MINI Sports Battle!! 3 ????

MINI Sports Battle!! 3 ????

A Yeah, you pull the kneecap back and I hear it crunching before it does tension rate drops first up Bobby. What go Bobby Okay I don’t have much Confidence in The edge No Yeah Wow I can’t play after the pudding tug-of-war situation that’ll allow me to Blue index finger the Brian yellow ring finger that’s our index finger broke now. I’m gonna go up here That’s your index finger ring fix is ringing, bro. I’m single. I don’t know what that is blue thumb You gotta twist it but you gotta twist it green ring fingers at all white red thumb. I Thought it was gonna be this is weird I feel I feel violated Blue index finger blue index finger yellow oh oh I’m straining. There’s no thing for pinky. No I got five fingers I’m not gonna lie my fingers are starting to cramp a little bit red ring finger. I got a charley horse What red ring finger? I figure doesn’t? Red thumb, I don’t think That was like hard on my fingers in choice okay to this date at 26 years old. I have never successfully solved a Rubik’s Cube And I’ve never tried three OH my brain hurts, we put a time or whoever hasn’t okay? Oh, so close nobody won. Oh, he block it this Is a high-stakes game of finger football, I win no if you get the rebuttal I get a rebuttal These were chosen from Twitter the picture Oh Oh big thank you to Radioactive trash are you serious oh, no, that’s that was the picture. I’m supposed to draw Oh this would be good president Bobby draw me Are you terrible Bobby will never be provided trash tells a great idea, but a big Thanks to Kate for this next one a little macho mushroom up top Tom. It’s a turtle that’s not it. What’s that Dwight? I miss the turtle toes the tractor He was just like throwing up something there and just thought maybe it would work Thomas the turtle thanks to soar think Sign me up Call the circle great cherry Billy the orange, I really don’t know how to go any further than this yes Cory’s gonna play that five times From Rose Volcano, it’s the BU birth the volcano somehow. I’m sorry you guys this on this butchered big time. What is this? What is this a it’s a drawing on a small music with a dragon? the Eiffel Tower bro The dragon on top is there, I don’t think there’s a flag at the top of the Eiffel Tower Wait there. There’s no there isn’t I’m pretty sure there is I don’t know There is a flag I go first oh No, oh you stink yeah, oh you stink oh I’m gonna smash this thing once you’re done No Dry winds I thought it was first two five. No that’s out of five Wait other side other side flipping your never worn table pants dude both legs in All right sit down stay below pants Oh Open night all right table pants, Bobby. We have a mini trickshot challenge So this comes easy, and I have to balance it off the wall make it a toy like we did in our original trickshot video Go check it out probably gonna get a bigger one Two three don’t count out every time. Please don’t six so close Yes, what’s up 13 13 No boots County some cow no No, I got that was 5 now it is time for the mini dunk contest, it’s pretty simple We have 20 seconds to get a dunk in and the team edge crew will be judging Oh Wrong side of the hoop yes 20 seconds Touch the rind it have the Tuck yes one second you need to touch the rim you can accept that as you’re Done you landed I was moved to land eventually You landed before you’re done Let me help you, Oh help me up Natalie score 34 Well yeah like it’s duty underground it anything down one. I just threw it against two like this and then go talk So unoriginal that wasn’t even a dunk even touch the rim who doesn’t I? Didn’t need a second floor. Oh 34 is well oh come on No so one read it Bro it’s a little toddlers who let’s do a straight. Don’t call you. I think that after this honor. Are you good? I’m gonna take my pants off I got this happen Okay, all right that’s good all Right fine saran wrap me to a car Bobby’s always getting the punishment This better get over a couple movies can you let go? Thank you sir, hey guys check out all good I look in this new Merc shirt you guys go check out our new Mercer right now We get some of these dope new shirts like this spot one has and like this one I also make sure you go check out the whodunit challenge that got millions of views that was a lot of fun Also, go check out many sports battle to the second edition in this series All right Oh

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  1. Hey guys! What was your favorite game? What would you want us to play next? Let us know down below! Check out the Egg Dodgeball Challenge!!

  2. 10:09 Bryan I can’t breathe because Bryan missed the hole hoop by an inch and Joey eyes and mouth made me laught

  3. 10:55 ITS A BOBBYFLY XD
    7:00 * Knife falls out of bobbys pocket *
    Me: wtf what why do you need a pocket knife
    Me wen righting this: OOoHhHh tO cUt HiM SeLf OuT Of tHe SaRaN RaP

  4. At 6:00 the flag WAS only there for a while intill it flew away so there WAS a flag on the Eiffel Tower

  5. ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  6. Love this channel, but Joey always wins usually after breaking the rules. Joey is awesome and all, but if he's the only one ever winning it destroys the immersive quality of these fantastic videos. Just my two cents from hour of binge watching, still love you all no matter what.

  7. When they drove away with bobby Saran wrapped on the bar the License plate was completely showing

  8. Watching un 2019 but for the basketball one who thinks Bobby should’ve had an advantage for the table pants

  9. Am I the only person who can actually crack their knees? If they're bent for awhile and I straighten them out they make a loud pop? it doesnt hurt either

  10. Brian always act like a freaking child and now you always act like one who you like a guy who is always like bullies Bobby time for reals ever go to school anyways

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