MediEvil – 1998 vs. 2019 Gameplay Comparison | PlayStation Underground

MediEvil – 1998 vs. 2019 Gameplay Comparison | PlayStation Underground

JUSTIN: It’s like they built
something new on the bones of the original. You like that? TIM: They fleshed
out the experience. NICK: I’ve been living in
skeleton puns for about a year and a half, and
even that got me. [INTRO MUSIC PLAYING] TIM: Hi, everybody. Welcome back to another episode
of PlayStation Underground. You got Tim and Justin here. JUSTIN: Hey. TIM: We are joined
by Nick Accordino, producer on MediEvil, the remake
of MediEvil for PlayStation 4. NICK: That’s right. TIM: We got Justin on
the controls there. We are at the Asylum
Grounds, is that right, Nick? NICK: That’s right.
About halfway through the game. TIM: Halfway, okay. Gotcha. NICK: It has this kind of
interesting open-ended structure where this could be either
the seventh or the tenth level you could go to. But definitely a very
luscious green area we wanted to show off. TIM: As I can see, we’re also
gonna jump back and forth a little bit to the 1998
PlayStation original to show just how
lush and green and, like, I don’t know, come to life
this version of the game is. JUSTIN: I got a
little bold there. Let’s see if I
can make this work. NICK: Justin is fighting
some Mad Monks over here. Saw the Hedge Dragon a little
bit earlier staring at him. Yeah.
Definitely some unique gameplay. Combat is just kind of lose, but
that’s exactly how it was on PS1 as well, and we really
wanted to keep that same feel. Sir Dan, a little bit of a
bumbling knight over here, not to precise
with his swordplay. JUSTIN: Or his crossbow play. TIM: One thing you pointed out
here is he’s kind of flailing to victory almost to spite
himself in some cases which kind of loops in
with his character, right? NICK: Yeah. He’s like the head of the
King’s Knight Guard. He dies from the first
arrow through the eye in the battle he’s in — TIM: Brutal. NICK: — kind of immediately,
but is hailed as this hero and gets buried as a hero and then gets
accidentally resurrected by Zarok, the sorceror. TIM: What a run. NICK: Yeah. So, like, all the
people that knew him know that he was just
a bumbling character. They constantly give him crap
as you play through the game. It’s really funny. The sense of humor
in MediEvil is great, very British,
but very endearing. TIM: Who do we have here? The Master of Riddles, you say? NICK: Dan is just
kind of looking around not even paying attention. JUSTIN: I love that he spins
his head all the way around. TIM: Keep your head on a swivel, he takes it to
an extreme degree. What would a hedge maze
be without a Master of Riddles to make it more interesting. JUSTIN: Check out the
stop-motion animation going on with his face.
That’s so cool. NICK: The team at Other Ocean
and Secret 6 did an amazing job at bringing this game to life. TIM: And perhaps there’s no
better way to fully appreciate the beginning section of Asylum
Grounds here than to jump back to the 1998 original just to see
what it looked like back then. NICK: Totally. TIM: So you know,
similar we’re at the gates, and the approach —
the pieces are here. NICK: Yep. TIM: But, boy. JUSTIN: Much simpler pieces. NICK: It looks like
— I don’t even know. It looks like a toy, you know. TIM: Yeah. I mean, it’s interesting because
the enemy placement is very faithful, the shape of the —
I’m noticing now the shape of the hedges are actually the
dragon swooping through the ground which is really clever. JUSTIN: I didn’t notice that. There is a lot of
clever design going on here. It feels very similar
to what I just played. I feel like I just played this
because they’ve done such a good job at keeping it true
to the source material. NICK: And that was the goal to
make the game feel exactly as it did but to have it look like
how your memory preserved it, not as it actually is. TIM: Speaking of that, this
voice sounds familiar as well. NICK: All the voice acting
in the game save for our new narrator,
voiced by Lani Minella, is exactly the same, that
beautiful CD quality audio from PS1 in tact fully
here, sounds amazing. So Jack of the Green
sounds exactly the same, Zarok sounds exactly the same. All the characters just really
have that same personality, just brought to life in
4K now, which is lovely. TIM: One of the benefits of the
original PlayStation being on the cutting edge of
CD audio technology. NICK: Absolutely. TIM: Well, let’s jump back
then to 2019’s MediEvil. Man, it’s a really dramatic
contrast to jump back in here. Like, both — and another
thing I’m noticing too as we’re jumping back and forth is that
as you go further into the Hedge Maze and it clicks into
a top-down perspective, I’m appreciating the new camera
controls that you have here. JUSTIN: Yeah. You can actually
move the camera around. NICK: How about that. JUSTIN: And another thing I
really like — let me back out of the hedge
maze so it works properly — but if you hold L2, it goes into this cool
over-the-shoulder camera. NICK: That’s the Dan Cam.
TIM: The Dan Cam. JUSTIN: The Dan Cam, I love it. NICK: That is Dan cam.
And you can fight like that. It’s really helpful
for long-ranged attacks, so when you’re
using your crossbow, throwing knives,
it helps you immerse — be immersed in the world. That Monk just summoned all
his other Monks around you. JUSTIN: I was trying to get to
him before he could do that. NICK: Yeah.
Sometimes you can. TIM: Yeah. Justin, I think you’ve taken to
the controls pretty well here. You’re crowd
managing pretty well here. JUSTIN: I’ll admit two things:
I’ve never played the original MediEvil back then, so
I’m not exactly an expert. The second is that I did get a
little bit of a test run before we started recording here. So I’ve got a decent
handle on the controls here. It feels great to play. NICK: But the
game’s also not easy, right? JUSTIN: It’s not. NICK: You’re
constantly taking damage. You’re making good
use of your shield. You can see the UI up there
has your health in green. JUSTIN: I’m not making
good use of my shield. NICK: You will. TIM: You have a full, 250, 235, sort of like a durability
meter in that way. NICK: But to kind of
just express the point, there are no, like, save points
in the middle of the stages. There’s no, you
know, easy checkpoints. TIM: So you got to
get it in one go. NICK: If you make it to
almost the end of the stage, and you die, you’re doing
the whole stage over again. TIM: Wow.
That’s classic. NICK: That’s classic. TIM: That’s also classic Justin
just doing that for attention. We hear you, Justin.
Good job. NICK: There’s no
trophy for that, Justin. JUSTIN: When I
go to the hotel I go ding, ding, ding, ding, ding. TIM: You got to make sure
everyone knows you’re there. JUSTIN: Of course,
check any holes in the ground in any video game. That’s how we do. TIM: I mean, naturally. NICK: If you’re into
classic challenge though, MediEvil has it in spades. TIM: I was gonna
say, no pun intended, just coming off the garden. But it reminds me, I
played this game back in ’98, but I was definitely not skilled
enough to get this far in. And I think I probably was
not meeting the game on its own level because it’s
actually pretty demanding. And Justin is using his
shield and charge attack, and you also have some
secondary abilities. And you really have
to use the full artillery to make it through. NICK: That’s right.
That’s right. Or at least that’s
the easiest way. You know, there’s a super
satisfying loop in MediEvil of going into these
stages, fighting off enemies, filling this Chalice. See up in the upper
right-hand corner. You’re filling a
chalice right now. Once you get to 100 percent by
defeating a bunch of enemies, you can turn that in
to the Hall of Heroes, and they’ll give you either a
new weapon or an upgraded Dan, maybe another Life Bottle. And that is what’s going to help
you progress through the game. Some of these bosses require
some of the better weapons. TIM: Okay. NICK: Or else you’re just
gonna be really struggling. So go try a stage. If you can’t do, go
collect a Chalice, get upgraded, come back,
and just rinse and repeat. TIM: So Sir Dan has
some persistent upgrades. If you’re just getting
your bony butt handed to you, you can come back a
little bit later. NICK: Absolutely. TIM: Nice.
Way to find them all, Justin. JUSTIN: I did it. TIM: That was just
a trifle, Justin. Sorry to say it. I’m gonna start
saying “return hither” whenever I need Justin now. NICK: He’s gonna come and
ring the bell fifty times. TIM: That’s right. JUSTIN: Do we want to take a
look at the Hedge Maze from the original? TIM: Yeah. Let’s take a look at
what this looked like in the original
game a little bit. So we’re revisiting the area
that Justin just visited with the bell there and
seeing, like, again, functionally,
mechanically, design-wise, like, similar layout. NICK: Absolutely. We want it to be
the game you remember just with modern sensibilities. JUSTIN: Even that little coin
purse in the same hole there, same grave. NICK: Absolutely. Kind of goal here was that if
you had a strategy guide for the original PS1 game and you
sat it down next to you, you could use it for the PS4. JUSTIN: Oh, nice.
TIM: I love that. NICK: That’s how
one-to-one we wanted it to be. And I think we really
succeeded in that regard. So we’re really excited to see
people dig into it and relive the adventure or to just jump
into it in the first place. Because this really is
one of the most bizarre, but beautifully bizarre games I
think to ever come out of Sony. TIM: Let’s click back into
the beautifully bizarre remake. So we have just
been slightly trifled and are going back
to Jack of Greens. NICK: Good old
Jack of the Green. JUSTIN: Let’s use
that cinematic Dan cam. TIM: Looks good. That is a good way
to get a closer look at all the character models. NICK: It is beautiful. TIM: “Without it, I am nothing.”
I wonder what that could be? Now are there new areas in the
Hedge Maze that have opened up? NICK: Possibly. TIM: Let’s take a look. NICK: Maybe a puzzle for you. Go past that a little bit. JUSTIN: Here we go. NICK: There’s a guy
hiding over there. TIM: So, Nick, being in the
world of MediEvil for so long, having worked on the game for a
while and immersed yourself in it, have you come to sort of
notice anything about late 90s game design or sensibilities
of 3D gaming from this area? NICK: Oh yeah.
There’s a lot of that stuff. You’ll notice in the PS1 game
sometimes the draw distance is very close up to you. There are certain camera angles
that are fixed for a reason. There are parts of this game
where we try to give you as much camera control as possible, but
there’s reasons sometimes why they limit what you can
see and what you can do. TIM: In this case it might
focus you in on the puzzle. And you might see in this view, I can see three or
five masks or whatever. NICK: Exactly. And the more you try to
update things or change things sometimes, the more
you might see they did it for a particular reason. And for a game as diverse
and varied as MediEvil is, sometimes it took awhile to find
out what that rationale was, but believe you me,
it was always there. So we came to the decision that
we had to leave a lot of stuff as it was. TIM: Okay. NICK: But there were a lot of
things that we could do: Obviously UI updates. We reorchestrated
the entire soundtrack. TIM: Yeah, it sounds great. NICK: We’ve added voice
acting here and there as well. And then we’ve given you as much
camera control as we possibly can to give you a new look here. TIM: It’s great. Speaking of new look, Justin is
trying to give these very sad masks, theater masks —
I can’t remember the name — the drama,
you know, sad/happy ones. He’s trying to get them all
presumably to face the clown, the happy side. And he’s done it.
Look at that. NICK: You know
exactly what you’re doing. TIM: Congratulations, Justin. JUSTIN: I’m very
happy as you can tell. TIM: Let’s take a quick
peek at what that looked like back in 1998. Okay, again, so it’s
like — it’s interesting. It’s making me appreciate that
the remake really helps fit all the pieces into the world. These masks really stick out. JUSTIN: It’s like they
built something new on the bones of the original. NICK: Oh, man. TIM: They fleshed
out the experience. NICK: I’ve been living in
skeleton puns for about a year and a half and even that got me. TIM: So, yeah. Just a quick glimpse at
what that — sort of, I guess the desire
or praise of the crowd, what that puzzle
looks like back in 1998. So we can jump back
into the remake here. JUSTIN: Pick right back up. NICK: Hopefully you guys
can hear this a little bit. When Dan’s actually charging
his weapon and doing things, you can actually hear these new
efforts that we have from Jason Wilson,
the original voice actor of Dan. TIM: Oh really. NICK: Nice. TIM: He’s surprisingly
expressive for not being able to form words. JUSTIN: You said that the
original voice actor for Dan came back and
recorded some stuff? NICK: Yes, he did. And famously he recorded
his original lines for Dan with a bucket on his head. And when we asked
him to come back, he asked us if he
should bring the bucket. I was like, of course, you
should bring the bucket. JUSTIN: The same bucket? Does he have it in
his garage somewhere? TIM: It’s on a shrine.
It hasn’t been cleaned once. NICK: I love it. So much love and enthusiasm for
the character that he wanted to bring the bucket back. TIM: It works well. I imagine there’s some challenge
with bringing a character that has no lower jaw back, bringing
an expressive vocal to him. JUSTIN: I really love what
they’ve done with his face, the animation. It’s so good. NICK: There’s a lot of that. We have little fairies in a
different stage that look like little bald,
pot-bellied fairies. They rook really silly, but the way they’re animated
now looks astounding. JUSTIN: Can I pet the cat?
Nick, tell me I can pet the cat. NICK: I wish. JUSTIN: Oh man. Sounds like another
edition you guys have to make. NICK: The cat
doesn’t attack you, so that’s an upgrade, right? JUSTIN: That’s fair;
that’s fair. TIM: Cats let you know
when they want to be pet. And I think the ominous glowing
red eyes are a good indication. JUSTIN: I just found out
I cannot hurt the cats, so that’s good. TIM: That makes me feel better because they’re
perfect children. NICK: They’re purring. TIM: They know
what you’re doing. They’re having a good time. JUSTIN: Nick, thanks
for hooking me up with all these extra Life
Bottles before we started. NICK: You’re welcome. JUSTIN: I’m working with a bit
of a handicap here so that I don’t die and have to
start this whole thing over. NICK: You’re doing great though.
You only lost two bottles. TIM: So what are we
working with so far. We got cats. We got a giant elephant
sort of hedge design there. What’s our riddle again? JUSTIN: Oh goodness.
I forgot. TIM: Fear, being
afraid of something? JUSTIN: Oh, hello. NICK: There’s a
little merchant gargoyle. JUSTIN: I can buy
some crossbow bolts. TIM: Delicious. Anytime I owe Justin and
give him back his money, this is exactly how it goes. JUSTIN: That’s
another great animation. TIM: Him just
chomping down on him. NICK: We love it. So that’s the Chalice of Souls. Remember, I was telling you
before about collecting the Chalice and getting upgraded? That’s where you would collect
it after you hit that 100%. Maybe you can grab
that a little later. But for now you got to go
find what can help you solve this puzzle. TIM: Yeah.
What could it possibly be? NICK: Something to
do with elephants, maybe some peanuts.
I don’t know. TIM: Peanuts are really good.
Elephants love peanuts. I’m trying to think what else. Like a unicycle,
but I don’t know. JUSTIN: Not that way.
It is a maze. NICK: There are some Monks
around here a little bit. JUSTIN: There we go. He came out of a new
spot, new pathway. NICK: Jack’s been opening up
new spots for you here as you solve these riddles. JUSTIN: Clever, clever. TIM: The very ugly
breadcrumb trail. NICK: You might want
to be careful up here. JUSTIN: It’s like a fish, nice. TIM: Get a Dan Cam on that.
Let’s get a good look at it. Oh cool.
What is this thing? JUSTIN: Like an
octopus thing or a squid? Squids have beaks, right? TIM: Yeah.
Why not? JUSTIN: Just pluck away
at him from back here. NICK: Yeah.
Good to stay safe. TIM: Use your full
arsenal at your disposal here. Is it a fish design I’m seeing? JUSTIN: Okay. I wanted to try
and be a little more — NICK: You’ve
got some good health. You can do that. TIM: You hit them all at once. How is the shield
against this guy? NICK: Don’t forget
about that shield. TIM: Okay.
Down to one. JUSTIN: That was a bad idea. TIM: There you go. JUSTIN: I can get that too. NICK: Yeah.
Get the head. There you go. He’s out. JUSTIN: That Dan
Cam comes in handy. TIM: That was very revealing. NICK: If you go back, you see
that lovely Asylum in back there when you were
looking at the head. TIM: I suppose touches like that
are things that really wouldn’t have been part of the
equation in the original. NICK: Can you see it back there? TIM: It’s awesome.
NICK: That’s it. TIM: Helps kind of put this area
within the wider world and kind
of give it a sense of place. NICK: It’s gorgeous. TIM: So now you got a book.
Was that a book? NICK: That was a Chaos Rune. TIM: Chaos Rune, sorry. JUSTIN: Oh, yeah. Okay.
I know where that goes. TIM: Justin is on the case. NICK: All the little
touches in this game, you know, there’s so
much to work with. I think in one of our developer
interviews they talked about 56 different enemy types, some of
which appear in the game once and just in different spots. Speaking of, there’s a little
NPC that’s about to make its way here when you walk
forward a little bit. See him peeking out a bit there? TIM: Oh, hello. JUSTIN: Hey, buddy.
I made a friend. TIM: He’s happy to see you. NICK: Yeah.
Little rat buddy. Now your job is to
get him past these. JUSTIN: Oh, I see
what’s happening here. Okay. Oh boy. Okay. TIM: Now, if these cats — these
cats are reacting how I think my cats would if they saw a mouse,
which is just total indifference and not earning
their rent at all. JUSTIN: I’m glad that
you guys are generous with the stealth patterns here. NICK: Of course. Really funny story about this
rat is that he was one of the first AI pieces that we
put into this remake. So I have a lot of
fondness for him. He was around before
anything else was. TIM: He’s your test rat. NICK: And he actually just made
that hedge elephant open up a new spot for you. TIM: Nice.
That’s great. So, yeah. You solved the riddle.
I’m impressed. Let’s take a look and see what
that puzzle looked like in 1998. I kind of want to take a peek. Okay.
He’s got the Chaos Rune. NICK: And there’s
your little buddy. TIM: And we got the rat again. JUSTIN: Slightly more detailed than the 2019
version of the game. NICK: Maybe. And the cats look
like big rats too. TIM: There’s a greater
cat variety in the remake which I appreciate. He’s kind of wigging out.
He’s not having it. NICK: Doesn’t know
what’s happening there. TIM: Didn’t work out for him. Thankfully he’s got
a brother or sister. NICK: It is the same little rat. He just doesn’t know
quite what he’s doing. JUSTIN: It is
canonically the same rat? NICK: Yes, same rat.
That’s important. JUSTIN: No rats were harmed in the making of
this gameplay video. TIM: Oh, those two cats
are moving in unison there. NICK: The original
escort quest, guys, right here. TIM: I like it.
This is so — JUSTIN: This is pretty tolerable
in terms of escort quests. TIM: This is really clever. What I’m especially charmed by
with this section is that it’s such a detour from what you’ve
been doing for the entire level. It’s so severely
90s in that way. I love it. Oh, and he kind of reared up and
destroyed the path behind him. Okay. Speaking of that path, let’s
jump back into the remake and explore
a little bit further. JUSTIN: Let’s see what awaits. An angry guy awaits. TIM: Quite the
rude welcome there. JUSTIN: Let’s put some space
between us and our attacker. TIM: So if I understand
the overarching story, this is about
halfway through the game, and the main baddie is Zarok. NICK: That’s his name. TIM: What can you
tell us about Zarok? NICK: He’s trying to
take over Gallowmere. He was thwarted by Dan and his
knights in the original battle, and he finally has the
ability to resurrect the dead. So he does so at the
beginning of this. He resurrects all these
zombies and creatures, takes over and hypnotizes
all the town’s people. And by so doing,
resurrects Dan as well. JUSTIN: Boom! TIM: Nice, nice hit. So, yeah. He has sort of in trying to sow
the seeds of his own domination, he has also undone them potentially if the player can
get Dan all the way through. NICK: Definitely, definitely. And Dan runs into a lot
of people from his past. It’s been quite a while. I think it’s been
about a hundred years. TIM: Is that the all? NICK: Now you can grab that
Chalice if you ever get there. Actually, it’s right there. JUSTIN: I don’t want
this guy to hit me. I have, like, 25 Health. NICK: You’re doing good. You have three more
bottles up there. JUSTIN: Yeah. But I
want to play like I mean it. TIM: Justin
doesn’t go halfway ever. The thing I really
respect about him. JUSTIN: I thought he was dead. Dang it. Now I can just — TIM: It’s for
the glory and honor. NICK: There he is.
Get him. JUSTIN: So I just realized
that if someone’s chasing you, you can charge up
this giant smash attack, and the AOE effect will get him. TIM: That’s excellent. You got a new escape plan. I like that there’s different
primary weapons as well. I remember playing the game
— a lot happened right there. That was very action-packed. NICK: There’s a treasure chest
there that’s actually a bomb to kind of fake you out. TIM: But, yeah. I like that you have — I knew there were
other secondary weapons, but it’s great to see you can really change
your tactic completely. NICK: There’s a huge variety. JUSTIN: Primary and secondary. NICK: There’s actually a whole
other armor set you can get for the game. TIM: Oh awesome. NICK: There’s a lot of
stuff that Dan can do. They get more varied as
you go through obviously. But people who are
familiar with the game are gonna be pretty thrilled
with the way it turned out. JUSTIN: Oh wait. I want to hit that bell with
the hammer just because I can. Let’s see if I can break it. TIM: I believe in you. JUSTIN: Okay.
It was a good hit. TIM: It was a good smash.
NICK: It was a good hit. JUSTIN: All right.
Back to the sword. NICK: It is
satisfying to hit those bells. JUSTIN: It is. TIM: So have we gotten — we’re
still after — next riddle. NICK: I think after we talk to
Jack — or after you solve that riddle, you have to
speak to Jack for a moment. TIM: What is this? NICK: This is a Life Fountain. So your Life Bottles
up there are refilling. But they are finite, so it only might refill two
or so and then it’s done. So you gotta be careful. TIM: So that’s it
for this level? NICK: Until you
reload this level, then it will be there again. But then you have to
fight back to this area. TIM: You gotta earn it.
That’s good to know. NICK: You gotta be careful. You gotta play
carefully, slowly. The more crazy you run in there, the more you get
your bony butt kicked. Canonically it works. And you’re doing the
Daring Dash right there, one of the abilities Dan gets. TIM: It’s a good look. So we now solved that riddle. NICK: Yeah.
We solved the elephant riddle. TIM: Okay. NICK: Let’s go
check out that grate you were just hanging out over. JUSTIN: Oh. TIM: That did look suspicious. JUSTIN: Just got
there a little too early. Got it. NICK: He wants to talk
crap to you face to face. TIM: I’m noticing we
were talking about the new soundtrack. I feel it just got a
little bit more epic. JUSTIN: That’s
just kicked in there. NICK: So Bob and Barn,
who did the original, who composed the music for the
original game, actually came back to orchestrate all the
remaining music for the game. It’s all been dynamically mixed. So depending on what’s happening and what the action
is like in the game — JUSTIN:
Should I just drop down there? NICK: Yeah.
Drop down there. TIM: I love the choir. NICK: It’s beautiful.
It’s beautiful, beautiful. TIM: It’s incredible. Video game music
can sometimes be — or music in any medium, that invisible thing that
brings it to the next level. And it feels like all the stakes
have raised a little bit now. NICK: The sound team working on
this game have done an amazing job just mixing everything, making it sound as epic
as you want it to feel. I does feel
like a grand adventure which is befitting of
Sir Dan over here. TIM: That’s right.
It’s also one of redemption. NICK: Yes. TIM: Good instincts. NICK: There you go. TIM: Okay.
So you’re on the right track. That’s good. I have a hunch
there will be more. And lo and behold. JUSTIN: There’s a
window right there. TIM: What I like about this area
too is that it’s like a thematic change of pace from
the upper Hedge Maze, and I feel like —
it seems like — I haven’t beaten
the original ’98 game, but I feel like there’s a lot of
variety just in this one stage. NICK: And notice how
you can see the stone on each of these walls here. You can see that
you’re kind of closed in. If we take a look at what this
looked like back in the day, you’ll notice that it’s
all kind of black and dark because the draw
distance just wasn’t there. TIM: We definitely
should take a look. JUSTIN: I love that
a lot of the stones actually jut out of the wall. There’s so much character here. You can see the roots from the
trees above ground coming down. NICK: It’s pretty great. TIM: Let’s take a look
after this puzzle is solved. NICK: He’s getting frustrated. TIM: He gave it his best. Why don’t you head out of here,
and then we’ll look back at the ’98 original
version of this puzzle. NICK: Gotta quick jump. TIM: All right.
Let’s go back in time. Okay. So unveiling the path to
the underground area here. NICK: There it is.
The room looks a little smaller. TIM: A little
more claustrophobic. JUSTIN: Again, it feels very
faithful to what I just did. But you can so
tell the difference. TIM: Yeah. Just the way that those bricks
were jutting out, the texture. It just — it’s much simpler. It’s still the same
core puzzle but — also, you lined up the piece, but not much in the
way of feedback there. JUSTIN: Yeah. And it looks like the pushing is
a little bit easier in the new version, just being able to
maneuver it side to side while you’re pushing it forward. TIM: Here it looks like you’re
locked in 90-degree angles which is pretty
common for that era. JUSTIN: Just the fact they added
the mini cut scene to indicate that you did
something correctly. If I played this in ’98, I would
have been frustrated because I wouldn’t have known
what was going on. And then even there, once
you got all three in place, still nothing. But then when you go in
there, you can see it. TIM: I do like that. NICK: Absolutely. And there’s your feedback right
there after you pop out of it. TIM: Okay.
Let’s jump back. NICK: I think we’re close. TIM: Are we getting there? NICK: You should go back
and tell Jack what’s up now that you
solved his puzzle. JUSTIN: I’ll tell
Jack what’s up. TIM: Hey, Jack, your
riddles are whack. JUSTIN: I gotta bone
to pick with this guy. NICK: There it is again. TIM: I love it.
It doesn’t get old. JUSTIN: It probably does. Yep. TIM: Again, that’s Justin,
always thinking he’s so clever. NICK: Dan still doesn’t care.
He’s still just looking around. TIM: He’s just
distracted eternally. That’s the best way to
diffuse a blowhard like that is to just ignore him. JUSTIN: Look at the
texture on this guy. Look at the
modeling on that face. It’s so good. I have a deep appreciation for the work you
guys are doing here. TIM: I love it. NICK: The art
team is astounding. All credit to them. JUSTIN: Am I
going the right way? NICK: I think you are. TIM: So he’s basically
like, I’m done with you; you figure it out
if you’re so smart. NICK: Doing great. TIM: What will it be this time? For good luck. JUSTIN: For good luck of course. NICK: That was blocked. TIM: Make your statement. NICK: To the right. JUSTIN: Thank you. Would have been a boring episode
if I’m just running in circles. Oh! NICK: I think that
Hedge guy hit you. JUSTIN: Hedge guy? Oh, that thing? Let’s activate the Dan Cam. TIM: Just like zooming in
and out of the mouth too. NICK: The thing
is, if you notice, some of these
guys you’re hitting, you’re actually getting
bestiary entries as well. TIM: I’m such a sucker for that. NICK: We have an entire bestiary
in the game that’s been freshly written that’s all-new
text from Chris Sorrell, the original creator. Helped us bring it to
life a little bit more. And now we have a chess puzzle. I don’t know if you can hear
the little pieces making noises. TIM: They’ve
literally come to life. Well, it seams color-coded. So if I had to take a guess,
yellow goes on blue, right? Just kidding. The rook is not into it. That’s a rook, right? NICK: Uh, yes? TIM: All right. Thanks. NICK: I play video games,
not board games, guys. JUSTIN: Oh.
NICK: Yep. TIM: This is actually
exactly how chess goes. You know, I’ve
played a lot of it, and it’s usually just about
getting these four pieces into their color-coded spots. NICK: Swinging blades at them. JUSTIN: People say chess is
hard, but come on. TIM: Come on.
Just take a look at this. NICK: I’m sure Dan can do it. TIM: I do really
like the voices. Look at that.
You’ve done it. JUSTIN: Got him. TIM: So is that gonna
conclude the level? NICK: That is the end. That’s actually the entrance
to the Asylum right there, believe it or not. TIM: He’s overjoyed with his
own riddle-solving ability. Well, Justin, nice work. Nick, thank you for joining us on an episode of
PlayStation Underground. People don’t have long to wait. It’s gonna be out on
PlayStation 4 on October 25th. NICK: October 25th,
disc and digital. And if you’re a
huge MediEvil fan, check out that
digital deluxe version. There’s so much cool
behind the scenes content. JUSTIN: And a rad PS4 theme. NICK: And a rad PS4
theme, the whole soundtrack. It’s an amazing deal. I think it’s 39, and
the standard is 29.99. So it’s just an
awesome experience. If you’ve never
played the game before, this is the
perfect time to jump in. If you have, you’re
gonna have a blast. TIM: Yeah.
I’m excited. Just in time for Halloween too. All right.
Well, thanks for joining us. Thanks, everyone for watching.
That’s MediEvil. NICK: Thank you. [OUTRO MUSIC PLAYING]

100 Replies to “MediEvil – 1998 vs. 2019 Gameplay Comparison | PlayStation Underground”

  1. Fantastic remake, I was play in the original in 1998, but the game was crashed on the Lake level, now I can see the full game))

  2. рукоять меча просто убивает. почему она такая огромная??? и то как он машет им это чересчур глупо смотрится. Дэн достаточно смешной персонаж конечно, но в оригинале он хотя бы машет мечом со знанием дела, а тут хренота какая то. имхо

  3. To bad the second one couldn't be in this game and selling it as a bundle like crash and spyro :/ medievil 2 is my favourite one.

  4. I'm hoping this comes out on PS3 but I'm doubtful it will…..
    (I got to wait a while before I can buy myself a PS4.) 😛

    But might play the original while I wait. ^_^

  5. I kinda dislike how Dan moves.. he’s almost falling backwards while running..

    And his sword flailing is odd too lol, other than that I’m definitely buying this, my mom loved this back in the day and we always played together

  6. I call bull… the voice of Zarok is massively different. Dan is different. I have yet to hear the villagers either. To claim all voice acting is identical is not right.

  7. He visto el primer nivel y me decepciono el hecho de el cambio de animacion al matar zombies, me refiero a la animacion de sus almas del primer trailer, se veia genial, parece una especiende downgrade, me encanta el juego, pero como cambio eso, pudo haber cambiado muchas cosas para mal tras un año de trabajo despues de su primer trailer. Era muy genial, si pueden vean la diferencia de mi punto. Es mi critica.

  8. My PS4 Pro is getting antsy waiting for this visual treat to finally drop.

    While we’re on the topic of ghoulish characters and settings; give us a sequel to The Order 1886 — that franchise has tremendous potential and it was never fully realized, unfortunately.

  9. I don't understand, all YouTubers said that they played the game when they were childs. But none of them remember the game mechanics, even the story about it, or that the chamera was always like that. A lot of posers it seems.

  10. Hmm, this looks like Unreal Engine 4.

    …and turns out it is. They released a development screenshot on the playstation blog which clearly shows UE4 assets.

  11. Played the original back in the day. Definitely agreeing on this remake. Think this generation of games has missed the simplistic magic of what made games highly enjoyable.

  12. "Wow, the old game sure does look terrible! I wish it was a person so I could bully it for being ugly! What a worthless piece of trash! I'm glad we're getting this remake that will fix it and wipe the old version out of existence!" – every remake's marketing campaign these days

    Yeah, I'm obviously exaggerating, but geez, give the original developers some credit. Despite the more limited hardware, many of the design choices in the old versions of games like this were actually much better. For example, Jack of the Green had a more unique and interesting-looking face on the PS1. Don't get me wrong, the remake is beautiful, but so is the original to this day. It's like the difference between CG animation and traditional animation: You wouldn't say that the fact that traditionally animated cartoons have flatter colors, simpler shapes, and less realistic shadows makes them worse than CG cartoons, right?

  13. The older looked spookier.
    I only played medievil 2 when I was a kid. But am very excited to buy this game. Last time I played Medievil was 2005 on PSP

  14. I`m waiting for this Masterpiece more then on The Last of Us 2. Really!) This is my childhood and they haven`t change anything's. That`s amazing😊 even camera. I want this horrible camera😄

  15. The new grunts he does sounds too serious. In the old one it sounds more playful and clumsy when swinging and charging his sword.

  16. Call me silly for nitpicking but I'll thoroughly miss the old sound effect of the sword hitting the wall and the enemies dying like "UuUgGGhHHHHH little ching "

  17. I prefer the old game, the new one is too dark and less colorful. Yes, it's a "dark" game in an aesthetic sense, but not so dark actually. Anyway, the remake looks nice for me.

  18. Never really got to play the original when it came out. I had a few times I played a demo or something. I did want it for sure. Still though I can't help but feel some nostalgia for it. Probably from growing up in that era. I just remember more than anything that games were on a whole new level than where I started on the NES on through the Sega Genesis.

  19. I'm loving this sudden surge of remakes for PS1 titles. Never got around to MediEvil, but I'll be getting this once I eventually play through my classic copy that's sadly been collecting dust all these years.

    I'd give both my nuts for remakes of–in order of importance to me–Legend of Dragoon, both Tomba games, Brave Fencer Musashi, Future Cop, Vagrant Story, both Parasite Eve games, both Jumping Flash games, and Ape Escape. At this point in my life, these really mean more to me than the possibility of passing on my lineage.

  20. This is one of the game that made me want to be working in the game industry. The gamedesign made me so curious when I was a kid. Thank you very mush !!! Also, are we going to have a sneak peak of the hall of heroes ? 🙂

  21. 2:47 "Check out the- the stop motion animation going on with his face too that's so cool."

    Are you sure it isn't just unfinished?

  22. Hopefully they surprise us and include thee original in there somewhere. Maybe a new game+ or a unlock or something 😃

  23. The PlayStation 2 I now own's SERIAL is U5589453.

    Whomever is taking my input and "reassigning" the movements and limiting input andor not allowing input to occur are criminals.

  24. and sir dans health bar needs to be stretched across the center screen like in medievil and the coin collection nect ro sir dans head icon too

  25. One thing I wished they kept the same was the attacking animations of the sword instead of him looking like he's flicking around a wii remote

  26. I hope you guys are considering remaking MediEvil II.
    Surely the decision will be made by executives based upon how this one sells, but nevertheless I think this would honor the originals especially.

  27. I’m waiting for the inevitable sale to come for this. Not that I didnt want to get it day 1 (Was the original plan) but now I want to take a look at outer worlds which wasn’t the original plan. 😅

  28. You guys couldn't show the two games at the same time, could you? Do you need someone to show you how to compare a game with some simple video editing? I see more of the remake than the ps1 version. Why? Is this even comparing? The new game looks great, we get it.

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