Mark Cuban Gets Brutally Honest About the Pro Sports Business | Inc.

Mark Cuban Gets Brutally Honest About the Pro Sports Business | Inc.

why would I begin with something we talked about just a few moments ago on television and and that is the question of the penalties at the National Football League made it out to the New England Patriots you own a sports team that you are no stranger to being find it’s a habit it’s a habit of the league handle the matter of the deflated footballs and do you think that think that the punishment fit whatever crimes there were first the commissioner of any professional sports League works for the owners so he doesn’t work in a vacuum and so I think what the punishment was would really reflected what the general ownership wanted that that’s just my guess to me as an owner the more interesting part was mowing in terms of the actual punishment I don’t give a shit right at the NFL and so I don’t know if it’s too much or too little you know I’m a Cowboys and Steelers fan Patriots play the Cowboys week 4 so it was just long enough as an owner I could see some of the new ones things that happened when Robert Kraft the owner as Tom did you do it he was out of course I didn’t do it why would I ever do anything like that at all because that’s almost like a parent-child relationship in some respects very prano and I think mr. crab probably was completely surprised by everything that he read which probably is the underpinning of why he pulled away from it today from the apiece I don’t do feel yeah he’s decided not to appeal is his sanction mean with Tom Brady going to say that’s going to believe them and you know then you find out more and he pulls you feel Taco Bell Road and that’s what turned that franchise around does a business need a business makeover looks different than any other business from the season ticket renewal for a 93% the highest ever even higher after we want to Championship you know and we continue to innovate I’m a big believer that you read on your business everyday we can’t always control the wins or losses but we can’t control the effort that goes into make it entertaining Sports is not like any other business when you know when you walk into an arena if we’re doing a good job if I’m doing a good job you feel the energy you feel the electricity you can’t replicate that sitting in front of the TV now if you’re asking do we need to add different players to do anything up there there’s no template for winning the championship it’s not an easy business there there’s locking Baldor skill involved and there’s just no easy way to say oh yeah we’re just do a makeover and will be in the finals next year just doesn’t work that way it’s a good business if not a great business in terms of financials but it’s a good business in terms of impact on the community you know. you stunned when the Clippers went for 2 billion doll because they were going to be in a position where there a tenant in there Arena so they can build a new Arena the TV deals coming up on Sports is one of the remaining your destination viewing shows on television so it didn’t send me at all I think people fail to realize that you know when is the most as a 700 billion dollar market cap and there’s never been a parade in Cupertino to celebrate it you know all the jobs everything they create globally but when you win at 18 Windsor parade in a Blackhawks are the Blackhawks when is there going to be a parade in Chicago the city would have got nuts with which you would measure other businesses Zoo Cash Ball in owning an NBA franchise isn’t it’s good but not great but make it you make it at the exit point do you think through your entire life I hope so I hope and longer than that right I hope I’m a holograph coming back and tell him what to do it like a business do you run it like a business but when you in a traditional business when you make a decision there’s one set of factors but in this end of the professional sports business there’s a different set of factors you know when I’m running any one of my companies when the Shark Tank the Mark Cuban on Shark Tank I’m not getting invited to go to hospital to spend time with kids with cancer that the Dallas Mavericks Mark Cuban are players we’re going to hospitals were doing community events you know it is heartbreaking of times I get asked you know can we get a Mavs Jersey this was his favorite player can you sign it because my front my son or my daughter has cancer and or they just died and they want to be buried and you know Dierks uniform that doesn’t happen in a regular business in that connection doesn’t happen anywhere else and so there there’s a special on you and you have to treat it I mean I might be response Ford but you all of North Texas owns the Mavericks

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  1. The athletes get abused for entertainment and the men at the top at are incredibly wealthy..

  2. He makes a good point regardless if he was doing it for the PR. The public views sports with admiration, purity and envy. This isn't just in the US, but globally. Ex. The iPhone is a great product, but I never wanted to thank Steve Jobs for creating it. I've always wanted to meet Michael Jordan and hear him talk about how he was able to hit "the shot" in game 6 against the Jazz.

  3. Lol this whole vid is bs especially with that clickbait. He simply explained that he treats it as a business not the opposite. The charity part, is it altruistic sure but still its PR. All businesses have their own special strategies this is no different

  4. The deflate gate shit was so stupid. If Tom was doing it than most of the league was doing it. Not to mention, alot of QBs came out and said it doesn’t make much of a diff. I’m not even a pats fan but get over it.

  5. Deflate gate was bullshit. You really think tom is airing up his own footballs or getting some equipment manager to under air the balls? Get out of here. Tom and Bill already had the legacy they needed way before deflate gate. How stupid would it be to risk getting caught cheating for that? Doesn’t anybody think that maybe having 300 lb gorillas manhandling the ball all day might have something to do with the pressure? Don’t you think that in every single nfl game ever at some point the ball lost a bit of air? People just love to hate the patriots. The only “evidence” is that Tom broke a cell phone. Lol that was probably all his side pussy calling and he had to hide it from Gisele. Even still, Tom took the high road and did what he had to do to get the negative PR away from his team. Stand guy and is definitely the GOAT no one even comes close in comparison.

  6. People really have to let the topic of deflated balls go. So if Kraft went to a handjob parlor, so what.

  7. Sure, Mark Cuban does treat the Mavs like a business as any smart business person would do, but you can genuinely tell by watching him at Mavs games, that he has an infectious admiration for the Mavericks and their standing in the whole North Texas region. One of the best owners in professional sports.

  8. Your telling me that a ball with 6psi difference from the other QBs is why Brady has won 6 Super Bowls? How about that Patriots defense in every Super Bowl? How about his guys always being open because the defense has no fucking clue what to do or Brady’s timing and intelligence finding the open man every single time? Get the hell outa here. The dude is a top 3 QB all time. Is he number 1? No, he’s been paired with the number 1 coach of all time. If Manning has Belicheck, they would probably have 12 Super Bowls.

  9. Lets put Cuban in context: he aggressively and passionately campaigned for Hillary Clinton. He is a no friend of the average American. I wouldn’t trust anything he says. By the way, I didn’t vote for Trump.

  10. One of the best owners in sport.

    Mark Cuban : Somebody's got to be the luckiest person on earth.

  11. Sounds like this person is speaking on behalf of their own jealousy towards those who have worked their asses off to get where they are. Primarily a main target for bullshit talk shows like this. Fuck sports, fuck money and fuck you.

  12. He revealed himself by saying "ticket renewals are higher than ever, higher than when the won the championship". Thats exactly why the Knicks never win anything. Why try making a good team, when an average team with less effort brings the same money…

  13. There's no template for a championship, but im sure championship teams follow a formula or have the best analytics

  14. The brutal truth is that he’s an owner of a monopoly. Trying owning a football club and let’s see how good or bad of an owner he can be when there’s promotion/relegation

  15. Can't believe he admited sport is jewish social psy-op with masonic rules. Trully the most honest and likeable sports owner

  16. NBA stands for negroes badly acting, YouTube referee Steve jarvey story, NFL is a pathetic act, YouTube the Dan Goode story

  17. NBA is not a great business? This jerk bought the mavs for 285 million and he can sale it for 3-4 billion anytime wants but wont because the fame of NBA ownership and his team will be valued at 10 billion in notime

  18. @3:00 It's not a good business from the financials, but a good business in terms of impact on the community. What a f*cking liar, sport stadiums cost the tax payer hundreds of millions to benefit the rich owner, they should have to pay for their own stadiums.

  19. A bunch of tools making $36 million a year and billionair owners charging $189 a ticket when the majority of america cant even buy a shelter and there are homeless people

  20. I cant believe he said sport is a Jewish social psy-ops with masonic rules. He really is the best most likeable owner

  21. Gotta love Mark Cuban. I love straight shooters like Cuban, Charles Barkley, & Bill Simmons. People who speak the TRUTH how they really feel without an agenda

  22. If Steve Balmer bought Clippers for 2Billion Several years ago. Imagine how much it Would sell for NOW!? Probably easily Double

  23. How people get so upset after a boxing match or any pro game, they still think its based on talent, sports entertainers are actors, they act.

  24. Cuban is not that smart. He cheated getting his own money. You can look it up he had insider trading he just had good lawyers back him up. So cheating is what he did. If you give any normal guy a billion dollars you're gonna make money by accident

  25. Remember when he did the Dairy Queen thing? I got an ice cream from him. Hilarious. Was in Coppell, TX

  26. Damn… give Lebron that Dirk jersey folks… coz he buried him that year Dallas won the championship.

  27. Its all about INTEGRITY and something that unfortunately you are lacking in the attention to detail items necessary to ensure continued success. Cuban's B.S. is not impressive. There are some of US that knows just as much even though Cuban have a few more dollars

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