Meet one of Britain’s strongest women.

Oh the same hair I’m trying to think to find all of them on hairless that’s probably a picture that of me when I was at my biggest I think it was bad 17th stone the size and how I looked wasn’t the issue to me at the time there was so much other stuff going on that was more important to try and deal with and and work through that being fat wasn’t my biggest problem I didn’t ever plan this journey I started out to lose weight and now I’m competing in your strongest woman I don’t know what happened when the rest of the girls worked through I did feel massively out only that the health and my size and how I looked was not important I was just getting from day to day today if you’d said to me before or you will be in an abusive relationship I wouldn’t have said to you that I was ever going to be that person but I I was in a completely relationship I think you know I had no self-confidence at all it wasn’t until after I moved out that I realized how much I’d lost good that’s it very well and come on is waiting overnight you have to reach the rock-bottom to be able to really have that motivation to change and I’ve been very lucky to be surrounded by some really positive people who I think see what you’re capable of before I saw it myself I don’t like walking away from things so I will just just keep going back and keep going back but you don’t know your strength of character until you are tested whether it’s a competition whether it’s something happening in life it’s how you respond to it

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