MARK GOLDBRIDGE BEST MOMENTS – Best Mark Goldbridge FIFA Reactions

MARK GOLDBRIDGE BEST MOMENTS – Best Mark Goldbridge FIFA Reactions

A goal what a soft shit goal that is as well
how am I losing two nil to this pillock what a crap goal that was oh this is
banter what a shit goal that was what a stupid
crap goal that is oh don’t show me this I hate these knob heads online who do
that, thank God he cut it short that was a crap goal I had the defender
actually defending their. My passing is crap here’s a goal I go what a soft shit go
ladies as well how am I losing two nil to this pillock what a crap goal that was
Ohh this is banter you know what I was watching I was watching a FIFA player
last night he’s got like a million subscribers
he was live this morning at nine o’clock I forget what his name was and he won a
game 5-4 and at the end of it he went on a huge meltdown rant he was like yes
I’ve won the game but how is how have they even got close to me being 5-4. I don’t believe that how can he do that
how can he just play a pass like in that into the box like that it’s just a joke
look just just ridiculous Goldbridge out says Steve Roberts this isn’t I’ve never been
three kneel down in the whole time I’ve been playing Fifa for Ultimate Team and
this player isn’t even that good that’s the annoying thing look at the layoff again is he can go
and die that crap right-wing or left-wing or whoever he is he’s
absolutely shit getting is he offside no good goal Oh bah humbug for him but oh come on Kepa what’s happened here my left back
wouldn’t even run after that Get in! three three have some of that
sit down three nil down three three have some of that you haters you can sit
down you can have some of that on toast absolutely superb three nil down three
three William Collins the game is a joke it’s an absolute joke I could not you
know I couldn’t string a bloody bowtie Which are quite hard to string in the first
half and this this half I’m like on fire what a game marks then bull what a
comment He’ll run all night yes don’t give it
outside Four Three Keita can you believe it
are you gonna believe it what a comeback back of the neck says Christopher white
we’re back in it four three he just cannot deal with it I better go back to
balanced Oh he’s he doesn’t know what’s happened
he’s like I thought I was three nil up how was I three nil up because the
computer mugged me off that’s how Oh bog off absolute rubbish
never in a million years never in a million years some of the goals he’s
been given it’s a joke that never goes in from there never what
an absolute farce it’s having a laugh it really is you’re having a joke there
that was along the ground it’s bantering me now look oh here we go five fucking four how the hell has that
happened I’m just about to go one on one and it chips it’s it’s a joke this
game is absolutely rubbish it’s rubbish it’s a rubbish game do not
buy FIFA 19 it will kill you it’s a joke Get in five all boom shaka lakh that’s
what we’re all about come on bloody hell the thing is every time I
go ultra-attacking I score goals and when I try and go balance I’m like what what
what the hell’s going on what a game doesn’t deserve to be a draw
I don’t believe that that is crap that is so crap the goals he’s scoring are crap
this is what I’m saying they’re rubbish they’re absolute rubbish that’s why he’s
not even showing the replays because they’re rubbish he basically shoots and
it goes in it’s absolute nonsense nonsense they’re not good goals mate oh
look at this oh look at that give him passes away surprise that didn’t go in
what’s he doing now what didn’t even bloody do anything Oh is it given a
penalty now fuck’s sake this game this this game this bloody game and it fucked me up I can’t believe I’ve
just lost that game I got that level I’ve got on through it through ball to
Timo Verner and it chips it when I press triangle and then every bloody shot he
has I can’t believe I’ve lost that game I can’t believe it
what was the penalty for as well Adam Olson fuck knows fuck knows like I’ve
got no idea I’ve got no idea I can’t believe that game absolute that Louis
sook says you deserve to win it I can’t believe that game he was rubbish I’ve
won like my last ten games and he’s one of the worst could have been a she one
of the worst people I’ve ever played but everything they did just went in
although I did have 16 shots to mine I’ve got to give him that but

27 Replies to “MARK GOLDBRIDGE BEST MOMENTS – Best Mark Goldbridge FIFA Reactions”

  1. Mark – I watched YouTuber playing FIFA this morning with million subscribers and he had massive meltdown because was someone who close to winning the game 5-4. Sounds like someone we all know! 😂

  2. saw this live. im not even laughing – i can feel his pain.
    sick of fifa its so stupid. they script the game but it still screws you over

  3. Best Mark Goldbridge fifa reactions… No, basically all this video is, is a chopped up version of ONE of Marks videos lol. Lazy, and you slap your name in an overlay and upload the video for views. Cheap and boring.

  4. You should link his channel for people who are new to him and might of just found this video out of nowhere you might have his name as the title but give credit where its due

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