Meet Aspiring Trans Wrestler Lola Starr | International Transgender Day of Visibility

Meet Aspiring Trans Wrestler Lola Starr | International Transgender Day of Visibility

I still knew I had to disclose
some information to them I’m not like most girls,
I’m a little different I’m transgender Hi everybody, I’m Eve! I’m 22, and I am currently
training to be a pro wrestler I started looking into Premier Pro
Wrestling last year, around December It’s about two hours away from me, so
I do take that drive twice a week Going into the New Year of 2018, it was
one of my new year’s resolutions because for quite some time, I had been saving and
looking for the perfect school for me Where do I even start?
My love for pro wrestling… the first girls I ever notice, that
really caught my attention, was Candice Michelle and Torrie Wilson So they started it all for me and… Back in December when I was
looking at the training and I sat in I was pretty much sold but I still knew I had to disclose some information to them So I sat down with Matt initially I was like “hey Matt…um…I’m transgender,” and he was just like “oh…that’s…” He turned a little white haha He goes “um..Rand! Rand!!” I said something brilliant I wish I could
remember cuz it was so simple cuz you’re were like “I’m transgender” and I’m like… Oh yeah, you were like “why the
(bleep) does that matter?” I said something like, “I’m old and broke down, so what?” I feel like I always knew. The biggest
struggle for me was actually just accepting and owning it. Because,
I knew it was something I wanted I knew it was who I am But I was just scared I was like, you know,
what if these people don’t accept it or is it gonna deter me from my goals in life,
is it kind of make it that much harder it’s still a challenge because I, of course,
love and accept myself but it’s also learning to love and
accept how people will react to it It takes a lot of courage and strength to deal
with the backlash that can come from that My whole thing like I tell her
all the time, you know, she’s mine so I’m gonna be there, you know That’s my job as mom it does take a whole lot of support
like almost overboard support The past month she’s been amazing Doesn’t give up on anything and I got
a lot of hope for because like they say I think that she is gonna get more
confidence, because you see it already When she first came here, I was not happy with the way she was handling her work ethic Now, it’s almost like it’s completely
different person. So, that’s good The way she can handle it helps her improve So, if she can keep this up,
she’s gonna be somebody So far on this journey, chasing my dream, I would say that I’ve learned
to embrace the hunger because a lot of times I feel like
okay, you know, this is too much or maybe it’s a little far-fetched Just going back a little bit,
I wasn’t even fully Eve all the time until after in October and
like looking back now I’ve never lived more in my life I feel like if I keep that same
drive in all these different areas and especially in wrestling, who knows
where I’ll be in a couple months (Eve and Ollie talking after the interview) Hi Eve, Hi Eve’s mom! My name is Leilani Tominiko a.k.a Candy Lee And I’m New Zealand’s
first transgender pro wrestler And I’m just hearing your story,
and I want to tell you that I’m so proud of you, and your story
is really amazing and inspiring I’m 23 years old. I was born in Samoa, but
I live here in Auckland, New Zealand and I trained and wrestle for
Impact Pro Wrestling New Zealand Before I trained, I let my promotion
know that I was transgender and they have been nothing but supportive They’ve always had my back, and they’ve
always supported me from my journey Keep doing what you’re doing!
You’re doing so well I’ve seen your training videos,
and you’re killing it like so good! Yeah, you’re gonna do amazing
things I can already see it And hopefully our paths cross one day Maybe in a ring, we have a match
that would be fun You got it girl! If you need, I will always support
you, cuz I believe in supporting each other cuz his only few of us in the wrestling business Hopefully I’ll get to meet you! Just keep doing I’m so proud of you And own who you are. Be proud of it

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  1. In the wresting no matter if you are woman , man , transgender , only matter your talent to make and sell moves or if you dont have any talent only matter be a the rock cousing xD ,but the point is that no matter who you are only matter your talent in a match

  2. I'm trully am shook,I never in a million years thought Lola is a trans…Gurl I'm so happy for you!!!!You are pretty and talented.

  3. As long as she puts the work in,it'll all be good. Wrestling's the most accepting place in the world of entertainment as long as you're working hard. Good luck!

  4. Your so inspiring Lola , i love you and im a big fan, and i like to see how much you have develop haha stay fighting girl your amazing.

  5. Hey everyone! I am loving the support given to Eve as she is awesome in general. However, I just wanted to give a harmless tip.
    I know people mean well when saying stuff like "I didn't know she was trans, she's so pretty", but that can easily be taken as a back-handed compliment. It could come off as insinuating that she looks too good to be trans. So please be aware of making comments like that.

    Again, I know you guys mean well so I am not trying to attack. Just trying to educate on something that someone may not be aware of (which is fine). Peace and love!

  6. Lola I just found out you are trans via comments section.
    This old school Christian Texas native says God bless you woman! You’re one sweet girl and lovely bubbly personality. Remind me a lot of Brie Bella.

  7. Also want to add that in Mexico in Triple AAA wrestling, they have many exotic wrestlers known as Exóticos. They wrestle both male and female wrestlers and as well as alongside the minis. The exoticos play both HEEL and Face which I know in the US that would be censored. The heels know how to work the crowd haha. And the faces know how to fire up the crowd!
    Their work ethic speaks for them. Pimpinela Escarlata and Mamba are your two top dawgs! Also Maximo is one badass dude! In wrestling it’s not like in the rest of entertainment. Fans respect the work ethic no matter race color gender ethnicity sexuality and all other stuff. If you’re a foul person you lose the respect. If you’re not good you lose the respect. Lola much respect to you girl!! Love seeing you hit that Layla arm drag fireman carry cradle bridge!!

  8. WTF? I can normally spot decepticons. But I have to admit that she even fooled me. I was watching her Ring the Belle channel the other day. She put on a pretty good match vs two other women.

  9. youre not like most girls? youre not a girl at all. if you want to be trans thats one thing, it doesnt mean somehow biological and scientific facts are no longer true

  10. IM HONESTLY IN TEARS!!!!???. I love her so much! She is gonna make history in becoming a trans gender female wrestler!! I JUST LOVE THIS! I saw this in my recommendation and I was like damn I really need to accept myself! EVE IS GONNA SLAY!!!!!!!✌️?✌️?✌️?✌️YOU GO GIRL!????

  11. He don’t embrace it. I commented on ring by the belle . I said congrats to your transition. He ignored the comment but liked everyone else comments that wasn’t about him being a transgender .

  12. I’m trans and I had no idea this entire time lol. Loveeee. Also now i see why she loves the divas championship so much ?❤️

  13. Great, now people are gonna be begging WWE to bring him in just because he’s a trans. Then if he ever loses to absolutely anyone, people will go crazy and say “WWE HATES TRANS!!! ???”

  14. I legit had NO idea she was even trans!!!! She’s gorgeous and quite talented in the ring! Hope to see her in WWE soon!! Way to go, Lola!!

  15. Omg i love you lola star , you are so awesome and inspiring. This truly shows that anyone can do anything they want to. Thank you so much. You are a beautiful woman. #flawless

  16. Im also transgender to and I'm 25 I know I'm late but I've always wanted to be a pro wrestler but I don't know of any schools around but I don't know how to start

  17. The first time I saw her i knew she was a trans and I'll say the same thing I say to anyone. Does it matter? No it doesn't well in my eyes

  18. Omg Lola I would of never tought you were trans, Makes me love u EVEN MORE!!! I love ur reactions, I’m a big fan ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

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