MASS EFFECT: ANDROMEDA | Multiplayer | Official Gameplay Series – Part 4

MASS EFFECT: ANDROMEDA | Multiplayer | Official Gameplay Series – Part 4

Welcome back to the Mass Effect:Andromeda gameplay series. In this video, we’ll focus on multiplayer which enables you to take on new adventures and further challenges beyond the single-player campaign. Multiplayer is a cooperative mode that encourages and rewards teamwork. Up to four players join together to survive escalating waves of enemies, complete a series of objectives and extract from the battlefield. Let’s jump right in. First, choose your character kit. There are over 25 character kits available at launch including species from both the Andromeda and Milky Way galaxies. Each has a unique set of skills and abilities suited for different play styles. From here, customize your loadout. Like the single-player campaign, multiplayer weapons utilize Milky Way, Heleus cluster, and Remnant technologies. Each technology type gives you an edge on particular types of enemies. Over 40 unique weapons will be available, with more arriving in the months to come. Any character can use any weapon. There are no class restrictions. Best of all, you can modify and upgrade weapons to give you an edge on the battlefield. Boosters are another element of your loadout, granting additional attributes like cryo ammo, increased shields, faster skill cooldowns or even extra XP. I’m hopping into battle as a Turian Havoc Trooper equipped for medium- to long-range combat with a skill focus on combat and tech abilities. Our Salarian operator is equipped for medium- to close-quarters combat with a skill focus entirely on tech abilities. Our human adept is also equipped for medium- to close-quarters combat but she’s rolling into combat with a skill focus entirely on biotic abilities. Last, but certainly not least, is our Krogan engineer. This bruiser of a teammate is going to play a vital role in supporting us should things get tough. Looks like everyone’s ready. Let’s get to it. Here, we’re on Fire Base Sandstorm. This is Wave 4. We’re taking on the Remnant which will be arriving in greater numbers than in previous waves. We’ll need to work as a team if we want to survive. Here they come. Wielding a black widow sniper rifle, I’ll pick off some enemies with my squadmates. The Remnant have excellent combat range and our position seems jeopardized so we’re going to rush ahead into the buildings where we aren’t so exposed. The Nullifier and Assembler are stronger enemy types but they’re no match against a good fire combo. Still, the Remnant are advancing at our flanks. I’ll post up behind cover and lay down fire with my assault rifle while my shields recharge. Looks like there’s a clear path through these buildings so we’ll dart around and attack them head on. In periods of calm like these, always consider using the supplies you’ve carried into combat. It seems we’ve caught these observers by surprise. Using our powers combined, they won’t last long. Remember, the best kill is a combo kill. The Remnant force has dwindled significantly, but those that remain are starting to swarm. Just like us, they’re stronger together. It looks like our Krogan teammate needs some help. You can approach and revive fallen squadmates any time, but be careful as this will leave you exposed to the enemy. It looks like there are still a few stragglers. Let’s send them out with a bang. We’ve cleared the way, but they’ll be back and in greater numbers. Make sure you and your team are ready. At launch, there will be five multiplayer maps including Sandstorm. They are: Fire Base Zero, an outpost built into an asteroid. Fire Base Icebreaker, a fueling station on a frozen, ice-covered planet. Fire Base Magma, a foundry set on a cooling river of lava. Fire Base Derelict, an abandoned Ked ship, and Fire Base Sandstorm, a vacated Milky Way species outpost|set in a sprawling desert. At the completion of a match, all players’ XP, credits and medals are added up and awarded to each player so there’s no need to compete with your teammates. Use your XP to upgrade your character and evolve existing and new abilities. Use your credits to buy packs and unlock weapons, characters and mods. Then put your strategies to the test in the next match. There’s another way to engage with multiplayer missions called Strike Teams. From the Tempest, launch the interface for the Strike Team missions. Here, you send Apex Strike Teams on important missions for the Andromeda Initiative. You earn rewards from these Strike Team missions that can be used in single-player. Missions can either be completed by your single-player Apex Strike Team or by you in a multiplayer battle. As you play, you’ll quickly figure out what works and doesn’t for each character. Here are a few tips to help you jump directly into your first match and play like a pro. Always check your supplies before starting a mission. You never know when you’re going to need an extra Revive Pack or a Cobra RPG. Begin your multiplayer adventure with a tutorial mission to earn some helpful rewards. Use cover. It’s fast, easy and it will save you from taking too much damage. Play as a team. Stick together, support each other and communicate. Working together is the only way to ensure humanity’s survival in our search for a new home. We’ll see you in Andromeda.

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  1. I have a bit of a problem here, so if someone could help me, i´d be grateful. I pre-purchased the game, but after installing it somehow misses the Preload Button, in the menu it only shows (i) icon and there is writen Pre-loaded but without the orange button. ( I´m on PC platform. )

  2. i love how bioware montreal supports racism! watch twitter @manveerheir….. srsly wtf is wrong with this company, no wonder this game is crap if guys like him work on this shit!

  3. I played the crap out of ME3 multiplayer it was super fun to play with friends. My only request is that you DONT ADD THE KROGAN WARLORD TO ANDROMEDA!

  4. My favorite to play in ME3 was Krogan Vanguard. I could slap the shit out of enemies, bombard them with grenades and tank for days! I really hope you guys don't take the tanking aspect away from Krogans. Also, please don't add the Krogan warlord to Andromeda. Yes it was fun, but it was a total mess and overpowered.

  5. this isn't Mass effect, no italian lenguage, horrible creation avatar scary face and people walk…… i don't know but this remember watch dogs

  6. i currently have the 10 hour trial and playing this is very VERY bad, if you want to play on your own on multiplayer then great, but if you want atleast one friend to play with you then find randomers to fill the space it is impossible to do so, the game does not have a search option for more than one player, the game is very buggy, has the same graphics as mass effect 3 (which is not a good thing for games being developed in 2017), the animation is all wrong and out of sync, they have made it very hard to acquire weapons without putting serious hours into the game(which isnt so bad) but yet there is the tiniest chance of getting something you want/need. in my perosnal opinion, this game is not worth buying for the first 2 months because this game needs some serious updates. sorry for spam of this but this is the only concrete place to write what i want to say. I hope mass effect gets better from here <3

  7. So basically the same thing as Mass Effect 3's multiplayer then?  Considering there was at least some fun to be had with the aforementioned mode I guess that's something (bloody hell, trying to find the positives here is really difficult!).

  8. Bioware, do u know what? Let me tell u a story..
    I was playing the wither 3 before MEA and my mother saw that, she said: Wow, cool graphics, great animation.
    And now i'm playing MEA and do u know what she said?
    My mom: This graphic looks so ugly, the faces are shit.

    And i'm not fucking joking. When my mother says something is shit then it's shit.

    I bough this game bcs i love ME and u just pissed in my face, in all our faces.
    If u don't re-make the face animation u will lose one of ur greatest Fans..

    P.S: With love, ur fan.

  9. Doing a full story playthrough of Dragon Age: Inquisition on my channel if anyone is interested. With Andromeda out I figured I'd do a new playthrough to remember the DAI's story since DA4 will likely be the next Bioware game out and intend to do it from start to finish including all DLCs. About 20 episodes in, new one released everyday.

  10. to those who haven't played mass effect 3 MP, you dont understand. That shit may sound repetitive, but in reality it was very addicting. They will add new characters with awesome abilities and you dont pay for boosters with actual money (it is an option) but how me3 worked was you earn credits after every game and you use those to buy packs. So much hate. I'm just suggesting you should at least try it before acting like a fucking child on the internet. I guarantee half of you will be like "oh. he was right. this is actually pretty fun!" Bioware knows what they are doing, if you dont like it then don't play the fucking game. More fun for me!

  11. This is sad, come on, its 2017 and you give us waves… Pathetic. If they can't handle bringing coop to the game like, borderlands, dead island, dying light, dead rising, splinter cell, gears of war, dead space etc. deathmatch maps with waves…. And they call it online co-op??

    This ain't co-op, this is multiplayer deathmatch with bots and waves bullshit. And by confusing that today as game developers, means the game will suffer from old boring 80s design with new graphics. And the maps don't even come close to star wars multiplayer maps, which is totally multiplayer where you can choose to play cooperative til you die.

    To bad, they had something, now its just gonna die fast, like an EA game does. With no replay value what so ever. Ill put my money on the next real coop game that doesn't use game design from the 80s.

  12. your game guarantee refund thing is;
    "If you don`t start the game, we`ll refund"…..well, how the fuck are we supposed to know there is something wrong with it if we don`t start it?

    isn`t that like saying "ah, you purchased a faulty microwave oven…if you don`t try it, you`ll get a refund" again…how the fuck*?

  13. I wouldn't play mass effect online. looks like BO3, most players will have better weapons, armor, upgrades, and biotics

  14. I just started playing this game (I'm 3 hours in now) and I can already tell that the game doesn't deserve all the hate it's getting. Sure, the facial animations are shit, and the story isn't as awesome as in Mass Effect 2, but it's still a good, fun game.

  15. i know this be stupid but is there a 4v4 like call of duty hase it or is it just 4v bots and waves or missions no 4v4?

  16. BioWare bring ME3 to the Nintendo Switch. since we cant have Andromeda give us ME3 or even the full trilogy . i would be fine with ME3 on the Switch though.

  17. Someone….please…anyone…all i fucking want is to watch a MP gameplay match with NO FUCKING COMMENTARY and at 60fps. Give me a link please

  18. BW, please don't let the Montreal team come close to the next Dragon Age games. They've screwed up one franchise. Don't let them screw the other one.

  19. As someone who utilizes multiplayer once in a blue moon, I find the new trend of giving every AAA game a multiplayer mode annoying. I have to admit that as let down as I was by Fallout 4, Bethesda would of sealed their own fate had they sold out and thrown together some half ass multiplayer mode. I guess that major problem is that Multiplayer gets really old really quick and by default almost always relies on interaction with the other players to make it any fun after a week or two. It requires people you like to play with, to add spice to an inherently vanilla formula. Oh and take it from someone who has terrorized other players in Eve Online, for the past 8.5 years online, it is a fact that when there is multiplayer, there is a group of losers playing every waking hour of the day and becoming so good that the casuals or even the hard cores players don't even have a chance, I have yet to see a game successfully address that issue in multiplayer. I think Starcraft was supposed to fix it, but the players in the lowest tier leagues are so good, that you might just contemplate suicide after your first match Oh and BTW, to prove my point about multiplayer, did you hear this guy "Players in multi-player kill waves of enemies, side by side with their friends" Woooooowwwwwww, what an original concept, killing waves after waves of Zombies, uh I meant aliens, uh I mean nazi zombies, uh eh I mean "Enter Any Generic Mob Here" The biggest problem with dedicating precious resources to stroking off boring multiplayer zombies, is that it detracts from the actual game and does so more and more each year and each new title in the series comes out. It is as simple as this, when you try too hard to hard to maximize accessibility by pandering to every type of pathetic forum baby, you end up satisfying nobody because your stretched to thin.

  20. I am sorry but BIOWARE you are DUMB. You said, that you wont PORT Mass Effect Trilogy on new generations concoles/remaster for PC. WHY? You said – "We wanna focus on new experiences, new games" – Dont do this. All your products AFTER ME trillogy will be always bad. Mostly now in AGE of The Witcher 3 that as RPG is just almost perfect.
    Just please do port of trillogy for new consoles this is what market want to buy. Not crappy Mass Effect inquisition singleplayer mmorpg without any emotions with weak plot and wooden characters.

  21. Great game. Love the single, and multiplayer gameplay. Definitely a game I will be playing for a long time!

  22. multiplayer is a bitch. All I do is lag lag lag… Not Impressed. I can play any other multiplayer game and not lag at all.

  23. uh question in multiplayer are we going to have free DLC on multiplayer or male turians i might havent seen one but i remember in Mass Effect 3 there werent male quarian until a DLC came out

  24. You owe me about 500,000 credits the game's crashed so many times. Get your shit together Bioware! ???

  25. nice but i wish the galaxy map where like the one in ME2 where you can sea and fly your ship to planets and so and this with the big planets and skill tree from ME Andromeda would be great

  26. and i also like the in ME 2 the codex was fully voiced most of the entrys in ME Andromdeda not there is only all text so in some areas there is mire love in ME2 then in Andromeda i wish they change some of it with patches so the new Mass Effect Andromeda is what we all whaitet for


  28. I played ME3's co-op for so long I unlocked the "Best of the Best" banner and everything else. But is it just me, or does the co-op now feel very stale and even worse than before? Like the characters and weapons just aren't fun.

  29. Really good multiplayer. Really bad crashes. A patch needs to come out like right now. How about at the very least make it so we dont lose our gear unless we have played more than 1 wave. Give us something. If you want to charge so much for a game then we deserve nothing less than swift and exceptional support. Its been flipping months of waiting for bioware to fix a very serious issue.

  30. ME 3 Multiplayer zurück bitte,  is legendary, is beautiful, is THE ART, die hohe Kunst !
    and enemy  are MUCH BETTER.   The ORGINAL only please

  31. I bought this game at launch. I have still be unable to play multiplayer. EVERYTIME I attempt to start a match or join a match, the game kicks me back to the menu. I have NEVER been able to play this game online, and this is the only game in my entire collection of xbox one games that does this.

  32. Почему у меня ощущения что я смотрю на малость переделаный варфрейм?

  33. Yeah, I have tried the 10 hours demo and I wanted to enjoy and like the MP, but there are certain elements that you are not going to like. What you will notice first is the terrible arbitrary spawning of enemies. Having turned around for a second, there will be a mob behind you. You are always surrounded by a shitload of enemies coming from nowhere. In ME 3 they at least tried to be subtle. I never had the feeling they where coming from nowhere. Second, the map design is also terrible. There's just no room to maneuver, the places are so cramped and the gameplay is too fast and chaotic for its own sake. So don't bet on getting revived, if you went down. And the menus and UI are the worst enemies! And then there are network related problems.
    Yes, the new cover-system is a joy, the game looks beyond beautiful, the sound is amazing… But ME3 is just more enjoyable.

  34. I'm enjoying it , people slated it when it was released but it's awesome. … one thing I will never understand is why would anyone romance other characters in a computer game. .. wierd

  35. this is a very incredible game i love it for PC i think i might grab it for Xbox also. Hows the lobbies in multiplayer are they very active???

  36. hele pls!i have to use me3 save file editor for romancing tali but how tali still kissing with garrus while romancing with chepard! im so fucked! i dont want to restart me3 just want get true tali love. pls tell me how to edit for me2 romance tali in me3 save file!

  37. Hey leave it up to bioware to f*ck up at the end of the series and kill Shepard then EA shoving there nuts in biowares face and ruin the whole series even more

  38. Okay but fucking reduce the amount of wraith spawning wtf you went fucking nutts for those. I keep dying SOLY bc of them. For fuck sake how do you expect me to fight 3 Anointed, 5 regular trash, 1 ascended and freaking 10! YES 10! Wraiths ? Even dashing and jumping barely give you 2s bc they can run as fast as you can dodge…

  39. Remaster the trilogy please! Necessary: Improved graphics, all dlc with game at launch free, no microtransactions or paid future dlc, Improved mechanics especially for mass effect 1, full game on realese, not $60.99 (America) not $79.99 (Canada) but either $49.99 $39.99 or $29.99 , bug patches, a constant check for bugs and glitches, and the option to import characters from all 3 games. Optional: extra missions and free dlc, multiplayer and extra multiplayer modes with extra maps, a full soundtrack download code or disk for all games, wallpaper codes for PC and mobile, reversible game cover for male Shep and fem Shep, NEW ENDING WITH CLOSER AND ANOTHER BAD ENDING FOR ME3 BESIDES THE EXTRA CUT BUT STILL KEEP THE EXTRA CUT IN INDOCTERNATION COUGH, more squad members in ME3 preferably squadmates from ME2 and more romances. just some suggestions. I liked MEA but it wasn't Mass Effect, redeem yourself with this and make a quick cash grab will regaining fans. From, a fan.

  40. Combat was good but i would like the melee to have a back and forth like the batman games im still waiting for dycription mini games as fun as the first mass effect that uses the players skill , would love to have seen career choices and skill trees that are more wide set from each other and not just combat focest like making an engineer has its own skill tree you can activate stuff in the world that a combat player cant you can research stuff in the word that you can make and ad to the outposts you can have an biology tree that focuses on animals and plants giving more food production too outposts and some animals for eating and then a career soldier giving an tree for him as well so more focest on a career for your character than just combat skills giving you a different way to play through the game with different pros and cons and only beeing able to pick one per play trough .it did not feel like an exploration game of a new galaxy foces should have been more on exploration even mass effect 1 did it better more random planets to land on and find minerals a crash site to investigate that turns into a side mission to find out what happend stuff to dicript plants and animals to study more hostile alien tipes to fight or befriend. And lastly the missed out on a grait opportunity to make the game feel more dynamic using the Apex system it sould have been there to create random missions of all tipes constantly depending on your choices and where you are in the game so in the beginning you will only get missions from the nexus hunting Ket in the area or find a water saurce and given 3 places where there might be water finding the one that would be best stuff like that not just combat missions and this is where the career choices comes in, forcing you to take an crew member with those skills on the mission if you dont have that skill , later when you get your first outpost they will ad missions for each outpost and later missions coming directly from those friendly aliens you made friends with and also the exiles you befriended the missions should be plenty at a time to choose from and as you do one it gets replaced with a new one and should have many tipes so the player can pick and choose witch ones he wants to do in time they dissipear from the list and you can know that the game assigned those to an npc that would have done them in theory it . This new Apex system should be completely dynamic and be connected to the players choices and where he or she is in the main game it would give so much replay ability and make you feel you are making a difference in the expedition of a lifetime and as you need to upgrade not only your armor and weapons but also help upgrade the Nexus ,outpost ,your ship(you start out with a very basic shuttle and as you gain money and resources you can upgrade the shuttle and later as the nexus sees they can trust you to get things done give you a bigger ship that you can upgrade aswell to be able to travel to further systems unlocking those parts of the main story in those areas as well ,thi big ship also comes in three variants depending on your career choice in the start of the game giving each ship a different look and different capabilitys in game so there thats my idea a game more dynamic and more focesed on exploration than andromeda and loads of replay bility.

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