Man Builds Sports Car From The Dream Cars Of His Childhood

Man Builds Sports Car From The Dream Cars Of His Childhood

COMM: Electrical engineer, Moses Ngobeni, has realised a childhood dream – to build
his very own sports car from scratch. COMM: The thrifty engineer used car parts from a number of different models and has only spent 240,000 Rand so far. That’s just £12,700 or $16,750. COMM: Moses can even start the engine remotely. COMM: And the supercar super fan hopes his new wheels will also make his country proud.

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  1. A built-in car his self and he lives in South Africa in a small village you don't have to cut him any slack just give credit when credit is due this man cross a major boundary

  2. looks like a mix between the lancer evo x, corvette c4 – c6, GTR r34, and a little bit of 04' impreza, the general bodyshape also reminds me of a ford RS2000.

  3. It's really amazing, but I can't believe he spent over 200k! That's just stupid, he could have really bought 2 Chevy SS for that price. Not to mention that car will be crap to service/maintain etc.

  4. This is so inspiring! When I have my own house and garage I would love to start on a project like this. God bless.

  5. I like it! Has a Cady look to it from the front and before he said skyline tail lights that's what I thought it looked like. Starts it from his phone, shot it red like a sports car should be, BMW power plant so I'm sure it has some power! I like it, great job brother!!

  6. You can tell its a couple cars but well done just needs a v8 or a v12 now to be a real supercar but in aftica that says alot to be built like that by hand better than Id imagine it coming out. Good work

  7. WOW WOW!!!! Moses Ngobeni is the man's name. He said he built this sports car from scratch and bent some of the frame with his bare hands??? Yes the power of literally manifesting a thing into reality starts with an imagination, believing in your vision, creating your vision, putting in non stop efforts working to materialize your vision, never giving up on your vision, seeing your vision until the end and one day tah dah!! Success at it's best. Moses defines what it means to "Keep your eyes on your prize". A true accomplishment!! Moses story is extremely inspiring. I clearly see we all have the power to visualize things and work to bring them into our waking life. Considering this was uploaded in 2016 I wonder how the car is holding up any updates? Did Moses approach any of the local or small auto manufacturers with his one of a kind design? Great story extremely encouraging.

  8. Thumbs up to anyone who builds their own car from scratch. It's hard work, and I still haven't quite finished my car on my channel, but maybe one day? 😉

  9. badass. has a little cadi/mercedes look to it – rear from a vette (I know GTR). I couldn't do that and he has a good idea – relatively easy to design and save $$$.

  10. Kid pulls up behind at a light omfg moom get the camera it’s a Fukien gtr mooooooom. Wait what the….. // I can see that happening but this is a good build though

  11. I couldn't have built even a bicycle in that same garage! Anyone can build something with bunch of money and tools at their disposal, so kudos to this guy, I am very impressed!

  12. The car looks absolutely sick. Instantly picked up the audi and skyline resemblances but man does the front and back fit together sweetly !

  13. They never explain what the weird wing things that come out behind the doors that you can see at 1:50. Strange.

  14. Someone give this man a workshop and access to an LS or Coyote engine, I'd love to see what he'd be able to do with better resources

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