Men’s Style Tips – Suit Jacket Vs. Sport Jackets – What’s The Difference? – Male Fashion Advice

Men’s Style Tips – Suit Jacket Vs. Sport Jackets – What’s The Difference? – Male Fashion Advice

Men’s Style Tips – Suit Jacket Vs. Sport Jackets
– What’s The Difference – Male Fashion Advice Hi! I’m Antonio Centeno, the founder of Real
Men Real Style. Today, I’m going to be answering a question. What’s the difference between
a sports jacket and a suit jacket? If you haven’t already, please subscribe to
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jackets and suits. Okay, so the question that came in, a gentleman
is asking me, “Antonio, what is the difference between a sports jacket and a suit jacket,
and how can they be worn?” He was just very confused about the two types of jackets. All right. I can see where the confusion comes
from. The differences between the two used to be cleaner. It used to be that the sports
jacket was for sport, a suit jacket was for more formal events. But over time, and thanks
to mass manufacturing, you’ve seen the jackets in terms of the structure, the fabric. They’ve
come very close, so you see a lot of sports jackets which look like suit jackets, and
suit jackets which look like sports jackets. It’s not always exactly clear, but I’m going
to give you three reasons that, when I look at a jacket, help me understand whether or
not it’s a suit jacket or a sports jacket. The number one thing is going to be the fabric,
so look at the fabric. Usually, with a sports jacket, it’s going to be with the more casual
fabrics because it’s made to be a jacket to stand alone as an odd jacket, in which the
classification it falls under. And so, with these odd jackets — and “odd”
meaning it does not have an exact pair of trousers to go with it — you’re often going
to see fabrics that want to stand out a bit more, so they’re going to be brighter colors.
You’re going to see brown herringbone tweeds. You’re going to see check patterns. You’re
going to see all types of fabrics which you would not normally see — they’re more likely
going to have pattern in them, while with a suit jacket, you’re going to see those in
black. You’re going to see those in navy. You’re going to see those in charcoal grey
and normally, those suit jackets are going to be solid. You also will occasionally see them pinstriped,
but that’s pretty much suit jackets. You’ll occasionally see suits in other extravagant
patterns as well, but we’re talking higher end stores and that’s where the difference
between the jackets becomes less common. By the way, you could have a suit — just to
confuse matters more — you could have a suit and a sports jacket made from the exact same
fabric, and that’s where these other issues come in, so let’s talk about the build. Sport jackets are typically built, I would
say, more casually, so less formally. The pockets, if you look at the pocket on this
sports jacket, which is made from a brown hopsack fabric, it’s very nice. It’s got brown
with black in it, but this jacket right here — or this pocket, I’m sorry, is a patch pocket.
And so, a patch pocket is sewn on to the material. It’s not going to go in. There is no material
on this chest cut into, which is normally what you would see on a breast pocket. That
right there signifies to me that this is more casual and is right for a sports jacket. Whenever I make a sports jacket for a client,
I always try to do these little types of pockets and these other little details. I went with
two buttons right here on the sleeve and the reason I went with the two buttons is that
normally on a suit jacket, you’re going to see four, sometimes now even five buttons.
I like sports jackets to have a few less buttons, so those little types of details are I think
on the build. Another thing that you’re going to see on
the build is sports jackets normally have a bit more room. The whole idea with the sports
jacket is it came around to be used at sports. So if you’re going to go out hunting, whenever
the gentleman hunter went out, he would wear a heavy tweed sports jacket, which gave him
more flexibility in the back. So in the back of the jacket, you would actually sometimes
have pleats that would open up. So if he’s going to be out shooting, he could have full
arm movement. You’re not going to see that on a suit jacket.
The suit jacket was made for business. I know some of you guys in Wall Street or maybe down
in Florida, you’re in the banking industry. Perhaps you think that you need a bit more
movement because you’re getting pretty engaged. I don’t know, guys, but in any case, you’re
not going to have as free of movement in a true sports jacket, which a true sports jacket
is going to have just a little bit of a looser fit. The other part of the build is you’re going
to see there’s going to be normally more structure in a suit jacket. A lot of times, a suit jacket’s
shoulders are going to be more straight, be more pointed on the ends, while with a sports
jacket, there’s going to be less padding in here. Now, that’s not always true. You see
a lot of modern suit jackets with very little padding, very little structure on the shoulders,
but traditionally, a suit jacket, especially of the English style, is going to have more
structure in the chest and in the shoulder area, so that’s the build. We’ve talked about
fabric. Actually, with the build, I also talked about
the style. And the styling are going to be all those little details. Usually on a sports
jacket, you’re going to have a single vent or you’re going to have a double vent. On
a suit jacket, you can have no vents, which give you the least amount of mobility, but
gives you the nicest lines in the hip area. So if you’ve got bigger hips, you want a jacket
with no vents because that’s going to allow you to wrap the fabric closer around your
hips and minimize their look, especially with a dark fabric. Now, the double vent is perfect if you’re
— in my world, that to me is the ideal vent structure. Now, the single vent was actually
developed for men that rode horses because if you can imagine, it allowed the fabric
to fall on both sides of the horse, especially if a man is wearing a longer jacket with tails
as he used to a hundred years ago. Nowadays, I see the single vent as — well, it’s the
cheapest one to manufacture and you’ll see it on most off-the-rack, but when it comes
to a sports jacket, I think a single vent is actually fine, although I push my clients
towards the double vent because I think it’s a little bit classier looking. Another thing with the sports jacket on the
style is you are going to see — you can also see belts on sports jackets occasionally.
That’s pretty rare, but I think we hit most of the points. Again, the key is to look at,
is this something that looks like it needs to have a matching pair of trousers with it?
It is made from a darker fabric? Usually, those are going to be the suit jackets. The
sports jackets, you can go with lighter fabrics, fabrics which are really standing out there. All right. Hopefully, this gave you a bit
of guidance. Again, visit the articles I’m going to link to down below. They’re really
useful and it will help and expand on the points I’ve talked about in this video. This has been Antonio Centeno with Real Men
Real Style. If you like this video, again, like it down below. I’ll see you in the next
video. Bye-bye.

64 Replies to “Men’s Style Tips – Suit Jacket Vs. Sport Jackets – What’s The Difference? – Male Fashion Advice”

  1. @stemcgolf I guess I was pretty hard on them – funny you're the second person today to mention it (we had a Facebook comment along the same line).

    Thanks for commenting!

  2. I usually wear a dark pair of jeans(typically a very dark blue/indigo color) is that ok? not ok? what's your thoughts on it?

  3. Antonio, are you wearing a hidden button down shirt? I noticed a little pulling, or are you using those magnetic collar stays?

    I like single vents with longer jackets w/ more waist suppression. Single vents on avg/shorter jackets doesn't seem as "right" to me.. Although half my jackets are single vent…

  4. I have indeed seen fabrics been utilized for both sportcoats & suits like Antonio says, I would like to say sportcoats run shorter on their overall length, whenever you want to use the jacket of a suit you would notice a bit "oddness" it doesnt look bad all, but suits are built to look as a 1 piece, if you happen to have a tailored sportcoat you would notice the jacket enhances your upper-body & generally runs shorter on their lengths, I would even say sportcoats have narrowed waists

  5. @AlainStocker I know – it's just a matter of time. Right now my wife edits the vids in her free time as we do this for fun (I run my clothier the other 10 hours a day!). Look for us turning this into a business soon so I can hire help!

  6. @avenancius Great comment – although I can't say I intentionally design the jackets shorter for my clients. Instead a accross the board I try to just barely cover the backside – a more modern look.

  7. @CiMBoMTurkiye93 You can definitely wear your sport jacket with either dress slacks or good dark jeans. The jeans are more casual, but it's still a common and acceptable style.

  8. Im looking for my 1st(believe it or not) suit. Im really slim and Im worried I might look too skinny in a suit..I need it for my job though so there is no way around it 🙁

  9. @carbidutz I think we've got a first suit video on the channel somewhere, but the basic gist of it is — dark color (navy blue or charcoal gray), single-breasted, two-button. Acceptable anywhere!

  10. @carbidutz Suitable but less versatile. We actually did a whole video on black suits and whether or not a man should buy one, right here on the channel — I'd take a look at it! At the end of the day you CAN wear a black suit anywhere you'd wear navy or charcoal, but it often doesn't look as good and gives you less matching options.

  11. whenever i watch your video's i think of the men's warehouse guy "You'r going to like the way you look."

  12. What would you comment on traditional blue sports coat with gold buttons? I've always seen/liked them a lot. Are they still acceptable/in style?

  13. Thanks a lot Antonio! I have to wear a business casual outfit next week at my University and I recently bought a jacket (I didn't know if it was a suit or sport jacket), this video really helped me figure out what it was (it turned out to be a tweed sports jacket).

  14. Now that the subscribe button is on the bottom the upward gesture is so confusing 😀 I was looking at the address bar for a good 3 secs

  15. I had a question for you. I have this Calvin Klein jacket given to me as a gift. It is blue with pinstripes, and has a notched lapel, 2 button single-breasted, and double vented. I guess the oddest thing about the jacket is that it has no interior lining or padding and the jacket itself is made of 98% cotton, 2% polyester making it really thin, light and easily wrinkled. Would this be considered a sports jacket? Thanks for the video, again! It was really informative.

  16. Thank you! I have a suit jacket sitting in my closet from the thrift store, and I was always curious to what it would be classified as!

  17. Antonio, the double vent, by the way, was invented in Britain to ride as well. The Brits believed that the double vent allowed the jacket to sit higher on the waist when in saddle and especially when going over jumps (as the Brits did in the fox hunt). Everything about the English suit is inspired by equestrianism — the pants sit higher, for a similar reason, and are only tapered at the waist. Also, if you watch modern Show Jumping you'll see that almost every rider wears a double vent.

  18. Enjoying your videos. you take up general things like how to fix your dress to help people like me look proper, all the way down to accessories for the extreamly interessted people. as in, what to have in your valet, rings and abit of history also including what signals it gives to people around you and generall tips as well to for example keeping your shirt tucked. keep up the good work!

  19. Does it look all right to use a solid navy suit jacket more casually, as though it were a sports jacket? Or would it look silly and not stylish?

  20. This is off topic, but I notice that you usually don't wear a tie. In my opinion a suit is incomplete without one. Only until the last few years have I noticed people, even politicians, walking around tieless. Has this trend been around for a while, or is it new? I know you know how to, but it seems like going tieless is a demonstration that someone does not know how to tie a tie and refuses to put the effort into learning how to. I would like some info about this; even if it is just about me having a stiff aristocratic mindset. Thanks Antonio! 😉

  21. Antonio, I have a quick question if i might. Is it appropriate to wear a napkin on a sports jacket ? 
    P.S I am talking when the sport jacket is in combination with dress pants not jeans and no tie.

  22. Dear Sir. I am a 23 year old man with black hair and a medium colored skin. I would like to know if a medium grey (with charcoal accents in the pattern itself) herringbone sport jacket with brown elbow patches are appropriate for my age bracket.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated thank you.

  23. Hi Antonio, 

    The jacket that you were wearing in this video. What are the width of the lapel, and the height and the width of the gorge? Usually, what are the effects of small and low gorge have on your body image? (


  24. I play GTA V alot and the sport coats have a really nice looking straight drop where you would button the jacket. So, naturally I thought that this is what distinguished sport coats from suit jackets. I thought it was a visual difference, but it was just that Rockstar Games couldn't properly create an open jacket. I wish they had these in real life somewhere though, because they really look quite dapper, and like it would impress the ladies.

  25. I wore suits to work for over twenty years and never thought there was a distinction between suit and sport jackets – interesting!

  26. I've been looking at other videos covering this topic around YouTube and let's just say yours is still the best. The devil is in the details. Thanks, Antonio.

  27. Hi Antonio,
    I own a suit jacket, that pretty much looks like the sports jacket you are wearing in this video. The fabric and the color are pretty much the same, the only difference I could notice was the chest pocket and the buttons. But almost every people won't see the difference between this jacket and a sports jacket. I really like to wear this jacket with a jeans and a dark dress shirt (often times black). So my question is: Can I wear this combination? I like the Jacket more than most of my sports jackets, but I'm never quite sure if I can wear this combination or if I should wear a sports jacket instead. And what kind of shoes do you usually wear, while wearing a sports jacket with jeans?
    Greetings from Germany!

  28. Antonio, what kind of vent/s should I go with if I squat and it shows? I'm just guessing suit fit so it doesn't exaggerate anything? Thanks in advance for any advice you can throw my way.

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