Meet Widow Von’Du: ‘The Confident Kansas City Queen’ | RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 12

Meet Widow Von’Du: ‘The Confident Kansas City Queen’  | RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 12

– What up, world, how you doing? I am the Widow Von’Du from
Kansas City, Missouri, and I am the dirty thirty years old. (rock music) So, I couldn’t find a remote to my TV, and they were talking
about black widow spiders, how they’re big, black, and dangerous, and I was like, oh, that’s me, bitch. Von’Du came from Kat
Von D and Erykah Badu, ’cause at the time I wanted
a tattoo by Kat Von D, and Erykah Badu was my
alma mater, still is. I love everything about her. I have all her music. I want to meet her one day. Kansas City is the home of Royals, Chiefs, barbecue and jazz, and my black ass. (laughing) Widow is that girl, she is
the reason for the season. She’s the reason why
you come to Kansas City. If you’re looking for a
good time, you come see me. That is who I am. My style, I like to call
it a ratchet-ass queen with high class fashion. Basically, I’m that bitch that was raised up in the nice areas, but I like to hang out with
the hoes down the street. Let’s put it this way, y’all
better not blink this season, ’cause if you blink, bitch,
you’re gonna miss some real fun. (laughing) (rock music) I really enjoy basically
any plus size entertainer that is willing to go out, wear whatever the (bleep) they want, wear their body out,
’cause that’s what I do. Like, I have my chest out, my stomach out, you know, these thighs. Like I don’t wanna wear
a gown all the time. I don’t wanna be all covered up. Like, no. I have 26 tattoos, and
look at this brown skin. I need to show that (bleep) off. (laughing) Don’t let the size fool you. Mama gets down. She does all types of things. Performing is my life. It’s the only thing that I do, only thing I’ve ever wanted to do. I feel that I contribute
to drag is confidence, because a lot of entertainers see me and are like, I wanna do
that, I wanna be like you. And I was like, well (bleep) go and do it. The biggest misconception about me, which I’m sure people
back home are gonna laugh, that everyone thinks that
I’m super intimidating, ’cause I just have this look on my face like don’t fucking talk to me, but you can come and talk to me. It’s just I have that look. Like, I’m not mean, I just paint that way. (laughing) Drag has the power to change everything. Drag has the power to
open up doors, shut doors. It has the power to free you from any chains and bonds that you are in, and I mean, go all the
way back to Stonewall. Like, look at what drag has done for us. Get into it, bitch. (laughing) Season 12 is about to be
the mother (bleep) ticket. Like, get your popcorn ready. Sit your asses down. Fill up them cocktails, as the show is about to (bleep) begin. I’m America’s next drag superstar ’cause bitch, why not? (laughing) I mean it’s time, it’s time
for a big girl to reign, honey. It’s time. I didn’t come all the way from Kansas City to (bleep) lose. (rock music)

100 Replies to “Meet Widow Von’Du: ‘The Confident Kansas City Queen’ | RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 12”

  1. "They were talking about black widow spiders and how they being black and dangerous.
    And I was like, oh! that's me bitch! " 😂😂😂

  2. Gotta say, Widow so far has the most actual fans in the comments who seemed to have watched her and known her from Kansas City. Good for her.

  3. Her skin literally doesn't look real, like what?? my brain can't compute. Her application is so flawless and that one dimple???!!! good lord i am already obsessed with her.

  4. Her introductory runway outfit reminds me of the guy from Empire of the Sun. That guy has the most amazing headpieces and style. I'd totally use him for inspo for my drag.

  5. You can't have an alma mater that is a human being. That isn't how language works. It means the school, college, or university that one once attended. So…she may as well have said Erikah Badu is her car floor mats. It makes exactly the same kind of sense. She has been speaking English natively for THIRTY YEARS and she can't do any better than that? That's embarrassing. And good job Kansas with your educational systems! Another Red State FTW. Oh well…I'm sure she's a good person.

  6. Can she like… not get sent home early. If Ru sends her home early, I’m leaving. She’s iconic, She’s positive, and She’s gorgeous.

  7. Widow is a superfabulous, superwonderful person with the heart of a diamond!!! And I have had the privilege of dancing and drinking with her before at the B in KC! Sending good vibes queen darling!!

  8. Elimination order:
    13th: Dahlia Sin (Episode 2)
    12th: Rock M Sakura (Episode 3)
    11th: Nicky Doll (Episode 4)
    10th: Aiden Zhane (Episode 5)
    9th: Brita Filter (Episode 6)
    8th: Jan Sport (Episode 7)
    7th: Widow Von’Du (Episode 8)
    6th: Heidi N Closet (Episode 10)
    5th: Crystal Methyd (Episode 11)
    Top 4: Jackie Cox, Sherry Pie, Gigi Goode & Jaida Essence Hall.

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