Meet The Groundbreakers Who Are Changing Pro FIFA

Meet The Groundbreakers Who Are Changing Pro FIFA

The eChampions League winner… THE GROUNDBREAKERS What drives me is to be
the best ever who played the game. I compete FIFA to win.
Be the best. I’m super competitive.
I’m a hard worker. Everyone knows I have the passion.
Super high intensity. Representing a team.
I love competing. Representing a nation.
You need that ego… It’s all about football.
…to become the best. Don’t take it too seriously.
Be light-hearted. Keep playing and never stop. My greatest FIFA achievement
is, of course, my FIFA eWorld Cup. It’s the biggest goal of a FIFA pro. This year, I was the best player
in Australia. I’ll take that. Last season, I finished semi-final and
second in the world in the Global Series, so I hope I will be here for a long time. Winning the ECL changed my life. To be the
first ECL champion was a great feeling. Winning the FIFA eWorld Cup, FIFA 18,
was my biggest achievement. First year, played one tournament. Second year, I got a lot more tournaments. And in the third year,
I think it’s time for me to win a major. When I won the FIFA eWorld Cup
back in 2014, Ronaldo “Dinosaurio” handed over
the trophy. It was kind of surreal. The one player who’s definitely
changed the game is Tekkz. The kid’s incredible at two or three different games now,
so he’s only going to get better. I play a lot of other games
with my friends when FIFA’s not about. I can happily say
I’m a top-100 Madden player. Not even 18 yet, so God help everyone when he turns 18
and he just destroys everyone again. My mum sits with me every qualifier. She was the one
that got me into competitive FIFA. My generation is very young,
like Tekkz, me, Dossary. I hope we will be here
for a long time in FIFA. We have less experience maybe,
but we are young, so we don’t expect anything, we just
come and play, and maybe it helps us. It’s, for me, a bit dangerous. I hope no more Tekkzes come on the scene. I’m from the old school and I’m one of
the very last left, if you can say that, who are still competing
on the higher stage. So I also feel like I have some sort of
responsibility to keep repping the OGs. The thing that sets me apart
from other players, I guess, would just be my unpredictability. My ability to adapt the game
will give me the advantage. I like to consider myself
as an offside-trap specialist and for now it’s working. There’s this new skill move
that I’ve been doing. It’s really good.
No-one knows what it is yet. Bang, I whip it out
and I could win a tournament, so… I think my play style
is interesting for the viewers. I play really attacking football. I think when I can play my game,
when I press high, defend well and score my goals,
it’s hard to beat me. I definitely trust the La Croqueta, and should I be in doubt,
I can always call my teammate, Marcuzo, and he will have the receipt for me. The feature that’s going to help me
the most is the new tackling system. I think last year I had some troubles
with it during competitions, and as it is more manual this year, it will be much better
for the better players. I’m looking forward to
the new manual defending. I think it requires more skill and it will input a skill gap
for next year. Defending, I hate people who use the AI. I’m all manual. I always
just run at people with my defenders. When I see someone using the AI,
I want to damage them when we play FIFA. I want to put five past them. Some of the sacrifices you have to make
is time away on the weekend. I had the last year of school
and the first year of my FIFA eSports, so it’s not easy to handle both. I can’t go out always, but it’s OK, you can live normally
and have a normal life. I have the opportunity
to live by my passion, which is amazing, so I would do it all over again. I have consistency. In the last three years,
I was a champion in each year. I’m the only player who’s done that. Proving people wrong for two years now. My goal is to be World Champion
every year. I know it’s big, but why not? I’ve always won the first tournament,
and if I do that again, it’ll be three in a row. I want to be known as
one of the best players ever in history. More importantly,
I want to be remembered as someone who tried to make a difference
for the community and, most importantly,
be known as a good guy. FIFA20
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  1. Lol meet the players playing the game where you play your favorite teams players… it’s definitely a real sport guys. Those fingers get a serious workout.

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