Mentality of a Kayaker – René Holten Poulsen 2012

Mentality of a Kayaker – René Holten Poulsen 2012

There are many thoughts running through your head. You’re a bit nervous, asking yourself if you can really do this. But when you’re about to begin it changes, “I can do this,” so your thoughts vary a lot. My name is René Holten Poulsen, I’m 23 years old, and my ambition is to become the best I can be. It requires you to be disciplined with your training. The discipline to follow your daily training program must be present every day for many years. I have always dreamed of becoming an athlete. So sure, it’s a dream, but it’s not so much the ultimate goal but the journey in itself which is so great.

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  1. If this guy is serious then he should come race in the Texas Water Safari, it is the worlds toughest canoe/kayak race. It is 260+ miles long and is in 95+ degree Fahrenheit weather. The racers can only receive water from ground crews and that's it. My brother has done it a couple times, it's tough.

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