Margarita Mamun & Yana Kudryavtseva interview about Olympics 2016 / rhythmic gymnastics / Subtitles

Margarita Mamun & Yana Kudryavtseva interview about Olympics 2016 / rhythmic gymnastics / Subtitles

-How did you explain your mistake for yourself? Yana: – How did I explain? well, could of done better in my preparation. for example, I should of been doing this toss 10 times per training, not 5 times as i regularly did. however, i’ve been doing this throw since i was 13, and i’ve never had any problems. anyway, i don’t remember any problems with this element. our coaches are always trying to minimize the problem if it ever occurs. …It just happened this way… – How was it, during preparation for the ribbon routine? Yana: oh that was such a situation. After my clubs routine i didn’t want to get up from the carpet. i can’t say that i was angry for the whole world.. but i was disappointed, it’s true. imagine, that for the whole life you are going to achieve one goal, and everything falls apart at one moment. then, I tried to calm down. I spoke to my coach Elena Karpushenko. She calmed me down and also cheered me up. She said that I did not lose everything and i have to fight. it was important to do ribbon well. Because if i would have done a mistake in ribbon… I would consequently have become third or even wars, ended up out of the podium. well, it is better to be second. I think you must go for the best result you can reach. during the warm up it was terrible, but when i was entering the competition carpet i thought that i was smiling for the whole arena. i was asked a several times, which moment i would like to live again? of course, even unconsciously, i would like to go through my clubs routine and get that element right… but i also want take back the moment when i was performing my ribbon and do it again. it used to be the weakest event of mine. But that time i managed to perform so well. First time in my life i was truly enjoying the performance. I enjoyed, because i really liked my performance and how everything was going well. Rita: no, of course no.. everybody asks us the same question everybody is asking, everybody is trying to get us into a fight. people accuse us in posing and acting us friends only for interviews and cameras. we don’t need it our friendship remains the same we support each other all the time and i’m so happy that i’m in St. Petersburg now because Yana is living here for now i will finally see her after a long while after Olympics I miss her very much, because we used to together all the time in Novogorsk and here we have such a long period when everybody is on vacation or busy well yes… doing each other own business… but we’ve never broken up a friensip -What did you say to each other right after the competitions were over? Rita – we made it through! everything finally over! because physiological and physical tensions were beyond human limits Olympics are the competitions like no other We had cried because of the happiness and because of sadness …. everything was mixed together but first of all, we were just happy. Yana was happy for me i was happy for myself and for Yana too.. it is the second place at Olympics after all. basically we gave a big hug to each other and could not believe that we made it. – When you woke up the next morning, did you realize what had had happened? or you did not sleep? Rita: Oh i barely slept. I called Irina Vinner at 5 in the morning, she was surprised that was not asleep. but local time was already ok)) well, i called her… then i called my mom. well, we also were wondering around the Olympic village, in cafeteria in Russian house. No, could not fall asleep. Everything was buzzing, i wasn’t understanding the reality. the next day, we had trouble waking up with Yana. We barely made it on time to come see the performance of our group and cheer for them – Last question; What did Irina Vinner tolled you over the phone, because as we know she wasn’t there. Rita : oh she said “oh such a spectacular ending in ribbon!!!!”

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  1. Thank you very much. Rita is lovely, and OMG Yana has grown so much, she's such a pretty woman now. I love your channel 🙂

  2. Thank you so much for these videos! It's so nice to be able to understand what they say in those interviews, it's super interesting!

  3. I'm still gutted for Yana. I wanted Rita to win but I'm just so bummed that it ended that way for Yana. Never seen her make a mistake like that when it counts the most. She was always so consistent

  4. Кудрявцева ни разу не рада за Риту. …это видна….из за доброты БОГ дал победу Рите. …РИТА рада за Яну а Яна не разу не сказало это слово про Риту…..завесть не хорошая вещ….

  5. The real olympic gold medalists:
    1996 – Yana Batryshina
    2000 – Alina Kabaeva
    2004 – Irina Tchachina
    2008 & 2012 – Evgenia Kanaeva
    2016 – Yana Kudryavtseva

  6. Excellent interviews, great champions, it is important to understand what happens through these competitive mentalities, but at the same time, friends.

  7. Девчонки вышли замуж и прекрасно пускай будут самыми счастливыми!

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