Maradona’s 5 FIFA World Cup™ Moments

Maradona’s 5 FIFA World Cup™ Moments

It was against Hungary in 82. The ball was there and I just dived in head first. I didn’t care if the Hungarian defender was going to leave his studs on my head. I wasn’t bothered. How did it feel to score your first goal at the World Cup proper? It felt amazing when the ball bounced up off the keeper and I beat my marker to it. It’s like touching the sky. It’s like… There are so many things that go through your head. There are times when the opposition goes too far. They want to make fun of you and knock the ball around. Falcao started to say, ‘Knock it around! Knock it around! Knock it around! Knock it around!’ And I was fed up of them making fun of me. I just wanted to get hold of Falcao anywhere I could and at any price. They played a one-two and I said to myself, ‘This one’s mine.’ And it was Batista, of course. It was Batista. When I saw Falcao I said to myself, ‘What have you done, you idiot? You kicked the wrong one!’ It was awful. It’s the best goal I ever scored, no question. We all dreamed about dribbling past the whole lot of them, including Shilton. I’m still looking for an explanation for what Shilton did. I can’t find one. I don’t know what he did. I sold him a dummy, yes. I sold him a dummy, but he’s still got to block part of the goal from me. And when I went by him I clipped it with the outside of my boot. Butcher came in and whacked me on my right side. It was a straight red. It didn’t bother me. Brazil had us under siege the whole game. They didn’t give us any space. The thing was, a light just switched on inside me. That’s when I woke up and said, ‘I’m going to take them on. Let’s see what happens.’ I see this flash of white [Caniggia] ahead of me, but I overrun the ball a bit. So I hit it with my right and it goes straight through Ricardo Rocha’s legs. I was lying on the ground shouting, ‘Hit it! Hit it! Hit it!’ But he didn’t. He feinted and then he feinted again and again. We were all waiting on him! And so, we won with that goal from Cani, who really made us suffer. This is very special, because that penalty was the toughest one of my career, because I’d just missed against Yugoslavia. I put the ball down and Zenga says to me, ‘I know you.’ And I say to him, ‘I know you better.’ And when I stuck it past Zenga’s foot I said, ‘Ciao’. It was me who knocked Italy out because Serena missed his penalty just after that. So it was me who knocked the Italians out of the World Cup in 1990.

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  1. El mejor de todos los tiempos. Hacía con la pelota lo que él quería. ¡Qué afortunados fuimos los que pudimos verlo! 😌👌

  2. Tienen que darle el premio oscar al editor de este video porque corto todos los "EEEEEEEEEEEEHH" de Maradona.

  3. que humildad con lo del los italianos hashaha no me quiero imaginar que pasaba si Cani fallaba el gol..

  4. Greatest soccer/Fußball player ever. And he's 5' 5". He is a great motivation to futbol generation. If only the drugs didn't get in the way of his greatness. God bless him

  5. Who is Pele? Nobody remember him, 1958 1962 won against who? Maradona and Messi the bests, you know it and it hurt you little Brazilians

  6. El momento mas memorable fue cuando lo sacaron por doping en pleno partido. Digno de un pseudo-socialista consumidor de oro blanco.

  7. Brasil- 5 copa do mundo
    Pele- 3 copas
    Argentina- 2 copas
    Maradona- 1 copa

  8. Greatest soccer/footballer ever to grace the pitch /human of course and not perfect but that is exactly why he was so great ..truly players like that no longer exist

  9. why MARADOPING did not tell of the trance they made to the Brazilians in the 90's to win the match? over their consumption of drugs to instill their income? this braggart is only big in Argentina.

  10. por qué MARADOPING no contó de la trampa que hicieron a los brasileños en la copa de 90 para ganar el partido sobre sus consumos de drogas para instimular sus ingresos? ese fanfarrón sólo es grande en Argentina.

  11. Que chinge a toda su re putisima perra Argentina madre..pinche drogadito fracasado,,,,marrano!jajajajajaaj

  12. Contre le Nigeria il était sale, affreux et méchant. IL est peut être doué mais la tête sale, très.

  13. Me fascina la memoria de Maradona! A pesar de ser el más grande, junto a Pelé, recuerda el nombre de todos los que fueron sus compañeros y rivales.

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