Marble Race Tournament Game 3

Marble Race Tournament Game 3

Hey everyone, and welcome to another YouTube video made by EvaristeWK and today we are going to be having out third annual Marble Race Tournament. The rules are going to be the same as my previous Marble Race Tournaments but if you are new to my channel, I will tell you anyway I think most you you know what a Tournament is two marbles verse against each other and the winner proceeds and the loser is out This is how it’s going to be like in this Tournament We are going to be using the Marble Run used in my two previous Marble Races So what basically happens is that these move on and the Marble that ends up winning all the games then they will get this beautiful Crystal $500,000 worth trophy. So, I’m just going to go over to the Marble Run to show you some changes that we made for the Marble Tournament In the part where the track splits in two we will be using the track with the Yellow funnel Without further ado, let’s begin the Third Marble Race Tournament! Our first match will be Neptune versus Clear Blue Swirl. The Marble Race Tournament starts in 3, 2 ,1 Now! Come on Clear Blue Swirl, get in there! Neptune is really beating up Clear Blue Swirl; congratulations Neptune! And Neptune wins, congratulations! So, Neptune you may move up by one. Our next match of Round 1 of the Marble Race Tournament will be… Mars Orange versus String Metal Be careful Mars Orange, Strong Metal is very fast and powerful! But can you beat him??? Ooh!! That was a close one! But Mars Orange managed to beat Strong Metal for now. Ooh, this is a close one! And congratulations Mars Orange! That was a very close match but Mars Orange takes the crown for that match. Oops! So, Mars Orange you may now move up by one. You will be against Neptune for the next round. Our next match will be Space Black versus Clear White The black-and-white colors that have started TV! Could this be another close match??? Come on! It seems like Clear White is really going to beat you, Space Black Come on Space Black, get in there! And, congratulations Clear White Clear White, you may now move up by one. Our next match will be Lime Green versus… Sunny Yellow! Lime Green is catching up! This is going to be another close one! And Lime Green gets in first. Nice try, Sunny Yellow! That match was unexpected and Lime Green takes the crown! Lime Green, you may now move up by one and you’re against Clear White for the next round. Our next match will be… Pearl versus… Clear Red Swirl. Oooh! Good try Clear Red Swirl! And Pearl has won! Congratulations! Pearl, you may now move up by one. Our next match will be Yellow Swirl versus Blood Red. Come on Yellow Swirl! Yellow Swirl, you just helped Blood Red get in! Blood Red wins! Blood Red, you may now move up by one and you are against Pearl for the next match. Our next match of Round 1 will be Solid Blue versus Clear Yellow Swirl. This could be another close one! Ooh! Congratulations Clear Yellow Swirl! But it’s not over yet! And Clear Yellow Swirl wins! Clear Yellow Swirl, you may now move up by one. Alright, our final match for Round one will be Beautiful Swirl versus Slime. Whoops! Traffic jam. Ooh! very smart move, Slime! You made it way ahead of the game! Wow Slime, you’re a lightning bolt! You managed to beat Beautiful Swirl just like that! Well Slime you’re an athlete! You may move up by one and you are against Clear Yellow Swirl for the next match. We have finished Round One. Before we start Round Two here are our Round One results. Time to begin our Second Round Our first match will be Neptune versus Mars Orange Before we start just one notable difference we will no longer be using the Yellow funnel path we will now be using the Red funnel path. 3, 2, 1… Ooh, good body-checking Mars Orange! You were so close Neptune but Mars Orange ended up winning that. Mars Orange, you may now move up by one. Our next match of Round Two will be Clear White versus Lime Green. This could be another close match! Another very close match! But… Lime Green has won that. Lime Green may now move up by one and he will be versing Mars Orange for the next round Our next match will be Pearl versus Blood Red. Blood red is a very popular color! Despite Pearl’s body-check Blood Red still gets in first. And Pearl wins! Congratulations! Pearl, you may now move up by one. Our next match will be Clear Yellow Swirl versus Slime. Ooh Slime! What a good one right there! You just got right ahead of the game! Slime wins! Congratulations! Slime, you may now move up by one and you are against Pearl for the next round. Alright, we have just finished Round Two in our Marble Race Tournament and it is time to begin the semi-finals! So, before we start here are the Round Two results. Let’s begin Round Three. Our first match will be Mars Orange versus Oops, sorry! Lime Green. A few noticeable differences that I’ll show you later we are now using both tracks and the bottom two funnels have switched. And Lime Green wins! Congratulations! Lime Green, you may now move to the finals! Our final match of Round three will be Pearl versus Slime. Ooh! Slime did a sneaky move! And Slime wins, Congratulations! So Slime, you may now move to the finals. Alright guys, we have finally reached the finals of our Marble Race Tournament! The finals are… Lime Green and Slime! The big fight to win this amazing Crystal Cup with another special surprise that will be revealed at the end of the final match. Let us begin the final match of Lime Green versus Slime. Two difference shades of green, wow! The final match will be in 3 2 1 Now! Whoops! Ooh! Good play Lime Green! And Lime Green wins the Finals!!! That was a very close match! So, Lime Green you may proceed to the Cup Now the cup is… usually around one million dollars but you get it for free since you have won. Oh, and there’s another surprise in here Ooh! What’s this? The world’s rarest Crystal Ball on the market. It is worth on average over $200,000! But you get both the Crystal Trophy and this amazing Crystal Ball for free! I hope you’re happy Lime Green because you have won the third annual Marble Race Tournament! That’s all we have for today and that concludes our Marble Race Tournament Game 3. Thanks for watching. Please comment, rate and subscribe. and stay tuned for more YouTube videos of mine. the a doll all

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  1. In the next video we get ready for Marble Race Tournament #10.Groups:
    1st Round:Blood Red vs Jungle.
    2nd Round:Clear Blue Swirl vs Sun.
    3rd Round:Fire vs Tiger Shark.
    4th Round:Sunny Yellow vs Neptune.
    5th Round:Serpent vs Space Black.
    6th Round:Clear White vs See-thru Neon.
    7th Round:Soild Blue vs Yellow Swirl and
    Final Round:Ice vs Slime.

  2. This really turned my life around, this made me realise my true potential, I was born to race marbles, thank you for helping me realise, I love your channel, it saved my life

  3. i alredy know……….. what is a tournament means i alredy know i alredy know i keep saying that word right

  4. Also Like He Said, Any Comments That Say "Cheater", Will Be Deleted! So This Comment Is An Example For Not To Say Any Marble Cheater Unless They Are Stuck!

  5. The only thing I think needs to be different is when one marble is ahead, and gets stuck, it's obvious that you help them out! I believe, if they get stuck, the one behind should have the opportunity to catch up! However, overall, I like to watch these marble races!

  6. i have finished my list of favorite marbles
    and those marbles are:blood red,sky blue,rocky mountain,space black,milky way,rainbow swirl,black swirl,avalanche,galaxy and black hole

  7. So close slime at least you won at Game 1 next time you could do it at Game 4

  8. Im so annoyed that I picked one marble from each starting race, the first 2 that won is the marbles that I chose, so I just decided to pick one of them.
    Then, the 3rd race, the marble that I chose won again, and after the first two winners of the race fight against each other, 1 wins. That marble just so happened to race against the 3rd marble that I chose. I hope this doesnt keep on going.
    Edit: The first two were Neptune & Mars Orange, third is Lime Green
    Also, on the last race, I picked Slime, and now both Lime Green and Slime are in the finals. I picked Lime Green. ?

  9. me toooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooOOOOoOoOOOOooooOOOOooooOOOOoOOOooooo

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