Middle-earth: Shadow of War – PS4 Gameplay | PlayStation Underground

Middle-earth: Shadow of War – PS4 Gameplay | PlayStation Underground

SID SHUMAN: So many ways to
take out your enemies in these games.
Oh, this is so cool. RYAN CLEMENTS: Ah.
What is happening? SID: Bam!
Devastating! RYAN: Oh, my goodness! SID: He’s vulnerable to fire we
learned. RYAN: That’s right. He’s
flammable. Rashes are flammable. SID: Highly flammable. RYAN: It was foreshadowing. [LAUGHTER] [INTRO MUSIC PLAYING] RYAN: Hello, my friends and welcome back to
PlayStation Underground. Today we are playing
Middle Earth: Shadow of War which is coming the PS4 on
October 10th. I am joined by Sid Shuman. SID: That’s right. And game is looking awfully
good. And we have a friendly guide
here to show us the way around the world of Mordor and Middle
Earth. RYAN: Yes. Now I want to point out right up
at the top. If you’re watching this episode
of Underground on YouTube, you can watch it in 4K. If you’re watching it over on
Facebook, well, I bet it looks good, but
boy, oh, boy, you better mosey on over to YouTube
and see it in 4K as well. SID: That’s right. And we’re playing it on a
PS4 Pro here to get the optimal quality, and looking mighty
fine; looking mighty fine. RYAN: Now, I think what we’re
going to do, obviously this is set after the
events of the original Middle Earth game by Monolith, and here we are going to be
taking on a fortress which are these huge and very dangerous
play spaces in the game. We’re going to take a run at it. I’ve been told that there may be
a chance that we don’t do so great, but we’re going to do our
best and see where it goes. And, of course, you know, our guide is looking through
some of the — ooh. Siege upgrades. Yes. We need to make sure, Sid, that we are well
prepared for this siege. SID: Prepared for anything. And I got to say, the original
Shadow of Mordor, actually one of my favorite
games this generation. I’ve been a huge Monolith fan
for years. I love Fear. I love Blood, all
the way back in the old days, Shogo, all those old names I’ll
drop there. But Shadow of Mordor was such an
awesome game because, among many other things, it had this incredible
Nemesis System. RYAN: Absolutely. SID: And my understanding is the devs have basically taken
that idea, and they have just put it every
possible place in this game. So what that means is enemies
that you fight, they will learn about you,
they’ll remember you, they’ll remember things you did. Your comrades now and your army
that you’re building here, they’ll remember things that
you’ve done. So there’s tales of sort of
revenge, betrayal, all these different things,
even friendship I’ve learned. So pretty interesting stuff, and
I’m dying to see — RYAN: Terror Fortress. SID: Seems like we’re pretty far
in the game here actually. We’re getting a good look ahead.
And looking — RYAN: Yeah. I will say that if you’re
worried by looking at this and thinking this is going to be
tough, well, this will happen a little
later in the game. Ronk. SID: Look at this crazy head. RYAN: Ronk, the Head Lopper. SID: Look at that head
up on his — RYAN: He’s a fiery terror tank. Now, Sid, I’m not going to make
any promises here, but if I named my second child
Ronk, I don’t know, I feel like that’s
a really good call. SID: Ronk Clements. RYAN: Ronk, the fiery war tank. And here are some of your allies
in this fight to come. SID: Now this is set maybe 40,
50 years before the events of Lord of the Rings actually. And it’s sort of filling in some
of the backstory. It’s kind of adding some new
perspectives, some new angles to this awesome
mythos. RYAN: I know.
It’s so great. SID: And we have the
Bright Lord here, Ryan. Tell us a little bit about who
the Bright Lord is. RYAN: Oh, great.
Thanks, Sid. Why don’t you just toss me all
the lore-related questions. SID: Well, you’re a little
hobbit. You love all this stuff. RYAN: I’m the hobbit? SID: You’re a hobbit. RYAN: Because I’m shorter than
you? SID: Perhaps. RYAN: Celebrimbor is — or the
Bright Lord — is sort of the wraith and the spirit of a very
iconic and ancient individual. SID: Elvin king; right? RYAN: Yeah. You know, I believe forger of
the great rings, which I’m looking to our guides
for confirmation. Oh, my gosh.
What is happening? SID: This is awesome. RYAN: I’m explaining lore. Shut up, Ryan, about this
action. Oh, god.
We’re poisoned. So Talion obviously has a lot
more various weapons, various tools at his disposal — SID: That’s what gives you the
bow and arrow ability there. RYAN: — including the giant,
hulking beasts that we can ride. Oh, my gosh. SID: This is so cool. RYAN: Oh, hello. SID: Befriend him. RYAN: Now, Sid, if you had to
walk around with that giant
crossbow on your back, I would say that would slow you
down quite a bit; right? SID: A little bit, but I’d be
shooting giant, gnarly gobs — RYAN: Gnarly gobs of poison goo. SID: That’s right. The beast game in this title is
extremely strong. I’ve seen just a huge number of
creatures. These are trolls obviously.
I saw wargs. I’ve seen drakes are flitting
about from time to time. And there’s just all manner of
orcs and ghoulish creatures. So that got my attention right
away. And the gore factor is, like,
off the charts. RYAN: It’s not for the faint of
heart. And I will say, you just got a
small sample right there of some of the very fantastic,
free-flowing combat that players got used to in
the original game, and obviously that’s been dialed
up here for Shadow of War. And just raining death and
poison down upon the opposition here. But that’s actually one of the
things I liked most about — I often try and play stealth in
these types of games, and then I fail miserably
and do terribly and I always wind up in
a sticky situation. But the combat is so fun and you just feel so cool while
you’re doing it. This is some of that gore that
we were talking about. Oh, my gosh.
Enough already. Enough! That was a snafu.
Am I right, Sid? SID: Oh my.
Look at that. I mean, your right though, Ryan
— oh nice. One of the things that makes
this game so fun is that it’s got that kind of stealth
combat, you know, that I enjoy in games like
the Batman Arkham series, maybe Assassins Creed. But it kind of brings its own
flavor thanks to Monolith. And then you got all the combos and the cool
bow and arrow combo. Oh, man. RYAN: Nice jump. SID: Didn’t quite make it. Well, you can’t blame him. It’s kind of got a little
something for everybody, RYAN: Definitely. I just I feel like the breadth
and depth of the stuff — I love that by the way, breadth
and depth — of the stuff that you can do in
Shadow of War is just — I mean, it’s basically — I don’t want to put
a number on it, but there’s a lot more
than the original. SID: It’s kind of in some ways
at the heart of my fantasies about video games when I was a
kid. Like, I wish there was a game
where, like, everything
you did mattered, and you killed people and they
knew what you had, and they weren’t just sort of
robots, you know. And that is Shadow of War. RYAN: As a kid you were saying, “I wish there was a game where
you could kill people.” At the age of three and a half,
Sid had very grizzly dreams. SID: I wish I could chop off a
trolls head. RYAN: I just really want to take
it to a bunch of orcs. SID: That’s right.
RYAN: That’s what I’m saying. SID: Now, Ryan, explain to me the difference
between orcs and Uruk-hai. RYAN: Oh dear. SID: And goblins.
How do they factor in too? RYAN: I don’t
know about goblins. SID: I think goblins and orcs
are the same thing. RYAN: I don’t know about that
because I don’t know if that’s different in Tolkien’s universe. SID: I was speaking broadly to
the mythos of Lord of the Rings. RYAN: Oh. Here it is, one of the
best parts of the game. Tell him. SID: Bam. RYAN: Tell him. It’s a wise choice all right. SID: You can recruit these
powerful characters into your command, and who’s to say what
that character will do later? RYAN: Who’s to say? What’s this person’s name? What are we going to do this
time? Are we going to — No! Shamed. SID: Oh, man. RYAN: What a fool.
What a fool. Sorry. SID: That’s awesome. RYAN: This is brutal. SID: Yeah. RYAN: Sid, I feel like you could
pour a lot of time into this. SID: I’m going to be playing the
crap out of this. Look at this awesome, the sort
of scale of the combat here. RYAN: Boom. That effect is fantastic. SID: Yeah. RYAN: Give a very quick
obligatory shout out to the developers and all the visual
artists that make this very pretty. Uh-oh. SID: Ba-bam. RYAN: Just got by. I thought that was going to be
the cue to fail miserably, but it was not. [LAUGHTER] Killed. SID: So cool. RYAN: Goodness, gracious. And we got a pretty little
jacket. SID: I understand the loot game
is significantly stronger in this one. RYAN: Yeah. See, again, it’s just like
there’s always stuff. We’re looking at the armor here
on screen, but there’s just all this stuff
where when you take a great studio, they make a really
innovative game like the original — it’s Shadow of
Mordor; right? I’m getting the title right? SID: The original, yeah.
RYAN: The original. SID: Middle Earth. RYAN: Middle Earth: shadow of
Mordor. When you take that and then you
take all the learnings and the experience that a studio has
from the first one and then they can apply that to the
second game in a series is just — you often see a lot of great
progress from something like that. SID: Absolutely. RYAN: A little more dodging some
lava. Sid, remember the carpet is
lava. You have to stay on the couch. Just an important game to play. Retreating? I think —
no. Actually let him retreat. SID: Better get him. RYAN: This person is angry. SID: These orcs, there’s so many
kinds. RYAN: I know.
There’s so much personality. SID: Is that oil?
Looks like it. RYAN: It was bait I thought. SID: For those wargs? RYAN: It was bait. SID: Warg bait. RYAN: So many people are on fire
right now, maybe including us. Rash, what a face; the face only
a mother could love. SID: That’s right.
Would this face lie to you? RYAN: Certainly not. Uh-oh.
Could this be the end? It is. SID: Bam. RYAN: Okay. So sure this doesn’t look great
for Talion. But Sid, I have news.
This is a video game. SID: It is? RYAN: And our story does not end
yet. So what we can do is go back and
try to take revenge on — who was it, Rash, that killed
us? Great name. Rash is the next name after
Ronk. Second child will be named Ronk,
third child will be named Rash. Ronk is just pleased as punch
about their victory. Our siege has failed. Well, I say we attempt to seek
revenge on Ronk’s fortress. SID: That’s sweet. So you can see you’re kind of
chipping away at the forces a little bit. RYAN: And their ranks and
structures are ever shifting. SID: Ever shifting. The loyalties are ever shifting. RYAN: There’s Rash.
New target. SID: Get some revenge here. RYAN: Turns out Rashes are
flammable. [LAUGHTER] SID: Just like in real life. RYAN: Just like — now if you
have a rash, all right, just set it on fire. Don’t do that. That is not
sound medical advice. Pretty sure that
would not work well. So Talion is back.
Looks great. SID: That is one hell of a Mount
Doom right there. That is Mount Doom; isn’t it?
It looks like it. Let’s say it’s Mount Doom. RYAN: No, it is.
We’ve gotten confirmation. We’re going to have hardcore
Tolkien fanatics be like, y’all let two of the most
incompetent Tolkien experts on to record
PlayStation Underground. SID: Look, I have seen the Two
Towers at least four times. RYAN: I don’t know if that
qualifies you as a Tolkien expert, Sid. SID: An enthusiast. RYAN: An enthusiast, certainly. SID: And you’ve read all the
books? RYAN: I’ve read all the books. I read the book that now escapes
my name, but the — SID: The Hobbit?
RYAN: No, no, no. SID: The Silmarillion? RYAN: The Silmarillion.
Thank you. SID: You read that, huh? RYAN: That was actually one of
my favorite bits because that’s like concentrated lore right
there. If you like world building and
you like lore, that’s where you’re getting like
a concentrated dose of it. SID: It’s like a history of
Middle Earth basically; right? RYAN: Yeah. And a lot of the politics and
the divinity that’s surrounding the lore. Celebrimbor’s got
some wise words. SID: That’s right. RYAN: Are we going to do a
little sneaking? Nope. [LAUGHTER] SID: Who needs it? RYAN: You’re like, “I was going
to sneak, but these guys are really
bugging me.” And our guide has a lot of anger
to work out. Ooh. SID: That’s awesome.
Wish I could do that. RYAN: No you don’t. Really?
No. That would be scarring if you
had to go through this. Come on, Sid, let’s be honest. SID: I’m just referring to being
able to teleport back and forth. RYAN: Or leaping. SID: Leap 5,000 feet in the air. RYAN: I don’t know if that was
5,000 per se, but it was pretty close. Oh. Okay. Yeah.
He’s super pumped about it. I love it. That’s one of the best things
about kind of free-flowing, open world games like Shadow of
War is that you’re essentially, as a player, you’re constantly
telling your own stories, Oh, my god.
That’s so cool. SID: So cool. RYAN: Get out of here. [LAUGHTER] RYAN: You’re constantly telling
your own stories and just having unique experiences that other
players will not even see because they won’t
even follow, you know, this particular
series of events. They won’t follow these enemies. Their Nemesis System will look
different. It’s awesome. I would like to pick up all the
documents on this table and read them. Oh. Rash is here. Rash! We’re going to head towards
Rash. SID: So many ways to take out
your enemies in these games. Oh.
This is so cool. RYAN: What is happening? SID: Bam! RYAN: Oh, my goodness! SID: Devastating. He’s vulnerable to fire we
learned. RYAN: That’s right. He’s flammable.
Rashes are flammable. SID: Highly flammable. RYAN: It was foreshadowing. SID: What are these little
gibbering ghouls? RYAN: These little gibbering…
Sid. [LAUGHTER] SID: Are they like hairless
orcs? They got all burnt up. RYAN: If Rash survives this, I
will be mightily impressed. SID: He’s riddled with arrows. RYAN: Yes.
He’s terrified of burning. He’s like, “I hate rashes.
I’m out of here.” Terrified.
Keep going. So many people are on fire and
in various states of distress. Holy smokes, no head. I don’t — at a certain point
it’s like Talion, how do you do it, man? SID: I know. RYAN: What’s Talion’s gym
routine because I want
to get on that. Give me his diet.
Give me his fitness regime. SID: He does not skip leg day,
I’ll tell you that. RYAN: Unless we fail this, but
we definitely have it. Boom.
Deflected. These guys thought that they
could take Talion on, but no, sir.
No, sir. With the power of the
Bright Lord fueling us. Uh-oh.
This is looking hairy. I spoke too soon. SID: Easy. RYAN: I spoke too soon, Sid. SID: Oh, my god. RYAN: Talion, no! [LAUGHTER] RYAN: Yes. SID: I cannot wait to play this
game. RYAN: There’s so many arrows
flying everywhere. How do you even keep track of
this? Now he’s on the back. [LAUGHTER] RYAN: There’s so much going on. SID: Awesome. This is like the
Nemesis System too. This thing, this warg is
frustrated at these orcs who held him captive. RYAN: Oh, Rash! SID: Perfect. RYAN: Rash, you were defeated,
sir. Again, I don’t think it’s very
likely we’ll come back, but who’s to say? SID: That didn’t stop some of
the orcs in the first game, so we’ll have to see on this
one. RYAN: Sid, this was a look at
Middle Earth: Shadow of War and getting some revenge on Rash. What did you think? SID: I loved it. You know, we’re playing on PS4
Pro. Looking real sharp in 4K.
Gorgeous looking game. So if you’re watching this
somewhere other than YouTube, ahead over to YouTube on your
computer or a relatively powerful device so you can turn
on 4K. RYAN: Relatively. SID: Yeah. Relatively powerful device, like
your phone might not be able to handle it,
but tablets often can, and laptops can do it. So check it out in 4K to get a
full look. The game does support HDR as
well in the final version. So if you have a 4K HDR TV like
yours truly, you’re going to be sitting
pretty. RYAN: Underground is not the
time to sell your TV. Okay? SID: Every time is the time to
sell my TV. RYAN: Sid, thank you so much for
joining me. SID: Absolutely. RYAN: Again,
ladies and gentlemen, this is
Middle Earth: Shadow of War, coming to PS4 on October 10th. SID: Looking strong I got to
say. RYAN: Looking strong, filled
with lava. Not for the faint of heart. And we will see you next time on
PlayStation Underground. [OUTRO MUSIC PLAYING]

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