Meet the Hot Wheels Racing League – Ep 12 – The Hot 64!

Meet the Hot Wheels Racing League – Ep 12 – The Hot 64!

Test what you know
in Super slo-mo I’m Bridgette, bringing you The The Hot 64! Looking to add some fast cars to your collection?
The Hot Wheels Racing League helps you find the can’t-miss castings of 2016. Each week, four current cars come out of the
bubble and onto the track. Channel host, Robbie films a single elimination bracket with a
consolation matchup each week in beautiful super slow motion. This wall mounted drag
track is a thing of beauty. Have an eye for speed? You can test your knowledge
with the Hot Wheels Racing League’s peg-warmer pairings. Visit the link in this video’s description
to preview the week’s races. Fill out a bracket, picking winners of each
race. Correct picks earn you points toward a season
championship… But you’ll have to beat 64 ess Racing! 64s racing is compiling a list of the best
hot wheels tracks on youtube! Leave a comment and tell us your favorite! Let’s roll!

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  1. Thankx for reminding me about this league.  I think I signed up a few months back and with everything going on I had forgotten that I signed up.  Love that wall mounted drag strip!  That starting gate/ramp looks sweet! All together it looks like a ton of fun racing the cars on that track. Thankx for sharing!

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