Mario & Sonic at the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games – Review (Wii U)

Mario & Sonic at the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games – Review (Wii U)

There are only a few things are 100% certain
in life. Death, taxes, and that every 2-years we’ll get a new Mario & Sonic at the Olympic
Games. And this year’s no exception with Mario & Sonic at the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games
coming just in time for the the real-life games next year. Now on the surface, Mario & Sonic 2014 offers
quite a lot to do, providing access to 10-different Winter Sports, some of which are subdivided
further, making for 16 total. And you’ll find pretty much all of the Wintersports represented
here, such as skiing, snowboarding, bobsledding, Ice Hockey, among others. Now being as this is a Mario & Sonic game,
they’re not exactly going for a realistic depiction of these sports, instead opting
for a more arcade-approach with simple controls.. Take Ski Jumping for example, which has you
aiming for visible wind currents in order to get speed boosts and increase your distance.
Or Skiing and Snowboarding, where simple tilts of the controller is basically all it takes
to make it the goal. Yeah, they’re not exactly aiming for Real
Life here, which is a good thing, because the game is at its best when it’s being as
out-there as possible. And nothing showcases this better than the the game’s 9 additional
“Dream Events,” which all take place in either Mario or Sonic’s world where all pretenses
of realism go out the window. Such as with the Bullet Bill Sledge Race,
where you’re literally being pulled by a pair of Bullet Bills–I’m pretty sure I haven’t
seen that in the Olympics before (though I kind of wish it were a real-thing now). Another Dream Event has you figure-skating
through a level from Super Mario 3D Land, complete with a Bowser encounter at the end.
Yep, it’s absurd and awesome. The music is catchy and the attention to detail here is
fantastic–in fact, the game’s visuals in general are very pleasant to look at, and
the character models look great in HD. So clearly there’s a lot of variety here,
and most of the activities are pretty enjoyable. Even Curliing, which is perhaps the deepest
of the sports here, allowing you to use the GamePad to actually plan your throw with a
surprisingly in-depth interface. But here’s the problem: With the notable exception
of curling, most of the individual sports barely feel much more fleshed out than a Mario
Party minigame. Even though I liked that the controls are
simple, they don’t exactly offer a ton of depth once you grow used to them. And compounding
this fact is that you’ll find only a single-track for most of the sports. So even if you love
Alpine Skiing Downhill, there’s only so many times you can runt he same course before it
starts to grow dull. And this applies to pretty much every sport in the game, which is a real
shame. I mean, I really loved the Snowboarding Dream
Event, which has you racing downhill in a 2-lap Mario Kart-like level–it actually reminded
me of one of my favorite N64 multiplayer games, Snowboard Kids. But again, since that’s the
only level available here, it only takes a few plays to see everything it has to offer. Another Dream Event has you riding a Curling
Puck in a golf-like game with 2-holes. And It’s pretty fun–until you realize it’s always
the same two holes The closest thing to an exception is the Street
Hockey Dream Event, which offers up a comparatively remarkable 3-arenas–all of which are based
on the Isle Delfino section from Mario Sunshine, which is pretty cool. Unfortunately in this
case, the game’s mechanics are so simplistic that even the additional arenas can’t make
the core gameplay interesting. By comparison, I actually found the Hockey mode of Mario
Sports Mix on the Wii to be a lot more enjoyable. And it’s this unfortunate lack of depth that
permeates the entire game. Even though there are 25 events in total, there’s just very
little reason to revisit most of them. Even the Legends Showdown mode, which is the
closest thing this game has to a story mode–can be completed in just a couple hours, and you’ll
play practically every event the game has to offer in that time. And on top of all this, the game’s interface
is surprisingly clunky, making you switch between the Wii Remote and GamePad for all
kinds of sports, with very little reason to–as proven by the game’s multiplayer mode where
everyone but Player 1 is forced to use a Wii Remote instead of the GamePad. Now speaking of which, I should mention that
every one of the game’s 25 sports can be played with multiple people locally. And it does
make most of them at least a little more enjoyable And the game even has online play too–but
there’s a catch: It’s only available for four sports: Freestyle Ski Cross, Snowboard Cross,
Short Track, and Winter Sports Champion Racing. So if you don’t like racing, you’re out-of-luck.
And again, with only one-track available for each of the modes, it probably won’t be long
before you tire of it too. With that said the online play, in my experience, worked
smoothly with minimal lag, although the interface is a little annoying, forcing you to regroup
with your friends between events. Although it’s almost worth it just to see your Mii
piloting a cute, adorable little plane. Overall Mario & Sonic at the Sochi 2014 Olympic
Winter Games isn’t a bad game–in fact, it’s even a fun one.. But it’s almost too ambitious
for its own good, offering too many sports with too little to do for most of them. Being
confined to just a single-track for most of the games is a total bummer, particularly
when the game’s mechanics are already fairly shallow. So there is fun to be had here, but
the limited replayability seriously limited the mileage I was able to get out out of it.
And even though the game is better when playing with friends, it’s not that much better, which
is why I’m giving both the Single-Player and Multi-Player modes 3 Stars out of 5. Thanks for watching and make sure to stay-tuned
to for more reviews and other things gaming to

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  1. In my opinion, they should stop this series. I would like to see a Mario Party based game with Mario & Sonic. Now THAT would be fun.

  2. So TWO out of the 3 Sega and Nintendo exclusive games deal were "meh"….hopefully they turn things around with the third game…that unfortunately will star everyone's favorite struggling hedgehog.

  3. Man I LOVE Snowboard Kids. No way the snowboarding compares to a Snowboard Kids. We need a 3rd one, preferably in the virtual console

  4. I must be a weird guy, because I love playing these games for a few months. =P With online mode, it might help me play it longer than normal.

  5. TBH dream figure skating for sonic's world is soo MUCH BETTER i saw that they let u use wips from sonic colors but i don't know what they do in the end

  6. I can only buy one game in these 3 months and I actually planned to pick this up, but I really do like Sonic Lost World. What would you recommend to me, Andre? (plz answer)

  7. I'm just a random commenter, but from what I've seen Sonic Lost World is mostly a fun platformer with a few faults, and Winter Olympics 2014 is solid, but grows old quickly. I suggest, if buying at full price, buy Sonic Lost World, or wait for something like Super Mario 3D World. ๐Ÿ˜› Hope I helped.

  8. Awww man I can't believe you went there Andre…Snowboard Kids!? I absolutly loved that game! I totally forgot about that game untill you just mentioned it. Man, what I would give to play that game again. … awesome!

  9. Unless there's a clever trick, I can see a big problem with Dream Ice Skating, specifically the Bowser encounter. What if you were playing that event, as Bowser?

    Bowser VS Bowser! FIGHT!

  10. What did you expect from Mario & Sonic at the olympics lol?

    It's pretty much shovel ware decent shovel ware but shovel ware all the same.

    Next year is where the WiiU will shine ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. Something else hit my mind– if a player plays as Bowser in the dream event that takes place in Super Mario 3D Land, would the monster be a fake Bowser chasing the players or would it be Dry Bowser?

  12. No, it really wasn't well designed considering the game's physics engine. It may be aesthetically and conceptually appealing, but the gameplay experience just doesn't do Sonic justice. Considering Lost World's levels were based off of Galaxy's, it's safe to say that a Mario-Sonic mash-up would not work in a platforming form.

  13. Okay, I may not be GameXplain, but I've seen both videos, and I have my own thoughts. As Andre mentioned, Sochi 2014 is fun on the surface, but with little to no replayability, it's really shallow. Sonic LW is fun too, but it is more of a focus on the platforming aspect of Sonic. Derrick also touched on the fact that the Wisps are just plain irritating this time around. I would reccomend Sonic LW, just because it is bigger and there is more to be seen here, and when it's good, it's GOOD. K then?

  14. Instead of a Mario & Sonic "sports game", they showed do an adventure game where Sonic adventures in "Mario's world" to fight "Bowser" at the end and Mario having to adventure in "Sonic's World" to fight "Eggman" at the end. That would be AWESOME! (And a good refreshment in both series too!) ๐Ÿ˜€

  15. Cool review! I'm think of geting this. Some of the events look like a good old laugh and its also the closest thing Wii U has to SSX. (For now)

  16. That depends on what you want out of a SOnic game. Lost World got poor reviews, but only because most people felt it was "too slow" and "Mario like" for a Sonic game. However, that makes me more interested in it. As for this game, I was interested, but now that I know each sport only has one track or one to two or three courses, it's a no go.

  17. And I honestly don't understand why they don't have more cross-over characters in Mario Kart. I would love to see Link, Pit, Samus, Megaman, maybe even Sonic. I mean, they already have DK, who is not in any main Mario game.

  18. Nintendo needs it's retro franchies back not in remakes. If I was Nintendo, I would bring back Earthbound, Star Fox, Metroid, Wii Sports, Super Mario Galaxy, Punch-Out, and F-Zero.

  19. I've always wanted a Mario and Sonic Adventure Game. I keep thinking of them trading worlds and having the stages redesigned to fit the opposing character while keeping the Nintendo and Sega feel.

  20. I love your videos but I think you should stop with the rating system because 3/5 stars to me is 60% which is a D which to me is failing and any game that is at least fun isn't a total failure…so I would recommend to stop rating because other than that great review

  21. this is a great review… my kids are really wanting this game bad, so I'll probably get it for them, but I feel like I was warned about a lack of depth…. though, in fairness, with a title like this I wasn't expecting much in that regard, LOL… its basically a party game my kids and I can play together. good job though.ย  ๐Ÿ™‚

  22. I found the control very clunky, especially in the biathlon. The only reason why these Olympic-style games are made is so SEGA can get lots o' money

  23. I was thinking of buying this game, but eh. I really enjoyed the MaS winter games for the ds, and the forst MAS Olympic games, but 2012 wasn't the best either.

  24. Friday, Sunday or All Per Week I going to using Tails all time forever until i'm die and Mario & Sonic at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games too.
    I'm am so Serious.

  25. It should've made hockey periods at least 3 min long. 90 seconds? Come on. Hockey is the best event. Makes me feel like they should just make a Super Mario Hockey League game.

  26. Go ahead and give it an average ratings but you cannot Hate in the Music, one of THE BEST OSTs Iโ€™ve heard

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