Marvel’s Avengers – A-Day Prologue Gameplay Footage | PS4

Marvel’s Avengers – A-Day Prologue Gameplay Footage | PS4

You know that old saying… …never meet your heroes? Well… …I did. And it was awesome! The Avengers were everything I imagined. Hello, San Francisco! Thor, Tony, check it out. At once. Try to keep up. You waiting? Yeah, obviously. Figured I’d let you catch up. Whoa! This just got a whole lot more interesting. Let’s make this quick. Thor, see if you can clear a path on the bridge. Aye. We got at least two dozen armed men out here. We need backup. You are not worthy. Tony, Thor,
what’s your status? There are mortals trapped. Lot’s of small, angry men with guns. Out of my way! Thor, thanks for the assist. You’ve got civilians trapped behind those barricades Understood stay behind me. I’ll deal with them. This should be fun Help me, please. Are you hurt? No, just stuck. Lucky for you, I am mighty. Thank you, Thor. Get to safety. Thor!
Thor, thank you! Stay down.
Help is on the way. Whoa, whoa, whoa, Thunder God. Who said you could have all the fun? Your turn. Gotta admit it,
that was pretty impressive. Surprised? Ooh, cocky.
I like that. Incoming! My turn. Fight’s not over, Stark. Hey, get back here. Just got confirmation,
a S.H.I.E.L.D. convoy was hijacked this morning. This from one of Mr. Fury’s
morning briefs I never read? Com on, Tony.
Those are important. Okay, whatever. Pulsar rockets? Glad Fury kept all my best tech in one place. Those rockets are going to destabilize the bridge. Yeah. I know.
I built the damn things. Cap, we should secure the Terrigen Crystal. If that thing gets hit… Already on it. Stay behind cover. All right. Which one of you
B-movie extras shot at me? Avengers, the convoy is carrying
classified S.H.I.E.L.D. prototypes. Fury is tracking down the full manifest. How’s the cat? Tell Fury I really love being shot at
with my own weapons. We’ll keep you updated.
And Goose is fine. Ah, I didn’t know you were listening to that part. You would think these idiots
would be running away by now. Can’t shake the feeling we’re playing catch-up. There’s something else going on here. What’s going on down there, Tony? Oh, nothing.
Everything’s just peachy. Just hoping these guys don’t have — I take it back. They’ve got Pulsar tech. Going for a ride, Cap? Someone’s initiated the security protocols. The Chimera’s autopilot has taken over. Smells like a heist. We’re heading back. Negative. Secure the bridge.
Those weapons can’t get into the city. Copy that. You’re up, Bruce. Tony, Thor… Got some of those flyers on me. Annoying little guys, aren’t they? On my way. You know, I was thinking today was gonna be more
fan clubs and funnel cakes. Focus, Tony. Avengers, talk to me. Those tanks are doing a number on the bridge. It could fall if we don’t take them out. Hurry up, big guy.
It can’t take much more punishment. Where’s big green? I got eyes on him. Hulk, bringing in the Quinjet for a landing. HULK SMASH! Your inventions are dangerous, Stark. Hey, those weapons were meant for the good guys. Is that supposed to be a joke? Not the time.
Get your heads in the game. Cap, what’s going on over there? Not sure, Nat.
Seems like the reactor’s malfunctioning. I’m getting strange readings on the monitors, like we’re being pulled to a heat signal in the bay. Down! Nat, it’s going to destroy the — Repeat that, Cap.
I’m having trouble hearing. Nat, do you read? All hands.
The Chimera is under attack. Evacuate the civilians. Fire in the hole! Go, go, go! He’s alone.
Take him down. Steve, do you read? Nat! Nat! We’re being cut off. Captain, we have a problem. The reactor won’t stabilize. The molecular structure is breaking down into a gas. It’s extraordinary. If you can’t fix the problem,
then get to safety. I’ve got the shepherd in my sights. Shepherd? Avengers, if you can hear me, the convoy
is transporting a highly lethal sonic disrupter bomb. Our enemies intend to detonate it within the city. The reactor. I repeat, a sonic distruptor bomb. Secure the asset at once. Papa, where are you?! Sonic bomb? Are you kidding me? I thought the UN outlawed those years ago. let’s have a look, shall we? Now, that is an entrance. Taskmaster. We need to get that detonator. If that bomb goes off,
it could liquefy everything within a ten-mile radius. Well, what are we waiting for? Tony, Thor, the cables. I’ll handle the freak with the detonator. Romanoff, from one
former S.H.I.E.L.D. agent to another…keep up. Been awhile, Masters. You get a haircut? The base of the bridge is secure. Guys, I’m getting these strange seismic readings. Tony, truck! Got it. Hungry? I’ll take this. You know, I was hoping to face you. Funny. I’ve never given you a second thought. Come and get it. Not so fast. Oh, did I break your little jet pack? Doesn’t matter.
I have this. Dammit.
Hand it over! Come and get it. Taking your usual notes? What? Oh, come on. The more I fight,
the more you learn, right? It’s called “photographic reflexes.” It’s called “unoriginal.” I’ve always wondered what
it would feel like to kill an Avenger. Keep wondering. Catch. So you’ve stolen your weapons from S.H.I.E.L.D. and your moves from my friends. And? That means I know just as much
about you as you do me. Your dance ends now. Must be frustrating,
always one step behind. You’re after the Chimera, aren’t you? What are you gonna do with it?
Sell it to the highest bidder? I’m after something much more valuable. Are you giving up? Not a chance! Where has your investigation left you? You’re not the brains behind this, and this smells like distraction. I’m done talking. Coward! What’s the matter?
Don’t like surprises? Fool. I’ll adapt. Can’t learn what you can’t see. Next time,
take better notes. Guess you saw that coming, huh? You think you’ve won? What the hell are you talking about? Look around, Romanoff. The world will remember this day, the day their heroes failed them. What’s happening here? The city’s collapsing. Dammit, they played us. Steve, can you hear me?
Get the hell out of there. Screw this. No. Some say they were set up. Others call them murderers. Do the Avengers pose a danger to society?
That was the question Bruce. That was the question. Well, we all lost something that day. But that’s not how this story ends.

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  1. Honestly the in game dialogue is clichè, which is fine since it’s more of a comic book than the actual marvel movies, but it doesn’t exactly sound compelling… the gameplay also looks kind of bland and boring, it looks unsatisfying to hit enemies with lackluster feedback when even hulk punches someone 4 feet away from him and Thor’s hammer looks pretty unsatisfying even when throw it at an enemy. I’m going to wait for a discount on this tbh

  2. Jejeje los gráficos se parecen a los del primer Arkham Asylum del 2009 xD y ese juego esta muy por encima de esta porquería de Marvel

  3. so it takes 3 hits from an empowered Mjolnir to take down some average henchman/human…That doesn't seem right….

  4. Guys calm down you do know that this is PRE ALPHA FOOTAGE not final it will obviously be improved in the future. We haven't even seen that much of the game yet calm down it probably doesn't represent everything.

  5. I don't really mind about the criticism. We live in a time where i get to play as captain america in a video game where the developer put a lot of thoughts into how cap move and how he throw his shield. On that alone, i support this game and the dev.

  6. It looks nice but for some reason im not excited.Its to slow the fighting is not combos.I love the graphics it needs more characters to play with an online battles with open battle field…

  7. Eh.. I mean, I guess this could be kinda fun casually, but it doesen't look very impressive. The art direction and graphics aren't very distinctive, it just looks like generic realistic open world. Spiderman PS4 and even GTA V had distinct art styles despite going for a realistic look.

    The gameplay looks very sluggish and slow. As Thor or the Hulk, why do you have to spend so much time performing a full combo on a single enemy to take them down? Those are supposed to be INCREDIBLY powerful characters who can take down masses of people! This doesen't make you feel powerful at all. And the movement also feels very slow, considering how these people are supposed to be able to cross entire cities in just a few minutes.

    And that "boss" just felt so lifeless and generic. Wow.

  8. This game bothers me a lot because there is no a clear description of what genre it belongs to. I cannot see a defining characteristic, what kind of game is this?. In this year's E3 they said it won't have loot boxes, so is it a service game?, wikipedia says it is an action adventure game and this gameplay is not telling me anything.

  9. This game bothers me a lot because there is no a clear description of what genre it belongs to. I cannot see a defining characteristic, what kind of game is this?. In this year's E3 they said it won't have loot boxes, so is it a service game?, wikipedia says it is an action adventure game and this gameplay is not telling me anything.

  10. I don’t really like the way Thor’s hammer mjolnir lights up with everything he does, and not just lightning attacks, I don’t feel like the hammer should be lighting up when he is doing melee hits. At the end of the combo when he strikes the ground with lightning sure, but not when he just throws the hammer or hits someone with it

  11. Aside from the outdated combat, cliche dialogue, uglyass character modeling, horrible animation, and just generally feeling like this game is coming out about 6 years too late, it's great!

  12. I'll say this. The Hulk's is gonna to be better here then the 2008 Video game, You know the one where you see nothing but horrible view's of smog of New York?

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