Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 – FULL DEMO GAMEPLAY (E3 2019)

Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 – FULL DEMO GAMEPLAY (E3 2019)

All right, we’re over here with Mario and Sonic at the Tokyo-Ok, what’s the title? Mario Sonic at the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020! Oh, every iteration of this game it has like some crazy long title, yes! Yes, so we’re playing this over here in the second bus. What are we playing first? And there’s gonna be like two players? Yeah, okay two players in the couple’s new game. Okay Yeah, look let’s play! everything we got time to play everything? Okay, cool surfing. Okay, yeah sure. Oh, I think it’s uh, Okay, so we go “Remote solo grip” that’s what you want to do? Yeah. Okay. So server service the one Okay, got it. So why don’t you choose because it looks like we’re still on attached joy-con. All right. So, there we go. There you go cool Okay, so playable character is Mario, Well, we got Mario, Sonic, Peach? We got Amy, Bowser-pretty cool and Eggman: Good at tube riding. Yeah, I was gonna say I’m gonna go with Mario, how about you? Even though Luigi’s like faded out? Eggman, okay Okay, I didn’t even look at the instructions can you tell me what we have to do? What do you got that you want to turn back into the wave? Okay, so motion control got it! Alright then grinding up. End of the wave okay, that was interesting. So in case, you don’t like motion controls You can do buttons only. Alright, maybe for the duration we do button only? Hahaha. Here we go, here we go turning to turn! My perfect timing! He’s gonna press any buttons or anything? That’s really about the timing of when you jump into the air? Check it for the next wave? You get stuck in a barrel, oh, yeah, you’re gonna have to tilt back and forth to remain stable that’s super cool. So I’m just like grinding over here? Reach a hundred points go back into the wave that is really super trick! Oh missed it. Oh, I got a super trick! Yeah, and someone here engaged goes out. Yeah, the right button when you go up. Okay, here we go! Mario come on turn! And if you reach the end of the wave you can hit “B” and it will send you back into the wave. Okay There’s a little rough on motion controls. But I will-we’ll go button controls the next one So that was kind of cool, of course getting used to it all. Yeah Yeah, everyone has their own little abilities and whatnot stats and everything okay. Yeah, okay cool, let’s go to select an event! What are we gonna get Okay. Let’s do it. Let’s do skateboarding and then can you do can we do button controls on that? Let’s see Yeah, buttons only. There we go There we go, perfect And you’re pressing that button yet for biggest Alright, go Mario again. I thought that was me! Pressing it, okay. Mario vs. Sonic Uh-oh! The matchup of the century. All right, you’re gonna have I guess maybe I’ll figure it out? Yeah Okay, Oh pretty cool So it looks like it’s about timing whenever you’re on the little portion? Oh, is that right? There we go grinding grinding It’s almost like Tony Hawk over here pretty good! And it’s not like you can wipeout I’m noticing that like Mario’s not even wiping out at all, yeah! That was cool I thought that that was really fun, okay, so we got some other games Yeah Our team didn’t even make the podium. Okay, so go to select the event. All right, what do we do oh karate Oh 1v1, all right! This is point-by-point so it’s not like a traditional fighting match. Okay! Mario vs. Bowser, okay? Now is there a release date on the game? Winter of this year. Okay, cool! Oh, whoa, I don’t know how to play. Is that the game you win now? You see the flags up in the top. And that indicates your life. How do you block? Takedown! Okay, so that was it I kind of want to try that again. Yeah, so that we can kind of like see what exactly that was. I guess maybe I should pay attention to the moves of the buttons? Because that was just like press and stuff. Okay, can we like pause it and take a look at the, oh here we go controls. Okay, so punch, kick power punch, Block, power punch. Okay, so up and down does some stuff Yeah, punch takedown cake, okay. OH MY GOD! how did you do it? Man, I got to do what else – Wow. Okay, that’s pretty good. I like that not happening Woah nope! So the first to like 10 Flags wins the round or something? okay. Okay, that’s interesting That’s so quick. Yeah, that’s very quick. All right one more It does pretty interestingly Yeah, you like kicked my face and I went flying! What the heck. was pretty intense, All right. Let’s go. Here we go all for all the money! Uppercut! Whoa, okay set the time demo. All right, will you jump in again? I think that counts as you winning that one because I got kicked the heck out of there All right, so what else we got win do some hurdles? Buttons, baby buttons. Okay, and so archery is not single-player sorry, it’s not two players at all? Alright, let’s say I don’t even know let’s look at controls first, here we go So charge “SR” before the start and then you just tap a button. Okay, so it’s easy You’re just tapping run and then jump. All right, I can do this. The rusted chest forward at the end I think that’s what that is. Alright, let’s go down them down button mashing. Go! Go, baby, whoo my Oh! Surely oh, okay. That’s good. Oh, that’s the end. That’s it? Okay, you got it we got ready to do it again Again, all right let’s do it. Eggman, he’s got long legs deceptively law Here we go. I’m gonna look at the right screen this time. Oh, I pressed it too early! Oh, dang Yoshi get him! How in the world? Okay, hold on that’s cheap. That you totally rocked me. How in the world do you do that? So well, alright one more time best-of-three, right? Yeah, yeah, it feels like they’re a very short minigame Yeah, yeah, let’s go! Yoshi’s too fast and looks at Sonic are you kidding me? Right apparently? How did you do that I’m Mario slow my God! Look at all. Are you kidding me? Like right in front? That was pretty good. All right, GG! GG’s all right what else we got? So hurdles are cool. Yeah I kind of want to try surfing one more time. Let’s do surfing one more! Button controls so that like flailing around. Oh, sorry, I did that here I can quit. Thank you for playing! Here we go. Buttons only. Alright, give this a shot. Here we go! The wetsuits look pretty cool though Mario Bowser? alright. Yes, look at the I’ll pause and we can look at the controls really quick. okay, catch a waves there paddling with the right button Ariel trick A tube ride and then super tray that seems in a quick turn. Okay? seems legit. Oh man little early. I can’t even do anything! It was the wave yeah, I didn’t do so hot. All right, let’s see your super! Here we go gimme that BIG SUPER! I think I wasted it. Oh, you got your super use it. That’s our Balance control? There we go. You got ten seconds but to use a super NNoo! Okay, that’s actually kind of fun with the button control sure all right the last one is gonna be hard to reason yeah? Okay, so that’s gonna be both of these That was fun. See, oh I should have done Individual. I’ll try button Oh actually, you know that since it is motion, right? We should try motion out. Okay, give that a shot Okay, here we go we’re on Mario. Okay controls, here we go raise with both hands. Got that draw bow, tilt. Okay easy Oof the wind! Yeah, that’s a little hard with the wind it’s kind of cool but pretty hard. Alright, there’s zero wind. BOOM, alright. I like the motion controls of this one. It feels a lot better. Yeah. Yeah and the HD Rumble I can feel it too Yes is happening, where’s the wind the winds going that way? Go! Let’s go! Oh dang. That’s it okay, not too bad? All right, here we go final end. Okay, there’s a little bit of wind. Oh man, oh man, oh and I was finished okay, nothing bad. That’s really good! Okay, play again select an event. What do I want to try again surfing was okay karate was okay skateboarding was cool. Yeah, I think Oh what this? Mario and Sonic. Okay, and then that’s pretty much it for the demo then. Yeah, there’s nothing else? Okay, cool, I can go back to the title screen and we can call it! Awesome. Thanks so much. Are these are for you thank you for that! Captioner note: Game releases Winter this year! Captioned by N1nt3nbr0.

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  1. Thanks so much for watching! Let me know which of the events was your favorite and which character you'd like to play as in the comments below! (Also, forgive the mic feedback throughout the video – not sure what happened with that, but I've got to get a better shotgun mic for the next event)

  2. i really dislike that the mini games get shorter and shorter with every new Mario and Sonic at the Olympic games..

  3. Just seeing this exclusive gameplay footage is making me want to play this so bad rn!!! Man I always enjoy playing the Mario & Sonic At The Olympic Games franchise a lot!! ????

  4. Interesting to note that during the hurdles events, it seems that the special is activated after a perfect on the last hurdle as opposed to a dedicated special button.

  5. AbdallahSmash026 just reminding you that yo-Kai watch 4 is coming June 19th 8 am pacific for us westies

  6. Hopefully this game will get some tasty easter eggs. You know, Cappy being on Mario or his sister being on Peach, etc. etc.

  7. “The wetsuits looks pretty cool though” – For someone wanting to play as Bowser, Sonic and Shadow I do not agree

  8. I wish they have a Tennis event in this game (at least a 3 set or 5 set match) because they have Tennis in real life for the Olympics next year. Nishikori and Osaka are looking forward to compete in the Olympics for Tennis.

  9. Most of the minigames felt short, because typically most of these sports don't really take that long, such as the 110m hurdles

  10. Mario n sonic at the Olympic Games ( 2008 verision on the wii ) and the winter games are my childhood and was prob the most played game besides MARIO part as a kid ….. I have to get this when it comes out

  11. London 2012 was up to 30 games in total

    Tokyo 2020 looks to be up to 24 so far. I say "So Far" because there are only 3 dream events. No way they'll leave that unbalanced… I hope.

    in Rio 2016… only 17… that is pathetic.

  12. Il aurai avoir luigi and shadow dans les personnage comme mario est sonic il sont cadré alors pourquoi il met luigi and tails ?

  13. Will their be 4 players local multiplayer and will their be a lot more playable characters in the full version

  14. I didnt understanted why they dont show the characters but if you just stop the video when they choose their characters
    Characters are Mario.luigi.peach.daisy.bowser.sonic.tails.knuckles.amy.eggman.
    wario.waluigi.yoshi.donkey kong.bowser jr.shadow.silver.metal sonic.
    blaze and vector

  15. Tbh only problem I have with this game is how they took out most of the characters that were in 2016. Please don't hate on me its just my personal opinion…

  16. I hope Dry bones and the other “Guests” from Rio are in this Game! I saw Zavok in a trailer. I want Dry Bones.

  17. You looked you had the most fun with the Karate event, But yeah, I can se myself playing that one a lot too

  18. They better have new playable characters cause at this point it makes no sense for Rosalina and diddy Kong to not be part of the main roster

  19. On mobile, if you double tap rewind, you can briefly see the characters on the select screen that are blacked out. It's exactly what you'd imagine, but its still nifty

  20. I am a hurdler and I love the attention to detail with the hurdle race! they made the hurdle race much more true to how you actually do hurdles in real life and I love it ?

  21. No entiendo nada de lo que dices porque no hablo inglés pero estoy ansioso por este juego! Gracias por compartir!

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