Millie Bobby Brown Makes Her Ellen Debut

Millie Bobby Brown Makes Her Ellen Debut

So you’ve been working for a little while.>>Yes.>>But this is your biggest break, right?>>Yeah, yeah, yeah, it’s been my biggest, I had one line in Modern Family,
and I guest starred in NCIS and Grey’s Anatomy but my biggest role
obviously was Stranger Things. And I, yeah, I mean,
I really just I had the time of my life playing this character
because she really just, I don’t relate to her in any way because
I don’t have, I don’t live in a facility. But for some reason,
I’ve had such an amazing time.>>No, you’re so good at that, now,
you haven’t really spoken yet, but when you speak, will you have this
accent or can you tell me at all?>>[LAUGH] I might have this accent,
I don’t know.>>Right?
Cuz she hasn’t spoken yet.>>Well no, I mean, she has, she has
actually 42 lines in the whole show, not that I counted.>>[LAUGH]
>>But no, it was very weird to not have any lines because you have to talk
with your eyes and your face and so, when I had to do that it was definitely
a challenge, but then I thought, why not? Why be like everybody else and
like an actor who talks.>>[LAUGH]
>>Right? Why talk about your emotions
when you can literally do it?>>Right, well, and that’s why I thought
you were so good because it’s very hard to get all of that emotion across and
that fear that you’re experiencing, and the kids are great,
I mean those guys are great.>>They’re incredible, yeah.>>I know that your hair is shaved
when you are doing the show, and you’re on a hiatus right now,
or are you shooting again?>>Yes, so we’re actually filming,
I come for the Golden Globes and this.>>Congratulations.>>Thank you, so yes,
we’ve come here for that.>>Will you shave your head again? You’re not gonna tell me, are you?>>I can’t.>>You’re not gonna tell me?>>I would love to, but I just shouldn’t. I would love to keep it a surprise, I think it would be really cool when you
watch the show, you’re like [NOISE].>>Yeah. I’m just saying you’ve written
me all these letters and I feel like you owe me something that.>>[LAUGH]
>>I never got an answer, so.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>You’ve got me there, you’ve got me there.>>But then the answer is this I guess, I
mean, I’m on your show three years later.>>Yes.
So your character’s name is Eleven, and it was a very popular Halloween costume, which is a huge honor that
people dressed up as you. People are getting tattoos of you,
did you know that?>>I did, I did know that. At first I thought, why me? But again, I think, listen I love
Leonard DiCaprio, I love Adele, I might get a tattoo of them.>>Would you? Would you get a tattoo of somebody
if you loved them that much?>>I mean that’s pushing it.
>>[LAUGH]>>But I might dress up as like, him for Halloween or something, but I mean,
I might get a tiny one, just like, Leo.>>Little tiny one,
to just say Leo, you mean?>>Just to say Leo, and
just be like listen, this is it.>>Then it’s open to any other
Leo that you might meet too.>>True, true.
>>It’s not just him.>>I’m just gonna be stuck to that.>>And you’re the youngest actress
in a TV series nominated, so, you will thank me probably because you
wanted to be on the show for so long, so one one of the first thank yous is me.>>Yeah, I won’t even thank my parents,
overall I’ll be like, I wanna thank all the producers on Ellen,
I wanna thank the audience on Ellen.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>And I definitely want to thank Ellen,
so yeah it’s me.>>Now you probably won’t bring
her with you to the awards but you’re really good friends with Maddie. I love Sia, Sia is a friend of mine,
Sia always dances with this young girl, Maddie, who is incredible,
and she is your friend?>>She is my best friend actually,
we are very, very good friends. We barely known each other for
about five months now, and the first time I met her, I was,
I’m such a big fan of Dance Moms, and just her in general,
she’s so inspiring to me. And so, when I met her,
obviously I started crying, I had like this whole thing going on, and then she
private messaged me on Twitter and, I’ve never been on a sleepover before,
never been on a sleepover, so, she was like, do you wanna come over? So I was like, sure, okay, so I go over
and, in like three o’clock in the morning the fire alarm comes on and we all had to
get rushed out of her apartment building. And I’m crying because I’m like,
my first sleepover’s ruined.>>[LAUGH]
>>And you know, so yeah, we’ve been through a lot,
fire alarms, the grove. Yeah, so we’re really good friends and
we text each other.>>You’ve been through a lot,
the fire alarms, the grove.>>Is that like part of-
>>Yeah, Magiana’s.>>Yep, all right.

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  1. millie “ya, we’re filming now”
    ellen “ so are you gonna shave your head”
    millie still has hair

  2. you should put her on your show again and do were you scared her and the person that scarse her should dress like 11

  3. Millie at 12:
    Is famous, can rap, dance and act

    Me at 12:
    Still tries to balance the light switch

  4. I was her when she had the wig I didn't need one because I have the hair so I got fake blood then I got the dress then I got the gaket

  5. Millie Bobby Brown At 15: Very Talented Actor, Amazing, Famous
    Me At 15: Still Closing The Fridge Door Slowly To See The Light Turn Off

  6. Millie at 12: Gets famous and is a great acter

    Me at 12: Closes the fridge slowly to see if the lights turen off

  7. my 𝖿𝗂𝗏𝗋𝖾𝖽 𝖼𝗄𝖺𝗋𝖺𝖼𝗍𝖾𝗋 𝖺𝗇 𝗌𝗍𝗋𝖺𝗇𝗀𝖾𝗋 𝗍𝗁𝗂𝗇𝗀𝗌 𝗂𝗌 𝖾𝗅𝗂𝗏𝖺𝗇

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