Manhunt 1 Gameplay

Manhunt 1 Gameplay

yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah ok like this goes all the way to the top
you can’t trust anyone least of all the police and time’s running out I’ve got to get the one piece of
evidence that will expose start weather without a shadow of a doubt footage and
testimony of a man who was executed by the state five hours ago James Earl cash found guilty and
sentenced to death has been dead low for the past three years and was executed
last night you smart well change that’s better now only you can and
that’s the way you’re gonna want it because I’m your only way an unexpected
breathe – exactly as I say I promise this will
be over before the night is out these streets are being controlled by
gangs this can just like you he had done you down and cut you up and
try to direct you as best I can but other than that you’re on your own it’s up to you okay you ready Karen action yeah yeah I’ll be friends with you he said that
jump up to see if you have what it takes to be our leading I’ll audition if you
will yeah Kate ok yeah our audience here on it we’re gonna need some fighting skills to
get through the action we’re talking toe to toe I don’t you got
the ball so just give me the best you got you’ll
deal with this pussy no problem again once i’m not helping stop hogging all the action yeah all its parts give me some help down here you don’t
have to do this yeah they’re going to be screaming your name
boy my works and that’s why we’re getting some great
material you keep going oh I get pets yeah yeah yeah you’re coming to our audience nicely some boys something come on stay sharp Here I am hanging like a limp dig while
my Lucy shacked up with some freakin prick yeah I snatch up yeah they’re going to be screaming your name
boy mark my words you’re gonna have to find something to
us that padlock can rather shitbag your den whatever could have been anything yeah yeah yeah always act yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah ok show yourself look like robe on that would be ideal for smashing up at
books yeah are you again is it ok yeah shit I can’t wait around I lost them again tried for afraid you
can’t take me come on yeah coming haha yeah yeah yeah yeah

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  1. I was more pissed than anything. I had tried hitting the wall repeatedly to see if somebody was there, yet he never came to investigate.

  2. Oh, stop being silly. Games don't train people to be serial killers. Pressing a button doesn't teach you shit. Sure, the kills are realistic, but most CRINGE at it. Studies have actually shown that playing video games can sometimes keep those with psychopathic minds from BECOMING serial killers.

  3. The only reason Manhunt made it out the door was because of the uncompromising personality of Sam Houser, who faced a near revolt of his programmers at Rockstar. Some programmers quit Rockstar over this game, and the company as a whole felt they had crossed a line. Houser had few allies.
    Really, Starkweather's off-camera commentary and direction is especially fucking creepy. And the instruction booklet that came with this game was a masterpiece. Rockstar has the biggest balls in the business

  4. i did that with the full head-set setup on the hard difficulty :)…….. didn't sleep for 2 days 🙁 because the koala's were very vocal those two nights and they sound like pigs and scared me shitless

  5. Someone was named john Dick as a producer lol, but really this game does look kinda fun, but remember people, its a dude who us supposed to be dead. U knew it was gonna be literally killer when u watched it. So if u don't like it don't play it. BTW only rockstar games would make something lol this. Only them

  6. Wow it's just a damn video game. To actually think that games have any affect on the human psyche or perform insane acts would be ridiculous. Come on people

  7. To put it in perspective,every execution in this game is exactly what happened to saint's row 3 and Call of Duty after GTA V was released.

  8. I had to make a foreign account on PSN network then buy a foreign PSN card just to buy the game…..Fuck yeah

  9. SEVERELY underrated. It's thought by many to be solely about violence, but there are other levels of meaning also. 

  10. This is a beautiful game the only thing I love more is the PlayStation 2 version as it has much better lighting than the Xbox and PC. Thanks for the upload. 😀

  11. Fucking sick game! The AI, graphics, gameplay, atmosphere, EVERYTHING was way ahead of its time. Everything's just so tight. One of my best 'childhood' games 🙂

  12. whats happening if you press atack button before the triangels getting red what is the yellow and green triangels mean ?

  13. I've seen some fucked up shit in my life but this, this is rated high. And to think a GTA might take place in this town.

  14. This was the only game that freaked me out as a child. But, again this is why I had the best childhood. I would DIE to be a kid again.

  15. I love this game, so awesome, great story, great characters. I wish it was made into a movie that would be badass. I can picture John Carpenter or Wes Craven directing this, what do you guys think?

  16. The atmosphere is scary.. And done well enough to serve its purpose.. People negative about this game just dont get it.

  17. There's enough dark and gritty humor that goes along with the violence & gore. Makes you smirk or cringe until you've had enough.

  18. I HATE fucking politics banning this game. We can watch horror movies, but why the fuck we can't play games? FUCK THEM PREJUDICED BITCHES! They say the game makes children kill. BULLSHIT – FIRST, SECOND – THE GAME IS NOT FOR KIDS. It's banned cuz some 17-year-old fucker killed some 14-year-old fucker and his mother said that he played MANHUNT1, then all fucking stupid mothers and politics got ther dirty hands on the second game. Are you fucking serious? The game is +21. And if the man is incapable of killing, no fucking game can make him.

  19. the tramps and the way you run and the runnign sounds are from the warriors (one of the best games aswell)

  20. One of my favorite games. Rockstar completely nailed the atmosphere. Same with The Warriors and GTA Vice City. I just realised that 3 of my favorite games were made by them. Good job Rockstar.

  21. Ok, i just wanted to point out that WHY THE HELL DID THEY BAN THIS GAME?! OH WHAT, IS IT BECAUSE ITS "NOT FOR KIDS AND IT CAN MAKE PEOPLE KILL"?! THATS BULLSHIT! ITS JUST LIKE SAYING FIFA TEACHED ME HOW TO PLAY SOCCER! it just does not make any sense. how can a kid get their hands on this game anyways? I know parents aren't THAT irresponsible to let their kids get a AO game. AO meaning ADULTS ONLY! God i hate that they did that. Edit: why didnt they release this game for mobile. It will look so wicked on mobile.

  22. Absolute travesty that this game got dragged through the mud when it’s actually a phenomenal game with a very dark plot, I wish they remade this or just as good turn it into a tv series

  23. I read it is illegal to be holding a copy of this game in New Zealand on person, that's a scary game… anyone ever play D?

  24. I love Outlast which I am currently playing again. But I remember trying Manhunt years ago and it was just as awesome 🙂

  25. The game's graphics we're not Top Notch but the story and the voice acting I thought was great with lines like "Now bring me his f#ck'n dick!" and " I heard he was S.F. …sheeeee, don't bother me none!"

  26. The atmosphere was great in this game. Big empty streets. This is the stmosphere that the movies The Purge shouldve had.

  27. i dont really get why people say that this game is extremely violent and it is banned in some countries because from my experience its not even that much more violent than grand theft auto.

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