Meet the man who became an IRONMAN.

Meet the man who became an IRONMAN.

the big thing that we all search for in sport is finding the ultimate challenge toner is the pinnacle of endurance sport you have to be the best of the best to face theory it’s a race that chews people up you’ve got to be in the ultimate condition and have the perfect day of racing [Music] [Applause] [Music] Kona’s definitely in the biggest race of my life I’ve raced off-road World Championships before and multi-sport World Champs before but what it takes to even just qualify to valve to do this race there’s a huge task in its own but to be able to put myself in the situation where I get to compete against the world’s best on one of the biggest world stages that’s what I thrive for I definitely believe that my background of adventure racing it has led me to think in quite a different way to a lot of Ironman athletes I’m always kind of searching for different ways of doing things what he’s done to turn himself inside out to win races is a very very unique quality people who know the sport see him as a wild card and he’s seen as a wild card for a very good reason people are fearful of racing him he races in a way that is not traditional giant-man racing I always kind of thought Iron Man would be a distance that potentially ilex our way so to turn up at Ironman New Zealand and doesn’t manage to come away with the pretty convincing when was this an amazing result and pre that Kona was probably on the radar within the next five years with the successor Ironman E&Z it’s definitely jump forward a few years and given me a great opportunity to get a taste of it [Applause] [Music] it’s five weeks solid and to training now and I haven’t had a break since I started so the motivation it takes is huge and their reward you do get from winning some of those big races is amazing but it is one day out of potentially three or four months day-in day-out of work Skol never really worked for me I was diagnosed as dyslexic when I was 12 I couldn’t write I couldn’t spell and really struggled at reading and I kind of made my own way I can get away with the ability that I have to survive and do what I really enjoy doing and following my passions has led to a pretty amazing life for me triathlon Ironman is a sport that I can fully hundred-percent apply myself to and I get a lot from having their motivation and that stimulation to achieve my goals I feel as bad as I’ve ever been you know work so hard for it in the last sort of nine months now not too fast just settle it down a little bit those nerves start building and their pressure definitely starts weighing on you for me I know that I love racing and I know that once I’m out there that and the racer with them they will come out [Music] now balancing those levels of excitement and nerves and trying to draw on everything you can to bring on the best race [Music] man it’s amazing it’s a really hostile environment I think a lot of people can be really intimidated by at all in the competition’s brutal here it’s definitely the deepest field that you’ll come across in the world for them and and if you have an off day then you’re not gonna be anywhere near the race last night I decided to take my suntan out for a swim on the way back in put my foot down and managed to stand on a sea urchin and get a bunch of spines and the sole of my foot I was lucky enough to get into a pretty good doctor and his thoughts was you’re looking at sort of four or five days for the spines to actually have grown out it’s pretty frustrating and I tell you it’s pretty hard to have a positive mind frame at the moment but I’m just hoping that I’ve got you know two and a half days still up my sleeve and that but time race day comes that I should be able to manage it and tolerate it on the racecourse [Music] fifty-five of the world’s best Miller fleets are underway with a 2017 Ironman World Championship the swimming was going really well I was in a really good place I had good feet to follow and I felt like I was really comfortable a couple of the guys at the front really picked up the tempo to try and spread that front bunch out but I was happy to come out of the water in that group had a great transition and got out onto the bike then I managed to work myself up till third I was at that point of time when I decided that I’d go around and get onto the front of the race the heat is just about the stuff sweltering vanam Braden curry continues the chase toward enverga pretty amazing moment being surrounded by all these guys that are royalty in the sport and looking back and I follow in my tempo and at the same time I felt like I was really really comfortable reading for his tail off he is really pushing and I would speculate he’s putting that gap into exactly he’s getting away he stepped on some coral the other day so he hasn’t run in the last couple days so we’ll have to see how that goes things were going really well it wasn’t too much longer after that when I started feeling my back we all sliding out on me it looks like bread and curry has a flat tire this is nothing you like to see you just hope for you best stay out and and this is a part of the plan it’s not part of anyone’s plan I got going again I was done pretty well when I managed to just about bridge back up to the front group again when I saw that I had a penalty pretty much worst-case scenario yeah we pretty gutted it looks like he’s dropped about seven minutes let’s just hope he doesn’t lose her face because the runners are strongest League and he won’t give up he’ll he’ll fight till the very end [Music] [Applause] it’s pretty character building day out there to be honest that’s okay today like I kind of just made the call to go our bagger I’ll go to the front and I’ll just do the work because the last thing I want is a penalty and then I got a flat tire and then I thought that’s pretty angry and I just sunk myself actually and for about the ADK I wrote as hard as I could and that was pretty much my day I just say myself Peter deep trying to chase people and I would love to have pulled out but I just felt like it was just that a life that I had to go through so I made to the finish and it’s always next year I guess I think every experience that we have probably as human beings it makes us who we are and it’s always character building no matter what and the biggest things I’ll take away from this is the dedication that I gave it as an athlete you can see yourself develop and get better and get faster and get better and get leaner and I did all that as fast and as fit as I’ve ever been so it took this kind of challenge to get me to that place and I’ll forever be thankful I did it and I definitely won’t ever regret it [Music] [Music]

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  1. What a beast.
    That island won't allow you to become who you want to become right off the bat.
    Keep pushing. You will make it there.

  2. This guy might beat Javier Gomez today at the at IRONMAN Asia-Pacific Championship Cairns
    Cairns, Queensland, Australia June 10, 2018!!

  3. im not so educated in triathlon,but why does he go in the sauna? I know in bodybuilding but do is it for the same purpose,to lose water weight?

  4. So frustrating to hear so many of these guys take so much risk just to shave a few grams off their tires and ended up with a flat tire on race day.

    Just race with a decent set of reliable tires and stop using taking these stupid risks in an attempt to get that tiny bit of advantage on their competitor.

    Seriously, it’s so predictable. Every Kona you see at least a dozen flat tires.

    I’ve never had a flat tire in my life during a race. Hard to believe these $15000 bikes can be so fragile

  5. So basically you've gotta be the ultimate hobbit? Where are all the Africans? Something ain't practical here, I'm thinking it's the bike.

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