Mo Salah quizzed by Liverpool women U9s | Fortnite dance moves, FIFA 20 ratings and Scouse

Mo Salah quizzed by Liverpool women U9s | Fortnite dance moves, FIFA 20 ratings and Scouse

45 defending? That’s shocking! SCOUSE ACCENT: All right, lad? Hello! Mo Salah. You are not shy? No, I’m not shy. Heyyyy. Boom! So you’re both from Liverpool? BOTH: No. I’m from Liverpool, Erin’s from Manchester. You’re from Manchester? Yeah. – Which team do you support?
– United. – Which do you support?
– Everton! What are you doing here? – How are you?
– I’m good. I can see that! Very comfortable. I’m a striker just like you, but a bit better. I would be happy for you. I’m gonna say a Scouse word,
you repeat it after me. ‘Scran.’ Scran. That’s food. Yeah! Yeah, you should say ‘food’ next time. And then ‘jarg’. Jog? Jogging? No, like, jarg. It means not very good. Why are you making it difficult?
You can just say ‘not very good’! Jarg. Do you want to keep the book? Yeah, please, please. So now I have to… ..improve my English,
and improve another language here. My mum would describe me
as smiley and chatty, what would your mum describe you as? I also smile a lot.
She’d describe me as a polite man. She doesn’t know what is behind,
but she’d describe me as a polite man. I’ve heard that you like cats. My daughter loves cats, so I got two. Boss and Scrub. I didn’t decide the names, to be honest,
my daughter decided the names. I’ve got you a present.
D’you want to read it out? ‘Meow Meow Salah,
running down the wing.’ That’s nice. The relationship now is perfect,
so when I see any cat in the street… “Come, come, come.” Can you stand up, please, Mo? I can. Can you put your hands on your hips, please? Yeah. And face me, please. Follow me. Megs! No way! We’ve got your FIFA card here. We’re just gonna talk to you about it. So, shooting, 86. It’s OK. 45 defending? Yeah, that makes sense, I don’t defend. That’s shocking! It won’t be shocking if you watch our games! 81 passing. That’s…bad. – Yeah.
– I’m telling you the truth, that’s not the best. What do you think of 74 physical? I should get, like… Maybe you have to go to the gym,
get those guns working. In Liverpool we have a skill
named after you called The Mo Salah. So you do it like this? Is your hair always like that
in the morning when you wake up? It’s better than now, to be honest, but I don’t know what’s been going on
in the last few weeks. When I wake up it’s like
a little bit here, going down. I sleep like that, so my hair from here,
it’s like sleeping-sleeping, sticking-sticking. Then I have to just…
“That’s fine now.” My parents really annoy me. What’s the three things
that annoy you the most? I think if someone is sitting with me
and talking a lot. Lovren – don’t ask. Lovren is the one I’m talking about. Before you ask, I’m talking about Lovren. D’you know your daughter? I know her? Yeah, I know her! Would you like her to be like you? She can be whatever she wants to be. She wants today to be a singer,
but last week she wanted to be a dancer. One day she will find the best for her. Girls are the best, aren’t we? Yeah. I have to say yes! When your daughter was
on the pitch and scored the goals, were you happy that she got more
cheers than you when you scored? I’m happy that she enjoyed the moment. She felt the love from the fans,
and she went home and told me, “Daddy, I want to go to the game again
tomorrow, to score a goal.” I said, “It’s not every day
we get a Golden Boot!” Each year maybe, but not every day. If your daughter wants a kickabout
when she’s a bit older, can she come to our training one day? Yeah, probably she will play for Liverpool
if I stay for a long time. Of course. And I will teach her
to play my position and score many goals. If I stay here for a long time,
of course she will play for Liverpool. I really enjoy playing for Liverpool, what’s your
favourite thing about playing for Liverpool? Oh, everything. Since I’ve joined
the team you can see the fans, you can see the atmosphere at Anfield and how the people love the team,
and the city loves the team. It’s something huge,
it makes you really love the team and love the city and love the people,
how they treat me. Yeah, there is a lot of things I can say. What’s the best and worst thing
about being Mo Salah? The worst thing I can say,
you don’t have privacy anymore, but it’s fine, I’m not complaining,
I’m just saying that’s the worst part. But the good thing I think is I’m happy
about what I have and where I am now. So, yeah, I think the rest is fine. What’s it like to live in your dream? When I sit with myself and I see where I am, and I think about when I was young, I love to play football,
I love to play for Liverpool. It’s something that really makes me happy. I’m really enjoying the moment,
enjoying where I am, enjoying everything that’s happening
in my life, so it’s great. Before a match my dad tells me to try my best.
What advice do you have? Always have clear goals in your mind, do your
best every time you go out on the field, just feel happy about yourself
even if you didn’t score, just feel like you did everything you could do. Helping the team to win games,
that makes you feel good about yourself. – Thank you.
– No problem. Who from the staff told you
to complain about my shooting? – No-one.
– No-one? Did you watch Liverpool games? – Yeah.
– Oh, OK, so you seen my goals. OK, perfect. Hello! Can we touch your hair? Yeah, of course. GIRLS: Yay! ♫ Mo Salah, Mo Salah, Mo Salah ♫ Running down the wing… ♫ Good luck. Good luck. Good luck. ♫ Salah-la-la-la… ♫ The Egyptian King. ♫

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