Marin Rantes lives the BMX dream

Marin Rantes lives the BMX dream

♪(country music)♪ Hi. My name is Marin Rantes
and I’m from Varazdin. I’m 19 years old and I ride BMX. ♪(country music)♪ Many people never reach
their dreams and they usually don’t like
what they do. That’s why I really appreciate
the opportunity to ride my bike every day. ♪(country music)♪ I make a lot of new friends
everywhere I go and learn so many new tricks.
♪(music)♪ The more contests I do,
the more I learn. I get to know new tracks
and that’s why it is so much easier to adjust. And to perform my tricks
on various objects. If you have a dream,
just follow it, and hope to make it true,
and make you happy.

22 Replies to “Marin Rantes lives the BMX dream”

  1. Ferdi2724 you ride with brakes if you are hitting big airs and clearences so that you can speed check and avoid over clearing tables and stuff

  2. ahh, to be young again, doin bmx downhill. so wish "back in the day", I had access to quality equipment the guys have today. all I had was "banana bikes", but damn is was so fun! 57, but can still remember the thrills of making a crazy jump. enjoy, guys!

  3. If you like how he rides, you can follow and support him on Facebook: or on Instagram:
    Best of wishes!

  4. Brate glavni si i jebi mater svima ko seru da nevalja jer pola njih nebi moglo sta ti radis i drago mi je da si uspia u ostvarenju svog sna,samo nastavi

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