Michael Jordan Shoes Year-to-Year

Michael Jordan Shoes Year-to-Year

do it is for three one two with a very
happy and healthy birthday through the great michael jordan and we
are basically uh… giving him kudos uh… you’ll see with the work that he has done not only
in the n_b_a_ with his storied career but with nike and we brought are few
correspondent american way americorps and could really i’m doing great america
if you so much for joining us from the director’s chair so we start with the whether this is
chris is sports illustrated dot com we start with the air jordan ones from nineteen eighty-four misses his
signature shoe uh… i really like the design of
course this was his rookie year uh… anemic it’s it’s very easy to look
at what you said i would they will play standard dunks good color chicago bulls colors obviously you know that like the red really stands
out with me as well so i mean obviously i’m in favor of that one it’s an
absolute classic the air jordan threes are actually
remember these even though this is the year i was born uh… this is the first time the jump
men logo was put on a shoe and reportedly was
michael jordan’s favorites you antiwar these uh… when
he won his first andy a and b p and was also his second slam dunk
contest uh… what do you make of the bottom
against the bottom in the back with the camouflage like uh… look swirling that that’s the others like
something timeless about short and sweet you would get use was made in nineteen
eighty eight beautifully rockies today and did you do everyone does whipping two hundred dollars more fully these
tennis shoes his third time this so in nineteen ninety-one jordan six is for
obviously released he wore these twenty won his first
n_b_a_ title against the lakers which obviously included byron scott
james worthy sam perkins body detox and of course magic johnson a literal
campbell he won the finals and the p with these
shoes uh… it looks like there’s she weighed
at the bottom which i guess is cool abcd league as the years ago and i think this
is the designs get laid crazier darker it we are now with the
dorms sevens in nineteen ninety two this was when he won his second straight
title an olympic gold which of course was a dream team a lot
of purple mixed in here uh… you know suede again the gem and logo i believe
that is on the left ankle uh… the outline of in and the center
for missing a lot of purple on there users users sick say except for religious overall everything’s why i’m on the entire
ukraine’s iraqis with anything now like to see obviously blake
description jeans and like the one i like put your genes artfully political
support for your jeans right now i show everyone terrific in shorts in nineteen ninety
four the door nine this is the first week of released after his retirement nike also made these with cleats for one he has white sox days in chicago
in you can clearly see like the whole designs is shifted i mean released all the ones that we’ve
seen so far that leases or let’s be here for one thing misprint
yeah break the the soul of the show solutions stiff so the jordan aladdin’s in nineteen
ninety six this was his first full season since
retiring in nineteen ninety-three a patent leather design i remember seeing
these all the time and footlocker uh… and it also was not a huge fan of
these uh… uh… i don’t know and i guess i just
got a huge fan of the design yet agree with you i have a different i don’t see myself
ever wearing so so in two thousand this one
was absolutely ridiculous and i think that i think the myslef the jordan sixteens real kopitz is being
released after a second retirement reggie miller actually warranties in the two thousand n_b_a_ finals i mean i don’t really know where to
start uh… you know it looks like something you’d
wear in the year like thirty thirty yet looks very technologically advanced the let this crazy to me as well is
issues it is shoelders aditya pointers with that okay in two thousand two the jordan
eighteens we’re design because of michael jordan’s love of golf pretty much the soul was designed biggest of course and in my opinion uh… it kinda looks like a compact car
playing a design on the issues they have stroud over the place is like that so i guess this is their own version so in two thousand six majority
twenty-two’s were inspired by a deadly continental g_t_e_ coop a lot
of how it’s literally reading in on the uh…
that would be the left incall uh… twenty-three you can’t really see
it unless you look close through the way i’m okay with them informing us errors organs of twenty
twelve pdt they call this biz soups soups and their reflected a john jordan’s brash and confident game very easy the design of the tells again really
grab me because it do you know it it has that design of where it’s all black on the bottom and then it just goes into
uh… x’s goes into a plain white very easy color scheme anyway i’m in favor alright last one uh…
these are appointment ridiculous uh… the jordan twenty thirteen sq all-black sleeve and this is the latest
shoe they’ve ever made it literally looks like a laser tuning that’s the
only way for me to think about it what he thinks shedding its skin yeah it
looks like an old is your greatest winston that is the uh… that is our
list are at least make things worse of the abolition of the jordan sneakers
and michael jordan heavy birthday to you you gave me some
fantastic moments uh… for my childhood and many n_b_a_
fans going forward america lee

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  1. I never made a YouTube account but I had to make one to make this comment, you guys have no idea what your talking about , first off the first picture you put up of the air jordan 6's are not the 6's. the retro jordan made micheals Jordan's career. And you have 3 shoes shown in your video that aren't retros

  2. Stop pretending that you know about air jordans cause you don't , if you don't want anymore dislikes you'll erase this video & attempt to make a new one for your channels sake

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  4. So fucking painful to watch. "easy on the eye!" To all but every fucking pair. "You are in favour of these shoes!!" Tinker Hatfield will be pleased!
    Wiki has better research than you. Please never do this again.

  5. "Not a huge fan of the (Jordan 11) design". SMH, yeah, it's only the single greatest sneaker design ever, but you know, they might be too shinny ๐Ÿ˜›
    Between that comment, the wrong picture for the 6's, the fake 11's picture, this is the worst video on the history of Jordan's EVER!

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  7. How awesome of people in the comments bragging about how good their knowledge is about the Air Jordans, and saying these guys don't know nothing. But I bet you dumbasses don't know about sports, history, education, politics, but you put your dumbass knowledge based on a pair of damn sneakers, y'all nothing but stupid retards, smh.

  8. the citrus 7s were fake get your facts right and suede on the bottom of the infareds and the first 6s weren't close!!!!

  9. Holy mother of Zues!!!! What the fuck do these dead beat shits no about Retros god damn poor bastards they messed up on most if not all the retros dumb asses smh :/

  10. MAN I hate people who just dont know anything about shoes…….but it was funny when he put the 3rd one up…ha ha lol….stupid dumb retards make me laugh

  11. White people r officaly crazy…lemme put this in purspective 4 u….THEY ARE BASKETBALL SHOES. OK NOT SPERRYS…..IDIOTS

  12. why can't I dislike this more than once they missed so many good one and don't know a thing about jordans

  13. Why the hell would they insult the shoes when clearly they don't know shit about them??
    Suede at the bottom?…… WTF??

  14. This was horrible. To the Makers of this piece of shit video: don't you ever try to put your stamp on something you don't know about that I care so much about Jackass!

  15. this video is shittttt LMAOOOOO ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ they took a big ass L

  16. y'all dont know shit about sneakers. u dont talk about things u dont know anything about. that's y y'all getting all these dislikes and hate comments. how did y'all blatantly disrespect the jordan 6? Oh and btw after the jordan 14 the rest of the silhouette are almost completely irrelevant. U guys should have covered more of the 1 – 14's. one of those jordan 6's weren't even a pair of 6's. and the other was a grade school pair. y not just show an adult size pair they? look so much better. y'all should have showed the carmine and infrareds. and yall put spizikes as the thumbnail. every one hates those. ok case in point u guys made a bad video. everyone keeps saying that. so i just thoroughly went through and explained for u dimwits. also the beginning was pretty good, the sevens and 9's were fine. but srsly no one cares afrer the 14's. i mean people do but not nearly as much as the 1-14's. u should have covered the 4's, 12's, 13's and 14's as well…

  17. the first 'six' shown isn't even a jordan six. this is garbage. a quick 30-second google image search would've done a lot of good and prevented these two from looking ignorant on the topic.

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