Marble Race Tournament Game 2

Marble Race Tournament Game 2

Hey everyone and welcome to another
YouTube video made by EvaristeWK and today we’re going to do our Marble Race Tournament Game number two and I think for those of you who have already watched the video before it got deleted most people were claiming that I did a
mistake so I’m doing a re-upload to make sure that doesn’t happen again so I’ll first of all we’ve got a little bit new contestants a
little bit of the returning contestants. Our winner is even back to compete but I’m not gonna
tell you who because I don’t want to spoil it, so here are the contestants. We’re now going to start our first race alright so our first match well be Strong Metal versus Pearl so we’re going to be using the same
Marble Run from my last Marble Race and you know the part that splits in two we’re only going to be using one path which is going to be in the red funnel Let’s put our marbles are in the start Looks like Pearl has made it in the funnel first with Strong Metal following behind Looks like Pearl got stuck he was able to free himself That leaves the winner with you Pearl,
congratulations. The way that this tournament will work
is since Strong Metal lost, that means he’s going to be out and its guaranteed he won’t win, so sorry Strong Metal, but you won’t be winning so Pearl, you’re making it to the next match. Our next match for round one is Mars Orange versus Sunny Yellow That was a close match there! That was a close match but the winner was Sunny Yellow, congratulations! So Sunny Yellow, you may now move up by one space you’ll be against Pearl on the next match. Our next match Blood Red versus Yellow Swirl. Oops! Congratulations Blood Red, you have won so Blood Red I’d like you to move up by
one space now. Our next match it is Clear White versus Solid Blue Congratulations Clear White, you have won Clear White, I’d like you to move up by one you will be against Blood Red in the next match. Our next match in round one is Slime versus Clear Green Swirl Oh, oops! it is actually Slime and Clear Red Swirl Congratulations Slime, you have won! So Slime, please move up by one now. Our next match is Clear Green Swirl versus Space Black That was a really close match! But Space Black is the winner So, Space Black please move up by one now you’ll be against Slime in the next match. Our second last match of round one is Black Swirl versus Pearl Well, Black Swirl, you are the winner so, Black Swirl please move up by one Our final match for round one will be Solid Blue versus Lime Green Congratulations Blue Swirl, you are the
winner So, Blue Swirl, you may now move up by one and and you’ll be against Space, I mean Black Swirl in the next round Man, I get Black Swirl and Space Black messed up all the time! That is the end of round one and round two will begin shortly Now that round one is finished here are the current results for round one. Now it is time to begin the second
round of the Marble Race Tournament Alright, so our first match is Pearl versus Sunny Yellow Congratulations Pearl you have won! So, Pearl you may now move up by one. Our next match for round two is Blood Red versus Clear White huh! Congratulations Blood Red you have won that match Blood Red, please move up by one you’ll
be against Pearl the next round. Our next match is Slime versus Space Black. Congratulations Space Black, you won! Sorry Slime, but you are out! Space Black, please move up by one Our last match for round two is Black Swirl versus Blue Swirl It’s the Swirls! and that leaves only with you Space
Black congrats… I mean… Why do I keep getting them mixed up? Okay so, Black Swirl you won. Black Swirl you may now move up by one you will be against Space Black for the the next round. So it’s “The Blacks!” Alright that is the end of round two, round three will begin shortly Alright we just flew by round two here are the results for round two. Time to begin round three, the semi finals Our first match of the semifinals is Pearl a against Blood Red Congratulations Pearl, you have won! So Pearl, please move to the finals Our final match of the semifinals is Space Black and Black Swirl Congratulations Space Black, you have won! Space Black I’d like you to move into the finals. So here are the results of the semi finals and we are going to be having our last
round. Now we have made it to the finals which is Pearl against Space Black These two will be versing for this
lovely trophy completely made out of pure gold. Let’s start the final match. The finals will start in 3, 2, 1, Now! And, congratulations Pearl you are the winner! Pearl, I’d like you to move to the trophy

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  1. i feel tournament 1 was rigged. everytime slime went vs against anyone! slime was dropped first. dont hate on me i just dont like slime and i feel the last one was rigged

  2. You got a little choked up space swirl, two pearls, and solid blue for blue swirl to name a few. Great vid just make sure your saying the right things. Love the channel!

  3. It's quite funny how he names all the marbles and talks to them like humans by saying congratulations to the winning marble

  4. When I Watch Your First Tournament Video Its Like Your Just 10 or 11 But When This Tournament Video about marbles your voice is like a teenager (When Puberty Hits You)??

  5. Tounemet 2 round 2 preditions
    Strong meatal vs sunny yellow
    Blood red vs clear white
    Slime vs space black
    Beatiful swirl vs lime green

  6. FUN FACT: In the original video: he said this: I disabled the comments, because somebody said who the winner is.
    M&H Racing, pin this

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