Meet 6X MotoX World Champion – Tony Cairoli 2013

Meet 6X MotoX World Champion – Tony Cairoli 2013

I’m a normal guy. My days begin like other normal people like me, sometimes things go well and sometimes they go wrong… Actually things always go wrong! But after that, something happens that changes my life completely. The most important thing is to be ready for the next level! Tony Cairoli, 6X Motocross World Champion. Waiting to get the next one.

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  1. With the 450 class so stacked I'd be lying if I didn't want to throw Cairoli into the mix, imagine how awesome that race would be.

  2. Really fast cut mixed with a looooong super slow motion does not make a good edit, want to actually see some action!

  3. Maybe try to spell rider's names correctly 😉
    Anyway Tony is one of the best mx rider ever born,his style and technique is unique; no one will never know what he could have done in the's too late now to compete in the SX but the National…I would pay a lot to watch him riding during the national season ehehe

  4. no, just no. american sx and mx is where the best in the world go and most of them end up looking bad, anything else is a joke in comparison. he's talented for sure, but he would struggle to get top 5's consistently.

  5. and im well aware of what he did at motocross of nations, it's a different ballgame coming over to american tracks with all the top teams and guys who are used to it and have been doing it forever. adjusting to that would take him at least 1 year, probably more, and that's assuming he doesn't get injured.

  6. if americans were so much better surely all the ''world champions'' would all be american wouldn't they?

  7. Desalle and Strijboss were "guests" in the Thunder valley, 2round of AMA 2013 motocross championship and were struggling getting into top 5. Desalle was passed late in the moto by Alessi 😀 that was fun

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