MLB The Show 19 – Gameplay Trailer Rewind | PS4

MLB The Show 19 – Gameplay Trailer Rewind | PS4

Hello, everyone. Ramone Russell here to
break down the MLB The Show 19 gameplay trailer we just
released a few days ago. Shout out and major
thanks to artist, Tobe Nwigwe. He created this song
specifically for the long-form version of our trailer. We had to tip our cap
to the Boston Red Sox since they won
the world series last year. Did you-all catch the highlight
on the 2018 World Series flag? If you guessed that the first
set of teaser scenes all came from Road to the Show,
you would be correct. Game designer Steve
Merka, Ross Houston, Chris Muriel, and Jared Ono have
all been working tirelessly on the mode, and we can’t
wait to tell you more about all the new
features later on in February. So, back to the teaser footage. The first shot is our new bus. We also have a new plane as well
that you’ll also be riding on in Road to the Show this year. The bedroom shot is
where you’ll be creating your Road to the
Show character from scratch. Also, archetypes have
been retooled this year. Another new edition
to Road to the Show is personality
growth and relationships. They will now play a key role
in your experience this year. We’ve also added
playable training. And the last tease is an all-new
in-game feature for the mode. More on these and other
changes to Road to the Show in the coming weeks. The first new legend we revealed
is Hall of Fame pitcher, Christy Mathewson. Here in this scene, we
see Tony Gwynn twice. Did anyone catch the reveal? That’s actually two
completely different versions of Tony Gwynn. One player model is from
earlier in his career; and the other one is
from a different time. If you assumed these cards would
have different attributes as well, you would be correct. We are now in our third year of
adding more player emotion into the series. And big shout out to
our creative editor, Louis. Notice how well the sync
work cuts to the music and Puig’s jubilation. When Anthony Rizzo first
starts his follow through here, it looks like he hit a
home run, but he didn’t. It’s a pop-up during a
key moment in the game, and you can see his disgust
as he slams the bat down. We didn’t just add more
positive emotional scenes, we added some
negative ones as well. Gameplay director, Chris Gill, put a major focus
on defense this year. The goal was to make
fielders more efficient with vastly improved
situational awareness. These new gameplay editions and
others are at the forefront of our defensive features suite. On this double play, the path to the ball is taking
Cory directly to the bag. So instead of him throwing
the ball to the shortstop, it’s more efficient and faster
for him to get this out himself then throw the
runner out at first base. Next up, we have current
day Andrew McCutchen and a completely different version
of Andrew from his days in Pittsburgh, dreadlocks included. Staying on the
defensive side of the ball, we’re seeing a bad jump here. In The Show 19, the very best
defensive players in the game won’t get bad jumps. However, for players that
aren’t that great on defense, this will happen to them a lot because it’s tied to their
fielding ability attribute. The higher the
fielding ability attribute, the lower the chance of a
bad jump animation triggering and vice versa. The next improvement we’re
showcasing on defense is all about situational awareness
2.0 and player efficiency. During the play, the user on
offense is sending the guy home from third base trying
to score a cheap run. In MLB The Show 19 we now have
branching animations for every single tag in the game, which is what you are
seeing happen in this play. Swanson notices the runner
taking off for home late, so he tags the runner
out at second, then immediately branches to a
throw home getting both outs. Here we see one of the new
umpire animations in the game. With so much focus
on defense this year, we had to include a shot of
arguably the best defensive player in all of baseball,
Matt Chapman, flashing the leather
at third base. Players like him will be
more valuable than ever in MLB The Show 19. Nolan Arenado smokes this
ball down the third-base line. You can expect to see
even greater hit variety in The Show this year. Here’s another
new legend reveal, Ty Cobb. Relive history by playing
with over 130 legends in MLB The Show 19 this year. Three-time all star,
Jason Kendall, also joins the Legends roster. During development,
we motion captured all-new double play
turns, catches, and throws. Another new legend
tease, Rob Dibble. Our presentation team
recorded even more player, outfield, and
dugout celebrations. There’s another big
gameplay reveal in this section. All errors can now
branch to error reactions to pick the ball up. Players are way more efficient
after they knock the ball down in picking it up and
trying to get the out. Even though this
ball eats Max Muncy up, he knocks it down, then branches
to a fielding error reaction, and he’s able to get
the ball to the pitcher, covering first for the out. You might have guessed it, we’re definitely teasing
something pretty big here in the Babe Ruth
and tier select screen, but we’ll talk about
that more in a few weeks. What you’re seeing here is a brand-new pack type
called Choice packs. We’ll talk about that more during the
Diamond Dynasty stream. In MLB The Show 19, we have
the ability to make all types of conquest maps now. More on this feature
in the coming weeks. The final
reveal of the trailer… So how many of you
guessed who this was before the camera
tilted upwards? Two-time MVP,
Rookie of the Year, the list goes on and
on, the one and only Willie Mays joins
our Legends roster. That’s it for the
rewind trailer. We really hope
everyone enjoyed it. Be sure to follow us
on Twitch, Instagram, and Facebook for all
your MLB The Show 19 news, and we’ll see you next week.

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  1. It seems like all of these mechanic adds/edits were created in the past and are being released year by year. It makes sense fiscally but, I’ll wait.

  2. Something they could add is in the all star game each player can wear their teams uniform, instead of the homer in derby uniform they wear

  3. I love the new improvements I am seeing! One suggestion is they could think of some more exciting cards, such as the late 90's, early 2000's boomers that this generation of kids/adults all knows and loves.Jason Kendall? No offence, but nobody is excited about that. Ty Cobb though! Willie Mayes! Very exciting. Examples have been posted on other content creator's Youtube channels. Randy Johnson, Greg Maddux, Derek Jeter, Jim Thome, Mariano Rivera, Sammy Sosa, Mark McGwire, Pudge Rodriguez, Josh Hamilton, David Ortiz. I am very optimistic about The Show 19, and will be excited for future announcements.

  4. It’d be amazing if y’all added the bo Jackson break bat animation or something when you strike out or pop up bad

  5. Doesn’t matter what anyone says or how many new features they add every year, I love baseball and when the season rolls around, I will always buy this game every year 🤘🏽⚾️💪🏽

  6. I'm hoping that they also improve on hitting, it was quite difficult in last year's edition, and so much I had to skip the game itself. Now, I have several RTTS series, and both are in the majors, so hopefully, this won't be too much of a problem.

  7. Still waiting for one of these sports game developers to add 3 team trades into their franchise mode lol. I like RTTS but franchise mode needs some work. I've seen some comments going around saying "2020 is the year for franchise" why do we have to wait another whole year lol. Team re-location, ballpark creator or customization would be nice. Or trades for cash would also be nice… Better overall crowd animations or excitement. In the playoffs late in the ball game the crowd gets louder when the opposing team is pitching etc. When you make a big hit or homerun. Crowd seems lifeless you might as well not even have them in the game.

  8. Psn send me email that I’m one that got picked to try it out be4 it comes out but it don’t work it says network error

  9. Seriously doubt the tags and throws from base to base will be that flawless. Can't even get basic baseball things correct for years

  10. I can’t be the only one hyped about the revamped outfield mechanics 😭 I felt like you could stick anyone anywhere and they’d be a gold Glover

  11. Meh… I mean I love the show and all but, there's nothing to get overly excited about here… Looks the same, just with a few minor changes to animations… Whoopty Freakin Doo!!! 😕

  12. Y’all should add a mode like mypark from 2k too your game idk what to call it but full 9v 9 rtts players against each other would be awesome and new and refreshing then getting your player up to play against cpus all day you guys could make it a 7 inning game and possibly turn it into a eleague game and make it quick counts so game goes by fast

  13. It would be cool if they added historical seasons so you could replay them. it would also be cool in Road to the show if you could pick up chicks from the stands

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