March Madness Net Replacer | Hardest Jobs In Sports

March Madness Net Replacer | Hardest Jobs In Sports

– March Madness is all about upsets. And when David beats Goliath,
they storm the court, and they cut down the nets. And I’m the guy who’s
gotta put up the new net. Being the guy who puts up the
new nets during March Madness is a ton of work, because
every game ends with one team cutting down a net. I get that it’s a big deal
for Monmouth to beat Colgate or whatever, but these
guys don’t understand the work that it creates for me. I gotta climb up a ladder,
and thread a new net that’s only gonna get cut
down a few hours later. And it’s not just the Cinderellas, that’s what’s crazy about March Madness. Every team thinks that
they’re an underdog. Even Duke cut down the net when
they got out of the region. You’re the number one seed
idiots, you’re supposed to win! I got a question for ya, where are all these
scissors coming from, huh? I don’t know! Why are all these teams
showing up with scissors to a basketball tournament? So this is my supply closet, welcome. Every March I gotta buy every
local sporting goods store out of their nets. I even got a punch card, one
more and I get a free net. In college football, fans
used to rush onto the field and tear down the goalposts,
and they outlawed it. But in college basketball, they seem to encourage the destruction. Isn’t there something else
you could do to celebrate? Maybe take a picture with the net? Maybe you kiss the backboard? Now that’d be a fun tradition! Or wouldn’t it make more
sense just to keep the ball? I guess if I could talk to
the winning team I’d say, congratulations on a great victory. And keep your hands off my fricken’ net! And this is my ladder they
use to cut down the nets. They’re animals! Jerks, beautiful ladder though, huh? I got it at Home Depot.

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  1. Remove all ladders from the building and hope Yao Ming, Porzingod, Spencer Hawes, or Steven Adams ain't around .

  2. Lol this is dumb. They cut down nets after conference championship, regional championships(rarely), and of course the natty.

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