Mental Toughness and Sports Psychology

Mental Toughness and Sports Psychology

Hi, do you focus on everything that could go wrong in
a competition and then stress out and lose your confidence? I am Dr. Patrick
Cohn, in this video I’m going to talk about how you can stay more mentally tough
prior to a game or leading up to a competition and not catastrophize.
You’re watching sessions with Doc. The question that I received from Chris
says, “I’m an ice hockey goalie and I keep recalling the times when I did not
prepare well and I got benched. Ironically, I’m doing the same thing
right now before I got benched before. I think the competition is too good. I
can’t beat them and when I go on the ice I can’t play my best. I lose the game
before it starts. I predict that I’m going to be out shot or am going to blow it
because my team is not out matching the other team. How can I have more mental
strength before games?” Chris great question about mental toughness here
before games. What you’re doing let me talk a little bit about the mental error
that you’re making. What you’re doing is you’re living in the past in negative scenarios or negative
situations and then you’re projecting that onto a future game where your
catastrophizing. Now catastrophizing is this process that athletes go through
where they focus on all the wrong things and they focus on what’s going to happen
that’s going to rock your boat for example so you’re more worried about
getting scored on then really making stops in essence and so that’s not gonna
serve you well when you going to the game and the reason why you might feel
little bit tired before a game is because your anxiety level and your
stress level is causing you to really be tired even before the game starts and
i’ve seen this before with other athletes. They’re so stressed 24 hours 48
hours before game because of this negative thinking this catastrophizing
maybe fear of failure that once they get in the game they feel like they’ve
already played a full game, they’re already tired and as an athlete that is
not going to help you be mentally tough, that’s going to sabotage your
performance if you start the game that way. So how did you develop more mental
strength in this scenario? First of all, what I want to do if you have the
ability to do this I want you to develop a highlight-reel so have a coach or
have a parent or teammates whatever you can do if you already have video then I
want you to create that highlight reel where all you’re doing is making great
saves one after the next even better yet if you can put it to your favorite music
then you have your own little music video of you making great saves and
that’s what I basically want you to do when you’re preparing for games is I
want you to have some positive visualization. Right now you have what’s
called negative or catastrophic visualization that’s not going to help
you perform your best. So it’s a couple things for you one is get the confidence up to a level
where you know why you deserve to be confident let’s focus on your practice,
your work ethic your skills your hand-eye coordination all the things
that go into being a good goalie. I want you to focus more on those things. Ok secondly, when you think about the game I
only want you to think about that positive highlight reel in your mind
where you’re feeling yourself and you’re seeing yourself make great saves. Now for
athletes that tend to get a little stressed out a little anxious one of my
recommendations is stop focusing on the game altogether your mental preparation
starts an hour before the game so I forbid you to focus on that game up
until an hour before the game. Now what do you do in the meantime? Well in the
meantime it’s very simple How do you prepare your best, how do you
get ready for that game? That should be your whole world leading up to that game
right before that hour before game time then you can kick in that positive
visualization, that positive highlight-reel that positive
music video that we talked about. I think that’s going to really help. Thanks for
the question and good luck with your game. Hey please subscribe to my YouTube
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series on mental toughness so you can continue to improve your mental game.
Thanks, you been watching sessions with doc, I’ll see you next week.

6 Replies to “Mental Toughness and Sports Psychology”

  1. Thank you Dr. Cohn. I actually watched this before my game, and it really helped me relax. I did do Dr. Cohn's program that is from Peak Sports, and it changed my career. I was struggling the first half of the year last year, and after doing his program it made me more consistent and a whole new competitor with high confidence and great focus. This program is really great with a lot of information that is comprehendible and apply able. It's great. Just wanted to throw that out there (by the way I am off to one of my greatest starts thanks to Dr. Cohn) Thank you!

  2. It's sorta funny, before games I make a mental highlight reel just out of memory and the music our team plays. It really does help!

  3. i am a cricket player and i am afraid of bowling to the batsman.i think it will go for bondary or i will give a wide. how to overcome that fear and be self confident.

  4. Yes, my mother told me it when I was 10. You can recognize your self-confidence when your opponent overstep red line with the puck. If you´re looking forward to it with joyful competition, it´s great. And listen to some music what pull you up. Matt Murray or Braden Holtby play some instruments

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