unlined skin?

  4. Tret cream and vitamin c should never both be used the same night. Or at least that's what I have heard every Dr say.

  5. Girl, your light dazzles the light of the stars… ✨ ✨ ❤️😍
    You’re my inspiration in so many ways!!😘😘 You’re the prettiest woman I’ve ever seen!! 😭✨🙏🏼👀🤧🤧
    Keep doing what you do. You’re the best!!! 💕

  6. I think tret is more effective when you use it every day especially long term from what I gather from derms and scientific studies. You put on a lot no wonder it dries you out crazy, you're meant to put a thin film on, watch sam buntings vit A videos they are amazing. also what works is mixing it in your moisturizer if you cant tolerate it. Also check out face halos instead of make up wipes! it literally gets off EVERYTHING including waterproof mascara, that stuff is magic and is better for the environment compared to facial wipes.

  7. She's using a lot of great products but her mistake is using them all at once, a strong prescription retinol can be very harsh on the skin let alone using vitamic c and tea tree oil on top.

  8. All specialists in the comments pointing the wrong parts of her skincare .. her skin is perfect what about yours ?

  9. Emily maybe you have thyroid problems and that is the reason your eyebrows are thinning and not growing out.

  10. Whoever is running this series, PLEASE MAKE SURE THEY ARE NOT WEARING JEWELLERY!! I mean, it is nighttime?!?! Like what's the point??? Are they all Leslie Knope posing because Google Earth is always taking pictures??? NO!

  11. Everyone telling how you should never forget to include your neck… Yet, they avoid it like it's gonna fall off if they touch it!!

  12. I did like her "avoid make up wipes". There are times when you're super busy and your face feels super dirty, so I've been guilty of using a wipe to refresh my skin and reapply sunscreen… However, recently I changed to carry a mini-spray bottle with rose water and some cotton pads (shame on me but…) It looks fancy when I do it and other people see it like "ooohhh" and I'm like yeah, bitch! so…

  13. Like WHAT IS THE POINT OF HAVING SUPER FAST WIFI IF YOU ARE PREACHING ABOUT SKICARE, YET YOU DON;T KNOW THE ORDER OF PRODUCTS AND WHY IT MATTERS… It take literally minutes to read, compare and learn about it! "Do your research! Put in the work!" -Nanjiani, K. (2017)

  14. This is one of the most confused skincare routines I’ve seen – Makeup wipes after a first cleanse? Treatment after moisturisers? Water-based serums after emollient creams? Pure retinol with vitamin C at night?!

  15. Is that serum meant to be orange or is it oxidised?? Never seen a vit c serum that starts orange you're supposed to be able to tell

  16. I love that she actually goes to a dermatologist and knows all about actives! However, I think using so many strong products (tretinoin, vitamin c, tea tree oil..) at once is a bit too much? Just seems like it would just be really irritating, I think it'd be better if she alternated using the different actives on different days. Also, I use tretinoin as well and it seems like she's using too much, if she applied a lighter layer it would dry her out so much less! Also, I really hope she waits for her skin to dry before applying it, it would also lessen the drying and irritation

  17. If you’re going to use both vitamin c and tretinoin, use vitamin c in your morning routine, and tretinoin at night!

  18. I've been trying to get hold of tretinoin for soo long, does anyone know if it's available in the UK? Some tell me it is and some say it's only in the US now 🙁

  19. 1. double cleanse always, no wipes
    2. put tretinoin on after your moisturizer
    3. do not use oils with tretinoin
    4. dillute your tea tree oil

    her routine should be:
    double cleanse
    hylaronic acid on damp skin
    let set for a bit

  20. Great that you're starting early with good skincare. I would talk to your Derm about how you are laying as may be too harsh for your young skin.

  21. I found these tips helpful and Emily was enthusiastic and thoughtful in describing each product. However, I think a disclaimer is always a good idea to throw in there when using prescription treatments. Younger viewers, especially those struggling with skin concerns, are often impressionable and may think this is a one and done solution. Language is key when encouraging the use of prescription treatments as it is still a medical product. It is a good idea to recommend consulting a dermatologist or doctor in a related medical field first.

  22. First model who inspired me to know about the fashion industry like she looked gorgeous in maybelline commercials ♡

  23. @emilydidonato I use Jamaican Castor Oil every night on my brows and lashes using a q-tip as well. I purchase it on amazon. It helped grow back my over plucked ‘90’s brows and gave me more lashes.

  24. It’s so weird to see so specific and well studied, targeted skincare and then castor oil for eyebrows. Not that it’s bad, but there are equaly specific, well studied, active, proved products that work better and faster than your castor bloody oil.

  25. anyone watching this, please PLEASE do not copy this girl and put tretinoin on your neck. this is so damn bad and damaging and can lead to increased damage and wrinkling to the extremely thin skin here. keep in mind, retinoids are for parts of the body with a high concentration of sebaceous glands, the neck is no such place. any dermatologist or chemist will tell you putting a retinoid on this part of the body will only lead to bad things.

  26. I think the serum should go on before the rosehip oil for best penetration. Thinnest to thickest. So HA serum, retinol cream , and then oil. That being said – I love the Pai Rosehip oil.

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