Michael Phelps’ Secret Olympic Medals Location

Michael Phelps’ Secret Olympic Medals Location

We’re all very proud of you.>>Thank you.
>>So thank you. Really, what a representation you are for
us.>>So it was a fun 20 years, it was crazy. Everything started with a dream
of being an olympic champion. And being able to have that
first opportunity in ’04, and just building from there,
they just kept on coming. So it’s good, hard work does pay off.>>Yeah, it all starts with
a dream though, it really does. You have to, go ahead.>>You won six medals, right? And you have a total of 28.>>28 total, 23 gold.>>What do you do with all those medals?>>It’s actually kind of wild. I have probably seen them
all together maybe twice. I don’t bring them out very often. You know if it’s-
>>You brought one today?>>I brought one today. I actually never go in public with these,
ever. I don’t ever travel with them.>>Why is it? It’s bad juju or-
>>No, it’s just something that I’ve never done.>>Look at that!>>It started with a dream.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Heavy.>>Those are heavy.>>Very heavy.>>The real ones are heavy.>>Yeah, this is really heavy.>>You can take it out if you want.>>No, I’m not gonna touch it.>>[LAUGH]
>>It’s amazing, now, do they all come in this little box or
did you have that made? The ones from Rio all came in those boxes.>>Wow, that’s amazing.>>So we get separate boxes for every one.>>So, you said you don’t take them out
much, but they’re all together some place.>>Correct.>>Just hidden? Like in a safe,
I would hope, or something.>>They’re in a secret place, where are probably two people in
the world know where they are.>>Where?
[LAUGH]>>You’re not one of the two people. [LAUGH]
>>Yeah, yeah, she just thought she could trick you.>>Yeah.>>She’s sneaky like that.>>You have a kid, right? Is your kid Boomer, right?>>I do, yes, Boomer is here.>>Was he in the stands?>>He was in the stands.>>Is that wonderful?>>He had his headphones
on most of the time.>>Aww!>>He loves the water,
he absolutely loves the water. We have to heat it to a certain
temperature, so he gets to->>What’s the temperature?>>Like 85 or 86.>>That’s what we-
>>A little warm.>>No, that’s how we keep it. I love it warm like that.>>But it’s tough,
cuz Arizona’s a little hot, so->>So it’s not refreshing.>>When it’s 120 degrees, and you’re getting into 85-degree
water it’s not that great. But he loves to-
>>He needs his own pool then. He needs his own little pool.>>Yeah, I guess he can take the little
hot tub area, we’ll put that to 85. But he just kind of flaps around,
and he loves being in the water.>>Aah!
>>Yeah, he’s the best.>>[LAUGH]
>>He’s so relaxed in the water. It’ll be fun looking forward.>>Yeah, he looks very casual.>>In the future.>>Wow. He’s very cool. I have a gift for him, because he really
is gonna be a swimmer, I’m sure of it. And he should have his own pool.>>Okay.
>>So let’s bring out Boomer’s gift. He’s got his own-
>>[LAUGH]>>[APPLAUSE]>>That’s amazing.>>Yeah. He’s got, come on!>>There you go, yeah.>>Yeah.>>His own little suit.>>And the little swim cap. [LAUGH]
>>That’s cute, right? [APPLAUSE]
>>We’re gonna play a game.>>Okay.>>And so we’re gonna take a break,
we’ll play a game, and you can go to our website to learn
about the Michael Phelps Foundation. And we’ll be right back.

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  1. hi Ellen …. i m from India, I love u and ur show a lot…. u r so sweet and so kind… I just love to watch ur show all the time… I want to meet u like anything.. and one day definitely I'll meet u… 😘

  2. (Thanx) Ellen thats so cool, i bet he will enjoy your gift. *maybe he was too excited he forgot to say thanx. Maybe i missed it and I'm just talking..

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    woman has to act stupid or funny to get male attention of their existence
    Fucking discrimination female.. …
    IF Kristen was a guy Michael will act DIFFERENT
    just being honest
    Such thing just gets on my nerve

    tiny fact can show how this society wrong if you pay attention//

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  11. The greatest Olympian of all time it should be a privilege and an honour to meet him and he is so humble and down to earth brilliant a gentleman

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