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  1. Definitely need to be able to play vintage teams like nba has done for years. I’m dying to play with my ‘93 phillies lol

  2. If the music in the trailer is any indication we are in for a let down. I guess they think 13 year olds are playing MLB The Show not grown men.

  3. I still play 17 and am happy not to waste money on the newer ones. There’s clearly not many changes other than rosters. Looks like exact same graphics

  4. Same bogus clipping animations from ps3 era. When will they change sliding through players and running animation along with different tags etc.? Will skip this year and update 18

  5. I don't know why but I want an umpire RTTS series, where you have to ump little League games and work you way up to umping major League games.

  6. Just a fun idea I had, but what if there was an option to do a fantasy draft before a quick play game so you and a friend could make a team right before a little multiplayer 9 innings. Just thought that would be a fun option.

  7. The Show plays great but playing Franchise the last two years (I’m a franchise guy) it gets repetitive quick. Too many repeated animations, and small annoyances you pick up on when playing hundreds of games. I know most any sports game has these issues but I wish this game offered something new like more realistic dirt, better skin detail, more exciting home run animations (even MLB The Show 2006 had some nice ones,) better looking sky, etc. I probably will just stick with 18 personally. I don’t get why EA doesn’t revive the MVP Baseball series. They’d have no competition on the Xbox so even if it couldn’t compete on PlayStation it would still be worth a try. I’ve always enjoyed each new year of the Show but now it’s feeling more like Madden where there’s not enough positive change each year. (Sorry I took as long to write this as Harper did to sign with a team.)

  8. IF y'all about too scroll looking for the song name & artist, it's Tobe Nwigwe's "Peep Game". If you weren't looking for the artist/song, you should of been. Welcome, fam.

    Side not though, straight up: I can't believe how much they beeped out–there's literally not one swear/profanity in this song. All the omissions are political references (names of people, Bible references/drug references "I never sold 'kane' but I was able", use of the word "Torah". Interesting. (I've never seen that–not to this degree).

  9. Another year comes and goes yet the jerseys still don’t move. We’ve had cloth physics in games for over 10 years now. They still look like they’re wearing rubber suits. How backwards is this engine?

  10. The show 19 should be improved in all aspects, graphics, player gestures. I am a fan of this game but it looks the same thing from previous years. I am disappointed

  11. I’m just here for the Tobe Nwigwe come up! SWAT stand up! Name of the song is “Peep Game” google it. I hope it’s in the gameplay as well

  12. Garbage …. zero innovation because zero competitors. Yet they will charge $90 …. mlb 19 the show ain’t getting my money

  13. I want the option to have guns, night vision and stealth mode. If its not too much a battle royale mode for the people who like that.

  14. Annoying rap song should use American Pie or Rock around the Clock or Fogerty's Centerfield

  15. I kinda wish i got a ps4 instead but i have a xbox and don't want to beg my parents for a console

  16. Please put this on Xbox one this game is the best one on the market. Nobody will buy a new console for one game!!!

  17. Ive been trying to play a exhibition online with my friend. But it wont let us play a regular game, its always FASTPLAY mode. We ve tried everything to play a regular game, its still on fastplay. Can anyone help me please??

  18. I’m very late to this so nobody will probably see this. But a suggestion for mlb the show 20.
    I think it would be cool if every once in awhile in franchise/ road to the show a random player is selected and supposedly “caught using ped/steroids” just an idea I though of

  19. This is still the best baseball/professional sports game ever made! This is the only baseball game where the out Fielding is more fun than the hitting.

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