Marcel Hirscher Has Some Competition To Deal With

Marcel Hirscher Has Some Competition To Deal With

[Applause] Beaver Creek Colorado opening giant slalom of the 2019 FIS world clap ski racing tour it promises to be a crackerjack second run because the world number one is looking for its 60th World Cup win who recovers exciting skier the last time the GS skiers were centerstage on in search of speed the season opening race and sold in Austria was canceled due to heavy snowfalls and poor visibility now the white circus moves to North America and the iconic birds of prey course in Colorados Beaver Creek would be the first chance that GS skiers have to get each other’s measure definitely more ready than before the race is so low because preparation for southern race is always very difficult searching for good training conditions I think it is perfect timing for the first race the birds of prey course has been a fixture on the World Cup tour since its debut in 1997 the past two days races were fought amid difficult conditions and downhill in super-g but today predictions are for good visibility on this iconic course already one of Alpine Skiing zall time greats seven-time overall World Cup champion Austria and Marcel here shirt has won this race three times I only can bring this scheme for example on this high level during racing and training I’m definitely not the best in training what is really unique is that we are skiing giant slalom race on a downhill slope terrain is pretty big it is really interesting to keep the pace and the speed high twenty-four-year-old superstar Norway’s Henrik Kristofferson has been gunning for her shoes overall crown for several years and wants nothing more than a good start to the season he stood on the podium at Beaver Creek twice each time he’s had to gaze up at Marcel on the top step the length is for sure a difficult part of it it’s pretty long and it’s also at the pretty high altitude how much pain are you willing to endure before you’re at the finish [Music] twenty-seven-year-old Alexi Pantera the pride of the French ski team has also been snapping at here shirts heels for years having finished in the top three for the season in gs every year since 2013 but never able to claim here sure is number one spot with three podiums in giant slalom at Beaver Creek most recently at the 2015 World Championships he too has come here with something to prove I’m coming from Europe so creepy snow is little bit different never any victories so for sure in my career it will be really great to get this one these rivals finished first second and third in the overall giant slalom standings last season and they’re compelling clash on the slopes is now ready to resume on the hill from start to finish we are competitors and of course we want to beat each other but off the hill we’re pretty okay friends all three of us write dirt bikes Marcel and I we live not far away from each other so I’ve trained against Marcel’s dad it is fun because for sure if you have the same hobby there’s so much stuff you can talk about mostly it is definitely not about ski racing we all want to win races but it stays really respectful if you want to win the overall globe you have to win a lot of races I think Marcel is for sure the big favourite one in seven times in a row we’re getting closer I’ve been second twice to win a lot of races you have to ski really fast so I think we should focus on skiing really fast first at 8 a.m. the athletes and their coaches inspect the course before their first run I usually use quite a bit of time on the inspection I think it’s really important to be prepared it’s pretty crucial for me to have my dad was always been there and hopefully always going to be there and that you trust a hundred percent what didn’t process with most is that he can control himself the nurse and everything that goes on around she’s so focused in his own bubble so mentally is pretty strong I would not say that I expect fast but I will not say neither as our inspect slow I don’t like to talk too much I’m the skills King with my instinct I’m just thinking that I have to ski as fast that I can and I have to push my limit at the highest level do you have to know what you should do and try your best sir one of my biggest efforts is definitely this great team around my person we are still getting better through all those years we learn so much together that this is really amazing the critical section above the screech I will jump draws its share of scrutiny every time you are coming before flat you need to know exactly where you’re going and don’t make a stupid mistake because you are not really winning time on this kind of point but you can lose a lot of time it’s a little bit soft but still firm so for like the top seven guys I don’t think it’s gonna be a big deal it is so aggressive it is cold it is winter but finally here blue sky and I think will be a great race today in this opening men’s giant slalom of nine to be contested two starters from 21 national ski Federation’s with all eyes of course are firmly fixed on Marcel he Jie looking for his 60th World Cup victory here my routine is to have no routine for sure have some exercises that are mostly always the same but every race is so different and I like to see the always system new game before here sure takes on the birds of prey course Alexei is first in the game this is the coarse Chevelle kit Alexei Panthro one of the big favorites Alexei and Sheryl is an amazing ski racer especially in cs4 I like the most is to the Lexi has so off from the perfect line there’s really so you have to be with the line is the world’s number one Marcel here yet seven times the overall World Cup champion five times the World Cup giant slalom each champion he took the Olympic gold in this discipline and he is the peak favorite with Marcel there’s always something to admire when you won as much as he has done being powerful and just going for it all the time now is his great rival Henrique 24 years of age he was runner-up to Marcel future in the opening that slalom of the season he’s out for revenge Henrik is really a role model of the perfect athlete getting really strong and I think the future will be his time he could be the upset Kristofferson beep find Marcel here chef Marcel is always fast on any Hill so as to be closed that gives a lot of opportunities for the second round so I do pretty well but another contender seeking his first career victory throws caution to the wind and closes fast this is a two run race between runs aleksey consults with his traveling companion his wife Romain who oversees his publicity and media relations since racers on the white circus are constantly blending their professional and personal lives finding a balance is crucial from now to last race of the year we are nearly never home we spend all our time in flight in the car traveling from a race to another if I get a part of my family with me it’s even better I’m building my career but also my life when you can share it says I would say the best for example we go last week for skiing – that was awesome otherwise sometimes we take also some vacation like two three days well you can cut your mind off about Skinner this summer Marcel here sure married his longtime girlfriend Laura Moy so in October he became a father for the first time what I can tell you is that the hundredth of a second are definitely not the most important thing in my life they have been but this is definitely a thing that changed 100% Henrik Kristofferson also knows the importance of finding balance in his life it’s not only about focusing on the skiing every second of every moment being with family or whatever kind of helps you become a better athlete as well it’s more about knowing when to have the switch on and switch off but most of the time the switch is on for sure only the top 30 have qualified for this second run a little bit more distance between the gates and the way in which the mountain flaws during the birds of prey challenges their tactics here she is definitely demand to beat even though he’s in second position not top spot the top 30 go in reverse order the fastest skiers from the first run will have to deal with the worst of the conditions as we wait for here sure Pantera and Kristofferson second runs Thomas tumbler of Switzerland starts 10th wearing bib number 48 he skis the fastest run of his career and sets an imposing time to beat tomber he knows he has had a massive career best result here the question is how long can he stay in that winner’s seat [Music] one by one the next 13 racers fail to help pace his mark but then Penta ro takes his turn after the first run he trails the leader by only eight tenths of a second Pantera using all of his power but he’s pushing maybe too hard into that snow surface because he’s lost oh he’s down a night the French racer looked disappointed in the finish area after finishing third in the first run Henrik Kristofferson begins just seventeen one-hundredths of a second off the pace down to the big guns now three left in the hunt it’s clean it’s smooth but the time he’s guaranteed sitting in second place it’s time for here sure to see if he can overtake tumbler of Switzerland looking for his 60th career victory here today it’s aggressive it’s very quick getting a little bit himself amazingly it’s deja vu time for Germany’s Stefan Lewis last year he also led Marcel after the first run but went on to finish in third place Stefan shooing a very different technique to how he or she goes about his business he has much more floor now leaves he’s way through the final gets into the top position the target time 36 52 can you believe it such magic course he’s Marcel here chef Congrats to Stefan Stefan has may be one of the hardest roads because so many injuries and looking forward to the next races back to Europe and then have a look how it works there the long World Cup season conjures up numerous twists and turns armed with lessons learned in Beavercreek henrik and alexey will return in force and look to overtake Marcel on the road to the globe I’m always thinking from race day to race day makes them stands in my opinion to think about what I’ve won already because the clock says zero zero and it begins by a new race next on in search of speed if the women’s downhillers turn and hopefully the return of superstars lindsey vonn and sofia go jeah who have both been on the sidelines so far this season as they work to recover from injuries Beaver Creek Colorado opening giant slalom of the 2019 FIS World Cup ski racing tour it promises to be a crackerjack second run

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  1. What competition does Hirscher have when he doesn't make a critical mistake(which is 99% of the time)? His winrate in the last 2 years is above 80% of all the races he participates…

  2. Amazing how much the course has deteriorated in the end. The top 3 from the first round were losing almost 2 seconds to Tumler. I'm sure he had a great run but the conditions also helped him out a lot

  3. Marcel can only be such a great Champion because he has such great Competition. They are an awesome bunch of skiers. Henrik….what's up with your pupils man?

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