Meet the guy that lives for curling: Chris Plys.

Meet the guy that lives for curling:  Chris Plys.

it’s the sound of the rock going over this little bumps on the ice the feeling of gliding those little things that you hear and feel when you’re out there the verdict is out on most people’s perception of grilling but I think curling in school my personal goal is representing my country in 2018 to be able to put my stamp on the history of this board where we’re going to win [Music] [Music] you can win and lose by millimeters you know it’s like chess one mental mistake and the game’s over I don’t think there’s a ton of guys in curling that are have a lot of a lot of ink on them screwed yeah just hitting my stride yeah there you go I have this little bird riding a skateboard on my leg that stems from a couple beers and convinced my girlfriend to go get those tattooed with me like on the spot so it’s from when I was won the World Junior Championships so it means world champion I’m Swedish this is a like kind of a recreation of a picture of my dad teach me how to ride a bike I said this one’s probably by my favor my dad got sick I took his like business book and started calling people that I knew who talked to all the time and took the company over that day on I didn’t really know what the hell I was doing I just like thankfully had a lot of really good relationships people so he would people were very understanding and work with me a lot to excite us it’s like a kid when you’re working a regular job and you’re training full-time making sure that all those your commitments are being taken care of can be a difficult thing in a sport where very few people can have curling be their sole occupation it takes a lot of work I try to put something that will make me better into my life everyday and and see where it takes me I work too hard and too long to just let it go now I start sliding out it’s just quiet it’s calm I try not really to think about anything except for what I’m feeling at that at that very point for the few seconds at least there’s nothing else going on there’s something therapeutic about that for me pretty good we like that being able to be with my friends and do something we all really enjoy it’s as good as the case I’ve definitely got invested some people were saying hey man I study curling and went on and tried it now if you have tattoos and wear your hat sideways I think I’ve just kind of shown that there is no like specific type of person that you need to be [Music]

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  1. He does know that "World champion" in swedish is "Världsmästare" and not "Värld Mästare"? 😛
    Just an S missing but for a tattoo it's a pretty big mistake xD

  2. The game of curling is one of the most under appreciated sports. I've loved the game since before I could remember. I grew up curling competitively and made it to Nationals but life has taken me away from my passion of curling at an elite level. I still curl and work occasionally as an ice tech, but it's never the same as those adrenaline filled 10th end last rock moment. I will keep my eye for you when I am watching every event in the upcoming years! Much love from Canada!

  3. Curling has been what iv been in love with since I was 6, It took years to stop falling when I threw a rock and learn the weight to throw one but it has been my life since I was 6 and I have no plans of quitting now that I have spent so much time learning and improving.

  4. This video is built like it's incredibly intense, and or 'crazy', but it's more of a joke than anything lol.

  5. Nah, it's still pretty gay. He seems like a really cool dude, but curling will never be anything other than boring.

  6. Curling? Sport? Really? it takes more concentration to wipe your ass. However you can you a squeegee scraper for your ass as well. Bringing a partner in might be going to far. Depending on how bad the bowel movement was.

  7. When you had tattoos and wear hat sideways I think, I just wanna showing that no specific type of person that you need to be.

  8. what if you are a natural curling talent? if you played you would become Michael Jordan of curling. maybe you miss the chance of your life. unravel your superpower. try curling.

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