Midget Apple Plays – HAPPY RACING: Bloody Awesomeness!

Midget Apple Plays – HAPPY RACING: Bloody Awesomeness!

(electronic music) (laughing) – [Little Apple] Yo, yo, yo Little Apple back in the house once
again, that’s right! We’re gonna play a game
called, Happy Racing. It’s on the app store. Oh man, this looks awesome. So, just to let you know,
I used Pear’s credit card, and I bought the full version. – [Pear] Um, ex, what was that? – [Little Apple] Nothing, nothing, I didn’t say anything! – [Pear] Guys stop using my credit card for everything! – [Little Apple] Ha ha ha. – [Pear] Not funny dude! – [Little Apple] Whoa, oh, oh oh, oh! And that’s a bloody mess right there. Okay, we’re gonna start off my
– Stop using my credit card! – [Little Apple] Yep, later Pear! – [Pear] I would expect that
kind if thing from Orange not from you! – [Little Apple] Sorry
I can’t hear you over the awesome of this game! (laughing) Okay whoa! Okay well, if that’s how
the game’s gonna start with me just exploded a chicken well, you know that things are lookin up. Are you okay buddy? Oh I just ran over a cat! Come on! I like cats, well I also like chickens too. Geeze. Guess, we’re gonna have (screaming). Well that’s a bloody mess right there. (laughing) This is crazy! You know what game this is a lot like? Ooh, I got a chest! Alright, give me some upgrades! Please! I need all those upgrades, put some junk in the trunk. Get some upgraded vehicles and stuff. Yes! 300 coins! Although I saw some bigger amounts there, you could have gave me
those but, whatever. I’m not gonna name names. But this is definitely. Maybe not a rip off, but definitely a cartoonified version of a different game out there. That also has happy in it. And then it also (gun firing), ah, did the chicken make me explode? Geeze. I don’t like it when I explode! Well I mean it’s kinda
funny when it happens but, you know then I can’t
really beat the level then can I? (laughing) Ow my leg! Okay, but the leg is the
least of my concerns! (laughing) I think I’ve lost a couple legs and a arm. Look, no my arms are
still there, it’s fine. I mean not that I need them,
I don’t have arms anyways. But geeze, I really feel bad, (grunting). I barely even touched
it, and I just exploded! It’s like I drank 32 gallons of Kool-Aid. Cause I’m just blowing up and there’s, just, juice is going everywhere. Gross. (laughing) Grod-y. Come on, ah! Well 500 coins, that’s
better than 300, so, we’re movin up in the world right? See like I was saying, this game is somewhat like another game that has happy in it, and ends with, uh the second word rhymes with schmeels. So happy schmeels. Wha! Ha ha ha ha. Ah man. Oh no! Buddy, buddy are you okay? Oh yeah he’s fine. It doesn’t matter if he was on fire, he was, and I still
managed to beat the level, it’s cool, it’s cool Don’t worry about it. Being on fire never stopped anybody. And losing a couple of
limbs never stopped anybody right? They’re just moving past it and
they’re living their dreams. (laughing) Whoa, what’s this? What? Sooka blood, oh sucka blood! (laughing) Suck ya blub, I was wondering what it meant. Okay so he’s a vampire, in a wheel chair. Kind od like the last guy, only this guy, he’s a vampire, probably lookin for some blood, you know. Well okay, I don’t understand, who put bowling balls here? Ah chickens, could I, can I suck the chicken blood? Oh. Chicken’s just explode. Oh no, car field. What have I done? You know you’d be able
to get some blood, oh. (screaming) (laughing) Oh boy. Apparently buses, you know,
if like you’re playing a game like paper, rock scissors, but it’s buses, chickens and vampire. Buses always defeat vampires
just so you know that. Okay, word to the wise. (laughing) I want that chair to go, oh. Alright. Obviously birds have no chance
against the vampire, Vlad. Vlad sucky yo blood. (laughing) Which is a great name. Sucky yo blood. Hey I actually survived at the end there. I didn’t burst into flames, or get blown up, or you know, have limbs chopped, oh nice try, nice try there. Nice try, I love how you
snuck that one in there, you’re like, oh if you watch this one, you get to open a chest too, but then no. It tricks you, it tricks you into watching some ads. Oh what’s this? Gift to receive! You wanna receive news
when your gift is ready? No! I don’t need anymore
notifications on my phone. I already get notified for everything! I don’t have time for that. I got stuff to do, you know? I don’t need to be notified
about every single little thing. If I left notifications
on, on every single thing on my phone, I would never be able to
do anything in the day because I’d be too busy
getting notified by everything and have to go check it out. And be like oh okay, well, you know Happy Racer or
whatever, (screaming). So I don’t need a head? Perfect! I have a finite amount
of time before my head just, okay, well alright. Well I didn’t make it but that’s okay. But that kinds of cool. Cause like it Happy Wheels, if you lose your head, that’s it. But in this game, if you lose your head, you can keep on goin. It’s like the reverse of me, because I’m like all head, so, if I lose my body I don’t
have to worry about it because I don’t have a
body, so, there you go. Whoa! (laughing) I’m sorry! Who’s leaving all these
chickens and kittens everywhere? I feel so bad. (screaming) Okay that’s double dose
of action right there, double dose of death. I went through the fire and
I got spikes in the behind, which is not good. Seems to be a reoccurring theme. You know anytime you
play any of these games, it’s always spikes in the behind. I don’t understand. (laughing) Alright hipster, let’s do it! I wonder if I can honk that little horn he’s got on the bike there. (laughing) Oh geeze! Apparently, if you see
a button on the road, don’t touch it. It just makes everything collapse. Oh yeah! Front flippin action! That’s how you do it guys. Nice! Look at me, I’m cruisin! I’m cruisin and got no bruisin! Yeah! Okay! Spoke too soon. That’s a lot of bruising
right there actually. Nice. Man I’ve three starred
everyone of these motha’s! That’s awesome. Nice one. Nice one again. Tryin to sneak that in there again. Yeah they always try and trick you, they’re like, oh you
get another free chest, but if you press it, then they’re like, oh
you get to watch an ad, for 40 seconds and then, we’ll make the X a little too small so then when we try and hit it, you totally miss it and then
you actually click the ad, and then it goes out of game and back. I’m not mad. I’m not mad. I don’t have any kind of
pent up aggressions about it or anything. (laughing) What are you doin flailin
your arms like a goofball? Whoa! Flyin jet, did you see that? (laughing) That was, oh no, that’s not good. Okay. Little Apple’s on fire! Little Apple’s on fire, that’s gonna be a problem for people. Hey I still, good, did
I still beat the level? Wow! Okay so it still lets
you beat the level too even if you’re on fire and you’ve blown up and you lost your head, all that stuff. That’s so awesome. Ooh, I open up a new pack. Killin Floors. Oh ma there’s tons. You guys gotta let me know, should I keep playing this game? I mean it’s really fun, I’m havin a good time with it so. Alright, Easy City. Here’s the last level on Easy City. Let’s kick this booty! I wanna pick a different
guy though first. (laughing) Oh man there’s so many
people that I wanna be. Should I be that guy? He’s obviously the lawn
mower guy from that game. That rhymes with happy schmeels. I mean they’re not even tryin to hide it, at this point. (laughing) Wow! Ow my puppys! Oh. Well I don’t think you should be carrying your puppy’s in a basket
in the front of your motorcycle anyways, or motorscooter. Geeze. As Orange would say, “winner
winner chicken dinner.” Because that’s what’s happened. Cause there’s so many
chicken pieces everywhere. Hey we’re doin pretty good here. Oh yeah. Yeah this is time for a flip. Yeah! Like a bird! More like, like a boss. Okay yeah. Oh (laughing) oh though man, I wrecked
those chickens days. Poor guys. Didn’t even know I was comin at em. Come on! No! Man. Screamed just like a lady! Ah, ah! Screamed just like a lady! (laughing) That’s a pretty good song. I should actually make
that song. (laughing) Orange gets to make songs all the time. Although I did have Monster Truck, that was an awesome one. I like that video. Ah. I just massaged my head off on the ramp. Don’t do that guys. Well that the heck? Okay my, well, (laughing) Hit the zoomie. Alright. Ah man, my puppy’s don’t even
last for like two seconds. Okay yeah didn’t need that bumper. Get out of here. It’s useless! Really is, it doesn’t
really do anything for me. Gets in my way. (laughing) Alright lady, we’re havin fun in here! (woman screaming) Don’t scream! You have nothing to scream, oh okay, well, losing a leg, now that’s somethin worth screamin about. That I can understand. Ah! Chickens! Ah man. I always lose my head
when it comes to chickens. Ow. (laughing) Stupid scooter rolled right over me. Come on. Oh, bloody mess. Again I lost my bumper. Who needs it! It’s useless, geeze. I almost forgot to ask you guys, how you doin today! Are you havin an awesome day? Hopefully you are not on a scooter running over chickens. That’s probably illegal anyway. You probably shouldn’t
do it. (woman screaming) Just stick to the game. (laughing) You look like a little fountain! She just left her leg back there, shootin blood into the air. It’s pretty awesome. Now play the, ah! (laughing) I meant to do that. Oh what the heck? Come on you don’t have to add all that, on top of me getting splodied. You guys are gotta
(laughing) what was that? (laughing) I’m sorry. Who’s puttin bowling balls on the track for cryin out loud! I’m trying to drive here. Can’t drive, we’ve got bowling balls. There’s no pins here. This isn’t a bowling alley. I don’t see, although there’s also buses
stacked all over the place, and kittens and chickens so, I guess it shouldn’t be
too much of a surprise if there’s bowling balls. (laughing) You lose your leg every time lady. Okay I feel like, (laughing) we got this. We can do it! (screaming) Come on! Oh wait, I’m still goin. I’m still goin, who cares! You can do it, there it is! Yeah! Oh yeah, missing legs, missin heads, it doesn’t matter. Little Apple’s in the house. Alright guys, well thanks
so much for watchin, that’s it for this time. Little Apple, you rock. Let me know if you want me to
keep playin this game, okay? It’s pretty fun. Till next time, bye bye! (electronic music)

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