Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite PS4 Gameplay | PlayStation Underground

Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite PS4 Gameplay | PlayStation Underground

PETER: Oh, my gosh! I’m going to lose! [LAUGHTER] MIKE: Oh, that’s fantastic.
Did we get that on tape? RYAN CLEMENTS: I hope
we’re recording. Guys, we have to start over.
I’m sorry. PETER: Please edit that out. [INTRO MUSIC PLAYING] RYAN CLEMENTS: Hello, my
friends and welcome back to PlayStation Underground. On today’s show we are joined
by Marvel versus Capcom Infinite coming to PS4 on September 19th. And here to present and chat
with me is Mike and Peter from the Capcom team. Hello, gentlemen. MIKE: Hello, hello.
Happy to be here. RYAN CLEMENTS: We are
happy to have you here. We are going to start by
looking at story mode, and then we’re going to
jump into versus mode. I will be trained
by Peter himself. MIKE: That’s what I’m
looking forward to. RYAN CLEMENTS: But, Mike, this
is — we can kind of hear — should I let this
guy talk first? MIKE: So this is the setup. What we’re showing
today is the story mode, the first 25 minutes. Actually, for those listening,
you can go home right now, download it completely
for free on PS4 and experience it yourself. But with the
story mode this time, we really had the goal
of setting up a huge, over-the-top villain,
an original character. That’s who you’re
hearing now is Ultron-Sigma. RYAN CLEMENTS: So if you
want to hear him without us talking over it, you
download the demo. MIKE: Exactly. RYAN CLEMENTS:
That’s your incentive. Yeah. Ultron-Sigma, kind of fusing two
classic villains from the Marvel and Capcom universes together. MIKE: Exactly, exactly. And as you can see there it said
88 days since the convergence, so that means it’s been 88 days
since these worlds have kind of converged, the Marvel
and the Capcom universes. So players are thrown
right into it; right? Instead of telling the story of
how Ultron-Sigma came to power, you know, against the heroes,
it’s kind of like he’s already taken over, you know. He’s already in control, and
the heroes have to find a way to stand up against him. RYAN CLEMENTS: It
is not looking good, then, for our heroes. MIKE: It’s dire straights, man. It is, yeah.
Exactly. RYAN CLEMENTS: So we
jump right into it then. Very nice. I love the environment too.
It’s very Ultron-Sigmaish. I can already tell what kind of
tone Ultron-Sigma is going for. MIKE: This pink,
kind of overbearing, kind of magenta sigma virus
that’s infecting everything. RYAN CLEMENTS: Overbearing
magenta might be the best color description I’ve
ever heard in my life. And Peter is taking control
right now to kind of get us started here on
today’s recording, playing as Captain America. But we got Mega
Man X in reserve, not just any X. MIKE: Exactly.
Not just any X. RYAN CLEMENTS: The mega-ist. MIKE: So all the worlds, all
the locations in this game are actually a mix of the
Marvel and the Capcom universes. So they’ve been converged. Ultron-Sigma is using the power
of the Infinity Stones to merge the worlds with the ultimate
goal of cyber-forming all humanity into puppets to do
his will and his bidding. This particular
stage is called Xgard. It’s a combination of Asgard
from the Marvel universe and then the Mega Man X Able city
universe which you see in the beginning of the X games. All the other
locations also are kind of, you know, unique missions
of the Capcom and Marvel IP. We’ve been very thoughtful
about how we can mix these. The other stages we’ve shown
are like Valkanda for example. It’s a mix of Black Panther’s
Wakanda and then Valhalla from the Monster Hunter universe. So each of the locations that
the heroes go to throughout the adventure of the story are
kind of mixed in a similar way, and they need to seek out the
Infinity Stones to ultimately take down Ultron-Sigma. RYAN CLEMENTS: The developers
must have had quite a lot of fun picking and choosing
which different things to blend together. MIKE: We had a lot of fun. I mean, I remember in the
beginning just the brainstorming sessions about as
fans ourselves, what are these
crazy combinations we would love to see. Ultron-Sigma himself is a
crazy — Ultron from the Marvel universe obviously
highly intelligent AI robot, but Sigma from the Capcom
universe is very similar; right? So their goals were aligned, and
they have come together using the Infinity Stones to try
and wipe out all humanity and irradicate all biological life. RYAN CLEMENTS: It’s cool too
because whenever you do big crossovers like this and you
have the Marvel universe and the Capcom universe come together,
you get to really play around with the sort of comparing and
contrasting classic archetypes in fiction, you
know, the classic, intelligent, and
scheming villains and, you know, heroes of
all different types, and so you kind of get to see
them right next to each other. MIKE: It’s fantastic. Right here we’re seeing
Chun-Li and Captain Marvel, two strong female
leads from both sides, you know, each calling
themselves the strongest woman in the universe; right? So it’s fun to see
these kind of combinations. Throughout the story you’ll see
a lot of these great moments, these crossover moments
that you can only see in this type of game. So it’s really fantastic. RYAN CLEMENTS: So is this
the way story mode is set up, kind of having, like, you’re
given pairs of characters to move through? MIKE: Yes. RYAN CLEMENTS: Okay.
Very cool. MIKE: So as you go through,
you’ll play a variety of the different characters. And then the Infinity Stones
themselves are integrated into gameplay where it makes
sense contextually in the story. So the heroes need to seek out
the Infinity Stones and take down Ultron-Sigma. So as you find those
throughout the story, you’ll be playing with them. ULTON-SIGMA: Heroes of both
dimensions — RYAN CLEMENTS: Speaking of — MIKE: Speaking of
the man himself, the man of the hour. You can see the stones
there — one in his forehead, one in his chest —
of reality and space. RYAN CLEMENTS: That’s
a pretty brutal combo, space and reality. Yeah. MIKE: I think you could do
a couple things with that. RYAN CLEMENTS: If even one
of those and your goal then, but you take two, that’s
when you’re really — you’re really working it,
that villain attitude. MIKE: Exactly. So speaking of which, you
know, the stones are huge in the Marvel universe of course. When you’re in possession
of just even one stone, you can do crazy
over-the-top things. You can control all aspects of
reality over a certain facet of the universe. So we’ve also integrated that
very deeply into the gameplay side of things. One of the new stand out
mechanics in the gameplay is the Infinity Stone system. So why don’t we cut
over a little bit, and we’ll show you a little bit
of the gameplay now that we’ve had a chance to — RYAN CLEMENTS: Look at that
transition, Mike. Perfectly executed. Let’s take a quick break. We’ll be back with
some versus gameplay. Here we go. Now we are in versus mode, and I
have a controller in my hands. Really a terrifying
proposition because Peter is on the other controller. PETER: No, no. RYAN CLEMENTS: Significantly
more experienced fighter than I am. PETER: But that’s the
beauty of it; right? Because I have the experience, I
can bestow that experience upon you to teach you
how to play the game. And, you know, with the
design for this game, we wanted to make sure that
Marvel versus Capcom Infinite was extremely accessible. And as you can see, we
have a fine cast here. You have Marvel’s
finest and Capcom’s finest. Some returning characters,
some all new characters. I don’t know which
characters catch your fancy. RYAN CLEMENTS: A lot of them. But I just want to say, what
a rare treat to have Zero and Rocket Raccoon right next to —
just their faces together is so — there’s just Zero and a
raccoon face just staring down. I love it. If I just stick with the
classics do you think I’m going to get made fun of if I just go
with like — PETER: Not at all. You have
to start somewhere. RYAN CLEMENTS: Right. I have to start somewhere, so
I’ll start with someone that I feel like I couldn’t possibly
not know the move set of. As for his partner in
crime, I got to go with Dante. PETER: You picked one of the
more complicated characters. RYAN CLEMENTS: You know
what, I’m going to stick to it. You have to make
commitments in life. It’s what I’ve learned. And then here’s
the Infinity Stones. PETER: Here’s the
Infinity Stones, and as you can see with the
little bit of explanation text there, there’s two actions
that the stones can perform. One is the Infinity Surge which
you can use at any time during the match, in the
ground or in the air. And that’s done by pressing L1. RYAN CLEMENTS: Okay. PETER: Right. RYAN CLEMENTS: Got it. PETER: And then
there’s the Infinity Storm. And this is, you know, the
over-the-top attack or state that Mike had mentioned where
essentially you’re activating the power within the stone, and
it gives you that control over that facet of existence that
the stone holds dominion over. So case in point, space, you
get to restrict the space of the opponent by putting them
in a force cage, you know. Reality, you get to control the
elements and strike the opponent with fire, lightning, or ice. So, you know, these Infinity
stones are really meant for you to break the rules of combat
much like how when somebody wields this in the
Marvel universe, they break that
rule of existence. RYAN CLEMENTS: They break
quite a number of rules. PETER: Exactly. RYAN CLEMENTS: Well, I’m — as
someone who has not played this game at all versus someone that
has significantly played this game, I got a good
feeling about my chances. PETER: Yeah. Yeah. Well, once you see the simple
commands that we have in the game, you’ll be
doing pretty well. RYAN CLEMENTS: There’s still a
layer of strategy here that I will not be privy to in my first
gameplay session though, Peter. PETER: Well, yes. RYAN CLEMENTS: Let’s be
realistic about my chances. PETER: Exactly. But, I mean, I just want to
explain a few of the mechanics that we have for you or for
our less experienced players. RYAN CLEMENTS: I found
that I can dash and duck. So right now I
already feel right at home. PETER: You have quick movement. Okay. RYAN CLEMENTS: And I can dance.
Just go to the beat. MIKE: But can you
dance on beat though? PETER: If you hit DOWN,
UP, you can super jump. RYAN CLEMENTS: Okay. There you go. PETER: If you just
hold up, you’ll jump. RYAN CLEMENTS: So far, so good. PETER: Okay. You know, the name of the battle
system of Marvel versus Capcom Infinite, it’s all about
doing cool combos; right? RYAN CLEMENTS: Of course. PETER: But, I mean, that’s kind
of hard for us to kind of just throw you in there and for you
to perform these combos without kind of knowing what
your character can do. So if you just push SQUARE
or Light Punch a few times. Yeah. We put in this thing. RYAN CLEMENTS: A lot of combos. PETER: Exactly. We put in this simple combo
system that allows you to see what you’re character
can do that much faster. Right? So just by pressing SQUARE,
you can see some of the cooler things your character can do. A ground combo
into an air combo, which is great because then you
kind of get a feel for hour our combat system works; right? Same thing with Dante. You can tag in
Dante by pressing R1. And now press SQUARE with him. That was kind of long. [LAUGHTER] PETER: But as you can see, pressing SQUARE
gives you that combo. It allows you to see what
you’re character can do. It gives you kind of a feel for
how the butt ends go into one another; right? RYAN CLEMENTS: What
protects, you know, an experienced player from
really getting abused by someone that really needs to lean in
to, you know what I’m saying, those auto combos. So how do you kind of
preserve that balance between an experienced player and
a newcomer like myself? PETER: Okay.
Well, you can try it again. RYAN CLEMENTS: Are you just
going to whack me over the head? PETER: No, no. Just go ahead, yeah. Okay. So you did it again. And as you can see, the
combo looked the same because it always gives you the
same prescribed combo set. RYAN CLEMENTS: Right, exactly. PETER: And it always
does the same damage; right? I mean, decent damage, mind
you, but it’s always the same. RYAN CLEMENTS: Nothing
to sneeze at certainly. PETER: So if I press
Light Punch with Ultron, right, I get that
same eight hit combo. RYAN CLEMENTS: Right. PETER: Right? But it’s always that same combo
no matter what I do; right? But if I want to do more damage,
then I would have to kind of move around and pick different
butt ends and that’s — RYAN CLEMENTS: Twice
as much damage. PETER: Exactly. But. That’s the balance that we have. For guys like myself who want
to put in the time and learn the characters and figure out the
deeper nuances of the game or at least a combo
system with a character, I’ll be able to do more
damage than you; right? RYAN CLEMENTS: Sorry. PETER: No, that’s fine. RYAN CLEMENTS: We got
people that we need — we got to impress the
audience, Peter. Now, I’m just going to do a
couple standard — PETER: Okay. Yeah. RYAN CLEMENTS: Watch your feet. PETER: Take that. I’ll put that out here for you. Okay. Yeah. And then if you hit TRIANGLE
and CIRCLE together — RYAN CLEMENTS:
TRIANGLE and CIRCLE. PETER: — you do a
hyper combo; right? RYAN CLEMENTS: Oh, Dante! PETER: And then if you
press R1, you could switch, and then you could
try it with him. RYAN CLEMENTS: I
got my man, my man. It’s like you just go through
the standard set for you. PETER: Exactly. His move list will never change. MIKE: Put him in
a box, it’s time. PETER: So press L1
and R1 together, and that’s the Infinity Storm. So now I’m trapped. I can’t get you.
I’m trapped. RYAN CLEMENTS: Hey. Can I do any damage up
there away from your character? PETER: Yeah.
Down here. RYAN CLEMENTS: No. No. No.
Time up. PETER: Saved by the time. I won, yes. I had to eke out that win. But, you know, what we’ve done
with this game is we made things pretty easy to understand. If you press R1, you
switch between your characters. RYAN CLEMENTS: Right. Easy. PETER: If you press L1, you
can use the Infinity Stone. RYAN CLEMENTS: Hold on a second. Oh, we missed it. Look at how devastated Ryu and
Dante looked on that screen. Their faces are so priceless. Please, we’ll go back and we’ll
screencap that at some point. All right. Is this for real or is
this still practice? PETER: Just a little bit more, and then you’ll be ready
for battle. So press L1. RYAN CLEMENTS: L1. PETER: And that’s how you
use the Infinity Stone. So by pressing it, you
can use it to pull me in and control my space; right? But if you want to actually play
a little bit, we can. RYAN CLEMENTS: Is there any sort
of the guard break or anything that you can do to get
yourself out of a combo. PETER: Yes. So we have — with the switch
system we have this thing called the Counter Switch. RYAN CLEMENTS: Okay. PETER: It costs two
hyper gauge bars. RYAN CLEMENTS: It’s costly. PETER: It’s costly
because it’s strong; right? So I guess you could bring in
Dante before I — RYAN CLEMENTS: Before you
just demolish me. PETER: Yeah. So R1 to switch. So one button for
switch, one button for stone. So I’m going to
beat up Dante; right? And while I’m going so — RYAN CLEMENTS: He was
asking for it. PETER: I know; right? RYAN CLEMENTS: He’s so arrogant. PETER: Just look at
it him, you know. But I’m going to go
ahead and beat you up, and while I’m going that,
go ahead and press — sorry. Hold R1 down. RYAN CLEMENTS: Hold R1
while you’re beating me up. PETER: Yeah. So did you see
what happened there? RYAN CLEMENTS: I see. PETER: So that right there
with the Counter Switch, your character comes in, and the
focus now switches from the guy who was getting beat up to the
guy who came in; right? And you can choose then
to interrupt my combos, or you could just
kind of run away. Here. Beat me up
and I’ll show you. Yeah. You see how the
focus kind of shifted. That said, you could
still go after the person. RYAN CLEMENTS: Right, right. They’re both still in
play which is interesting. It’s not really like an instant
switch where the other person is invincible after that. PETER: Exactly. It’s strategic. MIKE: There’s
some strategy there. PETER: It’s
definitely strategic. And, you know, because
it takes two meters, it’s very resource
intensive because it’s a pretty strong tactic. RYAN CLEMENTS: Ryu,
get out of there, man. PETER: Yeah. So at the heart of our game
we have the idea of teamwork. RYAN CLEMENTS: At the heart of
our game we have beating the crap out of you. PETER: Oh, Hyper Combo. Oh, look at this! Wow! Okay. He was playing
possum the whole time. Mike, he was playing
possum the whole time. MIKE: Switch. Press R1 to switch
and then Hyper Combo. Keep it going. RYAN CLEMENTS: How
do I Hyper Combo? PETER: Wow. Clearly this was a setup. [LAUGHTER] RYAN CLEMENTS: The old
rope-a-dope. I mean, rope-a-dope. PETER: “I don’t
know how to play. Feel free to teach me.
Give me some tutorials. Okay. Now I’m going
to beat him up.” Oh, my gosh, are you serious? RYAN CLEMENTS:
Basically what I’m doing, ladies and gentlemen at home, is
I’m just trying every possible thing from fighting games that
I’ve played to see what works. Right now it’s not — PETER: Oh, my gosh.
I’m going to lose. What? [LAUGHTER] MIKE: That’s fantastic. Did we
get that on tape? RYAN CLEMENTS: I
hope we’re recording. Guys we have to start over. I’m sorry. PETER: Pleads edit that out. RYAN CLEMENTS: So now we cant
see their devastated faces. Hopefully they’re going
to be nice and happy. That was — see
this is what happened. I took Peter by surprise. It was totally not fair. Peter looks
devastated over there. PETER: I feel like I
was had, you know. I feel like — RYAN CLEMENTS: Now I said —
hold on — I said I’ve never
played this before. I do love fighting games. So
it’s not like I’m coming in — PETER: So you were a wolf
in sheep’s clothing. RYAN CLEMENTS: That’s harsh.
Maybe more like — MIKE: You better tag in
your partner. PETER: I’m going
to switch him in. Yeah. I gotta switch Mike
in. I feel a little — RYAN CLEMENTS: I’m going
to pick some other folks that I don’t have any
experience with. Let’s get — Let’s have maybe
one or two more matches before we close it out. Who should I be? PETER: This is for
all the marbles, man. MIKE: So I’m taking Thanos. You can’t go wrong with Thanos. Strider Hiryu and
the Reality Stone. ANNOUNCER: Only one team
will be left standing. RYAN CLEMENTS: Oh, jeez. The announcer is
making the odds. PETER: No pressure, guys. RYAN CLEMENTS: Do you
do the voice for him? I think it’s you. MIKE: Oh, man. RYAN CLEMENTS: I love how
he starts off in a throne. Yeah. That is fantastic. Both universes have so
much personality in them. We’re going for it. PETER: Because apparently
you play fighting games, so let’s go. I want to see it. Oh, my gosh. RYAN CLEMENTS: Mike is — MIKE: I am also deadly with the
Simple Combo, so. PETER: Oh, my gosh! It’s looking bleak. There you go. Those Switch Combos. Don’t forget TRIANGLE and
CIRCLE for Hyper Combos. Oh, my gosh, so much damage. There you go. R1, R1, R1. No mercy. There you go. You got to keep
hitting the buttons. Keep going.
Keep going. Thanos. MIKE: Oh, oh, oh. [LAUGHTER] PETER: Use the Infinity
Stone. L1, R1. Let’s go. MIKE: Thanks, Peter. RYAN CLEMENTS: Why are you
guys helping each other? PETER: The elements. He’s so dirty. RYAN CLEMENTS: The
elements are against me. I don’t even know
what’s happening anymore. I like how Peter started this
by saying it’s so accessible, and then all of reality comes
crashing down on the screen. No, we’re still going. PETER: All I know is that
you were able to beat me. That’s pretty
accessible if I say so myself. RYAN CLEMENTS: You and I both
know it was beginner’s luck. PETER: You did some hot stuff.
I can’t lie. RYAN CLEMENTS: It was
all beginner’s luck. PETER: Oh, no! ALL: Ahh! RYAN CLEMENTS: Bonk,
bonk, bonk to the max. MIKE: The throne
comes out again. All right, Peter, I’m going
to give you a chance to redeem yourself. RYAN CLEMENTS: Yeah. Let’s do — this is it. PETER: I’m going to stay
with the same two characters. RYAN CLEMENTS: Okay. PETER: All right. RYAN CLEMENTS: Can I change? PETER: Do you
want to change too? We’ll go back to the
character select screen then. That will actually give me a
chance to use my favorites. RYAN CLEMENTS: Your
favorite Infinity Stone? PETER: Characters and stone. RYAN CLEMENTS:
Characters and stone. PETER: Characters and stone. RYAN CLEMENTS: All right. Let’s do this. PETER: I don’t know if
you’re ready for this. MIKE: And so these are only
four of the Infinity Stones. The final version is
going to have all six. So we still have
two yet to announce. RYAN CLEMENTS: Are you talking
more about the roster as well, or are you keeping
that under wraps? MIKE: The roster is under wraps. Today we’ve announced 22
characters and four stones. But you can image once all the
characters and stones comes in how crazy. RYAN CLEMENTS: It’s
going to be intense. That’s what you’re telling us? Let’s just go with the most —
let’s just go with some of the most — I don’t even know what
word to describe a Nova/Thor combo, but I’m going to
say it’s spectacular. PETER: High flying and I
would say fast action, but Thor is not that. RYAN CLEMENTS:
Ladies and gentlemen, let’s go to space with
the Infinity Stone here. I do not know how — how would
you compare these to like a Capcom classic characters? How do they play,
these two guys? PETER: I can’t relate them to a
Capcom classic character because they fly around. RYAN CLEMENTS: Okay, okay, okay. I don’t know. Is it like a Guile? Is it like a Ryu? PETER: No. It’s hard. RYAN CLEMENTS: All right. Fine. Don’t give me any help. Thanks teacher. Great tutoring. PETER: Stumped me there. MIKE: Starting off
strong with the counter. RYAN CLEMENTS: Yep. He has a lot to prove. MIKE: He does. RYAN CLEMENTS: Yeah. So far my chances
aren’t looking good. MIKE: Nice switch. RYAN CLEMENTS: Nova seems like
he’s very — PETER: I tagged Nova in so Thor will have a chance
to regenerate his life here. RYAN CLEMENTS: Nova, so far
still trying to figure out what his moves are. Just going to try a few things. PETER: He is flying everywhere. RYAN CLEMENTS:
Something, something pulsar. PETER: The motions in
this game are CORNER, CIRCLE, FORWARD and
attack or CORNER, CIRCLE, BACK. RYAN CLEMENTS: Oh, okay. PETER: That’s how you
do all the specials. RYAN CLEMENTS: Once again, great
info you could have told me at the top. Thanks, Peter. PETER: I got to keep
it in my back pocket. Okay. Stop. RYAN CLEMENTS: Are we both
going to get hit by this now? PETER: No. It’s only one person. RYAN CLEMENTS: Ow, ow. Captain America. PETER: Okay. Oh, my gosh, the toss. RYAN CLEMENTS: Yes. Gonna to try and zap you. PETER: I got the Power Stone. RYAN CLEMENTS: Going to just — MIKE: After you light up
his hammer like that keep pressing the button
and he’ll throw it out. RYAN CLEMENTS: Oh, okay. That’s not what I meant. PETER: You almost got me. RYAN CLEMENTS: Just
trying everything possible, trying everything possible. It’s tight. No! MIKE: Okay you
still got your stones. PETER: Thank you. Thanks for letting me know. Here we go, power! Oh, no! RYAN CLEMENTS: Get him. I don’t know what I’m doing. PETER: You can press R1 while
you’re doing that, the switch. Oh, man. RYAN CLEMENTS: All right. This might be a mistake. PETER: Yeah. Press punch. You almost got it off. But I got to stop you. MIKE: Oh, nice. PETER: Oh, my gosh. MIKE: All right. Use the Space Stone. PETER: Don’t use
the Space Stone. Yes. MIKE: There it is. Put ’em in a box. RYAN CLEMENTS: He’s still
so effective in his box. PETER: Oh, man. RYAN CLEMENTS: “Nova strike.” PETER: I’m trapped and I
can’t switch characters either. I’m a sitting duck. Oh, my gosh. RYAN CLEMENTS: The fact that I
could at least get one character down makes me feel
better about my chances. Power Stone. MIKE: He’s breakdancing on you. RYAN CLEMENTS: I
think this is it. I think this is it. Is this the end
ladies and gentlemen? MIKE: That’s going to hurt. RYAN CLEMENTS: Peter
with the win redeemed. There was no need
for redemption. You could just walk all over me. PETER: Our score is 1-1 now. So we could go out on that. RYAN CLEMENTS:
Ladies and gentlemen, that was Marvel versus Capcom
Infinite which is coming to PS4 on September 19th. Peter, Mike, thank
you guys so much. I had a blast. MIKE: Awesome. RYAN CLEMENTS: Those
that watched did too, and you can see for yourself. Try out the demo available on
PlayStation Store and until next time we’ll see you on
PlayStation Underground. [OUTRO MUSIC PLAYING]

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  1. I did a twitter poll under Maximilian's post asking if folks would prefer it if MvC:I was delayed for graphics and ensured polish.
    Out of 98 people, like 92% said yes.
    That like bar and the comments don't seem all that happy either.

    Capcom. It's okay. It's okay. You can delay the game. Add 2 characters to make up for it if anything. Pay for Deadpool & add Vergil. Fan favorites, but won't require as much effort as brand new characters (I wish for Juri/Carnage, but I know better).
    It's okay. It'll be good for you Capcom. It's okay. Take your time…

  2. if you're reading this capcom, don't release this, we want 2D marvel vs capcom 4, just like Dragon Ball FighterZ

  3. so far every comment on these mvsci videos have just been winge winge winge complain complain… so what game did you make?

  4. I guess they're trying to combine the look of MKX and Injustice with the MVC look and animation for the characters in this game. It seems like the devs now are trying to appeal more to casual fans and gamers, like people who are fans of all these more recent Marvel tv series today. Thats why this game has a more kind of streamlined and toned down look about it, I just hope this doesnt mean they've taken too many things out from the previous.

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