100 Replies to “Minecraft Dungeons – E3 2019 – Gameplay Reveal Trailer”

  1. Фууууу! Пародия на Диабло!!! Xbox не могут придумать своё! Стибрили игру

  2. Secret mobs and other
    -Redstone golem
    -illager King (final part)
    -Elite Skeletons ⬅
    -Green Staff boss ⬆
    -Spiders now spit
    -Maybe new weapons
    -Dugeons(Cave uptdate)
    and idk More :v

  3. At first I wasn't all for this, but now i'm starting to like It for one reason or another? I don't know what.
    It also appears as if they've taken inspirations from the community mods, such as better foliage, shaders, and ragdolls. Interesting.

  4. I was allowed to capture brand new minecraft dungeons content for my channel, if anyone wants to see more of minecraft dungeons, check it out! 🙂

  5. Please, please, for the love of God, let us disable the screen shake. I really don't want another game I'm excited for to be unplayable.

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