Marcel Hirscher Is The New King Of The FIS World Cup

Marcel Hirscher Is The New King Of The FIS World Cup

welcomes you continue to coverage of the alpine ski racing World Cup Finals in the Pyrenees and the beautiful principality of andorra and the men will race in the final giant slalom competition but there’s no question that the favorites are here chef Kristofferson and Panthro as they have been throughout most of the season can I ask have you made any decisions about retirement since launching his pro career in 2007 Marcel he sure has taken center stage as a ski racing legend claiming eight overall titles twelve discipline titles a pair of Olympic gold medals 67 World Cup wins and five gold medals at the World Championships [Music] I pushed myself lost ten years as hard as I could Oster media is already writing if I’m second in a race he’s the first loser so it is really hard to be myself with all the pressure those guys are putting on my shows that it can be sometimes really hard to reach those goals here’s his dominance resonates shaping a singular legacy in stature Alexi pintero and Henry Kristofferson who have spent years trying to upset here she’s dominance and are currently among his toughest rivals in the technical disciplines regard him as the best alpine ski racer of all time with Marcel there’s always something to admire when you want as much as he has done being powerful and just going for it all the time I think one of the big points for him is that he’s really constant he’s never missed a call with the six oval title in a row it completed a new record and this record is the first record that it’s worth a lot to me the overall force I Prince Kira means lots because it means that you are really regular you’re always able to be on podium not just in one discipline but in two or three the overall title is the highest highest level and if you made this as Marcel dough he’s sown in in another level it is for sure unbelievable and this is the highest what you can do somehow the Austrians latest season on the World Cup circuit has elevated his iconic status as he’s racked up nine wins and 15 podiums at the World Championships in or a Sweden here shirt took silver in the giant slalom and gold in the slalom and as he enters Andorra and the World Cup Finals Marcel has already extended his own record having secured an eighth overall glue if you are building house if your house is build it up and everything is fine you are living in the house pressure has gone away and this is the same with the Alpha in the over World Cup title if you’ve reached this and all your globes are already fixed and nothing can happen anymore and so it is hard to to push yourself for the last few races really while here sure maybe raising the endora finals without the usual tension and drama Alexei pintura and Hendrik Christopherson are facing larger states although their respective second and third positions in the overall World Cup standings are not a threat a win here in Andorra would finish the season on a high point and signal their intentions for next year you’ve seen very consistent snow conditions and that athletes themselves I’ve been talking about how much they’ve enjoyed skiing on the snow here in Andorra they’ve also created a marvelous atmosphere off the race piece as well has been some real fun parties and and celebrations that’s what the World Cup finals are really all about [Music] Marcelle he Jie has already won the giant slalom Tour title for the sixth time in his career and no matter what the outcome of this race the top positions will not be affected so we find ourselves questioning the world number one certain motivation he doesn’t need a winner here perhaps lacking the necessary intensity ourselves first run lands him in second behind Zonk rhondettes and with Henrik Kristofferson and Alexey pintero awaiting their turns it’s anyone’s race of course Kristofferson who’s second to here sure in the overall giant slalom standings for the year is not just anyone the most technical turns coming right at the end of the challenge a real sting in the tail here ultimate 8.8 seeks off the face Ventura is finishing off a splendid year assembling one of his best slalom seasons today and already locking down the combined glow still with only one giant slalom podium this champ is hardly satisfied when you are skiing you don’t feel it but when you are coming to the finish and you see is that there is so much people claiming to you and cheering for you it’s a little bit different and when we are in Austria or when we are somewhere else [Applause] Marco odermatt world and junior champion of Justin a year ago has made a spectacular transition into the senior World Cup tour look at that okay notice no theater walk in this store oh man reached into the air after the first set of rods Alexi and Swiss FINA Marco odermatt can feel good about their chances holding down first and third respectively today here sure and Kristofferson are the pursuers needing a final surge to propel them into a podium position everybody is fighting to be on a podium it’s never easy of course it’s not one race who is making the definition of your winter anyway I know that I have to push or knows that I have to take a lot of fun and we will see at the at the end was a second run I think if you think about it to march on the left or between inspection I get nervous a little bit so I try not to think about it and keep my mind occupied when I get to start and do to start to do the warm-up that’s when you’re starting like closing and starting to really focus was that he took his all s Sweden it leaves a big surprise to see him as low as nine struggling in his career kiss you try everything to steal the lead to third position [Applause] but up next is the Swiss Rakhi think you need to be a little bit more round on the gate so let a little bit more space to the gate in the first part of the turn and then just push will try my best the full attack and then if it works it’s fantastic and otherwise the summer is coming and I will train harder [Music] working the terrain this is wonderful [Applause] so if I’m not starting first and I try to watch the TV how is it going sometimes you get some questionnaire so the inspection like easy jumping there or is it really tricky as I was maybe thinking Alexi Panos a winner here today we’ll make it the most successful French World Cup racer during the course of L kid build so the advantage for the first run [Music] [Applause] [Applause] the long and demanding season has ended in triumphant fashion for rising star Marco oedema who finished his second and pintura whose milestone victory marks his first giant slalom win of the year I knew that I had any way to push Riyadh do you know 6/10 yeah of course it looks that it’s quite quite a lot but 10 goes fast just a mistake and it’s over and it was really important for me to get victory in gs I was always running for I was close but never able to get it and at least today it was everything was working well and I could make it first gates weren’t perfect but then I survived st part at the top and then I had a good feeling I knew the speedos here if you’re on 3rd place and you trust Finnish lights in dream you know you have a podium and yeah it was really emotional days like today definitely helps me to stay focused motivated and train hard during summer i catching campaigns from henrik Christopherson and alexei pintura I brought the pair bit of deja vu as they finish second and third in the race for the overall giant slalom title for the second straight year again they trail their friend info Marcel here sure again Marcel leads the race into the record books winning a big crystal globe being overall world champion it means that you have to be in at least 20 races really on the top spot so for me it is the the biggest thing you can reach in an alpine ski racing on the World Cup tour amid spectacular and breathtaking settings the stakes are equally compelling this angular forceful for a Lexy Panterra the most successful French skier in World Cup history this latest season was the exclamation point the affirmation of that legacy I have seen some more years in front of me and I have to ski as fast as I can and push my limits at the highest level for Norway’s Henrik Kristofferson the circuits competitions offered yet more evidence of a Grace and passion that have blended to yield spectacular results if you want to win the most important things always to try to improve to ski fast and do mistakes and then to just ski slow for twenty one-year-old Marco odermatt this campaign was the start of something a proclamation to the ski racing world that the youngster is here to stay ready to claim his place among the sports truly elite you have to love it I think it isn’t just erasing it’s just being in the nature skiing for myself and as it so often has this season script was headlined by the incomparable Marcel here sure a champion for so long a worthy nominee for the title as one of the greatest Alpine racers of all time for although this season was really about one goal the most fun part of competing is winning and this is what I always said to myself the only thing I can do is everyday giving my personal best [Music] can I ask have you made a decision without retiring I I have to make Mike here to get a key your mind and then to make a clear decision you know this will be the hardest decision in my life because saying what I really love is ski racing so it will be a really tough decision for me [Music] coming up on the next episode Dominick Paris battles for the men’s downhill globe at the World Cup finds it’s powerfully strong he’s courageous he really is one of the big old-school jangler’s on the men’s world gustl Naaman welcomes you continue to coverage of the alpine ski racing World Cup finals in the Pyrenees and the beautiful principality of andorra and the medal race

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