Marble Race: Marble League 2019 Qualifiers

Marble Race: Marble League 2019 Qualifiers

The stands are packed and we are proud to welcome you to the 2019 qualifying rounds for the MarbleLympics. Four events and 20 teams competing for 12 qualification spots in this year’s event. Oceanics, O’rangers, Midnight Wisps and the Savage Speeders are already qualified based on their finishing positions for the last MarbleLympics and the fact that the Oceanics are of gracious hosts this year. We begin at the funnel spin. The track eight funnels and the Marbles have to stay in it for as long as possible There you see everybody in the blocks We’ve got a couple of new competitors either by name or by brand new team for instance The green ducks – Mallard – participating for that team, indigo stars also new in the naming department. We start things off already two marbles down halfway through this course make that three Not we want to do this early o- Oh Shining swarm I think just a new leaped into the fifth funnel along with indie of the indigo stars And that momentum as wide as possibly Yellup from the mellow yellows down there in +6 now gets cast We’re widening that line and drops on through and looks dangerously close to dropping through to the eighth funnel first as well Oh doesn’t actually makes it second into that funnel, I think Moe cupping the chocolatiers made it in there first Oh we got our first finisher in is yellow…? Ah, not that they wanted out of this qualifying round Kobalts come in next they had a difficult start in this league Shining swarm the worst seconds later Between the Jawbreakers looking way up top, they’re Crazy Cat’s Eyes doing a great job still up in six But they can hold up there while the 7th funnel clears that’s gonna make things a lot easier for them And it looks like the green ducks are gonna finally drop on through They’d be able to hold on for the first or second spot. Ah Third goes to the green ducks Mallard Which means? the chocolatiers are able to salvage a great finish and Guarantees that the first event goes to green eye from the crazy cat’s eyes Just showboating at this point Look at the impatience from the marbles that have already finished. Come on we get it but they want to savor this one forty four four zero Twenty seconds clear of the next marble. I would call that some funnel spinning domination Everybody pretty impressed. Look at this. Look at how packed the stands are just for a qualifier And imagine my gosh Alright now next line up for funnel race be Get the balls of chaos Teemo MOBA Thunderbolts Team Galactic lie MERS hazers team primary the snowballs pinkies and the raspberry racers in this one So far getting off to a very good start are the snowballs Oh and as I say that they drop through two funnels three funnels now as quickly as possible, and could they drop through another? They and pinkies are both now into the fifth funnel Goodness things changing by the instant here Now down the six funnel meanwhile up top doing a good job are the lie MERS and the Thunderbolt Maz I say that the Thunderbolts drop on through in a funnel number four But the lie MERS have that early lead and now they’re in danger actually of falling back Of course they go along with Team Galactic We already have a finisher meanwhile down at the bottom. That’s the raspberry racers. It’s gonna be a minute slower or faster I should say then our last event winner Snowballs come through in eighth It looks like the pinkies may be coming through a knife know they get shoved aside and the Leimert but a fall from grace They’re the lie MERS finished all the way back in a disappointing seven Pinkies drop on through The team momo and galactic alton eos fighting down there trying to stay up as long as they can and It comes down to this the final funnel back and forth. They go who will stay out the longest God it will be team galactic that wins The hazers can’t quite keep it going and finally balls of chaos. Come on through with clutter one 32:43 not quite as long as the 144 that we had in the last race that Means that the crazy cat sighs take the win 25 points Next up block push it each team gonna get two attempts to push a block as far as possible The best attempt is going to be counted and we’re gonna be using an alternate track and blocks making the current Marv Olympics record But obsolete, so don’t worry about that Raking downs it’s all about that last little push and that last little pushes but made all the difference on the near Lane 40 Momo seven-and-a-half clear of the snowballs The yellow looked like they were gonna get out in front so much snowballs. Momo cat’s eye and mellow yellow As I push here they’re not gonna do it yellow wins the event mellow yellow 98.7 for fourteen point two centimeters beyond team Momo So we take the best At eight point seven the top so far shining swarm the chocolatiers team primary and the hazers Losers with that early lead, but it doesn’t come out too much as The chalk the tears are gonna take this one ninety five one Just goes to show you it’s not necessarily speed coming off the line It’s how you finish Aces with a great push but always a three-way race that’s going to Lane number three the shining swarm that take the win barely Half of a centimeter 95 won our best push out of the two attempts for the chocolatiers indigo stars the green ducks Cobalts and the pinky Hey bus first to the blocks, but not gonna be first in the event that goes to the newcomers The green ducks pull out the victory with our farthest push. Yes Line them up again this time the green ducks are gonna be down in lane number four And They repeat. No, they won’t in fact, they’ll finish last In this one, but look at the total. It’s not going to be near as much 101 three four the Indigo stars That is not going to be enough to surpass that incredible mark set by the green ducks 117 flat they lead the way by 11 over the indigo stars That last Heat all four of those teams, or they bring in it Galactic balls of chaos the raspberry racers and the jawbreakers Jawbreakers first to hit they’re going to be last in their great last little lurch by the raspberry racers and that’ll pick up the win for them 106 for Line them up do it again racers jawbreakers galactican chaos and top to bottom And it will be the raspberry racers Another great push for them that makes two of two in this one 107 5 their official mark looking at the best of two. That is the best of all 1:07 five two one Oh five six raspberry racers jump up in front Speaking of jumping the jungle jumpers in lane two in this one along with the local rollers the liners and the Thunderbolts it will be the Lyma’s no short jungle jumpers come out with the win 109 five that’s better than the last heat altogether And the jungle jumpers three-peat gonna get a little bit better they got to get up to that one 15 16 17 range Slow out of blocks. Will they get a last push? No, they wanted to be the ligh merge that come away with the win but their total 109 7 The liars have a great second push, even though one of the marbles is back there a little ways by 2 millimeters they beat the jungle jumpers and You see the overall standings now that was the last group that could have topped the green ducks The newcomers positioning themselves well to qualify for these marble imp excurrent lis sitting in first Lie MERS in second And we turn things right around the relay race One of those classic events where each marble has to push their own weight Do their job and get down to the end as quickly as possible this time? It’s the snowballs the green ducks the hazers and rovol rollers Hazers out to an early lead green ducks trying to fight back and they close the gap just a little bit through the second handoff Now down into the anchor the hazers are actually stretching the lead. They’re gonna win Good job by the Ducks and oh that is a pitifully slow time by the snowballs almost three seconds adrift of third place Hazers fans feeling pretty good, though Jawbreakers jungle jumpers the chuck the tears and the Cobalts Breakers and Cobalts out to the early lead Cobalts. Take it now by two lengths Watching that Lane to fighting back now into the lead. It will be a win easy as can be for the jungle jumpers 4/10 of a second clear the Cobalts pinkies thunderbolts galactic and momo Galactic and Momo on the bottom lane now losing out. Momo is thunderbolts. Take the lead. Can they hold on to it? Watch up top pinkies up to the lead up to the wind Ten ten even that is a quick time Thunderbolts, Tim 3:5 not too shabby either Hello, yellow the indigo stars shining swarm in the balls of chaos Yellow Hold off now balls of chaos down in lane four Are they going to be able to balls of chaos need a great anchor like they’re not going to get it and instead the win at a time of 954 to the mellow yellows. I thought that was going to be quick Crazy cats. I’m a team primary raspberry racers and the ligh MERS and Climbers fans are too happy for some reason. They throw stuff onto the track Disruption here tonight turn that up referees and security guards moving in front of limas fans Are we clear? Okay beyond that we are down Just to qualifiers climbers come out to an early lead we Neck-and-neck all four of them now crazy cats. I briefly take a turn in the lead and we’ve had a stoppage primary complaint with the liner’s fans Try to disrupt the raspberry racers, but they also Had a piece of debris. They’re saying the block the start. Meanwhile, we had a photo finish down at the end I’ll look there’s more debris out of the course team primary did not finish. I think they’re gonna go over and appeal They want to redo the race the referee saying no He must push to marry. I don’t know what’s happening. Now that the coach is not happy. He’s attempting to get a restart There’s a fight developing in the fan step section now Oh my gosh, galactic fans are trying to rush out there Oceanics fans are tied in with it He’s trying to get things under control Meanwhile, there’s our standings as we have it six hundredths of a second separating the hazers from mello Yello I think we are calm down now meanwhile Hey, by the way, the green ducks are qualified while team primary fans have been banned from the stadium Primary and shining swarm hanging on the edge and it comes down to the underwater race For marbles make their way onto the track try to get to the finish line as fast as possible Hopefully everything in the stands is calm down. I don’t know if they are jaw breakers and the pinkies As for erasers slow to get going Remark was battling for second place Shining swarm looked to take a turn up in first they do at the corner. Can they fight off the pinkies? No pinkies maintaining down the middle trying to stay off of the walls. That’s the quickest way through they get a little bump though And now lose out back to third place All right. Here’s trying to track down the raspberry racers who lead? Finish line nearly in sight. It will be the raspberry racers, but look who gets second the shining swarm It would be the shining swarm getting second over the pinkies and the jawbreakers Jungle jumpers lie MERS the snowballs and the Indigo stars The stars getting off pretty slowly Camera angle and see where we are Jungle jumpers up to the lead lie MERS fight back everybody. Is there within two or three lengths though? They do on the turn the top to lose out big And the jungle jumpers who move to the inside try to fight back They slip the two at the front and head out into the lead No, they’re not look at to the left trying to draft you get their way to the line This is going to be very close between them There wait for the photo finish The ego stars did minute and jungle jumpers get it by a tenth of a second the lemurs not a good finish at all Maybe still little rattled from that fan fight Eat three of five crazy cats. I Chuck the tears hazers and Team Galactic Phasers out to the lead Chocolate tears to the inside, which is barely get ahead of team galactic you now move into a clear second-place momentum on the side of Team Galactic they brush off the wall and They have the lead Hazers, and they get them for the lead once more This is gonna be very close hazers now up in front Look at the chocolate tears on the inside at the line photo finish again. I Have no idea it’s beam Galactic is obviously who we can see Western is who got it up top They’re saying it’s the hazers by a hair you Have the exact same time all the way down to the hundredths of a second but smoggy from the hazers did just enough balls of chaos Thunderbolts Cobalts and the green ducks Balls of chaos first into the water green ducks trailing far behind but they have a good burst of speed heading into the first turn and They stay toward the back Other boats rolling clear but much to their right Oh a slow turn for them. They lose the lead Meanwhile balls of chaos fighting back there with the green duct. Neither one of these want to be last place Finish line in sight. Look at the green ducks. Now up top not gonna be enough though another close finish on the near side And it will be the cobalt Ducky did not get a good result. But that’s okay. They’re already qualified. So this is more for practice than anything Our final heat the row hole rollers mellow yellow team Momo and team primary Off they go and everybody drops in much at the same time, maybe team primary a little bit slow to get in there It’s Momo leading the way at the first turn now they stretch it back out mellow yellow’ takes the lead but the fighting with primary down they come neck and neck a Little bit of bumping down there and that spreads the feel down a little more mellow yellow’ take the lead watch Momo and second row will rollers fall all the way back to 14 primaries are gonna make a move to the inside and make a three-way fight for The lead you an up top. Look there were whole rollers They’re gonna come across the line where horrors might have just won this race. I Don’t know. Let’s watch the photo finish. Oh my gosh. Did they get it? Dead even with the mellow yellows dead even on time as well. The ruffle rollers get awarded the win Also a close battle for third just one hundredths of a second More overall time difference the tie up at the top is only scored to the hundreds of hazers and galactic both get 25 points and as a result, both teams are Guaranteed a spot in the moth Olympics. Now the question is which teams will qualify Weimer’s and team. Momo will not be going cobalt sand Roja rollers Also failed to make it in for the third time in a row our qualified teams down to the chocolatiers in 16th The main tournament in the meantime, we’ll start on the 19th of April, please subscribe and turn on your notifications in the meantime They already qualified teams will be having firmly ran on coming up soon. Thank you for joining us

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